New World, New Woman


Author’s Note: First, BIG Thanks to SurferJake for his amazing insight and editorial help! I know this story relies on science that only exists in fantasy, my interest was to look at what might happen if circumstances forced men to become women. I am also hoping this to be a jumping off point for other stories, so please let me know about more chapters. This story was written to help me break out of my own tiny little world. Comments that help me tell a better story or become a better writer are welcome.


From all Reggie had heard, he expected a more dramatic building. It was a rather plain small office building, surrounded by bigger buildings and some nice homes. It was the kind of neighborhood where everything is nice, nice people, nice homes, and nice local businesses. Everybody knew about this business, but paid it very little attention. Whatever people called it, or pretended it was or was not, given the laws governing underage sexual contact it was almost always the first stop when a boy turned 18, as Reggie had just four days before.

As a measure of what this post war world was, it was Reggie’s mom Shelby McMartin that set up the appointment, drove him there, and waited in the pleasant reception area to bring him home. Shelby had selected the demure, petite blonde Rose, thinking her shy son would best respond with the gentlest of the “therapists.”

Reggie followed Rose into the “therapy” room, with a massage table in the middle, and a large flat sectional couch against the left wall. “Get undressed, and up on the table” Rose instructed in a soft, breathy voice. Reggie hesitated; Rose was still in the room. “Come on honey, I’m going to get you undressed no matter what, might as well give me a little peek before I give you your show.”

Reggie complied quickly this time, and lay on his back on the table, propped up at its midpoint, like a pool lounger. Reggie was under endowed in many ways, right at average height for a male, penis below average length at just three and half inches. As small as he was, every quarter of an inch in any direction mattered. Despite his self consciousness, Reggie’s dick was doing its best to stand at attention.

Rose sensed he was uncomfortable “It’s OK sweetie, big or small, I will still make you shake. But first, wow! Your body is gorgeous. You don’t have any idea how attractive you are. You really need to get clothes that fit and get your hair out of your eyes honey, you are beautiful.” With that she opened her robe to reveal a very naughty see through pink teddy, with no panties, revealing a completely smooth body. She lowered the table and started to rub Reggie’s shoulders from behind his head, making sure he got a full view of her breasts. Before Reggie knew she had slipped around to the side and slid a condom over his raging, yet tiny, erection.

She began to stroke and suck him, sensing all of his tensing and relaxing muscles, and the buildup of contractions. She climbed up on his lap and ground her naked crotch against his. Reggie’s mind was completely flooded. Rose loved her job; she loved being the first for so many boys. She knew especially that quite a few of her “patients” would never have wives or girlfriends of their own, so she would make this impossible to forget.

She lifted her teddy over her head, and grabbed Reggie’s hands and brought them to her perky B cup tits with huge nipples and plum size areolas. “See honey, people that learn to use whatever they have well will always enjoy sex more. Having a big dick or big tits with no expertise or style, not at all sexy.” Reggie was not sure why he was getting life lessons right now, but who was he to argue.

Rose reached down and slipped Reggie inside of her. On his back, Reggie, thought the 5’1″ 90 pound Rose looked like a gorgeous statue. Her flawless pale skin practically radiated in the slightly tinted lighting. Reggie’s whole universe was the warm wet coin slot pussy, the completely bald, puffy lip paradise engulfing his dick. She started to buck up and down, throwing in a few gyrations every so often. Her small tits were big enough to bounce as she picked up speed, moving up and down his shaft.

The sensations were blowing Reggie’s mind, and shortly after he blew his load. Rose smiled and began kissing his chest. She rolled down to lay next to Reggie, tickling his body, drawing lines with her fingernails. She took his hand and put it on her pussy, talking him through exciting her clit and working her pussy. Regie was fascinated by this coin slot pussy, enthusiastically spreading it open to see all of the wonders hidden by those lips. Rose always saw herself as teacher that loved giving gold stars when students learned well. It wasn’t long before Reggie was ready to go again. Rose had met very few young men with any kind of staying power, but they all seemed to recharge quickly. The second time around he did last a little longer, and with the almost instinctive vaginal and clitoral stimulation during the intermission, Reggie gave his Kadıköy Olgun Escort first orgasm as well.

Several days later, walking home from school, Reggie was enjoying the sun, hanging hotter and longer in the blue gray skies every day. The early morning chills were long burned off by midday, and by late afternoon he was thinking his mom is crazy for the 1,278th time that month, his jacket dangling from his backpack, providing all of the evidence required for now.

“Yo, dummy, you in there? Are you going to glide this afternoon?” Jack O’Connell was running to catch up with Reggie, his best friend since 3rd grade. Jack and Reggie spent every available hour gliding, and to their parents chagrin, many hours better spent on homework.

Reggie turned his head, having to flip his too long dark blond hair out of his eyes to see Jack clearly. Jack’s extra four inches on the slender 5’8″ Reggie often meant he had to look down to talk to his friend, and caught another glimpse of the bandages from his most recent broken nose. Mr. Williams their elderly neighbor always chortled as the tall, frizzy, dark haired Jack and the smaller blond Reggie passed, always thinking they were a mismatched pair. As Reggie waved at his neighbor his hand was obscured by the far too large shirt he wore, where Jack’s impeccable clothing fit his powerful frame well.

“Yo, earth to dummy, I asked if you were gliding today?” Jack lived for gliding, the popular, fast, violent sport. “I need you today. Billy and his group need to be taken down. Nobody wears on opponents the way you do.”

“Well, at least I’m not worthless” Reggie grumbled. He had always been touchy about his lack of speed and strength, which Jack had in ample supply.

“Not this again. Your determination forced me to work harder to get better. That’s a very useful thing.” Jack was getting a bit tired of Reggie’s negative attitude of late. He suspected that ultimately Reggie was mad or jealous because Jack had scholarship offers at some of the best universities for the sport, where Reggie did not have a single offer.

“I’ll see.” was about the most Reggie would commit.

School had been a real bummer today, and all Reggie could think about was getting something to eat and unplugging the brain for awhile. Walking in the front door the house was strangely dark; forcing him to flip is stringy hair out of his eyes. Mom was almost always home on Thursday afternoons. There were still a few signs of Reggie’s 18th birthday from the week before, a momentous birthday that came and went very quietly, which suited Reggie just fine.

Looking around, Reggie spotted something that caused him to wretch on the spot, and to feel he might not ever be able to eat again. Staring at him on the kitchen counter was a Yellow Envelope. “NONONONONONONONONONO!” Serious panic was rising now. When the Yellow Envelope hadn’t come last week he thought he might actually have a reprieve, but no such luck, apparently his life was over.

He approached the envelope slowly. Steph, the youngest of the family had gotten her Pink Envelope a year ago. Jamie was only 15, and Yellow Envelopes never came before a 17th birthday, and usually around the 18th birthday. That week delay had filled Reggie with hope; it was far crueler to fill him with hope, and then throw him over a thousand foot cliff to go splat on the rocks below.

The envelope was clearly sent by “The Committee” addressed to “Ms. Regina McMartin.” What the hell, didn’t matter now, Reggie broke down and sobbed, having 18 years worth of cries at once.

Shelby heard her son come in. The rest of the family was intentionally occupied elsewhere. Knowing what was about to come certainly would not make it any easier. She always felt it was perhaps one of the cruelest parts of The Process, but the results were hard to argue with. All of the experts agreed, it was best to just leave the boy alone with the Yellow Letter for a little while.

Close to an hour had passed since Reggie first came home, and Shelby could tell the sobs and become a muffled whimper. She carefully crept down the stairs of the home that had been brand new when she married Jerry McMartin 20 years ago. The house was definitely showing the wear that three kids, and especially the two teenage boys, could inflict.

Shelby walked over to her oldest, slumped in a corner of the dining room, looking like a pile of dirty laundry. She bent down and hugged her child. “Come on sweetie, let’s get this started.” She gently lead Reggie over to the couch, then returned a few minutes later with two cups of tea in fine china cups, with matching saucers on an elegant silver tray.

“Mom, why the hell do I have to become a woman?” Reggie knew the academic answer, but still, why him?

“Regina honey, you make it sound like the end of the world. When I got my Yellow Letter, I was scared to death, but after going through The Process, then meeting your dad to be, falling in love, it was the best thing that Kadıköy Sarışın Escort has ever happened to me. Both of your grandmothers will tell you the same thing.” Shelby’s look of complete sincerity and motherly kindness started to lift Regina’s spirit.

“But mom, I don’t want to be a woman.” Regina had never heard of a Yellow Letter being rescinded, but she was holding out the smallest inkling of hope.

“The millions of Yellows every year feel exactly the same way. There just aren’t enough who choose to be women, so in addition to those Pinks, there are Yellows, like you and me, which are chosen by The Committee to become women.” Shelby, like every other Yellow who had gone on to be a mother of a new Yellow, thought back on the day she got her own letter, the adjustment period, and finally, The Process. Her own experience and empathy gave her abundant patience; but it was always best to accept as quickly as possible.

“What makes the Committee so powerful they get to choose?” Regina’s notable determination was shining through.

“How else were they going to save humanity? The war destroyed so many natural born females. Without The Process that Dr. Lee and General Walker pioneered, our planet would be dead by now. We still need twice as many women as men, but resources are so limited that not nearly enough people are Processed to become women. So The Committee does the testing and evaluations to make the best choices possible for our survival.

“Blues like your brother Jamie think they’ve ‘won’ because they get to stay men. I really think that Yellows are the special bunch. Because they cannot transform enough women, those that are transformed are the special ones. Have you ever noticed that Yellows are Processed ahead of Pinks? The common wisdom is that Yellows make better women, wives and mothers because they know what must be done to save humanity. As a Yellow myself, I like to look at it that way.” Regina couldn’t argue with the smile on her mom’s face or the huge hug.

“Mom, why do we even still have to do this? Haven’t they figured out a way for there to be natural born girls yet?”

“I guess they are working on it, but odds are you would have been born a girl anyway.” Shelby was trying to help her new daughter see the world goes on, but the time for questions was drawing to a close.

“At least I would have always been a girl, and the switch wouldn’t be such a shock.” Regina had just about cried herself out, just feeling defeated at this point.

“Honey, there are millions of us every year who feel the exact same way. Your cousin Frankie got her Yellow Letter today, she and your Aunt Rickie are having almost this exact same conversation. It was kind of obvious that Steph was a Pink from when she was three. But you were so strong willed, even when James started passing you, you wouldn’t give up. That kind of determination is so important. You may not be a Blue, but I bet your kids will change the world, and that’s about the most any mother ever hopes for.” Shelby’s tone was so reassuring, Regina was glad she had always been close to her mom.

“Thanks mom. I know enough kids from unhappy families; at least I can always look forward to a happy home life.” Regina’s smile was strained, but it felt more real second by second.

“Come on honey, there’s a lot to do. Personally, I love James, but I’d much rather spend more time with you. I’ve kind of been looking forward to the day when the girls outnumber the boys, when I would finally have someone to go shopping with, do projects with.” She pulled Regina up, wrapped her arm around her waist and walked her up the stairs. Regina leaned her head on her mom’s shoulder, and decided with mom’s help maybe she could do this.

Moving into the bathroom and catching a glimpse in the mirror, the juxtaposition was still shocking. Regina was really girl in name only at this point; the image in the mirror was the sloppy Reggie that Shelby had tried to straighten up for so long.

“Okay Regina, let’s start with the hormone regulator. Until you are actually Processed you are going to have this hormone regulator injected into your thigh. It will block testosterone and regulate your female hormones. The next couple of weeks you emotions are going to be all over the place. Remember that we all love you, so there is no reason to stay mad at us, especially me!” Shelby’s giggle was brimming with friendliness, but the seriousness was very self evident.

“Now, time for a shower. Use this body wash everyday and you won’t have to shave; it will keep your body hairless. Make sure you do not use it for shampoo! Do you remember when we did that to your dad as a joke? His hair was not normal for four months.” Regina laughed out loud for the first time since she saw the Yellow Envelope, remembering how weird he looked.

“Come on now, no dawdling, get in the shower right now young lady!” Regina hesitated, still trying to wrap her head around the end of her male life; once the Kadıköy Şişman Escort Yellow envelope arrived, that was it, to everybody and everything you are a girl. And undressing in front of mom at this age, not very cool.

“Sweetie, no more reacting like a boy. Strip! Then we will do the hormone regulator.” Shelby’s tone was decidedly impatient. Regina reluctantly obeyed. While stripping, her last vestige of male rebelliousness made itself known; getting what was perhaps the last erection of her life. Smaller than average, it did not make much of a defiant statement.

“That’s better. It will take a couple of hours for the hormones to start to kick in, at which point your testicles and penis will start to become irrelevant. Now put your right foot on the toilet.” Injecting the hormone regulator into the thigh was quite painful, and Regina’s eyes started to tear. Shelby gave her daughter a compassionate hug.

“Okay honey, potty before shower.” Shelby knew that childish tone would bother a son; she was curious how Regina would respond. Regina just shrugged and stepped to the toilet and started to aim. Shelby gave her a sharp smack on the ass. “Everything ladylike from now on, missy.” Shelby had perfected the ‘I love you, but I mean business’ glare, and Regina turned and sat. Regina was feeling more and more lost in a fog, as if mom was hypnotizing her, which was actually pretty close to the truth; the tea Shelby had served earlier was famous for its enhanced calming effects.

Regina took some toilet paper and wiped, flushed and headed for the shower. “What about your hands, young lady?” Shelby was having a much harder time than she let on. She knew that the first part of the transition was breaking down the male personality. She loved her son, but it had to be done. Shelby was also excited, she had anticipated the letter for quite some time, and was excited about having a teenage daughter since Steph was still only 12. Shelby had been subtly preparing Regina for this as best she could, without giving too much away.

Regina was feeling very good in the shower. The water was warmer than what Reggie would normally do, and combined with the very tingly, even sensual feel of the body wash and some appropriate aromatherapy, Regina was starting to feel very relaxed, happy and even aroused. Her penis made a feeble effort to do something about the arousal, and then wilted.

“Sweetie, girl’s underwear is different from boys. As the process works, your skin will become much softer more sensitive, so this is the kind of underwear you will want. Try these panties.”

Regina stepped in to the snug nylon fabric, which even now felt very comfortable, and very feminine. The bra was nothing more than a padded training bra, but it felt surprisingly nice against her very smooth chest. Her mother had selected a green dress. It was as girly as it gets, puffy sleeves, frilly trim at the bottom, coming down to the knees. It reminded Regina of the party dress Steph wore for birthday this past February.

Shelby instructed her daughter in hair styling and makeup application. Regina had very healthy skin, and a great natural skin tone, so only light makeup was required. Regina dutifully paid attention to everything. She felt happy, which if she could have thought about would have seemed very weird. But like so many millions of others, they all knew that this was a real possibility, and so once the initial shock wore off, they adjusted as well as they could. Shelby showed Regina a nice easy hairstyle, and put a green plastic headband in her hair. The headband was a rather simple braided plastic.

Regina had pretty much given up any fight at this point, she was starting to relax, take the transition for what it was. Three of her friends had started the transition within the last month, and more were sure to come. The Process was so essential to the survival that all boys lived with the possibility in the back of their mind their whole lives. Boys at school were instructed very sternly to show respect to females and no disrespect for those most directly affected by the Process would be tolerated.

Coming down to dinner, Regina saw her dad for the first time. “Sweetie, you look so nice! I am so proud of you!” His big bear hug and beaming smile managed to pull a small smile from Regina. Jerry McMartin finally understood what his own father told him many years ago, when this day comes, make sure your daughter knows that you love her, that she knows there is nothing but pride. If you don’t, she may never forgive you.

“Thanks dad.” Regina was a bit unenthused and tired from the day so far, but there was also a sincerity poking through.

James sat dead silent, wearing a suit and tie. The last time James was in a suit and tie was for the funeral of Grandpa McMartin’s sister. Regina took a surprising amount of pleasure knowing what kind of grave threats dad must have leveled for him to sit there so quiet. Jerry pulled out his normal seat for Regina. Then he sat in Regina’s normal spot next to James. Dad was really going all out for Regina tonight, and she felt hugely appreciative. Steph was nearly jumping out of skin with excitement, she had known that soon she would get a sister, but that day couldn’t come soon enough; this was better than 10 combined birthdays.

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