Neat N’ Naked 08: Hanna


Neat N’ Naked 08: Hanna by Sal De Klerk, “The Salacious Scribe”. & pantoum

©2020 All Rights Reserved

Final Revision September 2020

Authors Note:

This is one of 26 stories in this series. Each is a standalone story with unique characters and actions. They can be read in any order since they do not have any plot points in common. All Neat N’ Naked stories started as a roleplay in a writer’s forum. The idea for the service was mine, my partner(s) came up with the client characters. I took the RP and edited them into a series of stories. In some cases, I had to make changes or add to the roleplay to make it a full story.


This story contains adult content. Including nude erotic massage, orgasm delay, and cunnilingus. If this is not your kind of smut, please find another story.


“Neat N’ Naked…where our girls suck better than Hoovers. How can we help you,” the famous deep sultry voice asked her latest caller.

“Hi, there my name’s Rachel. I want to give my fiancee James a present. He’s done a lot for me the last few months. Gave up his vacation to visit my parents. Agreed to move here after we marry. So I was planning a fun, special night for us. It’s been over a week since he got any action, and I tease him every chance I get. Last night I went out with an old friend who works for y’all and she told me y’all had started up with nude massagers. James is training to run a marathon, so I thought letting a pretty, naked chick rub him down would be a great gift. He’ll be all alone at my parent’s house day after tomorrow.”

“Thanks for calling Rachel. Sounds like you have a hell of a guy, glad to see you appreciate him.” The smile is evident in her voice. “Your friend is correct. We do have licensed massage therapists who will massage clients in the nude. Do you want to choose the LMT or should I pick one?”

Rachel thinks for a moment, “I get a choice. That would be cool. How many are there to choose from?”

“Well, that answers one question. Is this a look but don’t touch kind of situation, or are you giving James a hall pass?”

“Hall pass for sure. He deserves it. Can I join in too?”

“Yes, but there is an extra charge for a second person.”

“That’s fair,” she agreed. “When she starts it will be her and James. I’ll show up later and watch, or join in. I’m not sure yet. Oh and this is a surprise. He knows I hired a massager, but not about the nude or the… other things. I want that to come as a surprise. So is there a website I need to check out or…”

“Give me a sec darlin’. Female, bi, day after tomorrow… I have two ladies available that should work for you. both are LMT’s and bi. Let me send you their profiles.”

Rachel’s phone chimed and he saw he had two new picture messages. She tapped the icon to open the message.

The first picture was a tall leggy Asian girl in a white floral print bikini. She had dyed dark red shoulder-length hair, an athletic build, and smallish breasts. She had a pretty face, with sharp angular features and full lips. Rachel looked at her arms. They were skinny and her wrists and hands didn’t look strong enough to give a good massage. On the top left of the photo, there was some personal info about her,






On the bottom right of the picture, there was a paragraph about the pictured lady…

Thien is specially trained in the art of Ashiatsu. She also knows Shiatsu, Thai, and western massage therapies. She is a Reiki master and also does cupping and Kinesio taping.

Rachel opened the second image and saw a cute girl with a nice smile and red shiny cheeks. Her clothing was more professional. It looked like a spa uniform, and she sat on a massage table. She had her brunette hair pinned in a bun. Her top was loose and resembled a gold karate uniform with white accents. When Rachel saw her forearms, wrists, and hands she nodded in approval at this option. She read over the info on this picture.






Hanna is a professional LMT with several years of experience. Besides massage, she is also certified in reflexology, acupressure, acupuncture, and aromatherapy. She is currently studying to become a Homeopathic Doctor.

“Fantastic, Hanna looks about perfect for what I had in mind. Could you send her round to our place at twelve noon two days from now? I’ll let James know that I’ve booked him a massage.”.

“Okay then we have a few things to go over and then you’ll get a text message to confirm the appointment.”

The voice collected the info she needed for the client file and processed the payment. As soon as Hanna confirmed with the service, Rachel got a text to let her know that Hanna would be there on schedule.

James got out of the shower, a towel wrapped around his narrow waist. He pulled on a pair of running shorts without underwear. He figured that they would be adequate for the massage. He ran his fingers through his close-cropped rusty brown hair. almanbahis giriş Then stretched his shoulder and upper back muscles to work out some of the kinks. As he stretched, he heard a knock at the door. He strolled down the stairs and threw open the door.

His eyes bugged out at the cute twenty-something brunette at his door. Fuck she looked hot in her tight little uniform. His dick stirred in his pants. It had been almost a week since he was alone with Rachel, or had some quality alone time with pornhub. ‘Stop it, James,’ he thought to himself. ‘She’s a professional.’

“Hi, I’m Hanna. The massage therapist Rachel called. So I’m all yours for the next few hours.”

“Hi there Hanna, I’m James. Come on in. Do you need help with anything,” he asked.

Hanna smiled at the tall well built half-naked man. “I can handle it thanks,” she replied as she hefted her portable massage table and followed him into the house. “Nice place.”

“It belongs to my future in-laws. We’re visiting to pick the wedding and reception venues. Rach and I live upstate, but we’re moving here after we get married.”

He stopped and pointed at the living room. “You can set up in there.” James watched her walk past him, the dress she wore left her long legs bare below the knee. His eyes traveled upward and stopped to watch her ass wiggle as she set up the table. ‘What an ass,’ he thought as he licked his lips. ‘Damn, I wanna eat that,’ he admitted as she made the last few adjustments.

“Any scent preferences for lotion or candles?”

“No smelly garbage, old dumpster, low tide or…,”

“WET DOG,” they said in unison and laughed.

“I love Monsters Inc. Best Pixar movie ever.”

“I liked Toy Story better, but it was a close second,” James agreed.

Hanna set a lavender and a pumpkin pie candle on the mantle over the fireplace and lit them. She set her massage oils in easy reach and looked at James. “You can wear shorts, or I can give you a towel and you can get naked, up to you.”

Her eyes locked on his and she had a sweet innocent smile on her face. James felt like she dared him to go naked for the massage. He wasn’t sure if that was his lust talking or not.

He smiled back at her, “I’ll go with the towel.” Hanna pulled out a clean white towel and handed it to him. “Strip and lay on the table, face down. Make sure the towel covers anything you don’t want massaged. While you do that I need to use the potty.”

James points, “Down the hall second door on the right.” Hanna nodded at him and walked away. James watched her ass shake as she walked away from him. When James heard the door close, he got on the table and adjusted the towel so it covered his glutes. He put his face in the cushioned cradle and inhaled the pleasant aroma. ‘Much better than wet dog,’ he thought as he felt his cock stir. While he waited, he pictured Hanna topless, and his dick wrapped in her tits. He heard her walk back into the room as he blasted his imaginary cum on her face.

Hanna smiled when she saw that he had only covered his firm tight buttocks. She stood next to the table and said, “I don’t like working in this uniform. I find it too restricting. Do you mind if I take it off?”

He lay there still. He didn’t even breath as he thought about what she said. ‘She didn’t ask me that, did she? I must’ve misheard her.’ “What!? Do you need clothes? I’m sure I can find something of Rachel’s.”

“No! I have an outfit, I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

“Go ahead and get comfortable. I’m a ‘live and let live’ kinda guy.”

‘I can’t wait to have real fun with him. He’s the hottest client I’ve had in months.’ She thinks as she lowers the zipper on her uniform. She shrugged it off and James jaw dropped through the headrest and hit the floor. Hanna stood there in a pair of black skimpy boy shorts and matching sports bra.

“Holy fuck,” he exclaimed when he saw her flat stomach, large breasts, and plump juicy ass. “Err… umm… I mean I see what you mean about freedom of movement,” he joked as he felt himself move. ‘Chill out bud,’ he told his cock as it reached toward the pretty almost nude girl.

“That’s better” she sighed. She tossed her dress onto the couch. Now let’s get started. She started a preprogrammed soundscape on her phone. As the music filled the room, she poured oil into her hands and rubbed them together. “What type of massage do you want,” she asked.

“A through sports massage,” he asked as he watched her long supple legs flex as she shifted her weight. “Concentrate on my quads, hips, hammies, and calves. I’m training for a marathon, and it’s brutal.

He tried to avert his eyes, he didn’t want her to notice how he swelled after she stripped. The temptation was too much for him to resist. He lifted his head and pretended to scratch his chin. He caught a glimpse of her stomach and the bottoms of her breasts. He sucked in air when he saw there was a gap between the bottom of the sports bra and her chest. He was at a bad angle and couldn’t see the fleshy orbs, almanbahis güvenilirmi but his imagination filled in the absent details.

Hanna worked her way down James’s body finding and kneading out several knots. She concentrated on his firm young muscular frame and saw his muscles shift as he looked up at her. She smiled down at him and winked. She knew what he was doing, but that’s why she was here even though he didn’t know it. “Besides running what else do you do to get such a hot body?”

‘Is she hitting on me,’ he wondered. ‘No, she knows I’m engaged. She’s flirting with me so I’ll give her a nice tip. I wouldn’t mind giving her my tip,’ he chuckled to himself. ‘There’s no harm in a little harmless flirting,’ he told himself.

“I also do weight training several times a week…., OHHHHH,” he moaned as she found a knot in the lower part of his trapezius. He looked at her again. He couldn’t believe how sexy she looked in her bra and tight shorts. He fought to stop the growth of his cock as her warm oily hands worked on his muscles. He shifted a bit to take some of the pressure off his cock, so he would be more comfortable.

Hanna felt how tight that knot was and she used her elbow to work it out. “Do you get massages often,” she asked as she worked her way lower on his back.

“Not that often. I used to get them when I went to a gym. Then I moved into Rachel’s apartment and they had a nice fitness center so I dropped the membership. No point in paying for something you get free.”

Hanna giggled at his words. ‘Good thing Rachel doesn’t think that way, or I wouldn’t be here,’ she thought. She paused and stripped off her sports bra and tried to hide the grunt as she wrestled it off her body. Her nipples jutted out in the cool air as she returned to the massage. She leaned over James and let her tits press into his back. “Sorry I need to adjust this…,” she said

James felt teh bare skin on his back and shook his head. ‘Your imagining things dude. She’s not topless and pressing her bare breasts into your back. After she leaves, I gotta rub one out before my nuts explode,’ he told himself.

Hanna waited for him to look at her, to see if she was topless. When he didn’t she continued the massage. “So tell me what do you do for a living?”

“I’m a high school gym teacher and coach the track team.”

“That’s cool. You get to make money doing what you love. Few people have that opportunity. Good for you. How about Rachel, what does she do?”

“She’s in politics. Some state rep hired her to help him become governor. They’re still planning it out, and the campaign kicks off when we get back from our honeymoon.”

“That’s cool, I guess…,” she said. Hanna started to work on his left thigh and she could feel how tight it was. She began with a light Swedish massage. She let her hand rub up to the edge of the towel and back to his knee. Every time her hands slid up his leg, she pushed the towel a bit higher. She could now see the start of the curve of his cheek as she worked. James had relaxed to the point that he didn’t notice the towel as it moved up his body.

Hanna had uncovered half his cheek and decided to see how he would react. “Should I massage this,” she asked as she rested her hand on the bare muscled cheek. This was not part of the massage, it was a blatant sexual overture as she squeezed it.

James clenched his ass as soon as she touched it. ‘Shit, she is hitting on me!’ He froze not sure how to respond. He loved Rachel and had no intention of cheating on her. At least not in reality. What happened in his head, stayed in his head. ‘No harm, no foul,’

He looked behind him and whatever words he was about to say froze when he saw her large pale areola and hard nipples. He swallowed hard and replied, “That… that… feels… nice. Go ahead and work the knots out. The glutes do get a good workout on a run.” His voice sounded weird in his ears. He cleared his throat and put his head down, and hoped that he sounded somewhat aloof.

Hanna pulled the towel off him and began to massage his glutes in earnest. “This one is stubborn… I can’t…,” She climbed up on the table and sat on his back. She leaned down and let her tits sway like pendulums. Her hard nipples grazed against him as her tits swayed. James groaned in pleasure. He couldn’t remember the last time he was this hard. The way her tits caressed his back was one of the most erotic sensations he ever felt. He had to adjust his burgeoning erection, but couldn’t as long as she straddled his back.

She adjusted her position to bring more weight to bear on the knot. Despite the shorts she wore, James felt the heat and moisture between her legs. She rocked her hips so her crotch rubbed his back as she worked on his glutes.

Hanna smiled as her hand caressed along the chasm between his cheeks. “I’ve teased him enough,’ she told herself. ‘Well a little longer. I want to drive him crazy.’ “You have a sexy ass,” she murmured as she climbed off him. The blood pounded in his ears and he wasn’t almanbahis yeni giriş sure of what she said. Almost of its own accord, his arm slid off the table and he caressed her calf.

Hanna encouraged him with her smile and a wink. He grinned and ran his hand from her knee to mid-thigh. He would have gone higher but couldn’t due to the angle. His main problem, besides how horny he was, was how to hide his erection. ‘A little grab-ass is one thing, but waving my hard dick in her face is a bridge too far. There’s no way Rach would be okay with that.’ He looked for the towel to protect the little modesty he had left. He hoped Hanna wouldn’t notice his condition.

Hanna moved to the other side of the table and worked on his other leg. She started at the thigh and worked her way down. James didn’t see the towel anywhere but as long as he was on his stomach he wasn’t exposed. She worked fast but was through. Once she had finished his back, he walked to the head of the table. “Time to roll over stud,” she smirked at him. “Remember only cover what you don’t want me to massage,” and handed him the towel. She turned her back so he would have some privacy.

James froze when he heard what Hanna’s comment about covering up. He lay there and wondered how far she would go, and how far he would let her. He wanted to cover his erection and be true to Rachel, but he was hard for the sweet sexy topless woman in front of him. ‘If I was single, the things I’d do to you…,’ he thought as he rolled over and decided to compromise. ‘Rachel wouldn’t approve but she ain’t here.’

“Okay I’m set,” he told Hanna. She turned around and grinned when she saw how he positioned the towel. It covered his erection and nothing else. His trimmed pubic hair peeked out from the sides of the towel. Hanna could see he was erect. She tittered when it throbbed which made the towel slip down so part of the tip came into view.

“So there’s some swelling under there. Sure you don’t want me to rub it until the swelling goes down?”

James coughed in disbelief, ‘Fuck did she offer to give me a hand job,’ he wondered as he adjusted the towel. ‘Fuck this is getting dangerous. I haven’t cheated since I proposed. I don’t want to start that shit again.’ He tried to come up with a response that would get him off… the hook. As he discarded several responses, his cock jerked and the towel fell and left him uncovered.

He looked up at Hanna hungry for her. Her tits looked amazing, and he could see the wet spot in her shorts. He lay there and didn’t say anything, he would let her make a decision.

She ignored his cock and worked on his neck and shoulders. She had become a detached professional and said in a monotone, “I won’t touch anything you cover, but if it’s not covered then…” She let the rest of the sentence hang in the air. He wanted to hear the rest but she left the rest unsaid.

“I understand,” was all he said in response. The scent of her arousal overpowered the candles. He closed his eyes as a wave of dizziness washed over him. He took deep breaths to capture as much of her heady perfume as he could as her hands flowed onto his chest. ‘Fuck… fuck… fuck…’ ran through his head with visions of Hanna naked on top of him as she rode his angry red cock.

Hanna gave up the pretense of the massage. She toyed with his nipples for over a minute before she let her hands run over his pecs. She watched as his cock twitched again and struggled to reach her.

James was beyond horny, his resolve had crumbled. He closed his eyes and waited for Hanna to touch him.

When Hanna saw him close his eyes, she shimmied out of her shorts and let her hands glide from his chest to his abdomen. She traced his six-pack, and let her hands graze along his pronounced Adonis belt. She avoided his cock as her hands slid down his pelvic girdle and cupped his balls. He shot upright and looked at her. It took him several seconds to process her nude form. “Holy Hannah, you’re gorgeous.”

“Lay back, relax, and leave the rubbing to me.” She reached down and took his cock in her hand and began stroking it.

He fell back and groaned as her hand slid up and down his cock. The heated oil and her soft hands on his erection was an indescribable sensation. She started with one hand and went slow as the other cupped and toyed with his balls. “So good, so fucking good baby. Stroke my hard man dick, fuck…,” He moaned and lifted his hips to make the stroke last longer.

Hanna bent down and flicked the tip of her tongue across the tip of his head and he shuddered. “Lick my baby, this feels so fucking good.” She continued to stroke him as she enveloped his shaft with her large warm soft breasts. “Ohhh, my god,” he gasped as he lifted his head and saw Hanna using her tits to pleasure him. He watched as she sucked the head of his cock into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it as she took several inches of him inside her.

From her experience, she knew he was close. She pulled her mouth and tits off his cock and pinched his shaft below the head. She knew that would delay his orgasm. When his need to cum went away, she continued her long slow strokes. Her hand glided up his shaft until only the pinkie and thumb were in contact with his head. Then her hand skimmed down him until her thumb and pointer nestled in his pubes.

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