New Year’s Eve Surprise


This past New Year’s Eve my wife, Maria, and I were invited to a party hosted by our neighbors, Ken and Rachel. We are a mid-40s couple living in South Florida. We had been invited to some of their parties in the past, but we never went due to scheduling conflicts. This time, however, we had turned down other party invitations from some of our swinger friends due to the fact that we had relatives staying with us over the holidays. Since a sex party was out of the question, we decided to go to the Ken and Rachel’s more vanilla affair.

Before we could go, however, we were stuck entertaining our relatives, who did not want to go out but nonetheless insisted upon celebrating the new year with us. As a result we stayed at home for much of the evening sipping champagne, and did not get to the party until shortly after midnight. By that time the crowd’s inebriation level far surpassed ours, and we quickly decided that it would be impossible to catch up. We decided to greet the hosts, mingle for a little bit, and then quietly slip away.

It was a warm night, and the party was centered primarily on their back terrace. As soon as we greeted a very drunken Ken and Rachel we were immediately given drinks and directed to the buffet tables set up inside the house. We saw a few of our other neighbors giddily acting stupid, and many more people that we did not know. My wife spotted a lady that she had met previously at the hosts’ home, a very attractive, very well built blond woman in her early 50s. My wife explained to me that she owned a rather successful business in the area, and as a result she often saw her at community fund raising events. This night, however, the respectable businesswoman was nowhere to be found. Instead, Claire was dressed in a metallic, too short mini-dress that might have looked appropriate on someone 30 years younger, a ridiculous New Year’s Eve hat, high heeled sandals, and not much else. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra, as her tits were jiggling a little too noticeably, and her visibly protruding nipples were sharp enough to pop balloons.

Just then another neighbor walked up to Claire, reached around her waist and under her skirt to grab a handful of ass, and planted a long, deep tongue kiss on her. She did not attempt to move the hand away or break off the kiss, and after 10-15 seconds they finally parted and exchanged “happy New Year’s” greetings. My wife caught all of this; the shocked look on her face was priceless.

About 5 minutes later another guest who we did not know walked up to Claire and gave her an almost identical greeting. Maria and I concluded that Claire must have been completely drunk, and not so prim and proper as Maria had always believed. My wife also wondered where her husband was hiding, or if she had managed to come alone.

We continued to mingle for another 20 minutes, while contemplating the appropriate time to implement our exit strategy. Outside, in a corner of the patio, my wife spotted Claire’s husband, Robert, who appeared to be rather bored while he was talking to two other guys that we did not recognize. Maria finished her drink and asked me to get another for her. I wandered past the bar and into the house where I found Claire sitting on a love seat. I sat next Ataşehir Ukraynalı Escort to her, introduced myself, and then leaned into her and gave her a long, deep, very intense kiss. She responded as I hoped that she would, her arms circled my torso, she pressed her tits into my chest, and met the intensity of my kiss. The taste of alcohol on her breath was overwhelming. If she were to get pulled over driving home, she would be going straight to jail. After about 20 seconds I broke off the kiss, wished her a happy New Year, and told her that I would be back for more in a few minutes.

I got my wife her drink, and then asked her to do me a favor. I told her that I was planning to set off some New Year’s fireworks with Claire, but I needed for her to distract Robert for me. She agreed, and told me to stand back and watch. She walked over to Robert, pulled him away from the guys he was talking to, and told him that she was there to rescue him.

Kim and Rachel live on a lake, and their back yard is about 50 feet deep. This is a rather new development, and there and few fences separating the yards. Ken and Rachel have a tall hedge that runs the length of their yard on the north side, which stops about 10 feet from the water. Maria walked with Robert to the water’s edge, and then disappeared with him around the hedge. I walked over to the hedge to peer through, and saw her leading him across that yard to the back patio of the next neighbor’s yard. That neighbor was out of town for the holidays, so Maria guessed that they would not be disturbed. I watched the two of them sit on a chaise lounge, and then I went back into the house.

Surprisingly, Claire was where I had left her. I helped her to her feet, pulled her toward me, and planted another kiss on her. I reached my arm around and grabbed a handful of bare ass, as she ground her crotch into my leg. All the male attention and the alcohol had set her on fire. I grabbed her hand, and led her to the bedroom area of the house. I guessed that the first bedroom belonged to Ken and Rachel’s 24 year old son, and I knew that the last bedroom was the master. I opened the middle door, not knowing if they used it as a guest room or home office. A desk and a daybed revealed that it was perhaps used for both purposes. We entered that room, but before I could close the door two other guys who had followed us from the living room entered behind us. One guy looked to be in his early 50s, and the other looked in his late 20s. They were obviously thinking along the same line as I was, and knew exactly what I had in mind when I escorted Claire down the hallway.

Once all four of us were in, I locked the door. I immediately pulled Claire’s dress above her waist, and pulled her g-string down to her ankles. She did not resist as I turned her around, bent her over the daybed, opened my pants, and pulled my hard cock out. I did not know how long Maria could keep Robert busy, so I skipped a blow job and eating her pussy, and just shoved my cock into her slick, shaved pussy. The other two guys pulled their dicks out of their pants as I continued thrusting in and out of her. The other guys sat down on the bed on either side of her, their dicks sticking straight up in the air. Claire Ataşehir Üniversiteli Escort started pulling on them, but after stroking a few times, buried her head in the lap of one guy and sucked his dick. She alternated from one to the other as I continued to fuck her from behind. She was moaning, panting and grunting with every thrust of my dick in her pussy. Only the dicks she alternately stuffed in her mouth stifled the noise coming from her mouth.

After about 10 minutes of seriously hard fucking, I felt my balls tighten and I knew I was about to cum. I was planning to pull out and shoot all over her back, but at the last second I decided not to and instead filled her with my cum. I pumped shot after shot of hot sticky cum into her pussy. Finally, I pulled out, backed away, and watched as a glop of cum slipped out of her pussy and dropped onto the tile floor.

Just then, a door opened. I had locked the door that opened from the hallway into the bedroom, but I forgot that this model also had a door that opened from the bathroom, which in turn had another door that opened into the hallway. It was through this door that the hosts’ 24 year old son entered, high fiving everyone in the room and announcing that he knew if he planted a remote webcam in the room he would catch someone fucking, and he was pretty sure it would be Claire. I had actually glanced at the computer in the room and determined that it was not powered, but after looking around the room I saw a webcam tucked between some books on a bookshelf on the opposite wall. Apparently that cam was blue tooth enabled, and broadcasting to another computer in the house. Kevin walked over to Claire, smacked her ass, dropped his pants to the floor, and stuck his dick into her pussy. He fucked her furiously, while she continued sucking the two dicks in her face. Kevin continued pumping his dick in and out of Claire while she alternating sucking the two guys seated on the bed. After another five minutes the younger guy couldn’t take any more, grunted loudly, and started cumming. He held Claire’s head while he thrust his dick to the back of her mouth and pumped jets of cum down her throat. When he was done he released her, pulled up his pants, and made his way to the bathroom.

Within seconds, Kevin also started cumming. Just as I had 10 minutes earlier, he pumped her pussy full of cum. As he pulled out, cum was running down her legs. Instead of pulling up his pants, however, he turned her around and stuck his dick in her face. He told her to clean him up, and she obediently started licking the juices off his dick. When she was done he stepped away and let the other guy have her back. The older guy laid her on the bed, spread her legs, and then started fucking her. He didn’t seem to be getting much traction, so he put her ankles around his neck and started pounding her mercilessly. He thrust into her with long deep strokes. There was cum running out of her pussy, down the crack of her ass, and onto the bed. The noise from the bed, combined with the grunts, groans and moans cumming from Claire and the older guy was getting to be too much. I went over and checked both doors to make sure they were locked, and then came back and watched the old dude finish pounding Ataşehir Vip Escort Claire into the sheets. After about 15 minutes of serious fucking he thrust one final time and then filled her with another load of cum.

At this point three of us had fucked her and one came in her mouth. I was hard again, so I turned her over and put the head of my dick against her ass. I lubricated her asshole with the cum dripping from her well-used pussy. She did not resist, so I started pushing. It took only a few seconds, and then I felt the head pop through. I pulled back slightly, and then buried my dick in her ass with one deep thrust. She grunted, but then started moaning in a deep, guttural, animalistic growl. I fucked her slowly at first, but the pleasure was too much, and I started thrusting faster and faster. I lasted longer than the first time I fucked her, but only by a little. The sight of this wanton older slut taking dick after dick and lying in a pool of cum was too much. Finally I couldn’t take any more. I buried my cock in her ass as deep as it would go and filled her ass full of my second load of cum. I pulled out and quickly went to the bathroom to clean up. I took one last look into the room and saw Kevin pressing his cock into her asshole. I slipped out though the bathroom, locking the door behind me, and went back to the party to look for my wife.

I wandered around the house and yard, but did not find her. I sent her a text message to tell her I was heading home. I walked back to the house, but she was not there. I went upstairs, took off my clothes, and got in the shower. About 10 minuted later Maria came home.

Maria explained that she took Robert next door, and sat down with him on the neighbor’s outdoor sofa. They were completely shielded from the party by the tall hedge separating the two properties, but she could hear the noise from the party as if they were still there. She started kissing Robert immediately, and despite being drunk (or maybe because of it), he started responding. She groped his crotch as he reached for her boobs. She was wearing no bra, and his hands found her nipples and started pinching. She opened his zipper and pulled his soft dick out of his pants. She stroked him for a few minutes, then leaned over and started sucking him. She said it took a seriously long time for him to get hard, and he never got close to cumming. She blew him for about 15 minutes, but nothing happened. She decided enough of this. She stood up, reached under her skirt, and pulled her panties off. She then straddled his legs and lowered her pussy down on his cock. His cock got harder, and she felt it swell up as she rode him up and down. But still, he did not cum. She rode him for about a half hour, then heard the chime as my text message reached her phone. Neither of them had cum, so she decided to stop worrying about him and concentrated on getting her own orgasm. She shifted her angle and started riding him harder and faster, and fingered her clit at the same time. After about 10 minutes of intense riding she got her orgasm, grunting and moaning as she came. She collapsed on top of him while she caught her breath.

She said that she may have dozed off for a second, she was not quite sure. But she startled when she heard Robert snore in her ear. She climbed off him, and left him there. She tucked her panties in his pocket, and left. She walked over to our house, came upstairs, and joined me in the shower. We washed each other off as we shared experiences, and then went to bed. I licked her to two more orgasms before we dozed off to sleep.

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