Natasha Ch. 02-03


Part two: “Robert is the Slave”

Robert rolled over in bed wanting to cuddle up close to Natasha and put his arms around her, and found that side of the bed empty. He rubbed his eye, then noticed how bright the day was and quickly glanced at the alarm clock. He then jumped out of bed yelling, “Oh fuck, I’m going to be late for work.” Then paused for a second wondering why Natasha had not awaken him when she got up.

He put on his robe and hurried downstairs toward the kitchen in hopes to find her and ask her why he overslept, but found no one there. He was where he thought she would be when he saw a note lying on the kitchen table was a note, which read, “Good morning darling. I went to the gym with Judy early avoid the holiday rush of people. I brewed you some fresh coffee and there is Danish in the refrigerator. Oh, I almost forgot, the kids left early this morning to spend the weekend with Uncle Thomas. I will be home around 10 am. Kisses-n-hugs Natasha.”

He then remembered he had a three-day weekend off and said, “You must be getting old and forgetful ole man, or you stayed up all night fucking again!” Robert smiled and said, “Oh my, what are we going to do all alone in this big house all weekend.”

Robert recalled the last weekend Natasha and he were alone. They enlisted the help of Robert’s friend Barry, to act out one of their fantasies for real. Robert was the master, Natasha his slave, and Barry was there neighbor. The Cheating homemaker, caught fucking the neighbor was punished for her transgression by Robert.

Robert wondered if Natasha would be willing to do another scenario, where this time, he was the slave. He decided to ask her when she got home. He loved to submit and feel the sting of a whip across his ass. Just thinking about it gave his goosebumps and made his cock swell.

Robert got a cup out of the cupboard and pours himself a cup he preferred it black. He sat it on the table and went to retrieve his morning paper and notice it on the table near the front door. He went back into the kitchen sat down to read the newspaper, but could not focus, and laid it down. Then with coffee in hand, he headed for the den, to check for messages and email on his computer.

“Hello Bitch!

These are your next orders! Make sure you follow them explicitly, or you shall never see me again! Now, Saturday, July 12 meet me at the Radisson, room 322, promptly at 3 p.m.

There are the things you must do bitch, before I meet you; shave your whole body, including that pathetic cock! I have purchased the following items and the will be delivered today.

In the box, you will find; a black lace bra, bikini panties, pantyhose, black leather mini, a white sheer blouse, and black heels. Bring the panties with you. It is very important that everyone can see you naked under your skirt!

The day we are to meet, make sure your skin is clean and smooth. Then apply your make up as I taught you to along with red lipstick this time. Then put on the clothing, and make sure all looks superb before you leave to visit me.

It will take you exactly 30 minutes to get to the motel. Part you car in the available parking lot, and go directly to my room. Bitch, do not be one minute late, or no one will answering the door!

When you come to my hotel room, you must look like a woman. I will have people watching you, jackass! Since I am on the third floor, you will need to take the elevator up to my floor. When you step on the elevator if someone is in there, pretend you do not see him or her. Raise you mini and straighten you hose, and make sure you flash your cock. If they say something, tell them you were adjusting your skirt.

Continue stroking your cock, and make sure it stays hard! When you walk off the elevator, do not attempt to talk to anyone. If someone passes you, make certain you flash him or her.

When you get to my room, knock on the door and wait. If I look through the peek-hole and see a woman standing there, I will open the door and ask you inside. Once inside the room you will see me wearing black leather lingerie, three-inch heels, and I am caring a small whip.

I will ask you “Are you ready for your Mistress bitch?” In addition, you can answer me.


Mistress Natasha!”

Robert did as commanded and arrived at the hotel five minutes early. Damn, he was so excited! There were two people in the elevator when he got on. He ignored them, raised his skirt and ran his hand across his swelling cock. The people just watched him without saying a word.

When he stepped off the elevator and walked toward her room. His cock was so hard it strained the hose and stuck out straight in front of him, with the mini lying on top of it. He did not bother to hide it and happily flashed everyone he passed. He knocked on the door and waited a moment.

Mistress Natasha opened the door did not let him into the room. She looked at Robert and said, “Are you ready for your Mistress bitch? ”

Robert answered, “Yes Bycasino Mistress!”

Mistress Natasha allowed him to enter the room and he notices the room had a balcony. Like every rendezvous before that he followed and explicit routine. He took her arm and escorted her out onto the terrace. He paused then looked at her for direction. She points to the chair where she wants to sit and he seats her, then bows and kissed her hand. Then walks over to the table and pours her a glass of French wine. Offers her the glass and then stand patiently awaiting his next orders.

Mistress takes a sip of wine and said, “Bitch, remember, you will only be permitted to answer the question I ask right now! Did you follow my instructions to the letter before coming here?

Roberts replied, “Yes Mistress!”

“Good, now turn around, I want to examine you closely,” she said.

Robert turned to his right and saw an older couple in the balcony next to them on the right. As he moves and his mistress raised his mini and ran her hand across his ass and slapped it. She told him to keep moving. When he turned left, he looked into the other balcony. He saw a young woman around twenty years of age, full dressed watching him seductively. What he was not aware of is that his mistress had arranged for all the people to be there.

Mistress Natasha slapped his thigh with the whip and yelled, “God damn it, what in the hell are you gawking at? Pay attention bitch! “

He stopped, and then felt the warm welt appear on his thigh. His balls tingled as if they were just touched by and electric wand. He watched her intently, and all she did was sip slowly at her wine.

She sat the wine glass down and looked at him and commanded, “Take off everything, but you bra and pantyhose! You better pray to God your fucking cock is hard, or you will feel my whip!”

She watched him closely and then shouted, “You fucking son of a bitch, why can’t you do what you’re told! I told you that damn cock of yours was to be hard! All I see nothing, but a pathetic small cock!

Now put you hands at your sides and take your punishment, fucker!”

Robert, did as she asked, and then braced himself for her whip. He winced when she brought the whip down hard against each ass cheek. He knew that everyone would soon see red welts covering both cheeks.

Mistress then went around to his front and slapped his cock hard with her right hand. Then she spit in his face and shrieked, “Your cock had better be hard soon, or I will continue slapping it, till it is!”

She slapped him twice and his cock was again rock hard straining against his hose. Fuck, he wished she would continue until he came, but she did not. She took both hands, pinched each nipple hard, and said, “Good boy, now listen to me carefully.

These are your next orders, “Walk, just like you are to the room next door. Then bring me back the young woman, you see sitting on the terrace next to ours. After you both enter my room, bring her here to meet me without talking. Do you understand me, cunt! You are permitted to answer me now.”

Robert replied, “Yes mistress.” He then turned around and walked off to get the woman. He knocked on the door and waited for her to open it.

The woman spoke from behind the door, “Hello, who is it.

He replied, “This is Robert, my mistress sent me. “

The woman opened the door, her eyes wild with excitement. She then said, “My name is Sherry, come in. Now, tell me asshole, why are you here? ”

Robert said, “I was ordered to come to your room and take you back to Mistress Natasha’s room with me. Will you accompany me to her room please?”

The mistress had instructed her to give Robert a hard time. She frowned and said, “Hell no! You have to be kidding! Go somewhere with your dressed like that. How do I know you’re not some fucking pervert off the street?”

Robert swallowed hard and nervously said, “My Mistress told me to come here, I swear!”

She looked at him and thought to herself, “I bet I can make this fucker do anything I want.” She raked her long nails hard across his chest and said,

“Oh really, that means you have to do anything I ask too! Take my panties off and eat my cunt bitch and your not permitted to touch yourself or cum!”

Robert went to his knees, and raised her dress and helper her out of her panties. He then spread her legs and almost came himself right then. Hot-damn, her pussy was bare! He ran his tongue all over her pussy and felt her quiver. Then spread her labia and let his magic tongue work on her clit.

Sherry squealed, “Oh God, Yessssssss! Just like that, now, bite it bitch, make me cum!”

He sucked her clit into his mouth and teased it with his hot tongue, feeling it swell and pulsate. Then he slid two fingers hard into her vagina, finger fucking her repeatedly. He could feel her climax building. He grabbed her hips to keep her pussy against him mouth, took her clit between his teeth, and bit it gently.

Sherry Bycasino giriş arched her back and screamed, “Oooooh my God, bitch that’s it keeps it up! Oh fuck, I am cumming! ”

Robert drank eagerly until he drank every drop from her. Damn,his cock ached to fuck her! He stood and said, “Shall we go to Mistress’s room now?”

Sherry replied, “Sure, let me put this sundress on and I will go with you.”

Robert knocked on the door of Mistress Natasha’s room. Mistress hurried to the door to make sure it was they and then ran back and sat down. She yelled, “Come in, the door is unlocked!”

They enter the room and Sherry slaps Robert on his ass hard, then said, “Now fucker lets go see your Mistress!”

Robert escorted her outside and sat her in the seat next to his mistress. Then kneeled and kissed her feet. Then Robert stood up and awaited her instructions.

Mistress looked up and saw the woman standing there. She licked her lips reached out her hand and said, “Welcome, my name is Mistress Natasha, did the asshole give you any trouble?”

The woman looked at him and sneered, then looked at her and said, “Hi, my name is Sherry. Yes, he was not very cooperative!” Of course, the two of them knew she lied.

Mistress handed Sherry the whip and said, “Well love, you’ll just have to whip his ass!”

Sherry took the whip and brought it down hard across his ass a few times. Then smiled each time he winced, she knew the pantyhose made it sting like hell. She then handed the whip back to the Mistress. “He’s all yours now,” she said. Then she kissed Mistress hard on the lips.

As Mistress kissed her back, she slid her hand under Sherry’s dress. When she touched her pussy, she looked surprise. She stopped kissing, raised the dress, and uttered, “Oh, fuck!” The young woman was completely naked under the dress.

Mistress looked up at him and yelled, “Hey bitch, watch us and don’t move! You must keep that pathetic cock of yours hard, but you will not be permitted to cum!”

“Damn, this is so fucking hot,” he thought. He could not keep his eyes off them. He felt his cock throbbing and wanted to jack off watching them, but knew he could not.

Mistress helped Sherry remove the dress and said, “Turn around honey, bend down and grab you ankles. I am going to slide my tongue into you hot pussy and circle your throbbing clit with it. Then I am going to spread pussy wide so everyone can watch me get you off as I tongue fuck you.”

The couples in the next balcony were now completely naked now. He was fingering her pussy as she stroked his long hard cock. They watched and yelled, “Oh fuck, Mistress, eat her pussy, make her cum!”

Then the looked at Robert and said, “Watch then you pathetic piece of shit, you might learn something!” They went on caressing each other as the watched the scenario unfolded.

Mistress Natasha openly tongues her cunt and ass hole making Sherry squeal with delight. Sherry looked up at Robert and eyed him up and down then said, “Do you wish it was your tongue and cock entering my hot pussy! Oh look, at him, he is oozing precum! Better not cum, bitch!”

Mistress continued sucking Sherry’s clit as she rammed two fingers repeatedly in and of her vagina. She knew Sherry was about to come

The people watching Sherry made her hotter them hell and she knew she was about to climax hard too. She reached up and pinched her nipple hard, and at the same time felt, the woman biting her clit. She screamed, “Oooooooooh fuck, I am cumming!”

Mistress eagerly ate every sweet drop, and then patted her on the bottom. Then she pointed at Robert and said, “Kiss my slaves cock dear and lick it, make him squirm for us!” Robert tried not to cum as she ran her tongue along his cock.

Mistress got up, walked over to him, then told Sherry she could sit down. She then looked Robert in the eye and said,” Are you being a good bitch? Should I let you cum, hum? Oh no, not yet, you must watch her eat my pussy first.

She could see the agonizing pain on his face. She reached down, grabbed his hard cock, and yelled, “Awww, the poor baby wants to cum, don’t you?”

She then she slapped his cock hard. He starts shaking badly and she know he was about to blow his load. She turns and looks at everyone and said, “Oh look, my male cunt is shaky and wants to cum! What shall I do?”

The couple on the balcony said, “Let the bastard shake more! We want to fuck and watch the cunt eat you!”

Mistress nodded in agreement. She told Sherry to help her out of her clothing. The laid back in the chair and spread her legs. Sherry walked toward the woman, got between her legs, and hungrily lapped at her pussy. Mistress purred in delight as she felt Sherry’s hot tongue licking every part of her wanting pussy.

Sherry sucked the woman’s clit in mouth and flicked it with her tongue. Mistress began to shake vigorously.

Mistress, felt as if she was about to explode, damn it felt so good! She threw back Bycasino deneme bonusu her head and screamed, “OOOOOOH yessssssss, ahhhhhhhh, bite it! Ooooh fuck, I am cumming!”

Sherry sat down and licked her lips the told him how good the woman’s cum tasted. She saw he was really shaking and the front of his pantyhose was completely wet with precum. She said to him, “Oh fuck look how hard you are! Mistress, shall I make him take everything off now!”

Mistress then spoke, “Yes its time he was fucked!” Then handed Sherry an unusual looking strap on cock and told her to put it on. It had a vibrator that fits snug against her clit and a toy that went inside her vagina. She was going to get fucked the same time she was fucking his ass!”

Sherry laughed wickedly and said, “I’m going to fuck your ass bitch, as you fuck your Mistress, so make it good!” Sherry applied lube to the toy cock and stroked it.

Mistress Natasha laid down on the small chase lounge and yelled, “Come fuck me Robert! You cannot cum unless I tell you that you can slut!

Robert spread her legs and guided his cock into her pussy. He starts fucking you in and out with slow, deep thrusts. Sherry gets behind him and smears lube on his asshole, then spread his cheeks and shove the toy hard into his tight asshole. Damn it felt so good, he almost blew his load.

She saw him wince with pain and nodded at the Mistress. Sherry started slapping his ass until each check was glowing bright red. Sherry then grimaced and said, “She told you not to cum yet, you damn fucker! How does it feel to have my big cock in your asshole?” She shoves the cock in an out with no mercy.

Robert fucked his Mistress in unison with the cock in his ass. He fucked her hard and deep, repeatedly feeling her shudder in anticipation with each thrust. He leaned down, took her nipple into his mouth, and bit it gently. Damn, he wanted to shoot his cum in her so bad, he almost passed out.

Mistress screamed and said, “I’m cumming! You can cum Robert, oooh fuck, do it now!”

Robert started cumming so much it seemed he would never stop. Then Sherry exclaimed she was cumming too. They all jumped when the man next door shouted, “Good show, you made us cum so hard.”

Mistress Natasha smiled and said, “I am glad you enjoyed it. ” She then turned to Robert and said, “Eat our combined cum from my pussy, then feed it with me with a kiss.”

He knelt, sucked the sweet nectar from her pussy, and held it in his mouth. Then moved and kissed her hard sharing the sweet juices with her.

She then said, “You can sit and relax now, you’ve done a good job. “

Part three: “Natasha & Emily”

Natasha yawned and wrinkled her nose as she awoke to the smell of breakfast. She looked over where Robert usually lays and he was not there. She sat up in bed and pondered about the recent adventures. Oh my God, she wondered was it real or just a dream. Was she really the woman playing the mistress with Robert portraying her slave? Then she saw the luggage in the corner and realized everything was true.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Robert’s opening the door and bringing her a breakfast tray. She chuckled and said, “Good morning my male bitch! I hope you slept well last night. You are permitted to answer me.”

He answered her, “Yes Mistress, I pray you slept well too.”

She replied, “Why, yes I did Robert. I even had a dream about you. Now sit down and listen.”

“I had set up another adventure for you and me where I portrayed your mistress. I had just arrived at the hotel where you were staying, but this time I was not alone. I brought a friend who is into submissive relationships and agreed to be my slave girl. Her name is Emily and this trip was a rewarded to her for being such an obedient slave.”

I rang the bell at the front desk and asked the clerk too look up your room number. He did and told me you were in room 122. As I walk down the hallway to your room, I tell Emily, she can talk during this visit.

She replied, “Thank-you, mistress. Can I play with him too?

I look over at her and slap her across the face, and said, “Emily, you are that fucking stupid! Robert is my bitch and I will say what he does and whom he plays with. Get that straight slut, he is mine!”

Emily bowed her head in submission and whispered, “Yes Mistress. However, I cannot wait to see what you have in store for your bitch. I remember you telling me you want to fuck his male cunt! Mistress, if I may be permitted to be excited, my clit is throbbing!”

I looked at her, then stopped in the middle of the hall, shoved her up against the wall, kissed her, reached up under her blouse and pinched her nipple hard. I could feel her wince and I knew her pussy was dripping now.

I then uttered, “Oh you are such a slut my pretty pet!”

She said, “Thank-you, I love you mistress!”

I knocked on the door of the door and Robert opened the door. Then stood there obediently awaiting his orders.

I said, “Hello bitch!” Then pointed my finger at the woman next to me and said, “Robert, this is Emily, my slave-girl. Do not close that damn door yet, I want you to strip for us right here in the doorway. I want everyone to see how much of a whore you really are, bitch!”

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