New Ways to Live: Rhian , Ryan



Exploring a daring concept in documentarian style, this is the first of what may be a new series exploring the lives of blood relatives after incest becomes legalised, which happens in the near future of this fictional universe. I’ve tried my best to blur the lines between realism and fantasy, but most of all to have fun with it. I hope you do too!



PF — Rhian (45) is a working single mother now living alone in a two-bedroom apartment. Her son Ryan (26) now works and lives in the next city over and still visits on his free weekends. He too is currently single. The two of them remain engaged in a casual sexual relationship, which began three years prior, some five years after Ryan’s father filed for divorce and moved away.

If one didn’t know that these two were mother and son, you might not think it to look at them. Rhian develops an air of shyness about her when her son introduces himself; which he does happily and with clear confidence and ease. And when he kisses her and puts his arm around her she folds into him and laughs somewhat defensively, though she folds into him without hesitation.

I tell her not to worry. The world won’t know her face and name, but their story is too remarkable not to share. It’s not so common that a mother/son relationship is so casual and amicable. I ask them where and how it all began…

Rhian — (laughs) I think for Ryan it started around puberty…

Ryan — I’m not even going to lie!

PF — If I remember correctly the bill for blood relative marriage equality was passed around the time you were a teenager. I can’t imagine what must have been running through your mind with all those hormones running rampant.

Ryan — High school was savage. You couldn’t talk about it unless you wanted to get the shit bullied out of you, but I think a lot of secrets were kept, if you know what I mean. But yeah, a few of my friends at the time envied that their mom wasn’t my mom. I got a hard time just for that. They didn’t need an excuse to accuse you of the things they came up with.

PF — Did you actively seek to start the relationship with Rhian at any time before what happened?

Ryan — No, I had a few girlfriends before then and I was happy enough. Dad quitting mom for a newer factory model when I was eighteen caused me to worry a lot…

Rhian — Newer factory model? Thanks a lot…

Ryan — What? She was a living breathing plastic fuck doll (at this point, Rhian tightens her smile and nudges Ryan in the ribs with a swift elbow); nothing to her but fake looks. Mom had every right to take it badly. It was a huge betrayal. But I think at that point we had a lot of pressure on us to just level out and get things done.

Rhian — Ryan had college for two years and then he was in a steady job, earning and charming the girls. I never really left “damage control mode” after getting everything under control. Ryan saw it and mentioned it a few times but I just settled into being single and lonely. I was in shock for some time.

PF — So when did it begin, or come about; what do you think put you two on that path to becoming a thing?

Ryan — Before mom dishes the dirt, let me just state for the record that I have always loved her strongly and not just in the way that my high school friends suggested non-stop, day in and day out, for three years. I’d do anything for her…

Rhian — I think I tried to compensate for Ryan’s dad’s absence with a lot more up-front affection; you know like hugs and kisses and just trying to be his friend when I felt I couldn’t cope as a mother? He went through phases of being distant and aloof when things started going bad. So it was my priority to make sure he wasn’t ruined by it all. Thankfully Ryan took quickly to becoming the man of the house and didn’t have too many obstacles that were too big to cope with.

Ryan — But I’d say that the biggest problem I had that I didn’t know how to deal with, was how miserable mom became. I could see she was putting on a brave face. I didn’t have the answers. I was naive enough to think that I did, that all it took was to care. So I gave as good as I got when it came to hugs and kisses and trying to be there as much as I could. It’s funny that she mentions just trying to be my friend, because that’s kind of what I was trying to be to compensate for what I couldn’t help.

Rhian — Yeah I did a lot of crying!

Ryan — She really did. Like for a whole year. And even after the tears stopped she was spending a lot of time on her own. She took to lying around in bed a lot…

Rhian — Still nothing wrong with that…

Ryan — But you were miserable then and crap at hiding it. So me being the cheery one at the time, I’d jump on top of her and promise everything would be okay, and then we’d take a nap together.



Rhian — Ryan got with this girl. They were together for almost… two years? I couldn’t put my finger on why I didn’t like her but because he seemed so escort bayan happy I pushed it down, but not without quietly making a mental note of Helen’s behaviour. I shouldn’t have.

Ryan — She bled me dry and then moved onto the next guy. Let’s leave it at that.

Rhian — But she cost him his best friends too, and so all of a sudden everything flipped around the complete opposite way. Now it was him moping off to his bedroom and me trying to put a smile on his face. He was devastated.

Ryan — Up until that point all I saw was the guy betraying the girl, because of dad. I thought that if I just treated her right that it was all good. I worshipped the ground she walked on because that’s what a good guy does, right?

Rhian — Door swings both ways!

Ryan — But you can imagine how bummed I was that being a good boyfriend cost me so much.

Rhian — So we’re lying there cuddled up on the bed and everything is cosy and peaceful, and I just say; “Fuck it! If being miserable together is this good, I’m happy if you are!”

Ryan — (laughs) I still love the irony of that. But yeah, we laughed, we cuddled and kissed, and just sorta looked at each other. You know those looks that last ten seconds too long and it becomes impossible to look away without it being more awkward than the look itself?

PF — Rhian, I see you grinning all of a sudden. Was there something in that look that you think fuelled what was bound to happen?

Rhian — Honestly, I just loved him that much. Like I said, I compensated at times and maybe over-compensated too, but I don’t think so. He was all the love I needed and sometimes silence says what words can’t…

Ryan — Awkward words… I’m just kidding, mom. Anyway, some months go by and everything becomes less shitty and just this sort of adequate mediocrity where life is “okay-ish” but things could be better. Mom is getting hormonal and frustrated, which I overlook the best I can without being driven up the wall by her weird behaviour.

Rhian — Like I was the only one!

Ryan — No you weren’t, but you were the only one not trying. I was like, “mom you have to have a social life,” but of course her friends are all settled down and there’s no such thing as a social life when someone her age suddenly becomes a grandparent.

Rhian — Thanks for explaining that, son…

Ryan — And she’s becoming more and more restless, getting up in the night and moving around listlessly…

PF — Were you two sleeping in the same bed?

Rhian — No… Well once here and there, but it wasn’t sexual. Yet.

PF — Did you find yourself sleeping together at any time when you were so frustrated?

Rhian — At first, no, but then I found myself using it as an excuse. It’s not what you think–

Ryan — Too late for that excuse, mom…

Rhian — I told myself that maybe if I shared a bed with Ryan that I could sleep still and stop being so restless. You know — get the thoughts out of my head, and stop needing what I needed?! It worked once or twice, but then I found myself just lying there in the middle of the night, afraid to wake him, and afraid to touch myself to take care of my needs. It was getting ridiculous!

Ryan — And then came the morning when “that embarrassing thing” happened…

Rhian — (bursts out in defensive laughter and covers her mouth)

Ryan — Mom liked to be spooned, you see…

Rhian — Oh god–

Ryan — And sometimes I would wake up with these incredible raging boners. Well this one time I woke up and I tried to roll out of the bed, away from mom, so I could get to the bathroom and take care of business?!

Rhian — I was already awake and mortified.

Ryan — I wondered why I couldn’t move, and then it hits me. I’m shitting myself thinking, “Oh my god, I’m in my mom and I’m stuck!”

Rhian — I’d tried to untangle him from my knickers. He’d somehow gotten in under the gusset sometime in the night, and out through the front…

Ryan — I was sandwiched between her thighs… Then; “Mom?”

Rhian — “Mom, don’t panic, but… I just need to…”

Ryan — (in hysterics) And now I’m humping back and forth, frantically trying to get unstuck without it looking like I’m trying to… you know?!

Rhian — Gradually I summon the courage to pull back the covers. I tell him to calm down and to just hang on. Boy was he hanging on. I lifted up one leg to free him and to pull my knickers out of the way. By this time it can’t be any more awkward. He’s hard as a rock and rubbing against my slit, which is hot and soaking, by the way…

Ryan — Mmmm! And she tries to untangle me manually then, but the struggle is real. I can’t help but think how much this looks like we’re actually caught up in a passionate moment before she grabs me and guides me into her.

PF — Did you?

Rhian — No! I did grab him, and I got a good feel while I was there. All of a sudden I couldn’t help but laugh. “Jesus Christ, Ryan,” I muttered, tuzla genç escort probably red with embarrassment. I didn’t dare explain why his cock was soaking wet from rubbing against my crotch.

Ryan — As soon as I was free, I bailed to the bathroom. I was there a while.

PF — And what did you do at that moment, Rhian?

Rhian — I got dressed and made coffee and I willed myself frigid out of embarrassment. Still couldn’t help but laugh though.



PF — From that moment things changed…

Rhian — Err… you could say that.

Ryan — To cut a long story shorter, I caught her masturbating.

Rhian — I wasn’t the only one caught, Mister!

Ryan — Just the first, and the last, and the most in between. I made myself get used to it pretty fast. I kinda knew what she was going through?

Rhian — It’d been half a decade since I’d had any male attention. Obviously there was a lot of confusion with Ryan being my son. A lot of guilt too, even though that sort of thing was the norm now, you know; regarding the legislation? But that morning had my sex drive through the roof. It didn’t matter that I could think of other things and other people. Ryan’s hard cock pressed up against my pussy and the whole awkward situation had an effect on me.

PF — Ryan, what was going through your mind at that time?

Ryan — In all honesty, I just wanted it to not be so awkward for mom and me, so I tried to overlook those instances like I hadn’t noticed, or tried to just not make it a situation. But we slept in our own beds for a while there and, yes, there was a lot of masturbating while I had the chance.

PF — Did you fantasise during?

Ryan — All the time…

PF — What about?

Ryan — About the alternative outcome of that morning (grins sheepishly).

PF — Would you tell us?

Ryan — Basically in getting tangled up with my mom, she accidentally guides me into her, trying to release me from the gusset of her panties, and we just look at each other like… “Oh god…” But while we’re just looking at each other, we start moving into each other, kinda daring one another to go further. And then before long my cock is sliding, hard and soaking wet, in and out, and you can pretty much guess the outcome…

PF — Come on, buddy, the whole story!

Ryan — Okay, well, we know we’ve gone that far, and now that we’re kind of accidentally further and daring each other to keep going, I just start going into mom with gusto, really giving her the moves, which causes her to roll her eyes up and to moan incessantly. All the while she’s really badly trying to convince herself that THIS IS SO WRONG but she doesn’t care. She’s so hot and wet and looks so sexy in her sleepy morning state, I keep pumping away until she forces me to come deep inside her.

Rhian — (laughs and turns beet red then fans herself) That’s just…

PF — Did you ever fantasise similarly about Ryan in the following days, while you masturbated?

Rhian — (reluctantly nods) Pretty much along the same lines, but it grew to be more like Ryan took the initiative like he does in his fantasy. First time I fantasised that I pretended to be asleep, because I remembered lying there in shock while he was just waking up to the enormity of the situation. I fantasised that as I pretended to be asleep, he tried to untangle himself only to slide into me and, you know… lose control of himself…

And then gradually there was the daydream about waking up to him fucking me and greeting him to a good morning smile, followed by a very messy orgasm…

PF — And did this play off as part of what led to the two of you having sex?

Rhian — For me, yes.

Ryan — Other than the fact that outside life sort of stagnated, at least everywhere outside of work; yes! I think the lack of social life for both of us allowed for us to remain as close as we were, and comfortable with it. It was probably a matter of time before we came to rely on each other so much for closeness.

Rhian — Oddly in trying to keep my hands off myself, I started to show Ryan a little more affection as time went by. We grew just that little bit closer, I think. There was a growing flirtation there, like we were pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend and stuff.

Ryan — We did do a lot more things with each other, trying to be social. But we never went as far as being like a couple. I don’t know. Maybe people could have mistaken us for a couple?

Rhian — (shrugs) We could have been like a married couple. You were trying to introduce me to other men, trying to pawn me off like you were sick of me.

Ryan — Never! I would never!

Rhian — Don’t lie! You were after one of those Barbie doll hoes. I saw the way you looked at those young women…

Ryan shrugs. Rhian laughs. They take a moment to summon up the courage to talk about the moment everything changed. For a while they discuss who should tell the story. tuzla kendi evi olan escort Rhian insists that they’re in it together, just as they have been up until now. Ryan then jokes that she was right. They are like a married couple sometimes.

I ask them if they ever considered marriage, since it was the bill for marriage equality that allowed them to legally have the relationship that they do. They both shake their heads almost in unison. Ryan points out that if he married his mom then he feels that he’d lose his mom, as much as he loves her for the woman that she is. Rhian states that as much as she loves their relationship, she’s realistically concerned about the situation he’ll be in when he’s older and doesn’t have his own family.



PF — When it happened, did you know it was going to happen?

Ryan — (shakes his head in silence)

Rhian — (begins to shake her head then nods guiltily)

PF — What happened?

Rhian — I went to his bedroom to sleep next to him. He didn’t know about it until I opened the door and got in bed next to him. That’s usually how it happened either way anyway. I didn’t go with the intention of having sex with him. It wasn’t that simple. But I think I knew that it could happen and that if it did, I’d be okay with it. My mind was in a strange state.

PF — And how did it happen?

Ryan — I got a boner again, while spooning with my mom…

Rhian — He did! Not immediately. And Ryan isn’t small, or as small as average, so it’s noticeable when he does. We were lying in the dark, not sleeping, and all the while I can feel the same incident just waiting to happen, and I’m getting frustrated again.

Ryan — I was awake too. I might have pulled away if my arms weren’t wrapped around over and under, so we were pressed together pretty close. Then mom said something that simultaneously made my heart skip a hundred beats and caused me to get even harder than I already was.

Rhian — “You’re going to end up in my pants again and nobody’s going to get any sleep…”

Ryan — I said, “I’m sorry, mom, you came late,” which made her laugh… hard…

Rhian — I probably shouldn’t have laughed. “Go and take care of it if it’s bothering you,” I said. To which he reminded me that I was the one who had the problem with it. I told him that I didn’t have a problem with his erection. I could have freaked out there and then. I sounded way too calm in the quiet.

Ryan — I didn’t know what I was thinking when I said what I said either. Here’s my hard-on tenting in my boxers and aiming right between her thighs, almost like it was that morning. I said, “I’m used to having erections. I’m just not used to them being pressed up against your hot pussy, mom…” The silence grows… and grows…

PF — The suspense must have been killing you!

Rhian — A couple nights before I remember having a particularly vivid dream — about us! I woke up alone in my bed at about 5am, hanging out of one side of my bed. I don’t know why. I think it was kinda like the residue of the dream fading out, but from out of nowhere, thinking of Ryan being next to me, I sleepily said, “we could have sex, if you wanted to…”

PF — Wow!

Ryan — Yeah, second that, this is new to me…

Rhian — That really affected me. I didn’t ever expect anything like that to come out of my mouth. I dwelled on it. So here we are, nights later, lying in bed and pressed together and the small talk is going in that direction by now. “I wonder how much you’d have freaked out if you woke up with that thing IN my pussy,” I joked. He stays quiet…

Ryan — “And you wouldn’t have?” I asked back.

Rhian — I thought about it. “Not as much as you, I bet…” I said.

Ryan — By that point I was freaking out, but trying not to show it. I sort of joked; “Mom, this is what happens when you don’t date.” And she presses back against me and rubs up against my cock and whispers, “like I keep telling you.”

Rhian — I thought hard and fast then about where I wanted this to go, since we were flirting so awfully. It wasn’t illegal. If I put it across to him somehow, would it be so wrong, or would he freak out and never speak to me again? Well he was still pressed up against me and he wasn’t fighting to get away from me. I felt him harden against me. So I said, “Ryan, it’s no big deal. We could have sex, you know?! So… I’m just saying, if you wanted to, it’d be okay!”

I look to Ryan at that point, who’s expression seems to beg the question, “wouldn’t you?”

PF — So who made the first actual move?

Rhian — It was kinda mutual as I remember? (Ryan nods) I reached behind me and took him in my hand. He began to rub my pussy through my panties. It wasn’t long before he had them aside and was slid up to the knuckle and thumbing my clit. Dirty boy…

Ryan — Mom turns around to look at me from the side and while we’re masturbating each other I took the initiative and started kissing her. It got way hot, way fast.

PF — So what was your first time together like?

Ryan — Without word of a lie, I was shaking like a leaf, like it was my first time all over again. The fact that we both knew what we were doing made it just incredibly nerve-wracking but also, specifically incredible.

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