Naughty Grandma!


My parents wouldn’t trust me alone in the house so I was left with my widowed grandmother while they went for a fortnight’s holiday. I had important exams, so study was a higher priority.

It was likely that Nan, as I called her, was in her late 60s, despite that, she had a good figure, not slim, but not fat either. She had amazing breasts. She almost always wore a tight skirt and a V neck blouse that showed a wonderful cleavage as a result of the corset pushing her breasts tight together. I was constantly horny whenever we met and couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Nan was strict and when I arrived the first day, she made it clear I was to look after myself. She would make breakfast each morning, but before that, I was to wake her at 7.00 with a pot of tea and buttered toast.

Next morning I knocked on her door before entering. As I crossed the carpet to her bed, Nan lifted herself up onto the pillows and, as she did, the front of her nightie caught on the bedclothes. A generous breast popped out.

I couldn’t believe my luck. Nan left it out as she didn’t appear to have noticed. With no move to cover her nakedness I gazed at her boob and felt my cock begin to press hard against my dressing gown. I lowered the tray to hide it as best as I could and quickly sat on the edge of the bed with my hands in my lap to restrain myself. While she concentrated on pouring her tea and spreading marmalade on the toast I took as many sly glances as I dared. Even now, I can visualize its beauty, the heavy swell, the slight droop due to its size and the dark areolae surrounding a plump nipple.

We chatted while she ate and then I was shooed out so she could undress for her bath. I took the tray downstairs and tried to study which was impossible as I felt so horny.

Later, Nan shouted down to say the bathroom was free and I started up the stairs to relieve myself by wanking into the toilet. When my face was level with the landing floor I stopped dead. Through the banister railings I could see into Nan’s bedroom. The door wasn’t fully closed and she was drying her naked body. She was bent over toweling her legs and her boobs were in free fall, swaying to and fro to the rhythm of her drying. I couldn’t take my eyes from them and I was aware of pre-cum dribbling down inside my pajama bottoms. She moved the towel upwards, drying over her midriff and stomach until she reached her breasts. She was rubbing the towel over her right mega boob when she abruptly stopped. A chill ran through me as I lifted my eyes to her face. She was staring at me!

I felt the blood rush from my cock to my face as I flushed scarlet. I turned and fled down the stairs expecting her to shout after me. She didn’t.

Whenever possible I spent the day in my bedroom with the intention of studying; in reality hiding in embarrassment and fear. She was a scary şirinevler escort lady when cross. At mealtimes there was mostly silence and the tension was painful. Any moment I expected a lecture. In the evening we watched TV in silence until she told me it was my bedtime. I resented being ordered to bed, but she wasn’t a woman you argued with.

On my way to the door, I said, ‘Goodnight, Nan.’

‘Don’t I get my goodnight kiss?’ she answered.

I was far too nervous to face her, so pretended not to hear and bolted out the door up to bed.

I don’t know what time she woke me. It was dark until she put the bedside lamp on and sat on the edge of my bed. I sat up and rested against the pillows, thankful there wasn’t a protrusion in my pajamas.

‘Are you too old to give Nan her goodnight kiss?’

‘No, Nan. Of course not.’

She moved close and kissed my lips. That was a surprise. Until then it had always been a hug and a peck on the cheek, nor was it a normal kiss, it was hot and urgent as though she hadn’t kissed anyone for a long time. Nan just kept on kissing me and after I recovered from my surprise I realized how much I was enjoying it. She had no intention of stopping. She drew her head back for a moment, but returned with an increase in passion. I had no experience of such kissing with no idea what to do, so I allowed myself to wallow in the pleasure of Nan’s lips taking control. Her tongue pressed against my lips and I assumed I was to open my mouth to allow access. It seemed silly, but soon I realized it wasn’t as she pushed her tongue inside my mouth and found mine. She licked it and when she rested for a moment I began to suck on hers. It was so much more intimate and daring than normal kissing, made even more exciting that it was my gran.

After a while, she pulled back and whispered, ‘Bobby, what you did this morning was naughty. What do you think your parents will say?’

I gulped and murmured, ‘Sorry.’

‘Well, I haven’t made up my mind if I’ll tell them. Depends how good you are to me during the next two weeks.’

‘I’ll do whatever you want, Nan. Anything.’

‘Did you enjoy spying on me this morning?’

I blushed. It was obvious I couldn’t deny it. ‘Yes.’

‘Did you like my titties?’

I couldn’t believe we were having this conversation. ‘Yes, Nan. They’re nice.’

‘Surely you thought they were better than ‘Nice.’ If I give you another peek, would you be able to think of something better to say? Would you like Nan to show them to you?’

I let out a sigh. ‘Yes, please Nan.’

She undid the top button of her blouse then paused. ‘No, you undo Nan’s blouse.’

My hands were trembling as I slowly moved from top to bottom. While I took pleasure in undressing her she unzipped her skirt and slid it down her şişli escort stockinged legs onto the floor. I undid the final blouse button and Nan allowed the garment to slide down her arms to join her skirt.

‘Slide the straps from my shoulders.’

I did, then carefully pulled down each cup of her corset until they cradled her breasts.

She chuckled. ‘You learn quickly. Do you know what to do with them?’

But she wasted her breath because I was already stroking them, squeezing them and kissing every inch. I couldn’t get enough of her amazing breasts.

Nan was breathing heavy as she knelt on the bed, straddling my legs. ‘Oh, that’s a good boy. Now kiss my nipples, suck them.’

Her nipples were larger than this morning at breakfast. I didn’t know why, but it made them easier to suck, and as I suckled on her left nipple, I played with her right.

‘Oh, that’s good, Bobby. Pull on it and roll it around. Squeeze Nan’s titties together.

The minutes ticked by as I petted her. It was bliss, but eventually, she sat back. ‘You’re such a naughty little boy with the things you do to your grandma.’

She pulled the bedclothes down. ‘Let Grandma have a look at you.’ Nan gazed down at the protrusion in my pajamas, a soaking wet lump. She untied the cord and gently played with the hairs, trailing her finger tips through them. ‘Let’s see what Bobby’s got for Nan,’ she growled as she tugged my bottoms down.

I’d never seen my cock so large and hard. It stood like a fat post with a fine drizzle of pre-cum sliding down the shaft.

Nan moved down the bed until she was lying full length between my legs. ‘Let your Nan have a close inspection.’ I groaned as she began by stroking my peritoneum, then her finger tips were teasing my ass hole. I wouldn’t have believed that her touch could bring such indescribable pleasure. She purred as her fingers moved upwards tracing a line up the underside of my dick making it jerk almost out of control. ‘I don’t think you can take much more, darling boy. Nan should have taken it easy with you. Never mind, we can sort it out.’

Her mouth moved within an inch of my straining cock and her tongue came out and gently lapped the head. For a brief moment her lips opened as she took me in her mouth before she left a languid trail of tender kisses as her full, soft lips travelled down my shaft.

I couldn’t believe this level of intimacy. My grandma kissing my penis and sighing as she did. ‘Mmm, so good,’ she cooed. The tell-tale feeling in my balls signaled I was about to cum. Nan had only planted a few kisses on my shaft before I began to jet my semen. Spurts of cum hit her forehead and into her grey hair, but still she continued to pleasure me and herself.

‘Nan, I’m sorry,’ I said. ‘I couldn’t stop myself.’

She licked the cum taksim escort from my head. ‘Don’t be silly, how could you stop when grandma was kissing your prick.’

She ignored the cum which I’d jettisoned onto her and concentrated on cleaning my cock. ‘Now I’ve explored you, you need to explore your gran.’

Nan positioned herself so she was kneeling in front of me. Under her corset I could see white, frilly panties. I put my fingers on the gusset and stroked the wetness. Nan groaned. I pulled the gusset to the side to see a mass of dark hairs. I pushed an exploratory finger through the soft down and felt the soft wetness of my first woman.

Nan unfastened her suspenders and started to undo her corset as I pulled her panties down as far as they would go, followed by both stockings. I felt my cock returning to its previous firmness. ‘Bobby, pull Nan’s knickers down.’

She stood beside the bed, shed the remainder of her modesty and lay back on the bed with her backside resting on the edge and her legs wide open. ‘Come and inspect your gran’s pussy,’ she ordered.

I knelt on the carpet and feasted on her nudity.

‘Open me with your thumbs’ Nan murmured.

I did as commanded, parted her hairs and lips and saw deep into her most intimate place. It was amazing, shiny walls soaked with her juices. Couldn’t resist placing my mouth on her inner lips and kissing her.

‘Oh, that’s lovely, you sweet lad.’ Her hand came down, fingered her clit and pulled on it. ‘Suck on this.’

When I did the result was spectacular. Nan cried out with passion and even more juice flowed from her hole. My prick was aching with lust at what I was doing to my gran and I sucked even harder.

‘Fuck me,’ she groaned, ‘fuck me now. Quick, shove your prick into Gran.’

I stood and she grabbed my cock and pulled me to her. ‘Lift my legs,’ she said.

As I hoisted her up my cock sunk into her pussy. It was incredible. Her wet warmth held me tightly inside and then I did what was so natural. I pounded her, fucked my gran hard. If I hadn’t cum only a short while before it’s likely I would have shot my load on the second or third stroke. As it was, I kept shafting her until she began to moan in a way I’d never heard before, reminded me of an animal. ‘Fuck Gran,’ she groaned, ‘Bobby, fuck me.’

Our groaning became louder as we fucked and then I felt a tightening around my cock as Nan’s muscles gripped it. A second later she came. She began to cry out and her body shook as her orgasm took control of her. The sight of her breasts rippling as she climaxed, her cries of passion and her lust enlarged nipples were too much and I also lost control. Spasms of cum jetted inside her and there was a satisfying squelching as my cock emptied and filled her soaking wet hole.

I collapsed onto her and we rested in a satisfied exhaustion until Nan took my face in her hands and kissed me. ‘From now on young man, you sleep in my bed so I can have you whenever I want and I’ll wear a loose nightie so your hands can stray and play with me even if I’m asleep.’

Over the next fortnight I learned what an amazing sex slut Nan was.

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