My uncle’s wife(lesbian)

My uncle’s wife(lesbian)My name is alisa. I m now 20 years old.I was a lesbian from begining. I never liked boys. My first lesbian experience was with my friend. but the story which i m writing was my best lesbian experience.I was 16 yeras old at tat time.I was invited by my uncle in december for spending my holidays with him and his wife. First i thought to not go but then i decided it as a time pass and decided to go to my uncle’s house. I decided to go live at their house for 1 week only. My first 2 days were boring.but after that wee my best days of my life .On 3rd day my uncle was gone out of country for some business dealings. So me and his wife were alone. I cannot kütahya escort tell what amazing thing happened that night. It was too cold at night so i decided to take shower of hot water i left my panties,bra and socks on my bed . When after taking bath i opened the door i saw an amazing thing which was very good for me my uncle’s wife was sniffing my bra panties and socks with great lust. She sniffed them for about 5 min and then she left the room. I was amazed on her that act . She also said me to sleep in her room because we both were alone . So i thought this is the only way i can seduce her for lesbian experience. At night i asked her why u were escort kütahya sniffing my panties and bra and she was shocked and answered that she was also a lesbian before her marriage so i said to her what about now and she said why not we kissed for about 2 min and then i said to her that i will satisfy her first. I also like a foot worship so i decided to lick her feet first she was wearing black color sock so i sniffed her socks and feet for about 2 min and then started to worship her feet her feet were so pretty reddish soles and arches and pinky toes so i worshipped her feet for about 5 min and licked,sucked and kissed her feet after that i started kütahya escort bayan t kiss her 25 year old legs her body was producing good smell so i also sniffed her body and then i sucked her breast and also rubbed mine against her and then i licked her pussy for 5 min and she was over when it was her turn to satisfy me i cannot teel what she done with me she was also a foot worshipper so she first licked my feet for 10 min especially my soles and arches and then putted cream on my feet and eated all of the cream with my feet taste then she massaged my body with oil and rubbed her breasts on my entire body then she kissed my body all over and she also tasted my some parts of body along with cream especially lips and then she sucked my breasts and then she licked my pussy for about 10 min and it was over and i want to tell you that i extended my staying to two weeks and enjoyed her body and she enjoyed my body twice a day.

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