My Twentieth Birthday



This is a story of my twentieth birthday. My name is Mark. It was 1985, I was nineteen going on twenty. I was fit, a swimmer, blonde hair, green eyes, slim, smooth, fair skinned and considered good looking by most. I was around 5’10” tall and around 150 pounds. I was smart and well mannered. I was just finished second year at university and was up at the lake in north, central Ontario where my parents owned a cottage and a marina business. My parents were both teachers and bought the lake property a while back when I was much younger as a place to spend the summers away from the city. They ran a marina to help pay for it all and it became successful. They purchased another cottage that they rented out for extra income. It became a gold mine for them. They were both able to retire early. It had been two years earlier that they finished teaching. My younger sister Gina and I have always helped out at the marina in the summers. It is a beautiful get away and the work was never too hard. Our jobs included; fuelling boats, selling bait, cleaning the cottages, and gathering fire wood. For that we got to spend all summer in paradise.

My sister Gina was one year my junior. Gina was petite. She was about 5′ 2″ tall and maybe 100 pounds. She had a tight athletic body with pert breasts but a cute, round bum. She was fair skinned too, with a few freckles but unlike me, she had curly, pitch black hair. I guess she inherited that black Irish gene. She had the same colour green eyes as me. She had been on our high school cheer squad and was usually the top of the pyramid and a flyer. She is very pretty and her looks get her a lot of attention.

We were both always good kids. We were never in trouble at school. We got good grades. We earned the respect of teachers and other adults who were always telling our parents how lucky they were to have such perfect kids. Neither of us ever went looking for trouble either. Now, our cousin Cheryl, that’s another story. Cheryl is my age. She is older by about a month. Cheryl is my mother’s sister’s daughter. My aunt had married a real bastard when she was young. The guy had knocked her up and after Cheryl was born, he got into a lot of trouble with the law. My aunt and Cheryl lived with us from time to time when she was a lot younger and her dad was in jail. Every time he got out things went bad on that side of the family. Since my aunt and uncle got divorced, my aunt had to work two jobs to keep food on the table. My parents, being the good souls that they were, always offered to take in Cheryl for the summer up at the lake.

Having Cheryl around was a treat for Gina and I. She was a wild one. It was probably due to her upbringing. I couldn’t image what it would be like in her home. We heard some gruesome stories. Cheryl always livened up our lives and having a third kid around was helpful at the marina too. Cheryl was also very pretty. She had the same fair Irish skin and had strawberry blonde hair that she wore in a shorter, pixy style. Her eyes were green too. She had developed early, which got her into trouble with boys. For the past few summers, every guy and even a some of the women up at the lake could not take their eyes off of her hour glass frame when she wore her daisy dukes and a tight top around or a bikini. Maybe that’s why business was so good. She was about 5′ 4″ and turned in a shapely 34C-23-35 frame. Cheryl loved being with us too. My parents treated her as they treated us, and she respected them for that. Cheryl told us that her favourite times are the ones she spends with Gina and I. She loved us more than anyone else in the world.

If it weren’t for Cheryl, Gina and I may have ended up as Saints. Every summer when Cheryl showed up, we got a real education from our cousin who lived on the wrong side of the tracks. Cheryl was a natural leader. She always took charge. She came up with the plans, ideas, schemes and scams. She lived dangerously and that intrigued my sister and I. We had our first beers with her, smoked weed she brought up north, and listened to her tales of trouble and of her sexual experiences. She dated bad boys, bikers, and even fooled around with other girls. She was never shy about giving details either. Her tales would always get me horny and gives me fantasies to carry me through the year. She had a similar effect on my sister. Gina never dated until Cheryl shared intimate detail with her about her sexual adventures. It was an awakening. We thought we knew about sex from school and what our parents taught us but Cheryl educated us on all the other stuff that they never talked about. Cheryl told us about oral, anal, bisexuality, gang bangs, S&M, feet, fists, and other types of kink. She brought up a Penthouse Letters magazine and would read the stories out loud around the campfire.

I was fascinated with my cousin. When I was back in school, I would look for girls like Cheryl. I wanted that bad girl type but I ran in a different social circle and only dated the nice girls. I was too intimidated türbanlı escort of the bad girls. I was ashamed that I wouldn’t have the same kind of wild experiences to share in the summer camp fire stories. I had some relationships and a couple of girls had let me go all the way with them but I never had the crazy sex that my cousin Cheryl would brag about. I was pretty sure that my sister Gina was a virgin too until she was eighteen. Last summer however, it all changed.

Chapter One (summer of 1984):

Last summer, 1984, my parents had decided that since all of us kids were over eighteen, that we could be trusted to run the marina on our own for the summer. They just retired and wanted to travel. They planned to spend most of the summer in Europe. We had access to the bank account and we knew what we were doing after several years up at the lake. The difference is that we would have the run of the cottage and the freedom to do as we wanted. They completely trusted Gina and I and even though Cheryl could be a bit wild, they knew she would never do anything to screw them over.

At first, things were more or less normal routine but we all knew it wouldn’t last. Cheryl and I were both old enough to buy beer legally so our fridge was well stocked and she had brought up a bag of weed for special occasions too. One night around the campfire, Cheryl lit up a joint and got a little melancholy. She was talking about her ex-boyfriend, how he mistreated her, and how much she hated him. She cried and told Gina and I how lucky we were to have each other. I didn’t get it at the time. She also went on to give her opinions on bisexuality. “Who cares who you fuck, it shouldn’t matter so long as you like the person. I don’t know why people make such a big deal about it,” she said. She continued by asking, “Mark, you would suck a guys cock or let him fuck you if you liked him or visa versa, right?”

I was uncomfortable answering that. Sure, I had been curious, but I was barely a novice with girls. “I guess I would, if you put it like that.”

“Gina would totally have sex with another girl, wouldn’t you babe?” she prodded my sister.

With an extended blush and a quick look at me, she let her long black curls cover her face and whispered, ” I don’t know. Probably, I guess.” She even threw in a exaggerated shoulder shrug.

Cheryl seemed to think long on the idea and was quiet for a while as she studied us both. Later she picked another subject to deal with. “I don’t see all the fuss people make about incest either. I understand the marriage part and having kids together because it spawns a lot of retards but hey, if two people, or three, or four, want to fuck each other, who cares, right?” That one only solicited silence and a long awkward pause.

Nothing else happened until the second long weekend in August. Everything was going smoothly. That Saturday night was hot as hell. After the fireworks ended, Gina turned in for the night. She had the early shift on Sunday morning and was dog tired and half drunk anyway. Cheryl grabbed a bottle of wine and told me come out and join her on the dock. It was quiet except for the crickets and my cousin and I sat out alone on that hot summer night. I had only worn my loose shorts and a tee shirt. Cheryl had on her miniscule daisy duke jean shorts and a two sizes too small white tank top that barely contained her voluptuous breasts. We drank and admired the moon. I was already half erect from just looking at her perfect body in the moonlight.

Cheryl had a glint in her eye and a smirk in her smile. She asked me, “So how long did you date what’s-her-face before she let you fuck her?”

Trying not to choke on my drink, I answered, “About six dates I think, maybe three months.”

“What? That’s absurd. Please tell me she at least sucked your cock before that?” she pried further.

“No, she never did that either, before or after,” I confessed.

“Did you eat her out?” Cheryl’s interrogation continued. I just shook my head in dismay. “Well, it was doomed for sure. Dude, she was totally just using you. You deserve better,” she said.

“I know, I just seem to always end up with girls like that. I just can’t get the girls that I really want,” I stated.

“What kind of girls do you want Mark?” She asked.

“You know, the naughty and wild type, kind of like you Cheryl,” I said before realizing that I may have said too much. She stopped herself before taking another pull on the bottle of wine. She stared straight into my eyes for what seemed like forever before taking that gulp. What was she thinking?

She studied me for a another long moment before speaking. “You know Mark? I think that you have to get over this shy routine. You need to learn how to talk to the ladies.”

“Probably, I get intimidated and don’t know what to say most of the time,” I confirmed.

“Practice on me,” she demanded, in a matter of fact tone. My stunned silence made her add, ” Pretend I’m this ümraniye escort girl that you have a hard on for.” Could she tell that I did? I shifted a little. She continued, “Ask me, NO wait. Tell me what you want. Use those over full balls of yours for some confidence and tell me what you want.”

She was getting me so worked up and I couldn’t give a damn at that point. Maybe that’s where the confidence came from. For a moment, I thought of how James Bond would say it. I smoothly said, “Cheryl, I want you to come here and kiss me, right now.”

That seemed to get a reaction from her. She squirmed a little. “Okay, not bad, I think I got a little wet right there. Try it again, but this time, demand it.” She was already close to me and I could feel her warm breath on my face with the last syllable. I was almost jelly.

I steeled myself again and looked her straight in the eyes, just inches from me. Calmly, I demanded, “Cheryl, kiss me, right now.” And with that, she did. She planted her mouth squarely on mine and we kissed with a passion I had never felt before. I didn’t want it to end. My erection was almost busting through my shorts. She had to have noticed. I still wasn’t sure if we were still just practicing until she pushed me down onto the dock, straddled me and pulled off her tank top and pulled the string on her bikini. Her huge tits glistened with sweat in the moonlight. She dropped back down on top of me and pressed her melons into my mouth. I sucked on her nipples greedily. I could feel her hand touching my hardness through my shorts, sizing me up. I could feel her damp heat coming from her crotch as she grinded against me. She lowered herself so that we were kissing again. Her tongue explored my mouth. My mind was swimming.

Cheryl broke the kiss and looked me in the eyes. “What are you thinking right now?”

“I’m just wondering if we were still practicing and hoping that we aren’t” I answered.

To answer my question without words, she slid down me, dragging her breasts along my skin the whole way. She then grabbed the waistband of my shorts and in one motion pulled them all the way off. My strained erection sprung up immediately and she seemed impressed enough at it’s length and girth. She trapped it between her soft, warm breasts and I had no idea how I didn’t come right there. Cheryl then began to lick it, long and slow around the head. She was obviously an expert and had some style and technique. She kept eye contact with me as my cock soon disappeared into her mouth. She effortlessly took me all the way to the bottom of my shaft. She knew I wouldn’t last long and seemed to encourage me to come. She smiled as I couldn’t hold back my orgasm any longer and she kept her mouth wrapped around my cock as I pumped a monster load of semen down her throat. She savoured it and maintained the eye contact throughout. Cum dripped from the corner of her mouth over her full bottom lip. She raised herself to me and kissed me hard. I could taste my own salty cum on her tongue as we made out. It didn’t phase me a bit.

Cheryl then stood up and unbuttoned her cut-offs. She lowered them to her ankle and gently kicked them off beside me. Her pubic mound had a small patch of strawberry blonde hair over her snatch and wetness was already dripping down her thighs. Still straddling me she stood astride my head bare naked with an authoritative pose and began lowering herself and squatted on my face as she said, “My turn now.” Her sex covered my face and I instinctively began licking at her. She slowed me down and began directing me. She showed me where to put my tongue, when to lick, when to probe, when to suck. As she got close to her orgasm, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her, squashing her clit into my mouth and demanding me to “Suck it bitch. Suck me. Make me come.” I did as she told me. I wanted her to come so bad. Her body shook and her powerful thighs squeezed my head as she had her orgasm. My face was soaked.

Eating out Cheryl had made me hard as a rock again. Cheryl had noticed and was quick to place her dripping wet pussy onto it. With my back still on the wood dock, she again straddled me and impaled her beautiful, warm pussy on my throbbing penis. I was in heaven for a moment as she grinded herself on me and fucked me long and slow. After I caught my second wind, I decided to take some initiative and rolled Cheryl over and began fucking her harder. She responded by squeezing my hips with her thighs and pulled me to her for a long sensuous kiss. Me made love for the rest of the night and the rest of the summer.

Cheryl became my sex education teacher for the next five weeks.. She taught me about getting a girl off, delaying my orgasm. She got me try different things. She taught me about anal sex, giving and receiving. I actually enjoyed it when she finger fucked my ass. She would get her fingers really wet and pressed in slowly one finger at a time until she had three inside me. She would bend her fingers acıbadem escort to press against my prostate which blew my mind. She could make me come just from doing that. When I finally got to put my cock into her asshole, I couldn’t control how hard I came. It was so hot and tight and so forbidden. She also got me in the habit of licking her asshole which I loved doing for her. She would do the same for me too. I had the perfect teacher.

We kept it cool around Gina. I was afraid of how she would react if she found out about me and Cheryl. It did make me feel a bit guilty at first. We usually would fuck when Gina was alone on shift at the marina. We all took turns doing that in the mornings especially. On the mornings when Gina opened, Cheryl would come to my room and let herself in. She usually slept in my parents bed. Gina and I had our own rooms at the cottage. Many mornings I awoke to Cheryl’s head bobbing up and down on my cock. When she sensed me awake, she would wrap her big titties around the shaft and squeeze tightly saying, “Good morning sunshine.” She would use her breasts to jack me off and smile as my jism sprayed her tits and her face. She would then kiss me and make me lick her clean before we got to some seriously fucking.

Whenever I was alone, I would get the guilty feelings. Sometimes it was when I opened the marina and sometimes if I was out fishing on my own, I would try to think of a way to tell Gina about me and Cheryl. I loved my sister. We always got along and I didn’t like keeping secrets from her but this secret was a doosy. Gina didn’t seem to notice anything. She was as happy as I had ever seen her. She smiled all the time and had a little extra bounce in her step too. I didn’t want to spoil that. I decided not to say anything.

One day near the end of the summer, Gina and I were cleaning the rental cottage just before Labour day weekend. She was wearing her cut-offs like Cheryl did. The top button was undone and the waist band turned down. They were hiked up high and cut so short that her sweet round ass cheeks showed below. She always wore a bikini on underneath and the strings would show on her hips. She was wearing a cropped and sleeveless tee shirt too, worn tight and her nipples seemed to strain the material in a lewd fashion. We had the stereo on blasting out music as we cleaned and Gina would dance and shake her ass to the beat as we cleaned. I caught myself staring and lusting after my little sister as she twirled and came to a pose at the end of the song. Her smiled beamed. I half jokingly asked, “What’s with you? Have you been getting laid or something?” Gina’s reaction was to raise one eye brow, grin devilishly, place her tongue between her teeth and bite gently on it. The music for the next song started and she twirled again, wiggled her sexy ass at me and continued vacuuming. Was she? If so, with who?

The next day it was my turn to open the marina and it was busy as the long weekend crowd started pouring in. I was busy all morning with the early fishermen. After the big rush subsided I was about to put more coffee on but realized that we were out. I knew that we had a big, full can in the cottage and decided to use the lull in the action to go get it. I slipped the “Back in 5 minutes” sign on the door and locked it as I sprinted the short distance to the cottage.

I slipped in quietly as to not wake the girls in case they were still asleep. The cottage was still and dark. I grabbed the tin of coffee and was making my way to the door when I heard the sound. It was a moan, a loud one. It sounded like Gina. Her door was closed and I stood quietly next to it. She moaned again in a sexy, lustful way. I could hear her grunting and thought that she might be masturbating. She started screaming, “Oh ya, like that. More, I love it.” Gina was very vocal. She continued, “Oh fuck that’s good, don’t stop, don’t stop. Oh fuck!” She could have put a porn star to shame. “Yes, yes, fuck!” I couldn’t believe how loud she was. She wasn’t holding back. I could even hear, wet, sloshing noises and wondered what she was using to do that. She seemed to be close to coming. “Yes, yes, fuck, oh fuck! Do it, make me cum, make me cum. Oh, fuck yessssss!” Gina was coming hard. The wet, sloshing sounds continued and the bed seemed to be bouncing too. “Oh God, you are amazing, that was so fucking good,” she exalted. Who was she talking too? Was she with someone? And why was she so loud? Wouldn’t she be afraid of Cheryl hearing her? Cheryl? I looked over at my parents bedroom. The door was wide open. I peered inside. The sheets were messed but Cheryl was not in the bed. OH! Suddenly the imaginary light bulb over my head clicked on.

I got back to the marina a little later than five minutes but luckily no one was waiting. As I brewed some fresh coffee, I tried to imagine my sexy cousin and my sister having sex together. Instead of being upset, the thought made my cock stiff. I was so horny but would have to live with the erection until Cheryl came to give me my lunch break in two hours. When Cheryl bounced into the marina she was business as usual and started getting to work. Before I left I gave her a small peck of a kiss. She returned it. What was that I detected on her lips? What was that taste? What was that smell? Was that my sister?

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