Ned, Alice,and Ned’s Grandmother


Ned, Alice,and Ned’s GrandmotherI left early the next morning, curious to see if Alice’s promise to relieve Ned’s worry would actually happen. I parked several blocks away, walked back and was just taking up my post at Ned’s window when the light switched on. Ned was on his back sleeping, his semi-erect cock tenting the sheet. Alice walked slowly into the room, her eyes intent on his bulge, wrapping her shower-fresh hair with a towel. Her silk robe was untied, and as she walked towards Ned, I could see her perfect, small breasts had erect nipples. Her nicely trimmed blonde bush glistened moistly.She paused over him to lick her finger before slowly rubbing her clit. With her other hand she turned back the sheet to expose his young dick. After gazing at it a few moments her finger began moving faster and faster until she brought herself to a silent orgasm. Composing herself, she tied her robe, then said aloud “Time to wake up, sleepyhead.” Bending forward, using only her mouth, she sucked in his cock. It grew instantly, becoming rock hard as she bobbed up and down on it. She began slurping noisily, dripping wet saliva down the side of his dick, and it appeared even bigger than the night before. She began stroking his big cock, using the saliva as lube, while licking the apple-shaped head of his prick. He began to stir at the ecstasy of his position, and muttered, “Thanks, Mom.” Ned began to thrust in and out of her little fist and wet mouth, and soon shot his sperm in several gushes, which Alice dribbled into his thick black pubic hair. “Get up now, sweetie,” she said, “time to get ready for school and your big test. No worries…OK?” He sat up, then kissed the lips which had just drooled out his sperm, to reply, “I’ll ace it, Mom. Thanks again.” As if this were an every day occurence (which it probably was) he then got up and walked to his bathroom naked. Almost fully grown, Ned was a full head taller than the petite Alice, and she smacked his bare butt playfully as he walked past her. “Hurry, Neddie, I’ll get breakfast ready.”I had to scramble now, as I had to pass her open-window kitchen to get back to my car, but I made it and drove to work with a hardon thinking of the kinky scene I’d just witnessed. I was torn – jealous of Ned, the pompous little prick fucking my girlfriend’s mouth – yet turned on by the sordid kinkiness of it all. I decided to just remain silent, see what happened, and besides, at least she wasn’t fucking him. Alice and I were at our sexual peak, and the next few weeks we couldn’t get enough of each other. We would suck and fuck at lunch, right after work, late at night, and sometimes wake up at 3 or 4 AM to do it some more. Mowing her expansive lawn, she would bring me iced tea, then blow my sweaty cock before esenyurt escort bending over the riding lawn mower to let me fuck her sweet ass. We would fuck at work, sneaking out behind the dumpsters, and even fucked standing up at her mother’s house while her mom fussed about in the next room. Oh yeah, her Mom.You could tell she was Alice’s Mom because they looked alike and were of the same shape. Her mom was a much bigger version, though, not in height – that was the same – but in proportions. Her mom, Liz, was bottom heavy like Alice, but her breasts were large, probably a 34D. They didn’t look particularly big, though, because of the massive size of her ass. It was heart shaped because of her small waist, but each cheek was the size of Alice’s entire ass, and she had a Marilyn Monroe-type walk which made them undulate like puppies in a blanket. I hadn’t noticed it before that Saturday, she was just a ditzy old woman to me, complaining about everything, talking only about her soap operas. She was in her late 50’s and had been divorced from Alice’s dad for many years. He still paid for everything, though, and she lived in a very exclusive condo complex.She called early that Saturday, wanting me to come fix her sink, as the maintenance man wouldn’t be back til Monday. I didn’t want to, but Alice begged me, saying “I have to take Ned shopping anyway, I won’t be home all day.” Reluctantly, I drove over with my tool box, never expecting the adventure I was about to have. Liz greeted me at the door, wearing really tight white slacks and a sheer top. I could clearly see her big black bra thru the fabric, and for the first time started to think of her as more than a goofy old broad. As she walked slowly in front of me to the kitchen I couldn’t help stare at the motion of her huge, shapely ass. Also, seeing her small waist and the black bra strap under the almost invisible top was making me hard. I’d never seen a body like hers – magnificent!My excitement must’ve shown, because when Liz turned to me in the kitchen, she said “My, you look flushed. Would you like a drink?” I just jokingly replied, “vodka martini, very dry, straight up”, but she immediately found a shaker and began mixing like a professional bartender. As I got out my tools, I kept sneaking peeks at those huge hips atop massive thighs, and had to will myself not to get an erection. I thought it mighty early for martinis, but gratefully sucked it down as a distraction. Liz took a long pull on hers, then bent over to open the undersink doors, telling me about her leak. I hardly heard what she said, staring as I was at that magnificently large and shapely ass in front of me. I imagined stroking it with my hands, then unzipping avrupa yakası escort and stripping the tight pants down to bury my cock in that glorious…”you seem distracted,” Liz said, looking back at me, still bent at the waist. “Are you OK?” “Sure,” I muttered, “guess the alcohol this early just rushed to my head.””When you get to be my age,” Liz replied, “you find it’s never too early for a little alcohol.” As she rose, her ass bumped against my now-hard cock, and she giggled a little as she moved. “I’m going to get something, you’ll try to fix my leak, won’t you?” I had to adjust my dick as she walked off, but gave it a squeeze just because I could. I turned on the water and could see the leak was in the lower connection of the P trap. I got out my pipe wrench and laid on my back under the cabinet to tighten it. As I finished, Liz walked back in the kitchen. To my shock, she had removed the sheer top and the white slacks, and was now clad only in the black bra, a black garter belt and black hose. The hair on her cunt was more gray/white than the blonde of Alice’s, but was just as inviting. She slowly strolled over to straddle me, then placed a finger to her pussy, saying “this is the leak I really need fixed…I always pay my plumbers with pussy.” It really appeared to leak, as she began fingering her hole the wetness creeped down her shapely thighs. Paralyzed with the bizarre scenario, I couldn’t move except for my expanding cock, which bloomed up to it’s maximum size. Liz removed her bra, showing off firm, shapely breasts with puffy pink nipples. She reached down, unbuckled and unzipped me, then pulled my pants to my knees. Showing great limber skill for her age, she squatted down and directed my dick to her wet pussy. On the balls of her feet, holding on to the countertop for balance she began riding up and down with the wettest, yet tightest, pussy I’d ever felt. We both orgasmed quickly in our excitement and I think she gushed as much juice as I did. My lap was puddled over – a sticky mess. We finally rose, after a nice afterglow soak, but Liz had to help me up after my cramped position. She wet a towel in the sink and gently washed my groin clean. This action, along with the sight of her magnificent body, quickly made me hard again. “I’m glad to see you’re a real rooster,” Liz said, “not like my ex husband who could only do it once.” I pushed her back to sit on the edge of a bar stool, then dropped to my knees to eat that luscious pussy, covered and filled as it was with her sweet-smelling cunt juice and my own cum. I was intoxicated by the smell and taste as I licked and sucked her juicy hole, gripping her big hips with both anadolu yakası escort hands. I kneaded her big cheeks like bread dough as I did my best to stick my entire face into her pussy, licking and sucking with a mad desire. Liz came again, actually gushing a little juice into my mouth as I sucked, and that did it – I had to fuck her – NOW.I led her to the plush white sofa, with her gently stroking my dick, and bent her over the wide soft arm of it. I stared, mesmerized, for a time at this great, beautiful ass in front of me. Creamy white, unblemished, perfectly heart-shaped yet gigantic in size, it was the largest and best ass I’ve seen before or since. Lust-crazed, I bent to sniff, then tongue, that sweet anus, covered as it was by our copious spendings. “Oh my,” Liz said, “No one’s ever done that to me before.” I found that hard to believe, but gave her several more moments of pleasure before rising to insert my rock-hard cock in her juicy wet pussy. I had my second wind now, and fucked and fucked for a long time until Liz squealed with delight and I felt her tight pussy emit another squirt. I then pulled out to place the engorged head against the puckered little hole I really wanted to fuck. “No one’s ever fucked me there before, either,” Liz said, ” but you can.” She reached behind her massive hips to spread those great cheeks apart, allowing me access to the prize. It was much tighter than any I’d ever had, but with perseverence and all the juice we’d worked up I finally squeezed my cockhead past the elastic opening. I held fast for a moment, to allow her to get used to the feel, then began a slow insertion.”My God,” Liz cried, “I can’t believe I missed this pleasure all these years.” She began to rock back and forth as I sawed in and out of that tight little hole. Occasionally I would go all the way to the hilt, then move my hips in a circular motion, to ream her deliciously. She seemed to love this, as did I, but soon got too excited and felt myself let loose a torrent of sperm deep in her ass. As I stood behind her in a sexual trance, I felt her continue to move on my cock, then spasm with lust, her sphincter gripping my dick like a vise, then with contractions as she again came. Thinking she might be uncomfortable, I tried to pull out, but she said, “stay where you are for a minute, it feels delicious.” After basking in this afterglow a while, I tried to pull my softened cock out, but her anus gripped like a tight fist. Finally, I freed it with a slight ‘plop’ sound, and helped Liz to her feet. Both of us were a little shaky, but I got Liz seated on the sofa, then walked to the kitchen to pour us each another martini. I didn’t know about her, but know I sure needed a drink. As I sat back beside her, after a few pulls on the tasty drink I said, “Wonder what Alice would think of this?” I just said this to be funny and lighten the mood, but Liz got serious and after gulping down her martini said “Let me just tell you about Alice.” And for the next couple of hours that’s exactly what she did, only stopping when we got so horny we had to fuck again. But that’s another story, for another time.

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