My wife and my Boss… at his office

My wife and my Boss… at his officeThat night, after I made Ana come screaming loud an intense orgasm, she confessed she would love to have sex my Boss…Harold was sixty years old and he was close to retirement. He looked younger; he had kept himself in better shape even than me. He really looked pretty good for his age and was very fit.And most important detail for Ana… he was a huge black man… He was almost twice the age of my beloved wife; but she insisted she wanted to do it.I knew the old man liked to watch some porn sometimes. I had discovered it, when I got into his computer and found he had been hitting several porn sites.The next few days Ana and I discussed the subject after fucking wild; it quickly became a big turn on for both of us. I began to think how I might be able to pull this off… I knew if only I could get my wife and him texting or chatting through one of these porn sites…But then I got the solution by accident.Harold called me at his office, saying his computer was dead.Then I told him not to worry; I knew some guy who could solve the problem. But it would take at least three days; so, I offered him to use my own laptop during this time. He appreciated it.I gave him my password and he got logged in so he could access his own email address…On this laptop I had hidden a gallery with lots of pics showing Anita enjoying sex with me and other of her lovers, especially well-hung black ones. Then I knew if Harold was enough curious, he would know that my sexy wife fucked another guys, lots of them and I was aware of her extramarital adventures…The week end passes with few news and on Monday; as soon as I arrived to my desk, Harold called me to his office. He looked relaxed, more than usual… and he gave me a big smile…“Victor, tekirdağ escort I found a pretty interesting folder on your computer…” My face felt like it was on fire. “Well, Boss you were not supposed to have looked in there” I dared to say…“It was just an accident; but I enjoyed the week end watching those pics and videos…”“Your little sexy wife is a dirty girlie…” He whispered, as he smiled…“Well, yes… she likes to have some fun sometimes…” I said, thinking in Anita’s black lovers.“I jacked off several times during the whole week end, watching her.” Harold added smiling.Then he got serious and told me he would love to meet Ana in person, as quickly as possible…I said it could be quite possible. Then he begged me to tell Ana we should work late tonight and I could invite my beloved wife to come and keep us company…As I left his office, I called Anita and she said the situation was turning her on by the minute.She would dress sexy and she would come to my office in the early evening.After hanging the phone, I spent a long while in the bathroom; locked in a stall, jacking off at the thought of my Boss and wife fucking during the whole night. I imagined where they would do it.When the other employees left, my Boss and I stayed later, “work on a new project”.Ana showed up just a few minutes the last person had gone home. She looked sexy as fuck, wearing a black mini skirt, long leather boot, and a red tank top. I introduced her to my Boss and they chatted for a while. He complimented her on the videos he had jacked off to and Ana blushed. Then they sat side by side across from my desk, facing me. My cock was rock hard in my pants.Suddenly Harold asked Anita: “What about to start things off with a blowjob…?” My sensual wife did escort tekirdağ not even hesitate…She slipped out from her chair and onto her knees in front of him. Harold undid his belt while her hands ran up and down his now hardening bulge. Anita reached for his zipper and pulled it down. Then she rubbed his cock through his underwear.Then a big veiny black cock popped out of his lap; it was bigger than I had expected. Ana instantly put her mouth on it, taking him just past the tip before pulling off to lick all around his shaft and head. She loved to give a wet blowjob.I figured my boss being a fit black man would have more stamina than those older men.Harold ran his hand through her hair, down her arms and across her round tits. He squeezed them through her tank top before working his hand down the front to feel her bare nipples. Ana moaned as he twisted her nipples. He pressed her head down farther on his hard cock.I sat back and watched as my boss shoving his cock deep into my sweet wife’s throat with one hand and fondled her tits with his other hand. After a short while she pulled her head up and pulled off her shirt. My black Boss then leaned forward and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. Ana moaned in pleasure, one of her hands grabbing his cock and stroking it now. I noticed she had begun moaning deeper, I leaned a bit to the side to see that Harold’s hand was up the front of Anita’s skirt and he obviously hat put a finger or two in her wet cunt.I was sure my sexy wife had come here without even a tiny thong underneath her mini skirt.After a few minutes fingering her, Harold grabbed her arms and pulled Anita up. She lifted her tiny skirt, showing that I was right. I could see her bare shaven labia glistening in tekirdağ escort bayan the shadows of the office. She stood naked on her feet, just wearing those sexy leather boots.Then, with his urging, Ana spread her legs and climbed over his lap.I had a perfect view as I watched my wife’s body slowly sinking down onto this huge black dick.Ana moaned in pleasure; Harold also grunted in pleasure and she began bouncing up and down. I watched as the entire black cock disappeared into her as his balls were slapping against Ana’s buttocks. Then I unzipped my pants so that I could start jacking off under the desk…All of a sudden Ana closed her eyes and she moaned, letting know me that she was getting close to climax. Her loud moans were sending me over the edge already and I was about to come when I heard Harold ask: “Where do you want my hot cum, babe…? I came instantly as I heard my horny wife’s reply: “Cum in me, please…” She whispered softly.Then we all came at the same time. I shoot my load onto the carpet, Ana came hard onto this huge black cock and my Boss filled my sensual wife’s womb with his warm semen.I was surprised that my wife stayed there, slowly still grinding on his cock as they made out. Apparently my black Boss was ready for a second round, so he slipped off and made Ana bend on her waist over the desk. My sensual wife faced me as the black man grabbed her hips and shoved again his cock into Ana’s cunt from behind.Ana looked me in the eyes as my Boss fucked her with no signs of tiredness.He came yet a second time; but first he managed to make my sensual hot bitch come again onto his huge black cock. He grabbed her hair and made Ana keep her eyes on mine as she came screaming like crazy.This time he started to get dressed, leaving Ana there, panting and breathing hard, still bent over the desk. Suddenly she smiled and asked me and Harold:“So, guys, when are you working late night again…?” We both laughed; but my black Boss slapped Ana’s bare buttocks, saying:“Tomorrow for sure…”

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