New Year’s Eve

Big Dick

My name is Samantha, but everyone calls me Sam. This is the story of how my Dad and I became lovers. If anyone had told me that I would be having sex with him, I would have told them they were crazy. It isn’t that I would have been repulsed by the idea, it just never entered my thoughts.

Mom left us when I was a senior in high school. My 38 year old Mom dumped us for her golf instructor who was six years her junior. I came home from school that day in late January and found Dad sitting in the living room looking like his world had collapsed. When I asked what was wrong, he merely handed me the note he had been reading. It was very short.

I’ve left with Doug Petersen. Doug and I are in love and have been for over a year. Our marriage is a farce and has been for the last five or six years. You just wouldn’t recognize it. Doug’s got a financial supporter to back him on the tour and I’m going with him. Tell Sam I’m sorry.

I was surprised and a little angry at the way she left, without a word to me, but I wasn’t shocked. I had suspected that something was going on.

Dad and I survived. I graduated, and then I started at City College in a pre-law program. I was still living at home. I didn’t want to leave Dad all alone – he had taken it real hard when Mom left. They had been married for over twenty 20 years when she left. I had hoped Christmas would cheer things up, but it turned into a real ‘downer’ for us both. Dad’s only 40 and a nice looking guy. He’s about 5’11” and 160 lbs. or so, in good shape. I told him to get a date – go out and celebrate New Years – live it up a little. He was single again. I told him I wouldn’t mind if he brought someone home… just call and let me know and I would stay over at Kathy’s and give him some privacy. But, he said, “No, he wasn’t sure he knew how to go out on a date, it had been too long. He’d just stay home and watch Dick Clark on TV.”

On New Year’s eve I bought four large bottles of champagne, two pink and two white. I was determined to liven things up. I rarely drink, even wine, so I didn’t realize how much champagne I had purchased for just two people. That evening after a late dinner, I went upstairs and showered. I guess subconsciously I may have wanted to turn Dad on, because I put on my sheer baby doll outfit rather than my normal long nightgown. I remember admiring myself in the mirror. At 5’7″ and a 34-26-35 figure, auburn hair and hazel eyes with a greenish tint to them, I thought I looked pretty good. My only complaint was my breasts – I always wished they were larger. I put on my robe and headed downstairs to welcome in the New Year with Dad.

He had a fire going in the den and was sitting on the sofa with his stocking feet up on the coffee table watching Dick Clark on the TV – it was 10:30, so we had an hour and a half before the ball dropped in Times Square. I worked the cork loose on the bottle and as it popped free yelled, “Happy New Year! Let’s do a little celebrating!”

Dad was startled but then laughed as I poured the champagne for us. I sat down by him and we talked about anything and everything. I don’t know how many glasses of champagne I had, but we went through that first bottle very quickly. I know he was more relaxed and loose than he had topkapı escort been all year. I was definitely beginning to feel the champagne when I got up and went to get another bottle.

I let him open the second bottle while I put some CD’s on and muted the TV. Since I had a strobe light display that pulsed to the music hooked up to the stereo, I turned the overhead lights off. It was so warm with the fire going that I took off my robe and sat back down, cuddling up to him as he put his arm around me. My left hand was resting lightly on top his thigh. We talked and had a couple more glasses of champagne. When a nice slow song came on, I pulled him up and said, “Let’s dance. Dance with me – it’s New Year’s Eve.” At first he said no but I insisted and he gave in.

I finally got him to hold me close and dance the way you’re suppose to on a slow dance. When I pulled him even closer and laid my head on his shoulder I found out why he had been holding me off – he had an erection, a big one. I could feel it pressing against my abdomen. It may have been all the champagne, but when I realized what was pressing against me, I felt a sudden rush of warmth in my pubic area and felt my pussy becoming moist. He tried to pull away but I held him tighter and pressed against him, enjoying the feel of his hard erection against me and the knowledge that I was causing it.

I’m no puritan. I loss my virginity when I was 16 but I haven’t had that many boyfriends that I have made love with, only two in four years. Neither of them had ever turned me on the way my Dad was getting to me. At that moment, I noticed on the TV that the ball had started to descend. I whispered, “Daddy, it’s the New Year.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. As we kissed I parted my lips and gently probed his closed lips with my tongue. Just when I thought he wasn’t going to respond he hugged me tightly and opened his lips. I thrust my tongue as deep into his mouth as I could and pressed my hips against him, grinding my pelvis against his hard prick. Dad kissed me back, thrusting his tongue into my mouth, playing with my tongue. I could feel my pussy beginning to react, becoming wet, aching to be touched.

Finally we broke the kiss, both of us breathing heavily. He looked at me and said, “Sam, we can’t…we shouldn’t be doing this. It isn’t right.”

I just continued to hold him tight and told him, “Daddy, I’m not some kid you’re taking advantage of…. I’ll be twenty next month…. I’m a grown woman. I know what we’re doing, and I know what I want…I want you.” I pulled his lips to mine and kissed him as deeply as I could. Taking his hand, I guided it up under my top and placed it on my bare breast. I moaned softly as his hand massaged my breast, rubbing my erect nipple against the palm of his hand. I had never felt such an intense sensation in my vulva and my vagina before as I pressed against him – an ache, a deep desire, to feel him touch me – to feel him in me.

I fumbled with his belt and loosen his trousers letting them fall around his ankles. I pushed his briefs down freeing his cock. Taking his warm hard cock in my hand, I was amazed at its size. Dad isn’t a large man physically, but his rigid cock was bigger and longer tuzla escort than either of the other two cocks I had seen fully erect. Living together over the years I had seen Dad naked before, but never with an erection. As Dad lifted my top over my head, I sank down on my knees. And grasping his prick in my hand, I kissed it, licking its large plump head gently and then slipped it between my lips deep into my mouth. I heard Dad moan and felt him grip my head as he began to slowly pump his prick into my mouth, fucking it gently like it was a pussy with a tongue in it caressing his large prick.

He was being careful not push himself too deep into throat, but I wanted it even deeper. I pushed forward feeling the large head pressing against my throat…I paused, let my self relax, and felt the large head of his prick slip down into my throat. God, it was tight. Daddy moaned, “Oh dammit Sam, if you keep on I’m going to cum.”

I had to slip my mouth back off his prick…I couldn’t hold it in my throat very long. I looked up at him and told him, “I want you to cum. I want to you to cum in my mouth. Fuck my mouth…fuck it like it’s a pussy.”

I looked at his prick and there was a large drop of pre-cum getting ready to drip from it…I quickly caught it with my tongue. I was surprised at how sweet it tasted. I put my hands behind his thighs and pulled him to me taking his rigid prick deep into my mouth. Dad held my head between his hands and began to stroke his prick into my mouth. After a minute or so I felt his legs tremble. I sucked even harder, and moving one hand to his large sac, began to gently squeeze and massage his balls. With a loud groan he pushed his prick deep into my throat and literally erupted. I was startled by the force of the first shot of cum that hit the back of my throat…then he flooded my mouth with spurt after spurt of hot cum. He must have had a year’s worth of passion pent up in him waiting to be released. I could feel his cum dripping from my chin and getting on my breasts as I swallowed trying to keep up with the torrent of cum I had released from him.

After a minute or so, he gripped me under my arms and lifted me to my feet. He kissed me and then pushed me gently down on the sofa – he quickly removed my panties and stripped off the rest of his clothes. Leaning over me he kissed me, tasting his own cum still on my lips and tongue. He whispered, “Sam, that was wonderful…really wonderful. Now I’m going to do it for you.”

I was sitting on the sofa reclining backward, my ass on the front edge of the seat. Naked, Dad sat down on the floor between my legs. He placed a hand under each of my thighs and lifted them and spread them wide. He whispered to me, “Hold your legs…spread them wide open for me.” I wrapped my arms around my legs just above my knees and held them there, almost back to my breasts. I was totally exposed to him – I had never felt this exposed even in the stirrups at the doctor’s office – I almost climaxed when I felt his breath on the swollen lips of my pussy. When he sucked the folds of my pussy lips into his mouth and probed my pussy with his tongue, I did climax, so suddenly I almost lost my grip on my legs as I felt the intense sensation in my body and in pendik escort my cunt. He felt my body shudder with my orgasm and slowed down. He would just lick up through the swollen lips and lightly touch my clit with the tip of his tongue. He kept this up until I could no longer stand it and I finally moaned, “OH Daddy…Daddy, I want you. I want you now…I want to feel you in me.”

We stretched out on the couch with him between my legs. I reached down, took his hard prick, rubbed its head against my dripping pussy and placed its head between the lips of my wet pussy – I was so wet I was sure that I had to be getting my juices all over the sofa. As the head of his prick slipped into me, Dad buried it all way in my aching cunt – I felt the head of his prick pushing against my cervix, the neck of my uterus, and I climaxed again, even more intense than before. I moaned, “Oh My God…. Oh Daddy. I didn’t know…. it’s never felt so good. OH GOD, don’t stop. Fuck me…. That’s it fuck me hard.”

Dad started to fuck me with long strokes, drawing his prick almost out of my pussy and then thrusting back down into me. Each time he bottomed out I could feel the head of his prick pushing into my cervix. I wrapped my legs around his thighs and gripped the cheeks of his butt in my hands and pulled him into me as I pushed my hips up to meet the downward thrusts of his hard prick. I had never felt anything so big or so deep in me. I could feel my pussy lips stretching as he pulled his prick back and my body aching, anticipating the feel of it plunging back into the depths of my throbbing pussy.

I felt Dad change the angle of his thrusts slightly, causing the top of his prick to rub against my clitoris, trapping my clit between our pubic bones when he thrust deep into my pussy. I could feel his thrusting speed up as the tension in my body kept building higher and higher, pushing me closer to the edge of a climax. He buried his prick even deeper into me, groaned and held it there. When I felt his prick throbbing, pouring his cum deep into me, I was pushed over that crest and I felt the spasms in my pussy around his throbbing prick as my climax swept over me. Dad slowly stroked his prick in and out my drenched pussy, milking the last bit of cum from his prick. I was soaked. I could feel his cum and my pussy juices running down the cheeks of my ass as he stroked his prick into me. “Oh Daddy,” I moaned softly, “I didn’t know it could be this good. Lord, I feel so good right now…so satisfied.” I kissed him gently and just held him in my arms atop me, his prick still buried deep in my pussy. I had never felt more sensual and, it may sound odd, more beautiful than I did at that moment.

We lay there and talked for about 30 minutes and then made love again. We went to bed after that but not to sleep. We made love twice more that night. Dad said I was making him feel like a 20-year-old. The next morning Dad was having some remorse about what we had done, but after I started sucking on his prick and he shot a load of cum down my throat, we made love again and decided it was the right thing for us.

The past eight weeks have the happiest of my life and the most satisfying. Last week Kathy, she’s been my best friend since we were in the sixth grade, slept over. She’s had some bad experiences with her boyfriends and was pretty turned off about sex – said it didn’t live up to all its Hollywood hype. That night, I had my first threesome – me, Kathy and Dad. Kathy’s totally changed her opinion about sex, but that’s another story – for another time.

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