My Wife, My Sister


Due to the negative feedback to the original story, I decided to rewrite it and make it more understandable. So here it is. Once again I’d like to thank Luvagoodpegging, you’re a great writer and an inspiration to my stories!


“I’m so sorry,” she says as we sit down on the couch.

“Sorry about what,” I ask.

“The way I treated you before we decided to separate,” she says in a somber tone.

“What do you mean,” I ask.

“You know the whole strap on thing,” she exhales.

“Oh,” I say almost laughing, “I needed that.”

“Really,” she says perplexed.

“It helped me find my sexuality,” I say.

“What,” she asks.

“Look,” I start, “you kept on calling me a faggot when you were fucking me in the ass. That really hit me. I had a relationship with a man in college and I thought that I was gay. But being away from you made me realize that I love you.”

“So is that who you saw during our experiment,” she asks.

“Yeah,” I reply, “my old college roommate, Ted.”

“Fucked a lot,” I say in a quick tone, “It was fun at first but soon he got too demanding. He wanted sex every single day. He wanted different things. He was way to pushy. He would suck my dick in my sleep and other weird things. Too demanding. Then it hit me. I love you and only you. Being with him was disgusting. Having sex with a man is stupid and immoral. I can’t believe I did it again. I realized that I love you and no one else.”

“Wow,” she say says trying to hold back the tears, “I don’t know what to say. I never knew you loved me that much. I can’t believe that I never saw it like that before. I have a few confessions to make as well.”

“Like what,” I ask.

“I’m pregnant,” newcratos she says in a low voice.

“I know it’s not my baby,” I start, “I can’t remember the last time we had vaginal intercourse. All we did for three months was fuck me in my faghole. I was so used to something going into my ass.”

“Haven’t heard that word in a while,” she replies.

“Ted used it a lot,” I say, “so who is the father?”

“This black guy,” she says with little emotion.

“So how is it being with a black guy,” I ask.

“Good sex,” she says, “but not the best. They go limp pretty quick. I mean they have such huge cocks. But the whole limp thing is lame.”

“So do you want to keep your child,” I ask.

“Um,” she starts, “no. I don’t want it.”

“When do you want to deal with it,” I ask.

“As soon as possible,” she replies, “how about tomorrow?”

“Whenever you want,” I reply.

“Oh,” she says, “I have a confession to make.”

“What is it,” I ask.

“I was fired from my job,” she says.

“What happened,” I ask in shock.

“My boss found out something about us,” she says in one quick breath.

“What,” I ask.

“The strap on sex,” she says, “the father of my child told her.”

“That,” I say trying to hold back, “n-word.”

“And she told me something else,” she says before standing up and walking to the other side of the room.

“What,” I ask as she tosses me a file from the other side of the room.

“Look at it,” she says as she makes her way back to me.

I open it up and look through it. It seems pretty routine, adoption papers from the mid to late seventies. I keep reading the names are of Crystal and myself.

“Holy shit,” newcratos giriş I say in disbelief.

“I don’t know what to say,” she says in a shocked voice.

“So what now,” I say putting down the papers/

“I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you,” she says over and over again.

“I love you too,” I say before leaning over to kiss.

“I’ll still marry you,” she says when I pull back.

“When,” I ask.

“When I’m pregnant with your child,” she says, “I don’t care if it comes out fucked up looking. If I’m going to have a child it’s going to be yours. I don’t want anyone else’s child.”

We end up making out on the couch and before we know it we fall asleep. I wake up the next morning. Crystal has left the house. She left me a note. She says she went to the Planned Parenthood clinic to take care of her child. I then take a shower, it’s quick but I get clean fast. I then go into the living room to find Crystal standing there in her best outfit. She looks immaculate. She’s wearing a red dress and her nice six-inch heels that she rarely wears, I almost cum looking at her. She walks up to me and kisses me.

“My sister my wife,” I whisper in her ear.

“My brother my husband,” she whispers back.

We kiss all the way back to our bedroom. She gets naked except for her shoes. We fall on he bed she falls on top of me. She begins to give me furious blowjob. She takes all my six inches. She plays with my balls, and she stays away from my faghole. I have to hold back the cum a few times. She spits on my dick and then goes down again. She positions her pussy above my face. I lick and finger it furiously as well. I’m able to get four fingers inside of her pussy. That black dick must have loosened her up. She stops sucking my dick as I eat her out. He body straddles my face. She cums so many times when I do this. She then falls off of me and lies next to me. I get on top of her. I slowly put my dick inside of her. The feeling is intense. It’s like loosing my virginity all over again. I can’t believe how warm it is. I don’t see how I fucked a man for nearly a month. I can’t see how faggots like a man’s ass. It’s fucking sick. This is what sex is all about, hard penis and a warm wet pussy. I pound away in the missionary position. I stay in this position until I put her legs on my shoulders. This is my favorite position. I pound away for what seems like forever. She moans and grunts along with me. Then I let go. I feel my penis about to explode. I cum so hard it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt. My penis expels my seed in three quick bursts. But I’m able to stay hard and I fuck her even more. I am able to cum quickly, but it is not as intense as before, but I cum inside of her. I then pull out o her. She keeps her legs up in the air. I kiss her as she keeps her legs up.

The next few days all we do is fuck. I cum inside of her with gusto each time, she loves it. We want a child like there is no tomorrow. We fuck several times each day. We never get tired of sex; it’s all we crave. About three weeks later she comes home with a pregnancy test. She drags me to the bathroom and she pees on it while I hold her hand. A few moments pass, she looks at the applicator and smiles.

“I’m pregnant,” she yells before jumping on me.

“I love you,” I say as we hug in the bathroom.

To be continued in…



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