New beginng


New beginngHere was I, Nick Beaumont skulking around like some common thief, butneeds must I thought. I crept through the undergrowth at the side ofthe house. I had hurt my ankle when I had jumped down from the wallthat surrounded it and was limping slightly. At least no one had seenme and for that I had to be grateful. Should the mob that I was tryingto avoid get hold of me I was a dead man and they would not make mydemise pleasant. My stomach churned at the thought of what they woulddo to me. I owed them £50,000 at an interest rate that meant it wasgrowing by £2000 a day. The gambling bug had hit me just after I hadinherited the money from my stepfather. One million pounds all goneinto the Casino tills and now with the accrued interest on the loan tothe mob I owed over £100,000. My stepsister Vicky was my only chance. Iwas in the grounds of her house. She had used her inheritance wiselyand now had a fortune that some put at £10,000,000. When I had phonedher earlier I had expected her to hang up on me. Our relationship hadnever been good as c***dren and although she was younger that me by twoyears she was bigger than me and used to bully me. As we got older theworse it got but adulthood allowed me to compete with her. Ourrelationship deteriorated into a running battle. I had even called herlover Eva a jackbooted dominatrix dyke bitch, even though there was noindication that she was either dominant or submissive. The final straw was my open condemnation of her lesbian affair with Eva and she wasconvinced that this had caused her father to have his fatal heartattack.After the funeral and then the will reading our paths had not crosseduntil out of fear and desperation I phoned her this morning. For oncein my life I was honest and told her what was the problem and that Ineeded money desperately. Instead of just laughing down the phone andtelling me to get lost she had said that I should come to her house sothat we could discuss it further. She had said this after she had puther hand over the receiver and I heard her muffled voice talking andthen laughing with I could only assume was Eva. She made it clear thatshe did not want me coming to the front door and that I should go tothe side of the house and scale the wall and make my way through thewooded area.’Make sure you are not followed, I don’t want the scum that you owemoney to coming to my house.’ she had said.I approached the back door and as I got to within touching distance ofthe door handle it opened. Vicky stood there, she still looked good,because even though I hated her guts I could not deny that she was veryattractive, far to attractive to be wasted on another woman. Her legscould have been a little thinner but other than that she had a bodythat any man would want. She was dressed in a grey mini skirt, pinkblouse and wore flat shoes. Her hair was slightly longer, now wellbelow her shoulders.’So Nicolas, we met again and as usual you are in trouble.’I looked at her, she still had that spiteful look and she knew that Ihated the name Nicolas and preferred to be addressed as Nick or Nicky.She beckoned me in and I followed her through the large open kitcheninto a hallway and then into a sitting room. Eva smiled as I walkedinto the room. She was relaxing on a settee. Vicky sat beside her and Iwent to sit on an armchair to the right of it but she motioned for meto sit on a small footstool that was just in front of them. I looked atthem but sat down knowing that I was in no position to argue. Onceseated on the stool I had to look up at them.’So Nicolas, tell Eva and I all about your little problem and we willsee if we can help you and give you a new beginning.’Eva looked at me smugly, the person that had described her as nothingmore than a disgusting dike was sitting subserviently in front of herand her lover. She had long fair hair and did not look like your normalrun of the mill lesbian. Her legs were slightly thicker than Vicky’sbut she still had a decent figure and her low cut tee shirt showingcleavage that certainly didn’t leave much to the imagination.I told them in detail what I had done and that I was totally broke andwhat would happen to me if I didn’t get the money to the Mob paymasterby 10:00 pm tonight. During the time that I spoke Eva shifted so that Icould see up her skirt and see her panties. This was no accident andshe enjoyed seeing me squirming as I tried to concentrate on what I wassaying.As I finished Vicky said, ‘Oh dear I am a bad hostess, I have notoffered you a drink Nicolas, Eva would you do the honours.’Her lover smiled and the stood up and asked me what I wanted to drink.Whisky neat with ice I asked for. Vicky asked for a G & T and Eva leftthe room to get them. She returned carrying a tray, my Whisky and twoGins with accompanying bottles of Tonic. She handed out the drinksbefore putting the tray down and returning to her seat, sipping fromher glass as she did. The Malt tasted good, but at that time any drinktasted good. Without committing herself to helping me Vicky spoke aboutmy obvious need for help and the consequences of not repaying my debtto the mob.’Do you think they would take an offer, maybe half or three quartersthe money.’ she suggested. I shook my head knowing that to put thatquestion forward was as good as committing suicide.I drained the glass and Eva asked if I wanted another. I was about tosay yes, but my head was spinning, God that must be strong Whisky. Iwas struggling to keep my eyes open. I tried to stand up and as Ireached my feet my legs gave way completely and I pitched forwardlanding with my knees on the floor and my upper body on the settee withmy face resting against Eva’s legs.’He will soon be u*********s.’ I heard a voice say.I wanted to get up but couldn’t and then darkness came as consciousnessfaded, my last thoughts were that if I didn’t make that payment by10:00 pm I might as well not wake up again.Slowly I came to and opened my eyes. The room was pitch black and therewas total silence. All I could hear was my own breathing. Were was I?Memories of visiting Vicky came back to me. Talking to her and Eva, thedrink and then nothing. I tried to move but found that I was secureddown to the bed or surface that I was lying on. I could feel that mywrists, ankles and probably more of me was strapped down. I waited formy eyes to grow accustomed to the darkness but still I could seenothing. I was in some kind of windowless room, probably in thebasement of Vicky’s house. Why had she and her bitch lover d**gged meand then incarcerated me in here? I had no idea what the time was, butI knew that if it was past 10:00 pm I was a dead man. Pulling at thestraps did nothing but hurt my wrists, I could hear the leather creakbut not give in the slightest. I could do nothing but lay and wait formy gaolers to return and release me.Ideas flowed in and out of my mind, what if they had contacted the moband I wasn’t in Vicky’s basement but in one of their houses. Again Istruggled against the straps wanting to get free, scared of theprospects of being alone and helpless with the mob’s torturers, whowould be wreaking their bosses revenge on my body before killing me. Ihad heard rumours that the specialist torturers could inflictexcruciating pain for days before they allowed the victim release indeath. In the total darkness I tried to see but couldn’t and imaginedthe floor and walls covered in chains, racks, knives, pliers and manyother items that could be used.I heard footsteps coming down some stairs. Not male steps but theclick, click, click of female shoes. The door opened and a light wasswitched on. I closed my eyes, blinded by the sudden exposure after solong in the darkness. Slowly my eyes opened and I saw Vicky standingbeside me. I was on some kind of bench, strapped to it and as naked asthe day I was born. The walls were plain brick, which were paintedwhite. Other than the bench that I was secured to the room was empty.The door that Vicky had come through was the only opening and thatstood ajar. Outside was a corridor and I could see a closed doordirectly opposite the room I was in.’So Nicolas, have you had a good sleep, I think you must have, you havebeen down here for 3 days.’ she said smiling at me.Three days, oh no, the mob would be out in force looking for me, theBosses would want their £100,000 worth of revenge. Even if I got themoney it would be looked on as a sign of weakness if they allowed me tolive.’You Bitch, why have you kept me here, you know that I am now as goodas dead.’Her smile did not change as she heard me and she sat her self on theedge of the bench. I could smell her perfume, an odour that wasexpensive like most of her tastes.’What do you intend to do with me now?’ I spat at her trying to actbraver than I felt. It was like when we were c***dren, she alwaysseemed to come out on top, she always beat me.’Eva and I don’t intend doing anything to you that you don’t want, youcan leave when you want.’As she said this I heard the footsteps of her partner coming down thestairs. Eva joined Vicky beside me. They both started to undo thestraps that held me down.I sat on the edge of the bench rubbing my wrists. On the floor, by thewall that had been to my rear, were my clothes in a pile.’Okay Nicolas, you can get dressed and go if you want but I havedecided that I will not lend you the money.’ The tone in Vicky’s voicewas happy.’But you know that I can’t leave here, if the mob get me now I will bea dead man.’Eva chimed in. ‘But you can’t stay here with a pair of disgustinglesbians can you Nicolas and also we don’t want people thinking that weare straight, we are happy being gay aren’t we Vicky?’I looked from one to the other and then my gaze fixed on Vicky and Isaid, ‘You have to let me stay here, I have no where to go.”Okay Nicolas, you can stay here but it will be it will be under ourterms, you will do as your told or you can leave.’A feeling of dread filled me but I could stay and be under the thumb ofmy stepsister and her lover or leave and suffer at the hands of themob.I nodded in agreement and said I would do as they wanted.’So you agree to do anything that we want and you will abide by ourrules.’ said Vicky.Again I nodded and went to pick up my clothes from the floor.’You won’t be needing those.’ said Eva.I looked at her quizzically wondering what was in store for me.’Follow us.’ was all that Vicky said as she walked from the room.Still naked I walked behind them thinking that we would be goingupstairs into the main part of the house. Instead they led me deeperinto the basement area and into another windowless room. This was morelike bedroom, with a single bed, a three drawer unit, wardrobe anddressing table. It was decorated in a feminine way with the wallspainted light pink and as similar coloured carpet on the floor.’This will be your room for the time being, you will find clothing inthe wardrobe.’ It was Vicky that had said this, a look of satisfactionon her face.The pair of them stood by the door way as I walked to the wardrobe andopened it wanting something to cover my modesty. My mouth dropped openas I saw the contents. It was full of dresses and skirts.’There must be a mistake.’ I said in a stuttering fashion.From behind me I heard a slight titter and then the voice of Eva say,’There is no mistake, you are going to become a female.’I looked at her and then Vicky who then spoke, ‘You have agreed toabide by our rules and our rules say that only females are going tolive in this house, so if you are going to remain here you will have tobecome one.’I shook my head and screamed no at the pair of them. I was male andintended to remain a man.’Let me get my clothes and I will take my chances with the mob.’ I saiddefiantly hoping that my stand would show them that I meant businessand would not submit to their crazy desire.They both stood away from the door and indicated for me to walk throughto collect my clothes. I hesitated slightly but then walked past theminto the corridor that led to the room were my clothes were and alsothe stairs out of here. The corridor was long with at least four doorseach side not including the two rooms that I had already been in. Icould hear their footsteps behind me as I strode towards the room thatI had awoken in a while ago.I saw it before I felt it as an arm came around from behind me andclamped around my neck. I tried to prise it away but a knee placed inthe small of my back gave great leverage for Eva to hold on firm. Icould see the crook of her elbow, with the inside of the joint pressingtightly against my windpipe. I struggled trying to kick out but withher grip on me and her knee pressing hard into my back I could not stopher slowly strangling me. Vicky came into view smiling at my face thatwas red not just with anger but also strain.’Well Nicolas, I was hoping that you would agree willingly to beingfeminised but it looks like we will have to do it by force.’This increased my struggle but to no avail and I remembered that Evawas a black belt in some kind of Oriental marshal art. I watched asVicky opened one of the doors and Eva using her force and leveragepushed me in, still holding me tight, still retaining her grip that Icould not break. I was starting to go light headed and the actions ofVicky seemed somewhat surreal. A large pipe went across the ceiling andshe threw a strap over it. I watched bleary eyed as she buckled one endof the strap to my right wrist and then using the other end started topull my hand upwards. I was becoming totally unable to resist in anyway as she lifted my left arm and then tied it to the free end of thestrap. Eva loosened her grip but remained holding me until my headcleared. Several minutes later they stood in front of me as I tried toget my hands free from the straps. I could see smiles on their faces asI struggled. Eventually I stood still, panting and sweating as theyremained quiet and still in front of me.’Okay Vicky, you’ve had your fun, now let me go I have no intention ofplaying your little game.’She laughed and then said, ‘This is no game Nicolas, ever since daddydied I have looked at ways to make you pay and Eva said some time agoit would be fitting for you to know what it is like to be a female,after all you just seem to think they are nothing but the dumbreceivers of your cock,’ she paused for a short while and thencontinued ‘maybe you will be a conventional woman and like men fuckingyou or maybe you will be a dyke like Eva and I, whatever bursa escort the case wewill make sure that you get the chance to sample both choices.’Again I struggled to get free wanting out of here, wanting away fromthis pair of mad women.Eva spoke, ‘Don’t worry you will soon get used to having men and womengroping your new feminine body.”You are mad, the pair of you are mad. I screamed at them.’We are not mad, we are angry and you have put yourself in a positionwere we can soothe our anger by making sure that you pay in the waythat most hot blooded males would fear the most by making you into thesubject of other males’ desires.’ retorted Vicky.’Now that you know what is to happen we will start yourtransformation.’ said Eva.I wriggled violently trying to get free as I watched Eva get a bottlefrom a cupboard on the wall. She tipped some of the contents onto acloth and then walked to me. I frantically tried to get away from her.’By the time that you come to the process will have started you willsee that your protests are totally futile.’I swore and cursed at her as she went behind me and then held the clothover my mouth and nose. I screamed no and pleaded for mercy as thefumes started to fill my lungs. My eyes grew heavy; my struggle grewless as I inhaled the fumes from the chemical soaked cloth. As Idrifted off to my enforced sleep I was scared. The stepsister that hadalways been a pain in my life was now going to do the unthinkable, shewas going to change my gender. I wanted to cry and shout for help butdarkness dropped over me like a cloak.Over a period of time, that I was later to find was three months, Idrifted in and out of a d**g induced slumber, the reality of mysituation still strong in my mind but totally helpless to do anythingabout it. I could feel that my body was tightly strapped, with my waistpainfully restricted. My body and face tingled painfully as I feltslight electric shocks hitting me. I knew that I was receivinginjections in various parts of my body. One or both of them would holdme as I was made to walk around in my dreamy condition. The wholesituation seemed unreal as they did as they wanted to me. Many times inmy sleepy state I heard them talking about Nicola and it was not untilI was finally allowed to come out of the d**gged state that I realisedthat Nicola was me.I awoke and looked at the ceiling above me. I blinked away thesleepiness in my eyes. When I tried to move I found that I was strappeddown to the bed. Still feeling weak I lay still for a while trying togather my thoughts. What had they done to me? I tried to remember thethings that they had done but it was so hazy. I lifted my head andlooked down at my prone body. All I could see was a flowered quilt thatcovered my body and the straps that held me down to the bed.I turned my head as the door opened and the two women walked in.’Oh you are awake Nicola, welcome to your new life.’I did not immediately reply to Vicky but returned my gaze to theceiling. I was aware that they now stood beside the bed but still didnot look at them.Eva spoke and said, ‘It’s no good sulking Nicola, you are nowirreversibly female so you will have to make the best of it.’I turned my head and looked at her and then Vicky and went to say thatI was not going to fall for their trick but only ‘I’m not…’ escapedfrom my mouth as I heard the voice that was not mine but that of afemale.My surprise was matched by the look of satisfaction on their faces asthey saw the truth hit me. Eva released the straps that held me down.She then pulled the quilt cover back to reveal my naked body. I gaspedas I looked down at myself. I could see that I was totally hairless andthat on my chest now I had breasts. I sat up so that I was resting onmy elbows and could see that the shape of my body was now female with aslim waist and wide hips. I sat up further and my eyes filled withtears as I saw that my penis and testicles were no longer there.’So Nicola, do you like your new body, it’s a shame if you don’tbecause as you can see the changes are permanent, I don’t think thatanyone will be calling you Nicolas in future do you.’It was Vicky that had said this, her tone vindictive and victorious. Iwas filled with fury and went to leap up and hit her but as I went tomove Eva jumped onto the bed, sat astride my stomach and held my handsabove my head.’Let go of me you bitch.’ I screamed in my new female voice.She smiled smugly as I struggled. Vicky sat on the side of the bed andlooked down at me.’You might as well accept it, you are now Nicola, a member of theweaker sex.’Eva laughed as she heard this and said, ‘When he was a man I could copewith him, now he is a she I will have no problems.’As if to enhance my embarrassment Vicky’s hand snaked across my chestand started to massage the female growths that now adorned it. I gaspedas I felt her and watched open mouthed as she tweaked my nipples andthey hardened and grew.’She obviously likes her new tits being played with.’ stated Eva as shewatched her lover squeeze my nipples between her finger and thumb.Still holding my hands over my head Eva rose slightly and asked Vickyto pull her tights and panties down. I watched helplessly as mystepsister seductively pulled her partners underwear down below herknees.’Let’s see if she will make a good lesbian pussy licker.’ said Eva asshe slid up my body so that now her knees were over my shoulders andher shaven pussy was over my mouth. ‘Lick my pussy girl’. ordered Eva.Her grip on my right hand changed so that she was holding my fingers.When my mouth didn’t move to greet her slit she twisted my middlefinger and bent it backward. I yelped in pain and immediately moved tokiss and lick her.’Lick into me real deep.’ she demanded and pushed down on my face.My tongue went into her and the taste and smell of her invaded my mouthand nose. She was the last woman on earth that I had fancied as a manand even now in my new manufactured female body I found her repulsive.Her action on my fingers increased making me lick her harder anddeeper. I could feel her juices on my face, I felt soiled by them butcould not do anything. She was a lesbian, a woman that preferred mystepsister to a man, yet I could not resist as she forced me do whatshe would never allow a male to do to her. A far as she was concerned Inow fell into the category of female and this was her way of showing methat the pair of them had succeeded in making me into the same genderas them. Eva orgasmed and was replaced by Vicky who by the same methodachieved her sexual satisfaction.’She is a good little tongue slut.’ said Eva and Vicky agreed.They decided that they should tell me what had been done to me and Evapulled me from the bed. I was taken upstairs still naked, my face stillwet from their cum, my nose still full of their sexual odour. They ledme into the kitchen and sat me on a chair. Eva tied my hands behind meto the back of the chair. In an upright position I could see moreclearly and feel the weight of the breasts that they had given me andbelow them the thin waist and hips that spread further now that I wassitting.For the next hour or so they sat on chairs opposite me and jointly toldme of the abominations that they had done to me. Firstly they had usedelectrolysis to remove all my body and facial hair. Strong femalehormones had been injected into me on a daily basis. These were not theusual oestrogen but a version that had been developed in the Easternblock during the cold war. Fast working and very effective in replacingthe male traits with female ones they had more than assisted in thereshaping of my body. The fast breasts growth was as a direct result ofthis. A steel corset had been attached to my waist and tightened dailyuntil a 22″ waist was achieved. Injections into my buttocks and hipshad changed the shape of and increased the size of them. A lesbianfriend of Eva who was a surgeon had removed my penis and testicles andremodelled the area into a female sex. She had also changed my voicebox to give me my new voice as well as operated on my lips and nose tomake them more feminine.’So that is it Nicola, you are all woman, well not quite, you can’t have babies but other than that you are physically female and veryattractive, no one would ever guess that you started off as mystepbrother and all the guys that you meet will never have any ideathat they are fucking anything other than a natural female.’Eva laughed as she heard Vicky say this to me and then said, ‘All thiswork on you was expensive and now you will have to work to pay yourstep-sister back.’I looked at her and then Vicky who then spoke, ‘Yes Nicola you willhave to work and you have a choice, you either earn the money to repayme by selling your new body and that will take about three years or youcan work it off by being our maid and that will take at least tenyears, but the choice is yours.’I felt stunned. It was too much to take in.’You can’t do this Vicky, you can’t make me, you have given me twochoices but I have a third, I can just walk out of here.’She smiled and said, ‘Yes you could, but all I have to do is make acall to the mob and you will end up working off what you owe them inone of their brothels and that will take you the rest of your life.’I looked away from them and then downward looking at the ‘V’ were mylegs joined. I would have given anything to see my penis and testicles,but they were now gone, cut off and discarded.The options were not pleasant. Become a prostitute or a maid to thisevil pair. Three years laying on my back and having any man that couldpay the price use my body for his pleasure was not really a choice. Iwas not a female even though the newly formed body was certainly notmale. My mind was still that of a heterosexual man but it was nowpermanently encased in a female form.’So what’s it to be?’ said Vicky her tone strong.’I’ll be your maid.’ I whispered.’We didn’t hear you, say it louder.’After a short pause I said, ‘I will be your maid.’The laughter mainly from Eva made me look up, my face flushed withembarrassment. She got up and walked behind me and released my hands.’Okay girly stand up, you will be needing your uniform, follow me.’ shedemanded.Vicky sat still, a triumphant smile on her face as I walked behind herlover and out of the room.She took me up one flights of stairs to a landing were the mainbedrooms were and then up a smaller flight to an attic area.’This will be your room Nicola, next door you will find a shower room.’said Eva as she opened a door into a small bedroom. ‘In the chest ofdrawers you will find your panties, tights and bras and in the wardrobeyour maid’s dresses, we are quite modern here so you will find thatthey are very short, now get yourself dressed girl.’She was using the term girl to humiliate me and was achieving justthat. She sat on the bed and watched as I pulled on a pair of whitepanties, then with the help of Eva a white bra, black tights andfinally the short black maids dress that had a white apron attached toit. I stood feeling not so much stupid but worried as I saw myreflection in the mirror. With my straight shoulder length hair anddressed in the maids outfit that fitted perfectly there was no doubtingthat I was now a female.Eva shook me out of my malaise by saying, ‘Oh yes you need somefootwear.’ She laughed and said, ‘Do you remember what you called methe first time that we met?’I looked at her not remembering what I had called her, but worried atwhat it was as I was sure that she was now going to make me regret it.’You called me a jackbooted dyke bitch, a true but very unkind commentthat will now haunt you.’She pointed to a low cupboard and told me to open it. I did and saw apair of boots. She told me to take them out. They were fairly heavy andthe feel and smell of them told me what they were, knee length rubberriding boots. I looked at them and then her and she smiled.’Yes Nicola, they will be as much a part of your uniform as your maiddress and you will wear them every day and all day from the time thatyou get up until the time that we let you go to bed.’She told me to put them on and giggled as she watched me do it. Theywere cold inside but I knew that in a short time they would become hotand uncomfortable.’Who’s a jackbooted bitch now Nicola?’I saw my reflection in the mirror and again felt so humiliated. Shetold me not to bother with makeup, but I would be expected to bewearing it tomorrow.’Come on Nicola we must go downstairs so that you can show yourMistress what a pretty maid you are.’I followed her down the stairs and into the living room where Vicky waswaiting for us to return. Her hand went to her mouth as she stifled agiggle at the sight that faced her.’Oh Nicola, you look a really sexy little bitch, that short maid’sdress and oh those boots make you look so kinky.’I wanted to rip the clothing off and run away but I knew that was notan option.Eva sat beside Vicky and then said, ‘Let’s see you curtsey like thegood girly maid that you are”I stood motionless and she repeated her order. I did as she wanted,blushing as they both laughed.’Now get us a drink, we will both have a G & T.’ demanded mystepsister.I went over to the drink cabinet that all those months ago Eva had gotthe drink that had seen me d**gged and end up like this. I poured thegin into the glasses, opened the bottles of tonic and carried them tothe women on a tray. They took their drinks and I stood holding thetray before them. The pair of them sat drinking and commenting on theirnew maid.’She is really pretty, we will have to be careful, all the guys will beafter her.”So will the girls, you know how they like a jackbooted dyke.”I know that Erica would like to be left alone with her for a fewhours, maybe we can arrange that, it would be such fun to see Nicola atthe mercy of a 20 stone lesbian.”Nicola and Erica doing a 69 with Erica on top.’All these comments were interspersed with laughter and giggles from thepair of them. I had seen Erica once outside the solicitors after thewill reading. She had come along to give Vicky moral support. A grosslyoverweight woman in her mid-thirties she scared me then, but now Icould not imagine being at her mercy.’Nicola, don’t stand about, get a duster and start cleaning!’ demandedVicky.Eva showed me were the cleaning materials were kept and I returned tothe room and dusted and polished all the surfaces. The boots I worewere tight fitting and heavy and did not make for dainty walking,something that was bursa escort bayan commented on by them both. As a male I had neverrealised how heavy breasts were and these also caused me discomfort. Ihad agreed to be their maid in preference to being a prostitute but itmeant that I was going to have to suffer this for ten years. What wouldhappen then? I was physically a female and would still be so in tenyears time. All that would have happened would be that I would havepaid for the costs that Vicky had spent feminising me. It was so ironicand unfair. She had destroyed my male body and trapped me in a feminineone and I had to work to pay for it.The day past slowly but at 11pm they decided to go to bed. I hadearlier run baths for them and cleared up their clothes from the floor.These I had put in the laundry room and was to hand wash them in themorning. I went to my bedroom with the instructions for the morningringing in my ears. I was to get up at 6:00 am, do the washing and tidyup and then take their breakfast to them in bed.On opening the wardrobe I saw my reflection in the full-length mirror.For the first time I could see close up exactly what had been done tome. The female form that I saw staggered me. The transformation from afairly good-looking guy to a woman had been carried out to perfection.They could have me look like some kind of drag queen but that was notthe case. My face had been altered to make it totally feminine. My lipsnow pouted, my nose was a small button and my cheekbones had also beenchanged. Not a hint of hair remained on my face other than my eyebrowsand eyelashes. I sat on the bed and pulled off the boots that encasedmy feet. It was such a relief. I stripped off my dress, bra tights andpanties and put on a short nightie.Again I looked in the mirror and pulled off the nightie. Naked beforethe mirror I could now see the full extent of the changes that had beendone to me more clearly. Thin waist, wide hips and when I turnedsideways I could see the large breasts that adorned my chest. My wholebody was hairless. I knew that it would never grow again, they had toldme that earlier. Inside I still felt like a man but the shell that Inow occupied was female and would always be so. The alterations thathad been done to me on my stepsister’s orders had been done clinicallyand professionally. In fact it seemed as if she had changed me into thekind of female that I would have been attracted to as a man. I shouldhave felt anger but it seemed pointless. The life expectancy I couldhave had as Nick Beaumont was limited. At least I was safe while I didas my stepsister and her lover wanted.I had little choice but I did not relish the thought of being a maid tothose two bitches for the next ten years. The pair of them would enjoyhumiliating me of that I was certain and not just in private. Vicky hadpaid a lot of money to make me into a convincing female and I knew thatshe would want her money’s worth.My body ached as I slipped between the sheets. I looked around thedowdy little room that was to be mine for the next ten years and myeyes filled with tears. I switched off the bedside lamp and turned ontomy side. My right hand went between my legs and I felt the feminineslit that had been surgically put there. My fingers started to explore.I had done this many times before but always to a member of theopposite sex. I was now a member of the opposite sex, not mentally butdefinitely physically. I licked my finger and slowly slid them into mysex. I gasped at the sensation. Within minutes I had had an orgasm,which surpassed anything that I had experienced as a male. Sated Iclosed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. Maybe some aspects of being agirl were not so bad.The alarm sounded and I got out of bed. Yawning I walked into theshower room that was next to my room. I stood by the toilet needing topee. I sighed as I turned around and sat on the seat. Never again wouldI stand like other men and urinate. I would have to join the queue forthe limited number of cubicles that always seemed to be the case wereever you went. How many times had I stood waiting for a girl in a clubwhile she waited in line for the toilet? Now I would be subject tothat.I peed, wiped myself and then brushed my teeth as the shower ran warm.After washing I towel dried my body and hair and walked back into thebedroom. I sat at the dresser and brushed my hair. With fear I lookedat the make up that was on the surface of the dresser. It was as if byapplying the various substances I was going to give up all hope ofreturning to my former self.My hands shaking slightly I put foundation on my face, followed byblusher and lipstick. I stared at the face that came from the mirror.It could have been one of many girlfriends that I had had over theyears that were looking at me. But it wasn’t, it was my face that I waslooking at. How I wanted to turn back the clock. How I wanted to be a man again, the jack the lad that the girls fell for. Tears filled myeyes. I knew that would never happen, I was irreversibly female and hadto get on with it.Sobbing slightly I donned my panties, bra (with a struggle) and tightsbefore putting my maid’s dress on. I slipped my feet into the boots,again feeling the coldness in them. I opened the wardrobe and looked atmyself. My dress was so short. It was impossible for me to bend withoutshowing my bottom. I looked at the cleavage that showed. My eyes sawattractive breasts, which only a few months ago would haveautomatically caused a reaction in my groin. Now it would be othersthat would react. Those who reacted would be men, men that still hadall their masculine parts. I shuddered as I thought this. I was nothomosexual and the thought of a man touching me was abhorrent, but Iknew that Vicky was likely to make me behave completely female in malecompany. I had little choice but to do as she wanted. One phone call tothe mob would see me in their clutches. What they would do to me nowthat I was feminised was impossible to contemplate, but it would behorrible, disgusting and painful of that I was sure. Vicky had got herway. I was trapped. My phone call to her for help had condemned me alife of hard labour, humiliation and had even robbed me of my gender.I went downstairs and hand washed their clothes as well as theunderwear that I had worn the day before. I left this to dry while Icleaned, vacuumed and polished around the ground floor. It was sodegrading having to do all these things. I remembered when Vicky and Iwere c***dren as she was a girl she had helped with the houseworkduties. How she had changed that around. I could never imagine allthose years ago that I would be her cleaner, her maid, but I was andshe was going to enjoy it. Eva was also going to take advantage of theposition that I had been put in. I had alienated myself from her fromthe first time that we had met by my caustic comments. She was unableto defend herself because of the problems it would cause with thefamily. Now the boot was on the other foot literally and I was the oneon the defensive.Coffee and toast was to be their breakfast and I prepared it andcarried it to their bedroom on a tray. I knocked and waited.I knocked again and heard ‘Enter.’ said in a sleepy voice.I opened the door and walked into the room and went to Vicky’s side ofthe bed. She smiled as she saw me dressed as her maid and carrying herbreakfast.’Good morning Nicola, I trust that you have done the work that you wereinstructed to do.’ she said.I nodded and then Eva said, ‘Does that mean that you hand washed ourunderwear.’Again I nodded as they giggled and then Eva continued, ‘I hope that wecan trust you, you haven’t been sniffing our dirty panties have you?’Vicky burst out laughing as she heard this and said, ‘What a wonderfulthought, Nicola who used to be my step-brother Nicolas sniffing mystinky panties.’I was blushing and feeling hot knowing what she was going to say next.’When Nicolas was 15 and I was 13 I caught him in the bathroom sniffingmy panties.’They both laughed and Eva said, ‘So he was a dirty little pervert eventhen.’My face was glowing red with embarrassment. They were still laughing asI served them their coffee and toast. I was told to stand holding thetray beside the bed as they had their breakfast.As they ate Vicky said to her lover, ‘Just think, Nicola will be ableto sniff her own panties now, I bet that will really turn her on.’Again they laughed and as they stopped Eva said, ‘Well Nicola, tell uswhat its like being a girl, do you like it and what do you prefer tobe, normal and fancy guys or are you a lesbian and fancy girls?’They were tittering like schoolgirls as they lay under the duvet. Evarepeated the question expecting an answer.’I don’t like being a female, I want to be a man again.’Vicky smiled, ‘Unfortunately for you Nicola your days of being one ofthe male gender are over, you are now stuck as you are and Eva and Iare having so much fun seeing you squirm in your new girly body and weare so looking forward to seeing you being fucked by a man.’My eyes widened with fear as she said this knowing that she was notjoking but serious.Eva was smiling broadly as she said, ‘Let’s face it Nicola, you hatedykes so you must like men and imagine what its going to be like whenyou are laying on your back with a cock being thrust into your pussy.’I was sweating profusely feeling helpless at her comments.’Shall we let her have her little surprise?’ said Vicky to Eva.’Oh yes, I’m sure that she will enjoy it.’I looked at the two of them smiling up at me from the comfort of theirbed. Eva got out revealing that she was naked and walked to the largewalk in wardrobe.’Take off your boots, tights and panties.’ demanded Vicky.I was going to plead for some kind of compassion from her but knew thatwas a waste of time. I put down the tray and did as she wanted. Evacame out of the wardrobe carrying something. She got back into bedstill holding the item but not letting me see it.She handed it to Vicky who them held it up. It was a pair of rubberpanties that had a moulded cock inside them. I gasped as I saw thelatex item.’Do you like them Nicola, I’m sure that they will fit you perfectly anddo you recognise this?’ she said as she held the panties open so that Icould see the rubber cock inside them.I looked at it, seeing the solid rubber penis.I looked from it to her and then she spoke, ‘Yes Nicola, we took a castof your cock and had it made into this and you are going to wear thesepanties and your old sexual organ is going to be inside your new one.’She handed me the panties and I looked closely at them.’It will need lubricating, let us see you suck it.’ said Eva.I stood motionless and then Vicky screamed, ‘Do it now!’Slowly I lifted the panties up to my mouth. The odour of the latexfilled my nostrils and then after another hesitation I took the rubbercopy of my own cock into my mouth and sucked it. I heard their laughteras I did this.’Keep sucking until I tell you to stop.’ ordered Vicky.I could see the clock on the bedside table and I was ten minutes laterthat she told me to stop.’It must be well lubricated now Nicola, you can put them on.’They watched intently as I slid the rubber panties up my legs. As thecock reached the apex I felt the tip push into me. I gasped, a soundthat brought laughter from the two females that were so intent ontormenting me. As I pulled them further up the deeper it went until itwas fully in me and the tight fitting latex pants were snugly on me. Iwas sweating heavily, my legs apart and my surgically formed pussyfilled with the imitation of my own penis.’Put your panties, tights and boots back on girl, you have work to do,you can’t have pleasure all the time.’ said Eva’s voice.Panting I slowly bent down and got my underwear from the floor. I couldhear them giggling as I put on my panties, tights and then slid my legsinto my boots.’Let’s see you walk across the room.’ commanded Vicky.Slowly I walked, my gait wide as the rubber cock moved with me. Severaltimes they made me walk around the room. Eva whispered something toVicky who then giggled and nodded.’Follow us girl.’ said Eva as she got out of bed and put on herdressing gown.Vicky did the same and led us from the room. Down the hallway wewalked, I slowly following them to a doorway of a room that I had notbeen in.Eva opened the door and ushered me in. My eyes widened as I saw whatwas in there and my attention was drawn to one specific thing. It wasan exercise room and the item that I had seen immediately and by whichEva was now standing was an exercise bike and she was adjusting theseat to its highest level.’We think that you need some exercise Nicola, get on the bicycle.’I looked at it and my eyes filled with tears.’Oh don’t be such a sissy,’ said Vicky ‘it’s easy to use and even hasan auto system that is run by electric so it peddles for you.’Slowly I got onto the contraption and as I sat on the seat I felt therubber penis go deeper into me. Eva left the room and returned withsome thin straps. She was gloating as she tied my hands behind my backand then my feet to the pedals. On the down stroke my leg was at fullstretch.’We’ve decided that you can relax today Nicola, you can catch up onyour work tomorrow, enjoy yourself.’ said Vicky as she adjusted thedial that set the speed and then flicked the switch that electricallyoperated the pedals.Immediately they started to move and I gasped loudly as the first downstroke reached the bottom of its cycle on my right left. This wasrepeated, left, right, left, right the action of this causing me torock on the rubber cock. Vicky and Eva stood smiling as I gasped andpanted as the rubber penis did its work on me.’Well this gives a new meaning to go and fuck yourself.’ said Eva tothe amusement of my stepsister.’Let’s leave her to enjoy herself and practice receiving cock.’ saidVicky as I pleaded with her to be released.She smiled and shook her head and then turned to Eva and said, ‘This ismaking me feel really hot, let’s go back to bed and make gentle girlysex.’ They both laughed and left the room closing the door behind them.My legs were going up and down, up and down and knew from the feelingthat I had the night before that I was going to cum.’Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!’ escaped from my lips as for thesecond time in my new female life I orgasmed.I wanted to stop but the action kept going. I tried to lift myself fromthe bicycle seat but the action of the pedals on my legs preventedthis. escort bursa I tried to block the feeling from my mind but it just welled moreuntil I orgasmed again. I could see my breasts jiggling up and down inthe motion caused by the electric exercise bicycle. I remembered seeingon a porn site on the Internet a picture that was similar to theposition that I found myself in. The face of the woman was in ecstasy.That would have been several years ago and I could never have imaginedthat I would end up in the same situation. She was probably an actress,only bound for the pictures and then released. I was biting my lip asonce again the rubber penis took me over the edge and I exploded in aneven longer orgasm.How long they left me I don’t know but it was several hours later thatthey untied me and lifted me from the bicycle. As I was in a semi-conscious state they took me upstairs and I was laid on my bed and toldthat I was not to remove the penis panties as they called them.I got under the covers still fully dressed and slept a dreamless sleep.On awaking I still felt the throbbing in my groin. I needed to go tothe toilet and got off the bed and walked carefully to the shower room.I lowered my tights, panties and the rubber panties before sittingdown. As the rubber penis came from me I felt relief. It felt strangepeeing, but I imagined that was to be expected after what I had beenthrough. I finished and wiped myself, feeling the soreness in my femaleslit.As I stood I pulled up the rubber panties and inserted the cock backinto myself. Once fully dressed I washed my hands and decided to godownstairs. The house was in darkness and Vicky and Eva were obviouslyin bed. I slowly walked down the stairs without turning on the light,as I did not want to disturb them. Once in the kitchen I closed thedoor and turned on the light. It was a mess were they had cooked andleft the mess for me to clear up. I switched on the kettle and madesome coffee for myself. Sitting down gently on a stool at the breakfastbar I slowly drank the hot liquid. I could feel the cock deep insideme. I felt like slut, one of the girls that all the guys would want atthe end of the evening if they had failed to get one of the morepopular females. My stepsister had attempted and achieved in changingme from the guy that got the girl, to the girl that wanted me butcouldn’t, because she was a cheap slut.I must have fallen asleep again because Eva woke me, saying, ‘Come onget yourself together you are going to have a special visitor today.’It was nearly 10:00 am and sleepily I walked up the stairs to theshower. She had told me that I was not to put the rubber panties onwhen I dressed after my shower.I brushed my teeth and showered before returning to my room and puttingon my uniform and makeup. My mind was wondering whom Eva had meant whenshe said that I had a special visitor. All I could think was that itwould be another humiliation for me. It was a relief to walk withoutthe rubber cock inside me. As I reached the kitchen I heard voices.’She is a bit shy but she really fancies you.’It was Vicky’s voice that had said this. I knew that it was me she wastalking about. The door was ajar and I pushed it and walked in.’Oh Nicola, I know you have been dying to meet Alfie the gardener, sohere he is.’I looked at the man and swallowed deeply. He was about 30 years old andlosing his hair. When he smiled I could see nothing but discolouredteeth. He was dressed in a tatty T-shirt and jeans that were filthy.Vicky sat us down and gave the pair of us coffee and then said shewould leave us alone. As she left the room she gave me a sarcasticsmile. Alfie sat on the stool beside me. He smelt of sweat and hisbreath was really bad. We drank the coffee and I made small talk tryingto keep away from him. I could see that he had a large bulge in hisjeans and I felt sick. After about twenty minutes he asked to use thetoilet. I told him were to go and as he left the room Vicky walked in.She walked close to me and whispered, ‘I want to see you taking him bythe hand and leading him upstairs to your bedroom Nicola and don’texpect you to be down until later today, you are his little slut andyou are to do anything and I mean anything that he wants, do you hearand if you don’t you will be wearing those rubber pants and riding theexercise bike all day tomorrow and I mean all day.’I started to plead but stopped knowing that it was a futile exercise.He re-entered the room and Vicky smiled at him. She walked out leavingme to my fate. I gave it a minute then took his hand and led him fromthe kitchen and up the stairs. His smile was so wide, he couldn’tbelieve his luck.As we got into my bedroom he closed the door and pulled me to him. Hisarms were huge and they went around me gripping me tight. His lipstouched mine and we started to kiss. I kept my mouth closed but histongue snaked between my lips. I wanted to be ill as his tongueexplored the inside of my mouth, his rough face rubbing against mine.He started walking me back until my legs hit the bed and we fell he ontop of me. Within seconds he had my dress off, then my bra, my bootsand finally my tights and panties. Now that I was naked, his roughhands played with my nipples and went between my legs teasing andprobing. He still kissed me and only broke away to tell me to undresshim.I pulled off his T-shirt, loosened his belt and slide his jeans andpants down. Now both naked he rolled on top of me and I could feel hiserection.’Guide me in slut.’ he said.I lowered my hand and took hold of his penis. I had never felt anotherman’s cock before and it felt huge. I opened my legs wide and guidedhim into me. I gasped as he thrust hard into me and started to pump.His fingers grasped my breasts and cruelly squeezed them.’Come on slut, tell me that you like it.’ he said.All I could smell was his body odour, which was awful. When I didn’tanswer him he rose on one elbow and slapped my face.’Come on slut, you know you like it rough.’My face stung but I said in a panting tone, ‘Yes I like it when youtreat me rough.’He smiled and again slapped my face. Although he was still thrustinginto me I felt no joyous feelings and then I felt him ejaculate intome. He finished and lay still on me.’Did you like that whore.’ he said.Scared to say anything else I said yes.’Good, now suck my cock until it’s hard again before I put you over myknee and spank your ass.’I lowered myself on the bed until my face was level with his penis.He grabbed my hair and screamed, ‘Suck it whore!’I wanted to cry, I wanted to kill my stepsister but all I could do wasopen my mouth and suck him. His flaccid penis tasted sour and the odourthat emanated from him was unpleasant. I knew that Vicky and Eva wouldbe downstairs probably laughing as I humiliated myself with theirgardener. They would know what he was putting me through and Vickywould be enjoying the thought of her former stepbrother now herfeminised maid being treated like a whore. She knew that I had nevertreated women well and was now receiving some of my own treatment. Ifelt Alfie’s cock growing larger again as I sucked him. His hands heldmy head tight to him and I thought I was going to choke. He let go ofme and demanded that I get onto my hands and knees. I did as he wanted.He knelt behind me on the bed.’I’m gonna fuck your pretty little ass.’ he said spitefully.I felt him pull my ass cheeks apart and in one thrust he impaled me onhis cock. I screamed and his hand came around my face and gagged me. Idug my fingers into the bedclothes as he went in and out, thrustingdeeper and harder. Tears filled my eyes as the intensity of the paingrew. Now both his hand were over my mouth, so that he was using myhead to give him better leverage. I could feel his balls slappingagainst me.’You love this you dirty slut, you love it don’t you, let me hear yousay it.’ he demanded.Alfie loosened his grip so that I could talk and in a sobbing pantingvoice I said, ‘I love it.”Tell me that you love me fucking your ass.”I love you fucking my ass.”Tell me to do it harder.”Fuck me harder.”Say please fuck me harder.”Please fuck me harder.’He laughed as he heard this and then he thrust faster until he spurtedinto me. His hands pushed me off him so that my face hit the headboard.I lay on my side hurting so much. My teary eyes watched him get up andthen sit on the side of the bed.’Slut, get on your knees in front of me.’ he ordered.I got off the bed and dropped down before him.’My cock has been in your ass and needs cleaning, start licking it likethe whore you are.’I lowered my head into his groin area and started to lick him. I waspraying that he would not become erect again to quickly.After several minutes of tonguing his cock he said, ‘Tell me that youare a dirty slut and you want to lick my ass.’I sobbed and knew that resistance was not an option.’I am a dirty slut and want to lick your ass.’He laughed and then said, ‘Say please Sir may I lick your ass.’His desire to completely control and humiliate me was making him hardagain and again he laughed as he heard me, ‘Please Sir I am a dirtyslut may I lick your ass.’He smiled as he turned and laid face down on the bed.’Start licking whore.’ he commanded.I slid forward slowly on my knees and lowered my head so that it wasclosed to his bottom. I hesitated as my nose got closer and picked upthe odour from him.’Hurry up slut.’ he demanded.With my breath coming in short gasps my tongue came from my mouth and Igrimaced as it touched the skin in the crack of his bottom and ran upit. Time and again he demanded that I run my tongue up his crack andconstantly reminded me that I was his ass-licking whore. Before thefateful day that I came to my stepsisters for help I had been amasculine person that had not considered any liaison with another man.How things had changed. I was now a servile female that was beingtreated like some piece of garbage by a man that would be unlikely toattract a woman with his charms. Now he lay on the bed as I tongued hisass, humiliating myself for his benefit and the amusement of Vicky andEva.He moved so that I had to back away and then turned so that he wassitting on the bed.’Ask me nicely if you can suck my cock and swallow my cum whore.’ hesaid looking down at me.’Please Sir may I suck your cock and swallow your cum.’He laughed and pointed to his penis indicating for me to do it. I bentforward and took it in my mouth. His hands went around the back of myhead holding me. He started to move my head back and forth as I suckedhim. He was effectively using my mouth to masturbate himself. I heardhim start to groan and then speed up the motion with my head. He cameand gushed what seemed like gallons of his semen into my mouth. Hishands gripped me tightly so that escape was not possible and it wasswallow or choke. He held me there until his cock became flaccid andthen he pushed me to the floor.He stood smiling and walked over to his clothes and proceeded to dress.He never said a word and when he finished lacing his shoes he left theroom still with a smug smile on his face. I got up slowly feeling mybody aching. My back passage hurt as I moved. I slowly walked to theshower room and brushed my teeth and then showered, washing away thetaste and smell of him. A brutal male had ravaged my body. This wouldhave been terrible for a female and although I had been given a femaleexterior inside I was still a man. I had been ****d and sodomised and Iwas helpless to prevent my stepsister arranging the same treatment ofme again. I looked in the mirror and saw my face. There were slightbruises on both cheeks. I stared at the new features that made me lookso convincingly a member of the female sex and wondered if Alfie knewthat I had once been a man. He was an a****l and would not have caredeither way.I returned to my room and dressed in my maid clothes. I walked slowlydownstairs and could hear voices. Alfie was still with Vicky and Evaand he was talking to them and laughing. Eva heard me and told me tojoin them into the sitting room.’Ah Nicola, Alfie has been telling me that you have had a good timetogether and that he really likes you.’It was Vicky that had said this, her face betraying the joy she wasfeeling. It was hard to believe that we had spent a lot of our growingyears together and although I knew that she was quite sadistic, thedepths that she had taken me to were about to be surpassed.’Since Alfie is alone with his twin teenage daughters it would makesense for you to move in with him Nicola.’I swallowed deeply as I heard this, my eyes filling with tears as herwords hit me. I looked from Vicky to Eva to Alfie hoping that this wassome kind of nightmare that I would soon awaken from. It wasn’t enoughfor Vicky to steal my masculinity and replace it with a female formthat had to be compliant but now she was literally giving me to thismonster.’Alfie, why don’t you go up to Nicola’s room and get her clothes andthen the pair of you can get off, I’m sure that there is plenty thepair of you will want to do when you get home.’ said Vicky.He smiled and left the room and went upstairs bounding two steps at atime.’Please Vicky, don’t do this, I will do anything you want, but don’tmake me move in with him, he is an a****l.’Vicky and Eva laughed at what I said and then my stepsister said, ‘Youwere responsible for my Dad dying and I swore that I would make yousuffer. I could have had you killed but waited my time and you came tome and that makes it even better because you trapped yourself and Itook advantage of it.’The spiteful look on her face said that she was never going to show meany mercy.’Alfie is a bit of an a****l Nicola, that’s why you have been given tohim, he will make your life so miserable making you clean, cook andlook after his daughters and himself and then he will repay you bybrutally r****g you, you are going to have such great fun.’Eva had said nothing to this point but then joined in, ‘His daughtersdrove away Alfie’s previous lover, she seemed to like the **** andnasty treatment from him but apparently couldn’t take it from hisdaughters as well.’I stood looking at them knowing that life was going to get worse. Alfieran down the stairs and re-joined us in the living room. He wascarrying a holdall, which he dropped in front of me.He said goodbye to Vicky and Eva and that he would be over next week todo the garden.’Come on slut, you have work to do before we can go to bed and enjoyourselves.’Vicky and Eva giggled as they heard this. I could still hear themlaughing as Alfie led me out of the door and out to his van.This was the beginning of my new life as a female, a submissive femalethat would suffer for the sins of her male past.

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