My wife fucks young black guy and leaves me


My wife fucks young black guy and leaves meMy wife and I had been fighting for some months and the situation became unbearable; she started to og out with ”friends” and me too and one Saturday late at night or Sunday early in the morning, at around 4am I came home and she came home right after me. I was angry at her coming back so late so I decided to leave again. She asked me to stay and I answered that I would just drive for a while and then I would come home.I drove to the center and saw a young black guy eating a hamburger in the street. I stopped, showed a naked picture of my wife that I have on my phone and asked him whether he wanted to come home and fuck her. He said no problem and drove with me.When we came home my wife received me very angry, I explained her that I came with a guy for her and she said that she knew because she heard two doors closing after the car stopped, and just jumped in bed.I showed the guy in and he fethiye escort got naked and enter the bed at the left hand side of my wife, I also got naked and entered the bed at her right hand side.He started kissing her and touching her boobs while she stroked her cock, I could not see as it was dark but his cock must have been hard because she asked him to wear a condom.While he stood up to wear the condom I tried to finger her but she got very angry and asked me to leave the room immediately. I did and went to the guest room. I was naked and it was cold as the guest bed did not have a blanket or sheets. I started hearing them fucking and went on all fours towards the open door of our room, I stayed on all four so she would not see me.I was freezing and not horny or hard; just feeling the cold in my body while hearing them fucking and seeing the profile of their feet moving in the lower part of the bed (this is all I could see).After escort fethiye around 20 minutes I heard her coming, went back to the guest room and tried to sleep putting the one pillow on my belly so it would not freeze. Not even 10 minutes later I heard them fucking again, they fucked for at least half hour and then I heard her coming again. All the time I just stayed at the guest room.When they were done I kind of fell to sleep but shortly after I woke up again due to fucking sounds. I could not believe how this young black guy was fucking her for so long already for the third time. Then I went again on all fours to watch: I saw her asking him to fuck her doggy and I just entered the room and picked up a blanket. The guy stopped fucking her and said he was tired. She asked me to drive him back to the center so I got dressed and drove him.When I came back our room was locked so I could not come in. Couple of days later she fethiye escort bayan left me for eight months. She traveled so I do not know what she did during that time. Two years ago we came back together and she continues fucking black guys now and then always asking me to leave the room.Before that night I was always in the room while she was fucking and sometimes even participating. From that night on I can only hear from another room.We got a baby (not a black baby but our baby) 5 weeks ago. In one week she will be able to fuck again, and I want her to fuck a black guy before she fucks me for the first time after the birth.I will see what she says when I tell her my wish, hope she does not get angry.I am a good looking guy with a normal cock, not a looser with a small cock, maybe the reason while I enjoy her fucking younger black guys is because I am 14 years older than her (you can see her picture and a short video in my profile, tried to upload more videos but there comes a message saying that xhamster will soon be able to upload new vides, I have seen this message for months).Anyhow, I will try to post some more pictures.I would appreciate comments : )

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