Neighborly Relations Pt. 19

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Elaine entered the month of August wearing a secret smile. She went through her days with a serenity that was unusual even for this normally calm girl. It wasn’t something that her family noticed at first, because family life was rolling on in much the same way as it had since the change in their lives. She continued to sleep with her father on occasion, and her mother as well. She joined the family playing strip Monopoly and other inventive family games, but it was clear that Danny was her focus in the last weeks of July and into August.

Danny was her every night focus, her lover brother.

It was July 18th when Elaine and Danny were rocking his bed against the wall late at night. Elaine had come at least twice, and she was delirious with pleasure when Danny felt his release coming. Thinking he knew his sister’s preferences, he pulled out and moved to spray his creamy load onto his sister’s face.

“No,” she said, pushing him back down. “Inside. Cum inside me.”

Danny barely got his cock into her cunt again before spraying his seed, but he did make it, and Elaine dropped her head back and sighed when she felt him flooding her womb.

“Yes,” she whispered. “That’s so good.”

An it was just that good every night from then on. Even if she were giving him head, she made sure he was inside her body when he came. She liked the feeling, she said, and, since there was no way to equal the experience of her bukkake party, why try? She hugged her brother close and kissed him and gloried in the feeling of his hot cum flowing inside her body.

“Honey, we’re going to the Trent’s. Do you want to come along?” Emily said, as she leaned into Elaine’s room on a Friday evening in mid August. “It’ll be fun.”

“Oh, I know it’ll be fun,” Elaine agreed, looking at her mother from where she lay on her bed. It would be a lot of fun. Charles Trent’s cock was huge, after all. “No, I’m going to stay home and relax. A girl can’t spend all her time fucking.”

“No, I suppose not,” Emily said, closing her door again.

Was it normal for a mother and daughter to have such a conversation? No. Emily marveled at how much her life and attitude toward life had changed in a few months. Not only was she having sex with her children, she was sharing them with others. It was a strange life she was living.

Knocking on Danny’s door, she leaned in and said, “Are you coming to the Trent’s with us?”

“Hell yeah,” he responded as he bounded up from his desk chair with a grin. The bulge in his pants seemed to indicate that he’d been thinking about the evening already. “Man, mom, a guy could tit fuck Patty Trent forever.”

Emily laughed, agreeing with her son. In fact, it turned her on terribly to screw Patty with a strap-on while she leaned over to press her breasts around Danny’s throbbing cock. She loved fucking her lover while staring into her son’s eyes, and then sucking the cum from his belly and from Patty’s breasts. It was going to be an excellent party.

Elaine lay on her bed smiling. She had gone over her calendar three times and was sure her calculations were right. She had kept meticulous records of her menstruation before going on the pill, so it was just a matter of bringing the count forward a bit. By those calculations, she’d missed her period by five days. That was nearly an eternity for her normally meticulously punctual body. The pill might have changed the timing, of course. That was why she’d bought the pregnancy test.

It was hard to keep coming up with excuses not to join her parents when they visited the neighbors lately, but she couldn’t risk getting pregnant by any other man than Danny. It had to be his baby, because she wanted to keep it in the family.

The family. She did wonder what the reaction would be when they found out she had quit taking her pills. They might be quite angry, of course, but she didn’t think so. She could explain it to them, and she knew they would support her no matter what happened.

At least, she expected that they would support her.


As Elaine was in the bathroom testing her pee, Charles Trent was balls deep in Emily and slamming his whole 10 inches into her hard while Robert sat back, flaccid after his release in Patty Trent’s mouth, and watched his wife take all of his neighbor’s huge cock as though it was nothing at all. Damn, she was good. Danny, his always horny son, had his face buried so far in Patty Trent’s pussy that Robert marveled that he was able to breathe. His continued movements and Patty’s moans as she pulled at his hair seemed to indicate that he was breathing just fine.

“So what’s with Elaine?” Charles said, barely breathing hard. “Doesn’t she like us?”

“She was just a bit tired,” Robert said. He grasped his own penis, sticky with drying ejaculate and saliva, and began stroking himself erect again. istanbul rus escort His son’s cock would be in Patty’s pussy soon, and he wasn’t about to miss out on a chance to ride her butt at the same time.

“I was hoping for a side by side comparison of family pussy,” Charles said, laughing.

“Boy, Charles, for someone who wasn’t sure he could get into this swapping business, you sure have come around fast.” His wife was pulling on Danny’s arms now, urging him to bring his cock up to complete the pleasure his tongue had begun.

“I know a good thing when I see it,” he said. “And your daughter is one good thing, Emily.” He grinned at the woman below him, thrusting just a bit harder as he did. “I wanted to watch you together.”

“Oh,” Emily said. “So, that’s it, it, is it?,” she began, her words chopped by the powerful thrusts of his body into hers. “Is it the, uh, girl on girl or the incest that ex, excites you, Chuck?”

“Both,” he said, easily. “I mean, it is pretty dirty.”

“Dirty fun,” Robert commented, noticing that his cock grew noticeably firmer in his hand when the subject of incest came up. “Very dirty fun.” He stroked himself just a bit faster, looking around for the oil.

Both Emily and Patty knew what Robert was planning when they saw him staring at Patty’s huge tits as they lay flattened and quivering against her ribs while he stroked himself. Patty could barely wait for the double penetration, and Emily could hardly wait for a chance to sample a new perversion. She was hoping to taste her husband and son’s cream at the same time as she lapped up her lover’s womanly juices. She could only imagine how great that would taste.

“I suppose a girl’s got to get her rest sometime,” Patty said, pulling harder on Danny’s arms. This time he responded by lifting his face and kissing her belly below the navel and then up between her breasts.

“She’s been getting it every night for weeks,” he said, bringing the taste of Patty’s cunt up with his lips. He kissed the older woman passionately. “I guess I wore her out.”

“Every night?” Emily said.

“Yeah, but I think the party helped, Dad,” he said, rubbing the crown of his cock up and down on the slit of Patty’s vaginal opening. “She’s not into facials anymore.”

“Good,” Robert said, though he could clearly see the image of his cum spurting out to hit his daughter’s face.

Emily felt her pussy tingling harder as they talked about her daughter. And, though Charles’s cock had seemed fully erect, the topic was making him hard as iron now.

“You want to see us together,” Emily asked now, smiling up at Charles. “You want to see me spread my daughter’s tight little pussy open and circle her clit with my tongue? Wanna see me slide two fingers into her wet hole?” She was very near cumming now, her own words adding to the excitement.

“Sure does,” Patty said, as Danny slowly moved himself into her hot tunnel. “We’ve even talked about it a couple times.”

“Yes, I do,” Charles admitted.

“Tell me,” Emily said. “What to you want to see us do?”

“I want to see you with both of your kids.” He stood then, lifting Emily’s hips and continuing to thrust into her pussy, until he was standing upright and she was lying with her shoulders on the couch and her chin pressed in against her chest. “I want to see Danny fucking your mouth.” He slammed harder into her, careful not to pop out as he neared his orgasm. “And Elaine fucking your cunt with the strap-on.”

Charles was scraping along her G spot now, and Emily began to buck as her orgasm overtook her. “Oh, oh, oh, God! Oh, harder! Oh fuck me!” She gripped the couch to each side with white-knuckle urgency and squeezed her eyes shut. The feeling was so intense that she wasn’t sure she could take it.

“I want to see you on your knees moving between the both of them. Licking and sucking until they both, uh, oh, oh shit!”

Charles came with an explosive burst inside Emily’s body, as her orgasm reached a frenzied high that bucked her body off of his cock as she saw spots of blue light burst before her eyes. Charles spurted a long rope of cum up her body and onto her face as he let go of one leg and grasped himself. He stroked his rod hard and fast, finishing his orgasm feeling he might pass out from the pleasure of it. And it seemed that he might never stop spurting onto Emily’s body as she lay shivering below him, already rubbing his cum into the flesh of her breasts.

Finally, Charles dropped to his knees and then fell over to lean on the couch beside Emily, totally spent. “Oh, baby,” he sighed, “That was a good one.”

“Absolutely,” Emily agreed. “Now, let’s rest and watch my two boys fuck your wife.”


The test was positive. Elaine lay back on her bed, smiling, and slowly massaging her pussy. She was pregnant with her brother’s child. Life was perfect.


“Daddy, kadıköy escort look at me.” Patrice O’Neil leaned forward on the chair in her father’s house with her elbows on her knees and her small breasts visible, braless, though the low collar of her blouse as she looked at her father. “I really need you to look at me.”

Her mother and father were living apart now, though not divorced, while her mother sought what ever sexual release she needed and her father survived on Internet porn. It was strange how her father’s sexual needs had been eclipsed by those of his wife and she had left him because he couldn’t fulfill them. Strange.

He looked up now, his eyes lingering just a moment on her brown nipples half in shadows in her blouse, and them up to her eyes.

“So,” he said. “A promotion, is it? You’ll be running the place soon.”

“I already run my boss,” she said, smiling, thinking of his cock deep inside her hungry cunt.

“Well, I guess my assistant pretty much runs me,” her father admitted, smiling. He was still a handsome man. Patty could tell that he hadn’t let up his exercising with the weights in the basement.

“Probably not like me, though,” Patty said, smiling. The looked at each other a long moment while Patty tried to decide if she wanted to continue or not. Yes, she did want to continue. “Dad, we need to talk about something,” she said. “About that night.”

“What night?” He looked away from her then.

“The night I sucked your penis,” Patrice said. “Your cock.”

“Oh, no, no,” he shook his head, clearing wanting to stand and leave the room. “No, don’t need to. It was, was just, just . . . well, you certainly don’t have to apologize.”

“Oh, Daddy, I don’t want to apologize.” Patrice moved kneel before him now, resting her forearms on his knees as she bobbed her head attempting to make eye contact. “I did it because I love you, Daddy,” she said. “I wanted to make you happy.”

He cleared his throat, blushing. “Yes, well . . .” He shrugged his shoulders and fell silent.

“Didn’t it make you happy?” she asked.

“It, well, I suppose, it . . .” Silence again.

“I wanted to give you what you wanted. Mom just didn’t know how easy it was to do.”

“Let’s not talk about it,” he said, but Patrice could see that his cock was hard, tenting his trousers between his legs.

Patrice’s pussy was wet now, seeing how hard she had made her father by reminding him of the event made her squirm with her own sexual tension. Now or never, she thought.

“Yours was the first cum I tasted,” she said, and his dick moved against his pants. “I want to taste it again.”

“Oh, honey, don’t talk like that,” he said. But he didn’t move to get away and his breathing was growing faster, erratic.

“Come on, Daddy, I want to.” She slipped both hands up over his thighs. One hand moved to the waistband of his pants while the other stopped atop the bulge he’d made within them. He was hard as rock.

He grasped the hand at the button of his pants with both of his, gripping tightly but not pushing her away. Her other hand, the one slowly moving on his rampant cock, he left undisturbed.

“I’ve tried to bury the memory, but that didn’t work,” Patrice said, bringing her other hand up to pop the button open. “I want to taste it again.”

“You, you have a husband.”

“He knows where I am,” she said, grinning. “And he knows what I’m doing.” She pulled the zipper down and got past his protesting hands to reach inside and feel him inside his boxers.

“Please, don’t,” he said, quietly, though the rapt expression on his face was contrary to his words.

“I think you want me to,” she said. She grasped him through the fabric of his boxers, stroking her thumb over the head of his cock. Pre-cum immediately soaked the fabric beneath her thumb. “Daddy, do you ever think of me when you masturbate?”

He looked away, guilt fighting with need on his face. The cock that stiffened further in her hand answered her question for him.

Patrice pulled at the fabric of his shorts, slipping two fingers in through the placket and under his rod to pull it out. Yes, there it was, her father’s cock. She hadn’t remembered how thick it was. She gripped him, stroked him, and lowered her mouth to taste him once more.

A ragged sigh escaped her father’s lips, and he dropped his head back on the couch, his hands falling limp beside him as he let his daughter do what she would with his cock. There really was no fighting it. Not now.

“Yes,” he said quietly. “Yes, you made me happy for a moment. Very happy.”

“Let’s make you happy again.” She lapped her tongue up over his shaft and around the purple crown. He was so hard it seemed it might split the skin of his dick. “I want to taste you again.”

She pumped his cock, sucking, wanting to feel him kartal escort spurting in her mouth, but he grasped her head and stopped her. She looked up at him, locking onto her father’s eyes even as his cock remained in her mouth.

“I want to,” he began, but stopped himself.

“What, Daddy? What do you want?”

“I . . . Please,” he said. “Please take your clothes off. I want to see you. Please?”

She stood immediately, her heart hammering in her chest with joy and excitement. Off came the loose, low necked top, and a quick snap and zip sent her slacks to the floor. The underwear melted away. She was naked now, naked before her father.

He lifted his hips a bit and pushed his trousers and shorts down, fighting them off of his hard cock. He pushed them to the floor and kicked them away so he could sit back, his legs spread slightly and hold himself in one hand.

“Come here,” he said in a voice nearly crying as it was strained through years of frustration and need. “Closer.”

He leaned forward as she walked up to stand with her feet between his feet on the floor. Her father inhaled deeply and moved his face up close to her pussy.

“I want, I uh,” he stammered, but fell silent as he slipped one hand up over her thigh and over her sex. Then he used both hands to open her and reveal her hard clit. Breathing hard and fast, her father leaned closer, extended his tongue, and tasted his daughter.

“I want it all,” he said.

But that little bit was almost too much. He fell back on the couch, panting, as she began to kneel again.

“No,” he said. “As long as we’re at this, I want to go all the way. Please sit on Daddy’s lap, honey. Please?”

Patrice complied. She lowered herself on the cock that he held still for her as he stared at the vision of his cock disappearing inside his daughter’s hot, wet, pussy. When she began humping on him, he pulled her closer and sucked at her nipples, his hands crushing the cheeks of her ass.

“Oh, I love you,” he mumbled against her breast.

“I love you, Daddy. I’m sorry we missed out on years of this.”

“I was ashamed.”

“I thought you didn’t love me.”

“Oh, no, never that. I, uh, oh hell let’s just never mind that now.”

Patrice held her father’s head against her breasts and moved up and down on his rigid penis. She wanted to feel him cum so badly. She needed to feel the cum spurt out of the cock that had helped create her.

And, her father, already driven beyond mere excitement by this dream come true, sent a hot load of semen into her body with a force that surprised them both. He fell back, moaning, even as Patrice humped him harder and began to have her own orgasm.

When she was done, Patrice leaned forward and kissed her father’s cheek, and then captured his mouth in a passionate kiss. “I still want to taste your cum again,” she said.

“From now on, you can taste my cum any time you want to,” her father said in a loving tone. “Anything for my daughter.”


“Oh, Mom, this is great!” Danny shouted as he lay on the floor with Patty moving on his cock. What was great was that he wasn’t alone in Mrs. Trent’s cunt. His father was kneeling on the floor and holding himself up against Patty’s back with his cock inserted right beside his son’s hard penis. “I won’t last,” he added, panting. “Not much.”

Robert knew he wouldn’t last, either. The extreme tightness of Patty’s pussy and the smooth feeling of his son’s cock beside his was really too much. He could feel the head of his cock squeezed against that of Danny’s cock as Patty rocked back and forth on them.

Charles lay down on the floor between Danny’s legs and took a picture of the double penetration. “I want to see them do this to you, too,” he said as he stood to take more pictures of the group on the floor. Then he smiled and gave Emily the camera. “Here, you take some,” he said as he stepped up to stand straddling Danny’s head and offer his cock to his wife’s mouth. She took it eagerly, completing the triple penetration.

Danny came with a ball-emptying blast, his face contorted in pleasure. The warmth of his son’s cum and the twitching of his dick as he released it sent Robert over the edge, too. He came inside his neighbor’s pussy, and then fell back and off to one side, gasping to catch his breath.

Emily took his place immediately, licking at the cum that escaped Patty’s pussy and ran down her son’s cock. She pulled Danny’s rod free and washed him quickly with her mouth before moving to lay on the floor beside her husband, saying, “Come to Mama!”

Patty crouched over her face and then lowered her pussy to Emily’s eager lips as her husband and son’s seed dripped out of the stretched hole. Emily caught it all and licked it from the inside of her thighs, and then she buried her face in Patty’s cunt and enjoyed it like a cream filled pastry.

“Damn, we’ve got hot wives,” Charles said to Robert. “Hell, you’ve got a whole hot family.”

“I’ve been blessed,” Robert admitted.


Elaine agreed with that sentiment. As she lay in her bed gasping at the purring touch of her vibrator on her pussy, she felt that she had, indeed, been blessed.

To be continued . . .

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