Nephew Grew Up


“I could never thank you enough Johnny for letting Greg stay with you. This is killing me, if there were any other way you know we would do it. Greg’s an adult now and we just can’t force him to move with us.” Elayne hugged me and started to cry on my shoulder.

We live in a Midwestern college town where I’ve been a firefighter for my entire career. I never married. Married to the job? Fuck that, just never found a woman that was willing to live the lifestyle of a firefighter, the hours sucked, days off changed regularly, working holidays, and the kicker, never knowing if you get the call that your husband is gone. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a great life. I live vicariously through my sister Elayne and her kids. I’m the fun Uncle, the Uncle they confide in, the Uncle they can rely on. Elayne’s oldest boy, Greg, is in his second year of college and on the Varsity Football Team. My brother-in-law received an employment opportunity that they could not pass up, but it meant moving three hundred miles away, too far for Greg to commute and they really couldn’t afford housing on the local campus. I offered for him to stay with me until he graduated.

Only my sister gets away with calling me Johnny, otherwise it’s John. I never catch shit for correcting people. I stand six foot three inches, broad chest, guns that are larger than most guys legs, and I work out daily, part because of my job and part because I love to work out. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, smooth body, and at 45 I still have a full head of hair with no gray creeping in. I have a typical bachelor pad house. My garage has been converted to a full gym. I have a modest three bedroom two bath house. Greg will have his own room and can you use the guest bathroom. The only problem is that the guest bathroom only has a bathtub so we will have to share the master shower in my room. I never had a need to convert it to a tub/shower combo, I guess I will need to put that on the list for the summer. I work three days on and four days off shift so he will be alone most of the time anyway. The days I’m home we will have to work that out.

Greg takes after my side of the family. We are all built tall and big boned. As long as you work at it the Nordic genes will be kind to you. My sister calls Greg my Minnie me since he looks like me. We have the same eyes, same height, and same body frame. He works out all the time to keep up his linebacker strength.

The following weekend was move-in day. Greg only had his clothes and a few items so it was like moving him into a dorm room. My house was fully furnished and he was glad to have a full size bed over his small twin bed he had at his house, plus he had his own room, no more sharing with his brother. My sister and her family moved the following week and of course there were more tears.

The night Greg was officially moved in, and his parents were now gone, I could tell he was down. “Hey Greg, what do you say about ordering in and watch an Action movie?”

“That would be great Uncle John. I’m feeling a little blue tonight.” Greg looked like a lost puppy.

When the pizza arrived I grabbed some plates and a couple of beers. I brought it all in to the living room as the movie started. I handed Greg a beer, he looked at me like a deer in the headlights. “You’re almost 21, and it only happens in this house and you do not leave. Respect the house, respect me, and respect yourself. Besides, we are celebrating the beginning of your new grownup life. You have a month of school to finish before summer break, have you thought about what you are going to do? Going to spend it with the family?”

Greg took a long pull on his beer, no choking, not his first beer. “I wish I could go home, but football practice doubles down during the summer. I want to get a part time job, if that’s ok with you?”

“Ok with me? It’s your life Greg, you’re an adult and don’t need my permission. I want you to think of this house as your place as well as mine. You come and go as you need. You don’t party and trash the place, keep it clean. I rarely have ‘company’ but when I do, and you do, we respect each other’s privacy. That’s all I ask.” I put out my hand to form the contract.

Greg reached out and shook my hand, “Deal Uncle John. I really appreciate this opportunity and I won’t screw it up. I promise.”

We kicked back and watched the movie, finished off the pizza and a couple of beers before calling it a night. After we cleaned up we headed to our rooms. “Uncle John? I wanted to thank you again for this opportunity, for being a great Uncle, and a great guy.” Greg wrapped his arms around me and hugged me. I patted his back and kissed him on the cheek as we separated and went to our rooms.

The month flew by and we fell into a routine. The days I was home Greg would shower the night before so he wouldn’t wake me in the morning as he headed off to school. When I’m home I cook enough to give him cover leftovers when I’m at work. The place has staid clean so we are both happy.

Greg küçükçekmece escort was out of school for the summer and hadn’t gotten a job yet. I came home mid-afternoon. I went into my room and changed into a jockstrap and some running shorts getting ready for my workout. I pull on some running shoes. I step into the living room and Greg was on the couch tying up his running shoes. He looked up at me and we started to laugh. “You really are a mini me aren’t you?”

We took off for a run together. After five miles we were back home and ready for some weights. After a few reps we lost our shirts. I used mine to dry my body and pits before tossing into Greg’s face and laughing. Greg laughed but I could swear he took in a deep breath before tossing it aside. We finished our workout and it was time to hit the shower. “You go ahead and shower first Uncle John while I clean up the equipment.”

“I can shave while you hop in the shower, I don’t mind.” John retort.

“No worries, I’ll wipe down the equipment, shave, and brush my teeth in my bathroom. As soon as you finish with your shower I’ll be right behind you Uncle John so leave me some hot water.” Greg was quick with the excuses. Greg was John’s Minnie me except that Greg had a very small dick. Greg knew John was packing by the outline of his cock in his shorts. Greg was used to making excuses to keep anyone seeing his small dick. He knew how to not shower with the guys by extending his workouts so he could use the private stall shower at school or grabbing his clothes and running straight home and showering.

John was equally disappointed in not seeing his nephew naked. He was hoping to at least catch a glance of his nephew’s toned body in full view. The other reason John never married; he could never find a woman that was willing to accept his bisexual orientation. John loved sex. He loved to be the aggressor, the one in charge. Most women hated that. But a lot of guys love it. They love to be told what to do, forced to do what they want but don’t have the courage to act on it. He loved getting a guy to submit to him. John admired a man’s body as much as a woman’s. Once in a blue moon he would find a couple to play with and he enjoyed fucking a guy’s wife in front of him, and then turn the husband into his fuck slave and make him suck cock for the first time before he fucks him in front of his wife. He loved it when the man fully submitted to him in front of his wife, to admit love having a cock fucking him in the ass, or the taste of cock in his mouth. But that was far and few between. He loved virgin guys to play with. Turning a ‘straight’ guy was his biggest turn on.

First couple weeks of the summer went routine. Greg was able to find a job that worked around his football training. The fourth of July was approaching, worst time of year for a firefighter. John called Greg to let him know that he had to work that night and wasn’t sure when he would be home. Greg had to work his retail job on the fourth as well so all was good. Greg got off at 11pm on the fourth and drove home to the sky lighting up with grand displays of fireworks. There were parties going on all around town, but Greg was just too tired to go back out. He grabbed a hamburger and fries and headed home. Greg ate as he channel surfed the TV. Nothing intrigued him so he took a nice long shower and headed to bed. Lying naked on his bed he grabbed his laptop and started to search out porn. He watched the usual short clips of this guy getting head or fucking some chick, boring.

Greg typed in the search bar ‘small dick’ and was amazed at how many videos appeared. Greg new he had a small dick and wondered how he would please women with it. He started watching some of the videos. He noticed guys were quick on the trigger and the girl would get pissed off and make him eat her pussy to orgasm, with his cum as well. The women taunted the men, calling them names and demoralizing them. Greg got hard and was dripping precum as he watched the hot men being submissive.

Greg started another video and the man was being scolded for having a small dick and unable to please his wife. Another man entered the room naked, his long cock swaying back and forth as he walked across the bedroom. The woman threatened to leave him for her boyfriend or he could stay and join them, to watch how a real man pleases his women. The man agreed and the man turned to the husband and slapped his dick across his face and told him to suck it to get him hard so he can fuck his wife. The guy looked like he loved sucking cock, and his wife told him how hot it was to see him sucking a cock. Then the guy mounted his wife doggy style and made the husband crawl underneath and lick her pussy and his cock.

Greg was going insane trying to hold back from cumming. The wife told her husband how good a real cock feels. They made him get on all fours as her boyfriend mounted him like the bitch he was. The guy’s eyes rolled back as he was entered from the kurtköy escort rear. He was moaning and groaning, begging to be fucked harder. The wife kissed him hard and said she loved him as he was getting fucked, ‘I knew you would love cock baby. Take that big cock. Let him breed you like a bitch. Take it baby.’ Then she sat in front of him and presented her pussy to him ‘come taste his cock in me baby, eat my pussy while you get fucked.’ It was all too much and Greg shot his load all over his chest. He quickly scooped it up and fed it to himself. It wasn’t bad at all. The humiliation of eating his own cum turned him on. As Greg fed himself his cum he lay there on his bed “Ya that’s it bitch eat your cum. You’re a bad ass on the field and a pussy in the bedroom. You can never please a woman with that little cock, you want to suck a real cock don’t you pussy boy? You want to feel a real cock fuck your tight pussy don’t you?” Greg was in a state of cum bliss as he licked his fingers clean of his thick spunk.

The next morning Greg got up and headed to practice. As he stepped out the front door he saw that his Uncle’s truck was next to his and thought he must have come home sometime last night. Greg went to practice and was home before lunch. He had barely enough time to eat and change before his shift started at work. As luck would have it Uncle John had lunch ready for Greg. “Uncle John what a god send you are, I have barely enough time to eat and run to work.”

“I was hoping to have a chat and catch up.” John was a bit disappointed.

“I’m off at six tonight maybe we can grab some sushi and watch a movie together?” That put a smile back on John’s face. Greg scarfed his food and was out the door.

John called up one of his kinky go to girls, “Hey Sharon you busy tonight? I have a hot young virgin stud that is fighting his sexual feelings. Want to come and help bring out his deepest desires? I know how you love young men.”

“John you are such a naught boy. Why we don’t get married is beyond me? Oh ya, we both fuck around too much. I do love young meat though. I’m in, what’s the scenario?” Sharon was a beautiful 30 year old red head, six feet tall, with long legs to wrap around you as you fuck her hairless tight pussy, nice set of 36D breasts with the nicest huge nipples to suck on. Greg will blow his load just looking at her. Sharon and John have played together in groups and have played with single men and women. They work well together to fulfill each other’s kinky side.

“I have my nephew living with me now. He looks just like me. They even call him my Minnie me. I came home early the other night and his bedroom door was open. He must not have heard me come home because he was naked on his bed jacking off. He was watching small dick humiliation videos. He wants to be a submissive little bitch. I’m sure he’s never acted on anything before. You set him up and I’ll tear him down.”

“OMG John you just made me cum. I love humiliating a young boy, but then you added the whole incest thing and my pussy went off. I’m totally in. I’ll bring the sushi, pun intended. See you around six and I will dress to kill.” Sharon was hot and John new this would be the best girl for the job.

Sharon showed up right on time and did not disappoint. John opened the door and Sharon walked past him carrying two bags of food. Sharon placed the bags on the table, turned back to John “Am I overdressed?” Holy shit she wasn’t, she was wearing a sheer white tank top, no bra, which you could clearly see her pink areolas, her nipples were jutting out against the thin fabric, her side boobs were totally exposed, her high cut running shorts were loose fitting, and John could guarantee that she wore nothing underneath so she could easily flash her pussy when she sat down. She was in major seduction mode.

Sharon walked up to John and shoved her tongue in his mouth. John felt her up, confirming she was not wearing underwear as he dipped his finger in her dripping pussy. John brought his finger to his lips and licked it, “MMMM, and so sweet.”

Sharon and John spread out the food on the table and set out place settings as they waited for Greg to come home. They didn’t have long to wait as Greg walked in at six thirty. As Greg walked in he was shocked to see this beautiful stranger in the house with his Uncle. Greg figured plans changed and that he would have to make himself scarce for the evening. Then his Uncle greeted him “Greg, come in and meet my friend Sharon. I invited Sharon over for some Sushi and a movie. Sharon’s the only girl I know that loves action flick movies.”

Greg couldn’t get a word out, he stammered a ‘Nice to meet you’ which came out as “Niiicce to to to mmmmeeet yuuuu.”

Sharon walked up to Greg and wrapped her arms around him and pressed her hard nipples against his chest “I love the young shy types, it’s really sexy. You are John’s doppelganger aren’t you? I would love to be the meat in this sandwich. Yum, let’s eat I’m maltepe escort starving.” Sharon pecked Greg on the lips as she dragged her hard nipples across his chest as she turned back to the table.

“Come on Greg pull up a chair and have dinner with us.” John pulled out a seat for Sharon. Sharon sat down and patted the chair next to her for Greg to join her at the table while John went to the kitchen to get some drinks.

Sharon was relentless in flirting with Greg. She all but gave him a lap dance. After dinner Greg attempted to excuse himself but Sharon was not having it. She told him to go change into something comfortable and to join them for the movie. She used a firm voice that Greg melted under. Greg came back wearing his workout shorts and a tank top that looked painted on his massive chest. This did not go unnoticed by Sharon as she rubbed her hands all over his chest and told him how good looking he is.

Greg went into the kitchen with his dick as hard as a rock. John was finishing the dishes. “Hey Uncle John I’ll duck out for a while so you and Sharon can have some alone time. I’ll be back around midnight if that’s cool with you?”

“No it’s not cool with me. Sharon is a good friend of mine. Yes she is a friend with GREAT benefits, but really Greg she is here for dinner and a movie. Just relax with us and enjoy the company and view.” Uncle John walked out of the room and gave Greg a nice swat on his ass, letting him know who the boss is. Greg almost shot his load as his Uncle’s hand connected with his almost bare ass.

There really wasn’t much furniture in the bachelor pad so the boys each took an end on the couch with Sharon in the middle. Sharon draped her arms across the couch and casually rubbed both men’s necks. The movie was the usual action flick that everyone had seen several times already. Finally Sharon started to lean into John but held her grip on Greg’s neck forcing Greg to lean into Sharon and follow her down. Sharon was now laying into John and Greg’s head was resting in Sharon’s lap. Sharon continued to rake her hand through Greg’s hair which kept him down. She had him purring like a kitten.

John looked down at his nephew and new all too well the scent he was breathing in. John reached around Sharon and started to roll her right nipple between his fingers and thumb. He felt her nipple harden under his grip and her breathing became louder. Sharon tightened her grip on Greg’s hair and held his head still as she slowly began to grind her pussy into the side of his face. She could feel her shorts getting wet as her pussy began to leak her sexual fluids. John pulled Sharon’s top to the side exposing her right breast. John now had raw access to her nipple allowing him to really work it. John knows her triggers as he pulled and twisted her nipple just hard enough to send chills down to her pussy. Sharon’s moaning increased. She held Greg’s head and pulled her shorts aside, exposing her pussy. Sharon twisted her hips towards Greg’s face and shoved her pussy against his mouth.

Greg froze as his lips came into contact with Sharon’s naked pussy, his first pussy. He wasn’t sure if this was an accident or on purpose. Then he felt the pressure on his head. Sharon used both her hands to grip Greg’s head. “Lick my pussy boy. Come on get that tongue in there and start licking my pussy.”

John pulled Sharon’s top completely off and now had his arms wrapped around her so that he could now use both hands to work both of her nipples. “That’s it Greg eat her pussy. Suck on those nice juicy pussy lips. Enjoy the taste boy. Take that tongue and dig deep inside. Feel the soft flesh of her pussy. Taste that sweet juice. Let’s make Sharon cum hard.” John was coaxing Greg to eat his friend’s pussy.

If all girls taste this good he is really going to get off on eating pussy. Just then Sharon started to buck her hips up and down. Greg put his hands on her ass to settle her and stay attached to her pussy. He wasn’t sure what was happening until a flood of thick fluid rushed into his mouth. At first he thought she was peeing in his mouth and tried to back off, but then he felt his Uncle’s hand on the back of his head holding him steady. He had no choice but to start swallowing. It tasted good, tangy and sweet at the same time. He ate his first girl to an orgasm.

“OH GOD that felt great. Your boy took to eating pussy like a duck to water. Damn boy you’re good. Can we get naked now and play? I need cock bad.” Sharon was already pulling her shorts off.

John stood up, pulled his shirt off before he swiftly yanked his shorts down and off. The guy had a full raging boner. Greg just stared at his Uncle’s physique and the gorgeous seven inch hard cock pulsing in front of him, with two low hanging balls dangling below his cock. The thick patch of blond curly hair above his cock was truly a new wonder for him to take in. Sharon grabbed the bottom of Greg’s shirt and pulled it over his head, forcing his arms up. Greg lost his balance and fell face first back into Sharon’s naked pussy. John slipped around Greg, put his thumbs in the waistband of Greg’s shorts and pulled them down, jock and all. Greg’s legs flew out straight making it easier for John to strip his nephew. Greg’s ass came into view and John held back from plunging his hard cock in that tight hole.

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