Never Too Much Pregnancy Ch. 03


I was woken up the next morning by Justine nuzzling the back of my neck. She had come down to the guest bedroom when she found I wasn’t in her bed. “Time to wake up,” she whispered in my ear. I tried to groan and pull the sheets over my head, but she stopped me. “I don’t care that you aren’t awake yet, but I’m full and I need a little relief.” Justine then shoved one of her boobs in my face and I responded the only way I knew how: I suckled her nipple until her milk started flowing like a stream down my throat.

“Aah,” she sighed. “That’s better. It’s hell trying to wake up Wendy in the morning. And she’s not nearly the greedy feeder you are.” We lay together in silence a few minutes while I worked on draining her tits and she stroked my hair. It was nice to feel her warm body next to mine under the covers. I couldn’t remember the last time it had been just us together in bed. “Did you enjoy Lydia last night?” she asked me.

“Uh-huh,” I mumbled into her tit.

She laughed lightly. “I knew you would. I was surprised at how hard it was to find someone like her.”

“Asian?” I asked, unlatched from her breast for a moment.

“No. But I knew you never had an Asian girl before, so that was a bonus.”


This response got me a slap on the hand. “No, that was easy to find.”

“Married woman?”

“Actually, that seemed to be a prerequisite; it was like every woman I looked at was married.”

“That’s hot,” I said, feeling foolish for the stupid statement.

“I know,” she agreed. “But you’ve guessed enough. The hard part was finding a woman who enjoyed cream pies.”

I had just started the milk flow on Justine’s right breast, but I had to respond to that statement. “She was indifferent,” I said. “But she did take my cum home to her husband. Nothing for me.”

Justine kissed the top of my head. “Poor baby,” she sympathized with me. “Maybe next time she’ll let you eat her out.”

I didn’t know what the future held, and it was all I could do was drown my sorrows in her milky breasts.

It was barely a week later when I was dozing on the couch, my belly full of both Wendy’s and Justine’s milk, when there was a chime from the doorbell. Once again the pregnant bursa escort girls were in our king sized bed sleeping away their pregnancies. Maybe they had fooled around a bit before passing out, they both complained about how their clothes were too tight on their swollen bellies. All thoughts of my well-bred girls left my head when I opened the door to see Lydia on the front porch with lust in her eyes.

“Hi—,” I started to say, but she dispensed with the preliminaries and simply pushed me inside. This time she was dressed in a black skirt that ended just above her knees and white blouse that was open down to her bra. Lydia had such small tits that she didn’t have any cleavage to speak of, but she still made the shirt sexy.

“Shut up and get your clothes off,” she ordered me. I didn’t have to be told twice. In a flash I was standing naked in my living room. “Down on your knees,” came her second order. “I brought you a special present,” she said as she slowly lifted her skirt while walking toward me. By the time she reached me, her panties were exposed. They were black silk and the crotch was wet. Even from three feet away I could smell her musky scent. “Actually, it’s from my husband. He thought you might like it. He fucked me right before I came over here.”

Before she said those words I was only semi-hard, in an instant I had a raging erection. I reached behind her, tugged down the zipper on her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Hooking my fingers into the waistband of her panties I slowly eased them down over her hips. The material slid smoothly over her skin, but the crotch stuck to her pussy as I began pulling them down. Around the swollen, red lips of her cunt was a slight white crust where her husband’s spunk was starting to dry. She tried to stop me from pulling her panties all the way off. “Don’t,” she protested weakly, but I wasn’t about to stop now.

I shoved her hands away and pushed my face into her cunt. The scent was heavenly. She was wet and I could taste the cream pie her husband had left behind for me. Her panties hit the floor and I forced her legs apart, licking deeply into her trying to suck up the spunk left behind.

“I need to lay down,” Lydia trembled.

I escort bursa maneuvered her over to the sofa, not once breaking my lock on her pussy, and eased her down onto the cushions where she leaned back and spread her legs wide. I moved in close to feed on her sopping cunt. In this position her cunt was opened up and she easily gave up all the spunk that her husband had shot into her. His scent hadn’t clung to her because Lydia shaved her pubic hair but that was okay because their fluids mixed together were delicious. After I had sucked her all but dry, letting their thick mélange of flavors fill my stomach, I went to work on her pretty little clit with my lips and tongue.

Being a bored housewife certainly hadn’t done anything to slow her libido. The moment I started in on her clit, she started moaning and groaning in pleasure alternately trying to get away from me when I over stimulated her and then grinding her pussy into my face. She was already hot and warmed up from her earlier fucking and my cream pie eating, so it took the slutty housewife almost no time at all to reach a climax which she did with a gush of liquid from her cunt and screams muffled in one of the couch pillows.

She weakly pushed me away from her overused sex. I crouched back on my heels and looked up at her. After being fucked and sucked by two different men in one evening, she looked incredible beautiful and I told her so.

Showing her good manners she laughed lightly at the compliment and told me, “You’ve got my cum on your face.”

I reached up and touched my face. It was still wet from her copious liquids. “Care to sample it?” I asked her moving up on her body as it remained splayed on the couch. My still erect prick slipped into her slick cunt as I kissed her on the lips and slipped my tongue into her mouth.

When we broke the kiss she said, “I don’t remember inviting you to fuck me.” While she said this she wrapped her legs around my waist and dug her heels into my ass.

“Say the word and I’ll pull out.”

“No!” she protested. “I need you to cum in me so I can bring a cream pie back to my husband.” She giggled like a schoolgirl. “I feel like a slut.”

“Why is that?” I asked keeping my strokes bursa escort bayan inside her slow and steady. I didn’t want to cum too soon.

“I’m fucking two guys on the same day, the same night. I feel like I’m back in college.”

“We’re you a big slut in college?” I asked, intrigued at this bit of personal history.

“Um, no, not really, not compared to sorority girls. But for some reason I always seemed to have two boyfriends at a time. I was big into sharing.” She grinned at me. “And that was in addition to the professors I fucked. I couldn’t have graduated without doing a little time on my knees in the department offices.”

“You were a slut,” I complimented her.

She sighed. “Maybe. But that’s were I got turned on to getting cream pies, you should thank college for that, I learned a lot.”

“What other slutty things did you do in college?” I asked. “I bet you did a lot.”

It wasn’t possible for her to answer for a moment while I ground into her extra hard, then her eyes popped open. “Oh yeah, I did. That’s where I learned to eat pussy.”

“I heard that college roommates often do that.”

A quick inhalation of air signaled she was getting close to her goal. “I don’t know about that. I never slept with any of my roommates. My first time with a woman was one of the lesbians in the English department. She was beautiful.”

That was enough for me. Knowing that this slutty girl enjoyed cream pies, multiple daily partners and girls put me over the edge. My nuts tightened and I dumped my load of semen deep into her hot cunt. And that pushed her over the edge as well. A powerful shudder went through her body and she had to muffle another scream of pleasure in the pillows.

“Hand me my panties,” she said when I pulled out. Her hand shot down between her legs to cover up her pussy. By now I knew the routine. I found her black panties on the floor and helped her slip them up her legs where they helped hold in the load of spunk I had deposited into her. We were so eager to fuck that she hadn’t even removed her shirt or bra. It took her no time to dress and she was ready to walk out the door. “This was wonderful, we’ll have to do it again sometime soon.” She stood up on tiptoe and kissed me. Before she reached the door she noticed the engagement picture of me and Justine hanging on the wall. She stopped and looked at it. “Your wife is very pretty. I can’t wait to eat her pussy.”

And then she was out the door.

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