Neighborly Secrets


Kyle didn’t even bother to turn on the lights when he got home that Friday night. He’d been a civilian for three months now after twenty years in the Navy, most of them as a SEAL, and to say that working as head of security in a department store was not mentally enriching would be a grave understatement. Same old crap every day, all of it pretty easily dealt with. He sighed heavily as he went upstairs to his room, bypassing a cold sandwich dinner in favor of sleep.

As he stripped off his tie, he glanced out his bedroom window at the house next door. Lights were on only in the master bedroom and the sunroom. His neighbor, Ophelia, was a single mom in her mid thirties. Kyle paid her twelve year old son to mow his yard, and her 14 and 9 year old daughters had brought him a plate of cookies when he moved in. He had spoken to her briefly a few times when they had both been getting the paper or doing outdoor chores at the same time. She seemed to be very reserved, and having seen her ex husband when he came by to pick up the kids a few times, he wondered why she had married the flashy SOB. The man talked down to her, and trashed her in front of their kids for her lack of a college education. They were smart though, and just rolled their eyes and popped in ear buds or played video games while their father grandstanded.

Movement in the master bedroom caught Kyle’s eye. Ophelia passed in front of the window wearing a pair of running shorts and a sports bra. Her long brown hair was pulled back in single braid, and though he couldn’t see her eyes he remembered that they were winter-sky blue. A moment later she passed by again, and from what he could tell she was chewing on her nails. He watched her pace, until there was a longer than usual pause. He was about to turn away when he saw her pass by again, this time in a short pink robe, carrying a large plastic storage crate.

The bedroom lights went out, so he focused on the sunroom, watching out of boredom more than anything else at that point. Ophelia carried the box in and set it down in the middle of the floor. He saw her peering at his house for several minutes, looking for lights he guessed. She then lit a candle, turned off the sunroom and back patio lights and proceeded to light dozens more candles in different sizes throughout the small space. She then removed her short robe, carefully folded it and set it on one of the wicker chairs. He nearly swallowed his tongue as he watched her open the plastic box and draw out a chain that turned bahis firmaları out to be a nipple clamps. She was definitely proving to be a surprise, and while his conscience whispered that this was a very personal act he was witnessing and he should just go to bed, wild horses wouldn’t be able to pull him away now. Next she moved a low wooden table so it was closer to the rear facing glass wall.

Kyle rested one arm on the wall over the window and leaned closer. He could tell that her cheeks were getting flushed and she was breathing more rapidly, definitely getting turned on, as was he. From the box she had carried down from her bedroom she pulled out a large dark colored vibrator and a block that appeared to be a wood pedestal and placed it on the table, the vibrator inserted into a hole in the pedestal, positioned somewhat on the side of it, so it jutted at an angle. Next came a thick, light pink rubber dong. She licked the testicle-shaped base thoroughly and then positioned it on the glass carefully. He slowly undid the button and zipper on his slacks to relieve the pressure on his hardening cock. She set a roll of wide dark tape, a blindfold, lube, a butt plug and a pair of handcuffs on the table.

Holy Hell, he thought to himself, I can’t wait to see who’s joining her tonight. His quiet, unassuming neighbor was definitely amazing him with her set up. When she turned to put a disc into her CD player he saw that she had three tattoos on her back, one on each shoulder, and the third halfway between them on her upper back but he couldn’t quite make out what they were. His gaze strayed lower and he licked his lips at the sight of her perfect bare ass, not too flat, but not the bubble shelf that he saw on some women. He had to admit that she had a fantastic body, especially considering that she had given birth to three children.

Kyle was still expecting Ophelia’s mystery lover to show up and take control, so when she grabbed the roll of tape and straddled the bench easing her pussy onto the vibrator he felt his cock get even harder. He had never before been privy to a woman pleasuring herself without an audience. To him it felt like Christmas had come early. He began to massage himself through his boxer briefs as she leaned over and taped each ankle to a table leg. Next, she picked up the butt plug and lube. He could see her lips part as she slid the toy into her ass. God, how he wished he could hear her sighs, moans and squeals of pleasure as she continued her little tableau. She kaçak iddaa slid the blindfold over her eyes, adjusted it slightly and then placed the handcuffs on her wrists in front of her. Kyle pushed his pants and underwear down to his ankles and began to stroke his dick with one hand while the other cupped and squeezed his balls.

Ophelia leaned over, searching briefly for the dong stuck to the glass wall of the sunroom before opening her mouth and beginning to suck on it. She leaned on her bound hands for leverage, her hips rocking slowly on the vibrator as she worked the pink dong stuck to the window, gradually getting the whole thing into her mouth as her hips began to move more quickly. Kyle’s breathing picked up pace as did his stroking as he watched her abs and butt flex in profile while she fucked and sucked her toys, bound and blindfolded.

This was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. He wondered if she was fantasizing about taking three cocks at once, or if she just liked being filled and didn’t want to put up with a lot of male bullshit. In their brief meetings that was always the impression he got, that she was happy to be single and didn’t want some man mucking up the orderly life she directed so well. She was never rude, but there was a definite coolness in her demeanor. Kyle lost track of time, watching her get off, from the way her ass clenched he guessed she made her self come at least twice, when she looked to be coming close to a third time, he picked up the speed of his stroking, and his cum jetted onto the window just as she pulled her mouth from the dong on the window, head thrown back and he imagined that she let out an orgasmic cry.

Kyle stripped his shirt off and wiped the glass off while she recovered, elbows on the table, her bound hands hanging over the edge, head down, breathing heavily. Taking the rest of his clothes off, he watched as she pressed a release button on the cuffs, slid the blindfold off and used a pair of scissors to slice through the tape which she peeled off slowly, grimacing in pain as the adhesive reluctantly gave up its hold on her creamy flesh. She crawled forward a bit, dislodging the vibrator in her pussy, and then squatting slightly, she pushed out the butt plug onto the table. His cock twitched. He wanted to go over there, right now, tie her back up and fuck her until she passed out, but he knew he wouldn’t. He didn’t want to embarrass her, or himself. Admitting he had watched made him feel like a total pervert, the fact that he had kaçak bahis loved it even more so.

Standing now, her teeth clenched and eyes closed Ophelia removed the nipple clamps, shuddering when they were both off. She gently placed them back into what he dubbed in his mind as her Goodie Box. Still gloriously naked, she cleaned up, putting away tape, cuffs, scissors, blindfold and the wooden base. She gathered the toys and carried them into the kitchen. The light flicked on and he could see her standing at the sink, gently washing and drying her fake cocks, her bare breasts swaying slightly with her movements.

Before Kyle was ready, she had everything back in its place, the candles blown out and the sunroom light off. Her bedroom light came on and she passed by the window one last time, toting her Goodie Box. He stood there several more minutes, hoping for another glimpse of her naked, but he guessed she had decided to take a shower. Turning away he headed to his own bathroom. In the shower he massaged his cock to full erection again, replaying her show in his mind. He came quickly, and feeling more relaxed than he had since leaving the military he slipped on a pair of jeans, grabbed a beer and went to sit on his back porch for awhile. Hitting the back yard, he smelled cigarette smoke from her yard. He walked over to the fence.

“Ophelia?” He smiled as she squeaked. Her head popped over the fence, as she stood on the table she kept back there for repotting her plants.

“How long have you been there?” she asked, sounding more casual than he imagined she felt.

“Not long. Just got home and took shower, then decided to come out and enjoy the evening for a bit. Do you have another one of those?” He gestured to the butt in her hand.

“Yeah, they’re inside. Come on over and I’ll get you one.”

She hopped down from the table, and then gasped as he lithely climbed the fence and landed beside her. She was wearing thin pajama pants and an even thinner white tank top. Her hair was wet from the shower and she hadn’t braided it yet, so some of the moisture seeped through her shirt, making her nipples hard. He watched as she went into the sunroom, grabbed her pack of cigarettes and came out. He took one from the pack, and ignoring the lighter she offered, lit it from the cherry of hers as she took a drag. It was an intimate moment, and he gave her his most charming smile. He would keep her secret as long as he could, but there was no doubt in his mind that he would seduce her into playing out dirty fantasies not just for him, but with him.

“Would you like to have dinner with me sometime, Ophelia?”

She smiled at him, the first time he could remember her doing so. “I’d love to.”

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