Never Enough


Disclaimer This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and incidents are figments of the authors’ imagination. Any resemblance to events and/or persons is entirely coincidental. Copyright © UnXpected, 2011 Our eyes locked for a minute, before I look her up and down. She looked good, and I know she knew it. Her hair; Jet black in a Page Boy style, Brown skin, Almond shaped eyes, a revealing fishnet black shirt with no bra. Was that her nipple caught in one of the many holes in the material? I got excited, as I imagined taking her nipple into my mouth, gnawing gently, flicking my tongue against it. I had to shift on my bar stool, my clit piercing was rubbing through my underwear, against the material of my khaki pants before continuing my inventory of her. She brought the rest of the outfit together with a short satin like skirt, kaçak iddaa off black pantyhose, and high stiletto heels. I was rudely brought out of my imaginary mind fuck by my partner’s shrill whisper, “What the hell you looking at her for?” I quickly made the excuse, as if I had been looking at the clock located on the wall behind where this enticing girl stood. “Why, you ready to go already?” she retorted. “No Iona, just wondered what time it was.” Now that Iona was vaguely aware of my interests, I had to be discreet. I’d been hanging out with her for about a month and a half. She was a good girl, had a decent head on her shoulders, and wasn’t looking for a free ride. Since I became a lesbian years ago, I’ve never had a specific girl. I wasn’t interested in settling down, didn’t want too. As I sat nursing my drink, I decide to approach kaçak bahis “my conquest” to see what she is about. My chance came sooner than expected. She heads toward the ladies room. I follow a ways behind. When I entered, all of the six stalls are occupied. The bathroom attendant busied herself by handing out paper towels, and peddling her basket of perfumes, mouthwash and extra goodies, to the steady stream of patrons who would tip her at the sinks. I waited, letting waiting women pass in front of me, to see which one she was in. In time, all stalls were exited and re-entered by women in a rush to take care of their business, every stall except for the one she occupied. I walked to the only one that she could be in, and stood in front of it. She must have seen my black patent leather shoes from underneath the door, because she opened illegal bahis it almost immediately, letting me saunter in as she backed inside. I push the stall door closed and slide the latch, behind my back while facing her. “What took you so long?” was her first question. I pull her towards me by her wrists, putting my lips on hers. We kiss hungrily at each other, as I walked her backward, further inside the oversized stall. I position her against the toilet tank, with her legs on opposite sides of the lidless toilet seat. She parted her full lips slightly allowing my tongue to explore inside of her mouth. One of my hands held her at the back of her neck. The other found its place, rubbing in a circular motion against the netting material, which is her shirt, and the rough but soft texture of her nipple. She smells of perfume, along with the slight scent of sweat. Her body feels good against mine. Shapely waist, wide hips, my hands explore her body as I bend down, and take one of her trapped nipples into my mouth through the netted material.

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