Naughty at School Ch. 06


Hello to all my readers. Here is another story of when I was first attending college. I hope you enjoy it. WARNING! If you DO NOT like INCEST STOP READING!

This happened one day at school when one of my professors cancelled his two hour lecture, which made a lot of people happy. It was my Social Studies class and his lectures are pretty boring. I decided that since I had the free time I would go over to the gymnasium and take a swim in the pool. I was also hoping that the swim team might be practicing and I could have some fun.

When I got to the gym I saw that there was no one around so the swim team will have to wait for another day. I went over to the girls lockers to change into my bathing suit and when I walked in I could hear a girl in one of the shower stalls moaning. Obviously she was getting her pussy eaten by what she was saying.

“Yes suck on my clit just like that. You know I love the way you eat my pussy.” She moaned.

I wasn’t surprised when I heard it because girls are always playing with each other here. I went about my business and found a locker to put my clothes into. I started getting undressed and listened to the two girls in the shower. The moaning continued and started getting more intense. I listened for a bit more sitting there rubbing my pussy. “Finger me harder make me cum.”, “Fuck my ass it needs attention.” Were just a few of the things she was saying.

It was making me wet just listening to this girl getting fucked. I decided to get some satisfaction myself and pulled out my mini vibrator. I put my one foot on the bench and spread my legs and started rubbing my clit with the vibrator. I could still hear her moaning in the shower as the other girl was now being encouraged to tongue fuck her. I laid back and straddled the bench as I played poker oyna with my hard nipples and fucked myself with my vibrator.

I was so involved with playing with myself that I didn’t notice that the noise had stopped until I heard two girls giggling standing next to me. I opened my eyes and looked and thought I was seeing double at first but the girls were twins.

“Do you think she heard us Sis?”

“She may have but either way I think we should help her out some. Don’t you?”

“Sure I’d love to see how she tastes.” And they both laughed.

One of them sat on the bench between my legs and started using my vibe to fuck me as she sucked on my clit. The other girl came and straddled my face to have me eat her. I started licking and sucking the girls pussy and clit while her sister was working my pussy over with her tongue and the vibrator. I was already halfway to a climax when they started so it was not long before she got to taste my sweet cream filling her mouth. She filled her mouth with my juices then stood up and kissed her sister who I was still tongue fucking and shared my flavor with her. After they kissed she began sucking on her sisters nipples. That was enough to send her over the edge and fill my mouth with her cum. Then, they both started kissing me and licking the sweet cum off my face.

When they stood up I slipped two fingers into each of them and started finger fucking them. They stood there kissing and sucking each others tits while I fingered each of their pussies pushing my fingers nice and deep. My thumbs were rubbing their rosebuds and they both seemed to enjoy that. At that point we heard a bunch of voices coming and one giving orders telling the others to hurry up and change for practice.

“It’s getting crowded here. Would you like to come back canlı poker oyna to our place?” One of them asked.

“Sure I would love too.” I replied.

We all got dressed as the other girls filled the room and then headed to their apartment. Once we got to the apartment we all got undressed and went into the bedroom. The three of us got on the bed and all started kissing and caressing each others bodies. Then the one sister pulled out a strap on from the nightstand draw.

“Here put this on and you can fuck the two of us.” She said to me and her sister agreed.

I stood up and they both help putting the harness on me which had a big red cock attached to it. After they made sure the harness was on me nice and tight they both got on their knees and started licking and sucking the cock. I took turns fucking each of their mouths and watched as they fingered each other. After a little while of doing that they both got up on the bed into a sixty-nine positions and began eating each other.

“Come and fuck us now.” They said almost in unison.

I got behind the one that was on top and rubbed the cock along her slit. She had a vibrator and was using it to fuck her sister with it. I grabbed her hips and slid the cock into her wet pussy until the harness was up against her ass. I started slowly fucking her watching as the red cock was swallowed by her pussy.

“That looks so good watching you getting fucked from this angle Sis.” Said the one on the bottom as she watched me fuck her sister. “Fuck her harder she likes it hard.”

I started fucking her harder and faster ramming the cock into her. She was moaning loudly and making her sister moan fucking her with the vibrator. My nails were digging into her hips as I continued pumping the cock into her. Her juices were covering internet casino the cock and began making a squishing sound as I fucked her. The sister on the bottom was moaning and licking the cum off the cock every time I pulled back. Her body started shaking and I could feel the tension on the cock as I fucked her getting harder as her pussy tightened on the cock. She let out a loud moan climaxed and covered her sisters face with her cum.

“Now fuck me,” Said the sister that was on the bottom. “but I want you to fuck me in the as.”

Yes she loves anal.” Said her sister.

I went to the other side and the sister on top was already lifting her sisters legs up and opened wide while she was getting her pussy licked clean. I rubbed the cum from her pussy over her ass and slowly started sliding the cock inside her ass. She whimpered just a little bit but took the entire cock inside her.

“Now fuck her ass nice and hard.” She said to me.

I leaned in and kissed her as my hips began moving fucking her sisters tight ass. I was fucking her ass hard and her sister was using the vibrator to fuck her pussy. My hands were gripping her ass as I lifted her to get a better angle and the cock went even deeper into her ass.

“Do you like anal?” Asked the girl I first fucked.

“Yes I love getting DPed”. I replied.

I could see the cream building in her pussy as I fucked her ass and then her sister started sucking on my tit and I felt her reach around me and rub the vibrator against my ass. She spread my cheeks and pushed the soaked vibrator into my ass. I let out a loud moan and began fucking her sisters ass even harder. I could see her juices glistening on her pussy and she started squirting her cream all over her sister and me. I pulled the cock out of her ass and the three of us started licking all that sweet cum off of each other. Once we were done we all laid on the bed and held each other.

I hope you enjoyed the story and look forward to your comments. Keep watching for more stories.

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