New soldiers ride the Pat Train


New soldiers ride the Pat TrainNew soldiers ride the Pat TrainMy wife had always had a fantasy of being gangbanged and loved to role play being ****d… not the violent anger filled **** but one where she was taken and had no control over what, who or when she was forced to do. This story is about my helping her fill both fantasies.Her name was Pat, she was 35, brown hair and eyes, about 5’ 6” and about 130 lbs. There was nothing she loved more than fucking… when she saw a hard cock she thought it was destined for her cunt and she lived to have a nice load of cum deposited deep within her.Pat was no stranger to group sex, we’d done many a MMF and MFF 3some and more than one couple swap. Like I said, all it took was a hard cock and she was ready to go!I started off my plan on Wednesday morning… I hopped up early and took a shower with her and sucked her pussy to a crashing orgasm and then I promptly exited the shower. Pat was left standing with a look mixed between confusion and torture on her face because generally I would have fucked her like a cheap whore at that point. Not this time though.All day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I tortured her with nasty phone calls and emails just constantly teasing her. When she came home in the evenings I was always rubbing her cunt while she was cooking or fingering her to near orgasm and just generally driving her insane. By Thursday evening she was begging me to fuck her but I just kept telling her she had to wait until Friday night.Friday morning I was awakened by some sucking on my cock and I knew immediately what her plan was, she was going to get me hard and climb on for a ride. Boy, did I surprise her! Instead I got up, went in and got in the shower. Within two minutes Pat was there with me, begging me to fuck her. Telling me how much she needed my cock. Telling me how she was going to grab one of the guys at work and fuck him during lunch. I just laughed at her and told her she had to wait until that evening.Around 5:00p on Friday I called her at work and told her I would meet her at one of the motels downtown. She was curious but I wouldn’t give her any details other than she was going to get fucked.At 6:00p I arrived and she was there waiting in the lobby. I checked us in and took Pat up to our room. She had noticed I was carrying a box but she didn’t ask what I had until we were inside the room. I told her to get undressed; I wanted her completely naked except for her high heels. Within 30 seconds she had managed to take off her business suit, stockings, blouse, bra and panties and put her heels back on. I just admired her for a few minutes and then told her that I was going to give her 30 minutes to take a quick shower, and then I wanted her to put on everything in the box including the slut heels. As I walked towards the door she asked where I was going and I told her I would be back at 7:00p and she had better be ready.I went back down to the lobby and asked the desk clerk if he wanted to earn an extra $100. So, I tell the desk clerk that to earn his $100 he had to get me 15 guys on the hotel bar within 30 minutes and that I would buy each of them a beer. In the mean time I went out to the car and pulled some handcuffs, Velcro ankle straps and one of those little ergonomic sitting stools that you find for computer desks out of my trunk. One thing I learned about those sitting stools is that instead of placing your knees on the knee pads and sitting on the seat you could turn a woman around the other way and have her bend over the seat and her ass and pussy would be on perfect display. I quickly carried the stool up to the room and left it sitting outside the door and returned to the lobby.One by one the guys started filtering in and there ended up being about 11 guys. Most were 21-23 and one was 29. There were 8 whites, 5 blacks, 3 Hispanics and one Asian. Three of the guys were married so I asked them to leave, telling them this was just for single men. I ask everyone to gather around and told them that I knew it was their last night in town and that I wanted to make it special for them. I explained how I had been in their shoes 15 years before and I knew what they were going to go through and then I told them my wife had a fantasy of being gangbanged. You should have seen their eyes light up! I told them that at 7:30 anyone interested could come up to room 314 and have as much fun as they wanted for as long as they wanted.Stunned silence.Finally one man asked if I was k**ding and I said burdur rus escort no. He wanted to know why them and I told him that A) they were leaving town for 3-4 months, they were all just tested for STDs and I knew if they made it this far they were all clean. It was safe for everyone. There were a few murmurs in the crowd and I said here are the rules:1) You can spank her but you can’t leave bruises;2) You can call her any names you want; 3) You can fuck any hole you want;4) You can come on her, in her hair, on her face, or in her,The crowd was going wild.I told them there was a white ford pickup in the parking lot and it had a cooler full of beer in the back and they should get that and bring it up to the room with them but not to arrive before 7:30p sharp!I then left them and went back upstairs to find Pat fully dressed in a black, full body, crotch less, body stocking. She was holding the blind fold in her hands and the heels were firmly on her feet.She looked really surprised when I came carrying the ergo-stool into the room and you could see the look of curiosity and anticipation on her face. I just looked at her and asked if she was ready to be fucked. She replied by laying back and spreading her legs wide and begging me to put something in her cunt. I just laughed at her and told her to get up that she was going to get fucked in a few minutes but first I had to get her into the position I wanted her in.Yeah, she bitched a little and wanted to know why I couldn’t just fuck her right then and there and what was all the production about and whine, whine, whine!I had reserved a room with two full side beds and I pushed one of them up against the wall leaving a big area in the center of the room and I placed the ergo-stool in the center and put Pat in the position I wanted. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the handcuffs and ankle straps. I wrapped the ankle straps around the stool a few times to take up some of the slack and the strapped Pat’s ankles in place. I then walked around in front of her and showed her the handcuffs. I didn’t use cuffs on Pat often as she was pretty well trained and would keep her hands where ever you told her two but this time I didn’t want to take any chances and I wanted her to be completely subdued.After cuffing her hands to the stool she looked at me and said why are you doing all of this? I told her that tonight she was going to be fucked beyond her wildest dreams. I started removing my clothes because before I told her what was going to happen to her I was going to take her in all three holes.Standing naked in front of her I kneeled down and placed my semi-hard cock at her mouth and told her to suck it. Without wasting a seconds she was bobbing her head up and down my shaft. As I came to full hardness I pulled my cock from her mouth only to hear her moan in frustration and beg me to let her suck it. Instead I placed the blindfold over her eyes and walked around behind her. A quick glance at the clock told me it was 20 after 7 and I had just 10 minutes to get her warmed up.Reaching down I checked her pussy and found it to be soaked… not just a little wet but squishy soaked! I inched forward and slipped my cock into her. She arched her back but found that with the handcuffs and ankle straps she wasn’t able to move much. As I began stroking my cock in and out of her I told her that I had found about 8 young guys who were going to come up and fuck her. This caused her head to snap around towards me but with the blindfold she couldn’t see me. I told her they were going to fuck her pussy, her ass and her mouth and with that I started running my thumb all over her ass. She started complaining about how that was too much, too many guys and I just told her to shut the fuck up because she had no choice in the matter. I pulled a tube of KY off the bed and started applying it to her ass and working my thumb around to loosen her up. I then pulled my cock from her pussy and surprisingly she didn’t make a sound but as I slipped my cock up her ass she let out another moan. I told her she’d have no idea what they looked like, what color they were other than most were white but some were black and one was Hispanic and one was Asian. As I stroked in and out of her ass she was panting hard telling me she couldn’t fuck that many guys! I just laughed and pulled my cock out and walked around to her face. I grabbed her thick, dark hair and lifted her head up and shoved my cock in burdur rus escort bayan her mouth. Like the good little slut she was, she sucked me completely clean.A glance at the clock showed 7:28p. I pulled out and wrapped a towel around myself and sit on the edge of the bed. No sooner had I sat down and there was a knock at the door. I stood and smacked Pat on the ass really hard and told her to get ready that tonight she was a whore and was going to be fucked like one.As I opened the door you would have thought there was a riot in the hall. Twelve young studs at the door all pushing to get in and get fucked. As they walked in they started getting loud and shouting at what a site. I told them they could do as they pleased and asked who wanted to go first. It was a mad house as clothes went flying every where! I noticed one of the black bucks was the first to get to her head and he just looked at me as in what now? I told him to just grab her hair, lift her head up and stick his dick in her mouth. As his cock started brushing up against her lips she was eagerly trying to swallow it whole! Another young buck was already hard and had plunged straight into her sopping cunt… and so it began.I noticed a few of the guys were hanging back and after a few questions found they were all virgins. Three virgin cocks. I led them around to the front of the line and as guys dumped their loads on or in Pat I had the other hold off. Once her wholes were vacant I asked if she were ready for some virgin cock and she just started talking trash “Oh God, please let me suck their virgin cocks! I want to swallow their virgin Cum and then fuck their virgin cocks and I want them all to fuck me up the ass!”And suck them she did! None of them lasted more than two minutes and before the third was done the first one was hard again and I told him to fuck her in the cunt. Virgins or not they each found their rhythm and were joyfully fucking away. For two hours these 8 guys rotated between Pat mouth, pussy and ass. Never once leaving her with two holes empty. After awhile I could see the ergo-stool was taking it’s toll on Pat so I called a beer break and as the guys mumbled a little I think they were all pretty much ready for a break. I started by taking the blindfold off and while she was letting her eyes adjust to the light in the room I undid the handcuffs and started working on the ankle straps.Once Pat was completely loose I helped her up and you could see the exhaustion from all the fucking, all her orgasms and being bound in that one position had taken its toll, she was stiff and sore. I told her to go grab a quick shower and a piss. As she turned around and saw all the hard young flesh in front of her I thought she was going to pass out! She said “My God! Have I fucked all of you?” The boys all started talking at once and most were telling her they had fucked her two or three times each in every hole she had. After a little hand waving I managed to get the crowd to calm down a little and I told her they had all had their cocks in every hole she had. She said she had to see this! I smacked her ass and told her to get cleaned up and we’d continue on the bed. About two minutes after she entered the bath room we heard the shower running and then one of the guys had to go pee and that started a train to the toilet.All of the guys were chatting and the conversation was bouncing around between where they were from, what army life would be like, how great this night was etc. Ten minutes later I noticed she was still in the shower and as my attention shifted to her I heard moaning and I decided to go look. Pulling back the curtains I find one of the black guys laying in the bathtub, Pat straddling his 10” cock, another guy behind her with his cock up her ass and a third holding on to her head and fucking her face as hard as he could… she was completely air tight and loving every minute of it!I called to the other guys to come see and as they all crowded into the bath room they started whooping and hollering and cheering the other guys on. The more they cheered the harder Pat got fucked. You could see her body trembling from orgasm after orgasm. After about two minutes of this the guy face fucking her pulled her off his cock and she began screaming obscenities demanding to be fucked harder. He just held her head back and started shooting cum all over her face. This caused the guy in her ass to go off and his swelling, pulsing rus escort burdur cock set the guy in her cunt off. To a chorus of “I’m cumming” and “take it bitch” we watched 4 bodies orgasm in the tub.After they had all come down and rinsed off, Pat wandered out of the bath and back into the fray. Most of us were back to hard and as I had still not cum I was more than ready to fuck but I figured we only had about another hour left and everyone would be spent and then I’d fuck her.So the other guys said they all wanted to try that so one guy with an obscenely thick 8” cock lay down on the bed and Pat mounted him and told the other to take their turns. For the first 3 or 4 guys she just sat on the fat cock… you’d see her wiggle around enjoying the fullness but after awhile he wanted more and he started bouncing her up and down on his fuck pole. This was all that was needed to send her back into full action. She stayed airtight for another 30 minutes as every cock in there fucked her face to get ready and then dumped a load of cum up her ass. It was truly a cum train as the rotated front to back. When one cock was pulled out another took its place.Finally as things started to wind down Pat was complaining about her jaw being sore, her ass being rubbed raw and her cunt muscles aching there were only a few hard dicks left in the room so I figured it was time to show them what a true whore she was.I started by asking her if she loved cock? She said “you know I do!” I asked her if she loved cum? She said “Oh baby you know I live to have cum dumped in me!” I then ordered her to crawl on her slutty hands and knees all around the room thanking all of these wonderful cocks for fucking her so well. She started to get up from the side of the bed and that’s when I reached over and grabbed a hand full of her hair and pulled her down on her knees. I said “ I told you to crawl slut!” and she just looked at me and said “Yes sir!” and she crawled around to each guy licking his cock and thanking him. As she came to a hard cock I asked the guy if he wanted to cum again and how. The first one wanted to cum in her ass again and I told him to take it from her like she was a total whore so he grabbed her hair and pushed her face down into the carpet and ordered her to spread her ass cheeks. She struggled to get her hands back there but she did and she spread her ass wide. Before he could even get his cock up her ass she was moaning and begging him to fuck her slut ass. He banged her hard for about 5 minutes before filling her ass full of cum. As he pulled his cock out he ordered her to clean him and without hesitation she sucked his cock clean.Pat then continued around the room licking and cleaning two more cocks before coming to the last hard cock and as he sat stroking his big black log he told Pat he wanted to fuck her doggy style with her looking at all these other guys so they could see how much she loved his big black cock. He then pulled her over to the bed put her on her hands and knees. He started spanking her ass and demanding that she tell everyone what she was. She started screaming “I’m a whore! I’m a cock loving whore! I’m a cum loving whore!”He then ordered her to tell everyone what she wanted. You could see the lust in her eyes as she said “I want your big black cock to fuck me! I want to feel you rip me apart! I want you to bust through my cervix! I want you to knock my ass up with your baby cum!” With this he rammed his cock all the way home and she screamed out. He reached forward and grabbed a handful of hair and yanked her head back and pounded into her pussy harder than I think anyone had ever fucked her.He asked her if she was now a black cock whore! She screamed. He asked her if she would fuck any black man who wanted her. She screamed. He demanded answers and she started babbling “I’m a whore. I’m a black cock whore. I will fuck any black man who wants to fuck me! I need cum! I live for cum!”We were all cheering him on and he was telling her too look at how everyone wanted her to be a whore and that was when her body started convulsing with a huge orgasm. About half way through her cum he pulled his big black pole out of Pat and started stroking his cock until he shot ropes of cum all over her ass and back. Pat feeling the cum whipped around and stuffed his cock down here throat where she coaxed the last remnants of cum from his rapidly deflating cock.As she finished he pulled his cock from her mouth and leaned back against the wall and just stared at her. She fell over on her gooey back and passed out. The guys started cheering and after a round of applause they started sorting through their clothes and getting dressed. Exactly 4 hours from the start the room was empty. Pat had been ****d they way she wanted, she had been gang-banged and turned into a total whore.

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