New Slave on the Block (Part 2)



“Ah, I see you have woken up. Finally.”

Kirk looked to the door, startled and panicked by the sight of Rifka. She slinked toward him slowly, wearing a bright red tank top and a short leather skirt with her knee-high boots, and Kirk watched their reflections in the mirror as Rifka stepped behind him and marveled at her thugs’ handiwork.

“Mhmm…” she purred quietly, “no tearing.”

“What do you care?” Kirk growled against his gag.

“My boys have been talking to me about letting you join. Some of them are rather fond of you. I cannot see why, but I do not stop them. They say you would be fun to play with, being so macho on the outside, but ohhh so dependent on the inside…”

Rifka’s hands strayed over Kirk’s ass and thighs, and he was humiliated but the stirring in his cock. She leaned around his side and saw the movement. Her grin was evil. “I think you may have actually liked my punishment.”

Kirk jerked his hands against the chains in panic, trying to get away as he avidly denied her allegations.

“You DID!” Rifka cried happily. Kirk shook his head emphatically, but it didn’t seem to matter to Rifka. “Oh yes you did.” She grasped his hips and held him still with the same amount of strength as all her thugs put together. Kirk froze, trembling with terror, not knowing what to expect.

Rifka purred into his ear. “You LIKED it,” she whispered in a seductive voice, “you liked the feel of a hard body pinning you down, you loved the feel of a hard, pulsing dick burrowing into your ass, sinking deep into your guts, spreading you wide… breaking you down… taking you in a way nothing else can…” Rifka’s voice grew breathier with arousal, “Ooh, you LIVE for the feel of hot, sticky cum burning your innards! You want it, do you not? DO YOU NOT?”

Kirk leaned his head back and groaned helplessly, his cock hard and throbbing. Behind him, Rifka slipped off her skirt and began strapping something on to her pelvis. “Yesssss, you do want it.” She demanded in a sultry purr.

Kirk whimpered, fearing another gang-bang.

“But you want it… from ME.”

Kirk gasped in surprise. “Yes!” He tried to tell her how badly he wanted her to just touch him, but the gag mangled his words.

“Oh, I will do more than just touch you, my pet.” Rifka reached around and grabbed his cock firmly, beginning to jerk him off. Kirk moaned as the firm grip skillfully pumped his shaft back and forth, squeezing tighter toward the tip as though milking him like a cow. Soon his hips were throwing themselves forward as cum shot from his member, his muffled cries of tortured passion echoing in the empty room. “Mmm,” Rifka smiled and reached up to remove his gag, “now it is my turn.”

Kirk panted and chewed on his gag as Rifka pushed her fingers up into his ass. Oh god, it hurt! But he didn’t care! Rifka’s fingers spread the sticky cum around his anus for a few minutes for sliding out. Kirk moaned unhappily.

“Oh, do not worry, my pet. I am going to give you something even better.”

Without further warning, something hard and cold nestled against his ass. Kirk gasped at the chilly temperature, then howled as Rifka shoved it past his rim and deep into his guts. Wasting no time, she took hold of his hips and began to thrust into him hard and fast, claiming every inch of his insides with short, quick strokes. The dildo she was using felt monstrously huge, and Kirk couldn’t contain his sharp, awed cries each time Rifka thrust deep and spread him wide.

Then, she began to move faster. Her soft grunts and heavy breathing were music to Kirk’s ears. He felt his cock throbbing, his balls tightening; he knew he was about to cum again. He panted and gasped for air, squeezing his eyes tightly shut.

“Harder!” He pleaded suddenly.

“Louder!” Rifka commanded.

“Do it Onwin harder!!!” He screamed into the gag.

Rifka dug her nails into his hips for leverage, beginning to slam the dildo into Kirk’s ass harder and harder. “Who owns you?” She shouted at him.

“You do!”

“And who am I?”

“Mistress Rifka! You own me!”

“Good boy!” Rifka changed her angle sharply and hit something inside Kirk that sent a powerful electric current through his body. With a shrill cry, more like a scream, he felt his cock explode in a fountain of cum. Rifka bore down on his prostate for what felt like a forever, then began to slow. Kirk felt faint from the pleasure and sagged, letting his chains and the strap-on hold him up.

“Do you like it?” Rifka whispered in his ear, removing his gag.

“Yes.” He whimpered.

“Do you want more?”

“Yes. Please, yes.”

“Be good, and you will get more.”

“I’ll never anger you again, Mistress.” Kirk mewled.

“Good boy.” Rifka slowly withdrew from his ass, grinning at his soft groan. She took him down from the chains, then detached the dildo and slid her skirt back on. “I suppose it is time for your initiation.” She told him, pushing his clothes into his arms.

“My…what?” Kirk blushed as he was forced to wear the torn suit.

Rifka chuckled. “You have much to learn, Pet, but you will learn.” She began to walk away and Kirk followed like a lost puppy. They ended up at the door to a large office, with her name on a brass plaque in bold lettering, Rifka Bastet – Mistress of Internal Affairs. Rifka opened the door and walked inside, reaching over her desk to grab a small business card. She handed it to Kirk. “Come to this address tonight at 6:30. Do not be late.” Orders given, Rifka shut the door in his face.


As the workday came to a close at 5:00, Kirk nervously watched his employees drifting out to their cars. He fingered Rifka’s business card and looked at the address. 17270 Shoreline Ave NE, Everstone, WA. It was near by… Kirk knew Everstone was the rich side of town where one could expect to see masonry fences and gilded gates blocking winding paths that led to rolling, grandiose mansions.

Who was this woman?

It was nearing five-thirty and Kirk took one last glance out his office window. The sun was beginning to set, and he knew it would be dark before he reached Rifka’s home. He got his jacket and headed out.

The entire drive had him contemplating his sanity. At stop lights he considered turning back, but he had a nagging feeling that the entire office would know him as a coward if he didn’t show up. He pressed forward, and eventually found himself at the wrought-iron gates of a grand, two-story mansion. He got out and approached the call box and pressed the button, speaking. “Uh, I’m here.”

The gates slowly swung open and Kirk jumped back into his car, driving up to the house. He parked behind the silver Park Avenue he recognized as Rifka’s, and made his way up to the front door, ringing the bell. An aging woman in a maid’s uniform opened the door. She had a dignified air about her, and Kirk could tell that she had been beautiful in her youth.


Kirk stuttered. “I um, I was invited…”

“It is all right, Matilda.” Rifka was at the top of a long staircase at the end of the grand entry room, wearing another fabulous, revealing gown. “Allow him in.”

Matilda glanced back to Rifka and nodded. “Yes, Mistress.” She moved aside and Kirk stepped in past her.

“You arrived on time, Kirk.” Rifka purred. “That pleases me. It is a good way to start.” She crooked a finger at him and he climbed the staircase obediently. At the landing, Rifka attached a collar and leash around Kirk’s neck. “Shed your clothes.” She commanded. “Now!”

Kirk hesitated for a Onwin Giriş second before disrobing, letting his clothes pile on the floor. When he was naked from head to toe, Rifka led him down the hall to a door. Rifka turned the knob and pushed the door open. Inside, the room was dark, and Rifka proceeded to light a number of candles around the place, giving it an eerie, otherworldly glow.

The room was warm; warm enough that Kirk was thankful for his nudity. Several wolf-whistles and catcalls sounded around him from the shadows and Kirk cringed in humiliation. Rifka gave a harsh laugh. “Oh stop sulking,” she scolded, “they are only congratulating you!”

“Congratulating?” Well, that made him feel better! Kirk stood as proudly as he could while still on the leash. He squinted into the dark and began to see that there were people sitting around the edge of the room, some in chairs and others on pillows, some just lying on the floor. Most of them were naked, or at least half-naked.

Rifka slipped behind a dressing screen, only to come out several minutes later in a leather teddy, cut high over her hips to allow her legs a free range of movement, and leaving only a slender thong to cover her shaven pussy and the crack of her ass. It was all Kirk could do to not drool at the sight of her firm asscheeks. Thigh-high black boots hugged her muscular legs, and her large, perky breasts swelled inside the tight bodice that allowed hard, pierced nipples to stick out.

Bending over tantalizingly at the waist, Rifka began to unwrap a series of bundles. Kirk shifted to get a better view, and saw a row of dildos of all sorts of shapes and sizes. He counted fifteen of them and shrank away, frightened.

Rifka turned toward him. “Do you want to be mine?” She asked. Kirk nodded. “Then tough it out. Everyone else has.”

Kirk gulped. What had he gotten himself into?

“Adrian, darling…” there was a sultry purr of adoration in Rifka’s voice that filled Kirk with raging hostility, “want to do the honors?”

“Don’t mind if I do.” Adrian stepped from the darkness, and Kirk saw that the young man was clad in a leather catsuit that didn’t leave much to the imagination. “Turn around, Bitch.” He snarled.

Kirk glanced at Rifka and saw she was grinning. Adrian spun him around forcefully, and then shoved him roughly onto a triangular contraption with four restraints, two on either side. Kirk squirmed as Adrian began to tie down his wrists and yelped as his knees were spread painfully wide and held that way by the strong leather belts.

“Who wants to Sponsor this one?” Rifka called out. Someone came forward that Kirk couldn’t see, and he shivered as water began to trickle over his body. He was scrubbed down with a soft pad, and then a nozzle was pushed gently against his hole and a jet of warm-water shot into his guts. Kirk gasped as his innards were flushed out, his cock beginning to harden, but as soon as it started it was over, and his cock went slack again as he was patted dry.

“And this, my Love?” Adrian offered Rifka a ball gag.

Rifka waved it away. “Ohhhh no. I want to hear him scream.”

With an evil grin, Adrian set the gag aside. “He squeals like a pig.”

“Ooh, good!” Rifka stepped up to Adrian and he opened his mouth just as she slid her tongue over his lips. As they kissed noisily, Adrian snuck one of his fingers inside the strip of leather clothing Rifka’s pussy. With a delighted moan, Rifka pulled away and gave Adrian a soft push, grinning playfully. Then, she took hold of the contraption that Kirk was on and turned it around on its wheels, bringing him face to face with the intimidating row of extremely oversized dildos. Kirk was sure he didn’t see anything fewer than ten inches long, and none of them were less than two inches wide.

“If I Onwin Güncel Giriş fuck you will all of these, and you do not cum, I will let you into my harem.” Rifka purred.

“And if I can’t…?”

“You will be evaluated.”

“Evaluated! What the hell does that mean?”

Rifka spun Kirk away again and stood behind him, and he began to realize that the Frame held his ass perfectly level with Rifka’s pelvis. “I won’t be sitting down for a while…” He thought grimly.

“Pick a direction,” Rifka ordered, “Left or right.”

“Left!” Kirk stammered.

“Ooooh…” Moaned the audience. Kirk’s heart leapt into his throat.

“Adrian?” There was a shuffle, most likely caused by Adrian helping Rifka attach the first dildo. “Thanks gorgeous.”

“All right everyone,” Adrian spoke to the audience, “Show of hands! Yes, or No?” He counted the hands. “Hmmm… Five ‘yes’ to fifteen ‘no’.” He reported.

Rifka purred thoughtfully. “I could use it anyway…”

“I dunno baby,” Adrian somehow managed to keep a straight face. “If you don’t, it’ll give you more resistance… More to work against… More friction on your clit…”

Rifka hummed again.

“More screaming…”

“Ooooh, all right. They win.”

Adrian turned back toward the audience. “It has been decided!” He paused to make the outcome more dramatic. “No!”

The audience cheered, and Kirk trembled. He felt Rifka step up close behind him, felt her hands grasp his ass, and the next thing he knew, something obscenely huge and cold pushed against his hole. He gasped and strained against it as the unlubed dong began to slowly force its way into him.

“Ah!” He cried out, “Ahhh!!!”

“Ooh Adrian! You were right! He is squealing like a Suckling and that is barely the first inch!”

“Aaahhhh!!!” Kirk yelled as more of the strap-on dick sank into him. The fiery pain was unimaginable!

“Oooh fuck!” Rifka growled, grinding her hips around and thrusting back and forth to work the dildo into Kirk’s stubborn hole. “After all the fucking he has been doing, you would think he would not be so damn tight! Auuuhh!! Take it, bitch!”

Kirk’s shrill cry pierced the air as Rifka slammed the dildo to the hilt in one swift motion. He gasped in agony as Rifka slowly began to ease back out to the tip before thrusting it all in again, building a firm, steady rhythm. Each time the dildo sank in and burrowed out another inch, Kirk screamed and every muscle in his body seemed to convulse together as his cock sprang quickly to full-mast.

“Louder, bitch!” Rifka yelled.

Kirk screamed louder, as loud as he could, as Rifka stroked the dildo in and out, making sure to hit harder with each return. She panted softly as she worked, each thrust remaining slow and methodical, and after several moments she would pull out and return with a fresh dick. Kirk felt them getting bigger and bigger, and each new entry made the pitch of his cries get higher and higher as Rifka reamed him harder and faster. Kirk bucked and strained as he felt his balls tightening, the white-hot cum boiling inside them. He tried so hard not to cum, he’d lost count of how many she’d used all ready, he’d been too busy screaming…

“Oooh God,” Rifka groaned as she pulled out again. “This one is my favorite…”

Kirk panted to catch his breath, but Rifka didn’t give him much of a chance before she was on him again. Kirk began to strain again, and howled at the feel of this new dong. It had to have been at least as big around as a softball and as long as his forearm! Not to mention, it was covered in little knobs, and as Rifka shoved it inside him with blatant disregard for his personal health, Kirk felt that blazing electric pleasure as the knobs ground continuously against his prostate.

His scream must have broken the sound barrier as he came, his body heaving violently enough to shake the frame he was strapped to. Behind him, Rifka cursed and began to thrust like a piston, as hard and as fast as she could, keeping Kirk screaming on high until he passed out, which seemed to take forever…

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