Natalie strikes again!


Natalie strikes again!I was out running some errands on this sunny Southern California Saturday afternoon when Natalie called me. It was great to hear from her since I hadn’t seen her in a few weeks. She asked if I was busy this weekend and even though I had plans, I told her that I was free. I’d basically drop anything I was doing if it meant spending time with her.If you haven’t read an of my other stories, Natalie was my carpool buddy, then my lover, and now we’re just in kind of a friends with benefits situation. I still say she’s my perfect lover but there’s no way it was going to become a full blown relationship or anything. Natalie is half my age, which ya, makes me old enough to be her father. She seemed to want to hang out all the time when we first met and I loved it, but our two worlds just didn’t coexist too well. She kept telling me that her mom would go ballistic if she found out that we were together, and I guess that makes sense since at 45, I’m older than her mom.Natalie is 22 and lives here in Orange County with her mom and her 18 year old brother, Jake. She’s a little Hispanic beauty that had shoulder length reddish brown hair when I met her, but she’s since cut it into a shorter pixie cut with one side shaved very short. She dyed it jet black and it looks amazing. She’s got a tiny body and stands maybe 5’ tall. She dresses in a trendy punk style and she has recently tapped into an amazing collection of MY tee shirts. Natalie has small breasts but her nipples are large and the perfect shade of brown, her tiny little butt is just perfect and there’s that one special attribute of hers – she’s hung about 5” with a tasty cut cock. Technically Natalie grew up as Nate, but she’s been living full time as a girl since she was a teen. She’s yummy, enough said.Anyway, she asked me if she could come over türbanlı kırıkkale escort tonight and make dinner for me. I agreed and said I could pick up whatever she felt like making. Nat laughed and asked me to pick up a case of some good craft beer, and she apologized and told me she had actually already let herself in and started cooking. That was cool with me, as she’s worthy of that key I gave her. I finished running around and headed for home figuring there’d be some early afternoon lovin’ as soon as I walked in the door. When I walked in my girl was there in the kitchen, barefoot and wearing a Joy Division tee that looked huge on her. She ran up to me, tiptoed up, and kissed me on the cheek asking if she could have the shirt. What could I say, I always say yes. Natalie told me dinner would be ready in a couple hours and reached in my grocery bag, pulled out the 12 pack and shoved it in the frig. I was just tossing my keys and wallet on the table when Nat told me she wanted some cock. She grabbed my crotch and unzipped my pants while falling down to her knees. She quickly had my cock out and in her warm mouth. I loved looking down on this sweet little girl while she sucked and I was quickly fully hard and ready for anything. Nat told me that she wanted my cum but I was kinda hoping for a longer session and was really hoping to get inside her little boy pussy. Oh well, I was no match for her and she demanded that I shoot on her face quickly so I did just that. She laughed when it blasted into her eyes and jumped up to her feet, grabbed my face and gave me a sloppy, cummy kiss. We showered up and then ate dinner. It was still early so I asked Nat if she wanted to go hit the pub or go see a movie but she said she couldn’t stay out late and asked if we could türbanlı kırıkkale escort bayan just stay in talk about some things that were bothering her. I saw that she was worried about something and realized that I had never seen her anything but super happy, so I told her I was there for her, whatever she needed. Over the next hour and some crying she told me that she had met a boy that she really, really liked and she didn’t think that we’d be able to play around anymore. I assured her that it wasn’t really a problem and that it was great that she was getting serious with somebody her own age. Of course, I was kinda bummed in a way, but I figured that I’d be seeing her around from time to time, and that she was at least gonna be open to one last fuckathon before she walked out of here tonight! Natalie asked me if I wanted to hear about her new friend so of course I lied, and said “sure…… you know you can tell me anything.”I listened and she seemed really excited so it all turned out well. I care about this girl so I wasn’t going to be a dick about it. While we talked Nat downed a couple more beers and after not too long she ran off to the bathroom to pee. I loved how she’d always leave the door open and continue her conversation while she sat on the toilet. I could hear her peeing into the toilet and then she asked me if I wanted to taste the last few golden drops and clean off her dick for her. I jumped up, walked into the bathroom and dropped to my knees in front of her still sitting on the toilet. I grabbed her soft cock and sucked it hungrily. She pulled it from my mouth and stood up telling me to open wide – with that she squirted a short but tasty stream of piss into my mouth that flowed down my throat. As she stood over me with her cock türbanlı escort kırıkkale hardening she asked me innocently where I’d find another cock to suck after she left?I told her not to worry about that but that it was true I’d miss her little body. Natalie looked down at me and fed me her cock and told me that she just had a very intriguing idea. I smiled and continued sucking her and then went to work on her balls as she stroked her meat over my face. She shot her load into my face while holding my hair tightly with the other hand. After licking her clean we shared another cum flavored kiss and she ran into the bedroom and got on her hands and knees on my bed. Her hole was already lubed from some earlier fingering so I entered her from behind and fucked my little girl until she was begging me to stop. I shot a load deep into her ass and pulled out so she could clean my cock with her mouth.After our fuck session she kissed me and told me that she needed my help with something else, that she figured I’d like too. She then surprised me by telling me that she was worried about her brother and although he wasn’t transgender like her, she knew he was gay. She said she didn’t like the guys that he was hanging around and she figured that he’d probably just get ****d by some gangbangers to lose his virginity. I wasn’t sure where she was going with this but it didn’t take long for her explain. She assured me that her brother was 18 and was legal to do whatever he chose. She also told me that she’d been telling him about me and everything we do together, and said that he would really like to meet someone trustworthy and safe that could teach him how to fuck.Natalie was asking me to fuck her younger brother. She told me that I didn’t have to if I felt weird about it but that she’d love me forever if I would at least meet him and talk to him a bit. With that, she kissed me, ran over to my tee shirt drawer, and grabbed a Morrissey tee. She told me this would be perfect and skipped out of the bedroom. I followed her out to the living room where she shoved the tee into her bag. I asked her why she didn’t put it on and she smiled and said, “duh silly old man, I’m giving this one to my little brother!”

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