Naughty Neighbor Continued

Naughty Neighbor ContinuedI slid my tongue slowly up a and around her pussy, making sure to get her beautiful clit ultimate desire. I placed kisses passionately on her pussy. She grabed the back of my neck and moaned,i placed my hands on her pussy and went deeper, she put her leg around my back and pressed hard with her foot as I worked my tongue and fingers , orchestrating her into a much deserved orgasm. Mary continued to moan in exstacy as she gripped the my back with her long toes. Her pussy was dripping, I rose up and griped her firm ass hard I rubbed my cock up her leg , and onto her thigh. I she grabbed it and placed it into her soaked pussy. I worked my cock into her tight pussy , “mmm , nice and tight ” I said. ” Has it been that long ? I asked. “I am not sure ” she replied ” When he tries to fuck me , I usually just get bored, and watch the clock until he finishes”. I grabbed a bottle of oil on the nightstand and began rubbing it all over her. ” Careful with that , thats his expensive aphrodisiac oil” she said laughing. ” Really ?” I replied and poured some all over my cock. I grabbed her and pulled her in, kissing her , our hot tongues dancing with each other. ” Once ” she said , “He was on top and doing his usual, bodrum escort I looked at my watch and realized I had to be anywhere but under him”. I grabbed her ass and lifted her against the wall, my cock inside her pussy. She moaned aggressively. She grabbed me by the hair and kissed me on the neck rubbing her tongue across my face. ” What did you do ?” I asked as I drove harder. ” I just did this ” and she grabbed my shoulder and twisted herself packing her leg around my back and thrusted. I could feel my cock pulsating, I lifted her off her feet and against the wall, she placed both legs around me and pulled in. I fucked her hard her back pounding against the wall. I took her turned her around and begin fucking her from behind grabbing and pulling her in by her hard tits. She placed her hands on the wall, next to her was a pic of her hubby , she looked at it devilishly pointed at it with her middle finger then extended the finger with her wedding ring pointed it at her mouth and darted her tongue out.She looked at it and her face contorted into angry look as she pushed against the wall and farther onto my cock which was dancing inside her. I positioned her so that her face was almost touching the pic of Bob, she escort bodrum licked her lips and became even more aggressive, I pounded into her as the picture began shaking and she grabbed it and tossed it on the bed. She placed her long foot on his pillow flexing and curling her toes. ” Lets share this moment with him ” she said. We dropped on top of the bed and continued fucking all over his pillow, I stepped off the bed grabbed her ankles as she griped the bed and I continued thrusting, I put her legs over my shoulders, her sexy feet close to my face, flexing, toes curling, veins pulsating. She griped the sheets hard, she had an angry aggressive snarl on her face as she screamed in pleasure. She got so hot and worked up, she glared at his pic and said ” Fucking ass, I wish you were here to watch, you could learn something you useless little bitch. Not that I want to waste my time while you try to fuck me. Uggghhh , yes keep fucking me , don’t ever stop” she screamed. ” I turned her around grabbed her by the tits and thrusted, she begin shaking, and cumin. She stuck out her tongue and screamed, she lay her head back her face contorted into that evil look. She grabbed my cock stuck it in her mouth and begin sucking, bodrum escort bayan while wrapping her tongue around it. She pulled me over with her mouth gripping my cock, and got on his side of the bed over his pillow. She thrusted, her mouth working, she put her lips around the head and placed one grabbed my balls with one hand and griped my cock with the other. She twisted her lips, I could feel it cumming , my adrenaline racing. I felt the rush and my rock hard wet cock exploded, cum went everywhere. She caught a load in her mouth , then griped it with her left hand and rubbed her wedding ring on over my dick and gave it a shine with my hot cum. I shook it , and smacked it on his pillow making sure to get it nice and wet. As I rested my cock on his pillow she placed her feet on top griping my cock, she placed her wedding ring on her toe and gripped my cock with her feet and used the wedding ring to make me blast again. She laughed ” Any more?” she asked. I grabbed his pillow and rubbed on her ass and let the rest of my cum out. We completely drenched his side of the bed with, my cum, her squirting, and his ” aphrodisiac oil” we used to enhance our fucking. We lay back and relaxed laughing about what we had just done , ” he will be there for the weekend ” I said,” We should go up there , make sure he is gone, and fuck there also .” She smiled ” We have more work here, his chair needs a good pressure test, and he gets comfy on the sofa watching tv , we should test it out.”

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