neighbour brians pump


neighbour brians pumpi had just moved out into my very first place on my own.i was 20 years old and in the 2nd year of my apprenticeship and earning pretty good dollars and working long hours away in the country.i had met and chatted with brian my 45 year old next door neighbour on several occasions in the first week of moving in.he lived in the unit next to mine. we were the top 2 units in a block of four.he seemed friendly enough and offered to keep an eye on my place while i was working away. i would get home late on a fridays and leave again early on mondays so i would drop by brians unit on saturday mornings to check in and have a chat. about the fourth week in he offered me some furniture and as i hadnt had the chance to buy any and only really had a fridge couch tv and bed i jumped at the chance of some freebies. so i left him a of set keys and he said he would move some in during the week. when i got home the next friday there was a dining table and 2 chairs in the living room and a set of drawers in the bedroom. on saturday morning i started to sort out the big pile of clothes on my bedroom floor and putting it in the drawers.the third drawer down wouldnt push all the way back in so i pulled it right out so i could i could fix whatever was stopping it.there was a cardboard box squashed behind where the the third and fourth drawer sat so i bakırköy escort reefed it out and to my suprise it was a “magnum” penis pump box with the pump still in it!! wow i thought did he leave it there on purpose? it was covered in dust so maybe i pulled it out of the box like a little k** at christmas. maybe i should just return it ? maybe i should see if it works? whatever i was gonna do it was making me hard as the guy on the box! i had never penis pumped before but suddenly had the urge so i pulled out my cock as i read the instuctions and was about to get pumping when there was a knock at the door. brian called out as i quickly stuffed the pump and box into a garbage bag i had been storing my clothes in and put my cock away…”coming” i shouted as i headed towards the door trying to compose myself. ëverything ok?” brian said .ÿeh sure , why?” …”ï mean the furniture?” said brian. “oh yeh great thanks”. “might needa bit of a clean but all good hey?”he said. ÿeh great just doing that now.bit dusty but working well now”. “now?”asked brian. “.drawer was stuck but all sorted” “what was it?”he asked . “nothin just an old box”not wanting to give away my find. i wanted to pump my cock like the hung guy on the box.”was my old flatmates stuff , never know what you find in there”he said. “funny you should say that” beşiktaş escort i said as i handed him the garbage bag releived to kinow it wasnt his pump and that i could dispose of it later( after i had pumped up my cock of course). “oops”he said with a laugh and a cheeky grin. “cant blame that one on the flatmate.its actually mine “he admitted. “hid it in there from my ex,’ she would have killed me”. ÿou ever used one?”he asked.”NO way”i protested innocently.”how come its not in the box then”he laughed. “ï er um i was gonna umm”i babbled.”there a lot of fun!”he said ÿou can have it i got a newer model at my place”. ‘thanks” i said releived.”be right back’said brian as he raced out the door. a minute later he was back with his pump and a tube of lube.”gonna show you how to use it so You dont hurt yourself ok?” he asked “sure “i said my cock throbbing at the thought of seeing him pump his cock for me.without even waiting for my answer his pants were down and he was rubbing some lube into his cock. he slowly slid his growing member into the tube and began to punp slowly. “gotta take it easy especially first time” he said.”here i’ll show you”as he moved towards me with his pump still hanging off his cock. he laied me down on the bed and pulled off my shorts as my hard cock sprang from my jocks. “nice”he said admiring my beylikdüzü escort freshly shaven cock as he put some lube on his hand.”do you mind ?” he asked motioning towards my cock.”please do” i said almost begging. the lube and his hand felt amazing but when he slid the pump off his cock and onto mine i nearly blew then and there. it was the best feeling i had ever had and he knew how to work it. slowly pumping me up then releasing the pressure then pumping me a little further. i was in heaven. “my turn now”he said as he grabbed the other pump wiped it off and put some lube in it.he started pumping his cock as much as he could take without letting off the pressure. it was hot watching him pump that fat cock as the other pumpwas on me.”play with my balls ‘he asked so i reached out and gently massaged his balls cupping them and rolling them in my hands. it was too much for him as he filled his tube with spurt after spurt of cum.’wow “i said as he pulled his softening cock from the tube and rubbed it on my tube covered cock.he was still moaning as he slowly started to pump me again and he knew it wouldnt be long before i was filling my tube too.he started to jerk the tube as he pumped and i could feel his semi hard and wet cock on my ass as he knelt between my legs. “im gonna cum”i moaned as he moved downand started to lick my balls and ass sending me over the edge and filling his pump with my load.spent, i laid back as he slid the tube of my cock and proceeded to clean my cock with his mouth sucking and licking every last drop.we pumped ours and each others cocks another four times that weekend and didnt clean out the tubes at all

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