new cuckold pt III pregnant


new cuckold pt III pregnantThe next two days were a nightmare, since my wife had told me that Jim had fucked her without a condom and cum inside her over and over. I knew I needed to be strong for Kay, but I had tried to convince her that she would start her period it was just a couple of days late. Rather than face the more likely probability that she was pregnant. Jim had caught her at her most fertile time of the month and unless he was sterile had planted plenty of sperm inside of her. Kay came home from the d**g store with a bag full of everykind of pregnancy test they had, I was more anxious then if it were my own. Kay locked the bedroom door and left me to wait and wonder. I was fully prepared to take her wherever asyabahis yeni giriş she wanted for the abortion that I was certain would be needed. Kay came out for lunch I asked well? She said she didn’t know yet, that I just needed to wait. After lunch she locked herself back in our room I could hear her talking to someone on the phone, after almost 2 more hours she called me in. Kay says guess what, she sounded happy I felt a sigh of relief as I said your not pregnant. Kay said you get to be a father again, she was laughing at me as she told me the news. I was in shock not that she was pregnant I was prepared for that, but I hadn’t expected my wife to want to have another man’s baby and be asyabahis giriş excited about it. I thought she must be joking as she told me we were set for a boys name but what about a girls name. I asked her if she was sure of the results and she showed me every test was positive. I asked Kay if she didn’t want to consider an abortion, she went off on me this was her baby inside of her and in no way would she terminate so I had better get that strait now. I was crushed, now I had a pretty good idea how a teenage girl feels who gets pregnant when she loses her virginity. Kay went on about how if it was a boy he’d be Jim and what about Jessie or Jane if it’s a girl? I faced the reality that I would have asyabahis güvenilirmi to raise another mans baby as my own. I had noone. To blame but myself I had arranged for my wife to meet Jim and even helped him seduce her and begged her to. I had never dreamed however that Kay would let any other man fuck her bareback condoms had been agreed upon to protect us from sexually transmitted diseases as well as pregnancy. The next day I asked Kay if she wanted to have Jim’s baby I understand that you are going too. Kay told me she hadn’t wanted to get pregnant but if it was ment to be it was ment to be. I said so your alright with having a baby from a man who basicly ****d you and forgot you. Kay then told me that Jim kept calling the house wanting to know if I know anything, I haven’t told him though. Jim is a handsome youngman but I’m afraid he might try to become posessive of me and his baby. I said then don’t tell him, Kay said he’s gonna know sooner or later. I said let it be later.

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