Next Door Is Very Handy

Next Door Is Very HandyI had been very busy at work for about two weeks straight…wekends were spent completely reorganizing the warehouse…long days. I had the house pretty much to myself as Dara was commuting to the other business location to help Lorene put the finishing touches on that operation. I got home from wrok one evening about 9:00, and despite the fact I was dead tired, realized I was horny as hell. The thought of being with a sensual woman was gradually becoming prominent in my mind. I took a long hot shower, had dinner, and decided to go for a drive around the city just to relax. I arrived back home at nearly midnight, and sat outside in a lawn chair enjoying the cooler weather. Gloria’s lights were on next door, but I was too comfortable to follow my urge to knock on her door. Soon, her lights went out, and I decided to go in and get some sleep. I fell into a deep sleep right off, but awoke with a raging erection. I tried to ignore it, but that was not to be. Finally, giving in to nature, I decided to go look through Dara’s lingerie for something to masturbate with. Then I remembered I still had the slip Gloria had given me months before, so out it came. After just a few strokes, I decided I wanted to feel the body which had been under the slip, so I put on a pair of shorts and walked next door. My penis hardened as soon as my key turned in the lock, and I made my way up to Gloria’s bedroom. She was sleeping across her bed, and I saw she was wearing only a very sexy red panty. As I approached her bed, I was surprised to see a large latex penis laying next to her hand, and several bilecik escort Polaroid photos of me…cutting the grass, washing my car, and sitting out on the lawn. She had been masturbating to photos she had taken of me. She was sleeping with her legs wide apart, one arm up over her head, the other next to her side. Her full breasts rose and fell with her breathing, and I could see the crotch of her panty was wet. She had lost a good deal of weight, had been exercising, and her body was still curvy, but very sexy. Amazing for a woman in her mid sixties. I stood in the darkness next to her bed, lightly stroking my rock-hard penis, wondering what I should do. I knew I couldn’t take much more of the sexual tension. I very gently put my fingers under the waistband of her panty, and drew it down her thighs slowly. She stirred in her sleep, moving her legs closer together, which allowed me to pull it completely off of her. The nylon material was very slippery, and very wet, and had the aroma of her perfume and her womanhood…an intoxicating sweet mixture. I wrapped her panty around my penis, and felt her wetness against my skin. She stirred again, and spread her legs, and the sight of her shaven kitty made me decide to give it a lick. I lightly touched my tongue to her lips, and slowly licked them. Soon, her clitoris responded and became erect. She tasted like she smelled, but with only a slightly salty flavour. I was leaking precum all over her carpet as I knelt next to her bed, and she was moaning softly and licking her lips in her sleep.Suddenly, she sat up, caught me totally by surprise, escort bilecik and pushed me backwards onto the floor. “It’s about fucking time you did that to me !!!”, she said, “I suppose you were going to fuck me, too, weren’t you?” She was sitting on my hips, and her full breasts were swaying and bouncing as she spoke, with both nipples full erect. “I sat up until after midnight waiting for you to come over…but you didn’t and I got no relief,” she complained. I told her it appeared she didn’t need me for relief. “That rubber dick is no substitute for THIS,” she said as she reached back and began stroking my penis. She slid forward to my chest, and presented her wet kitty to my mouth. “Lick me,” she said. As I ran my tongue around her kitty, she asked, “What were you going to do….mouth me and jack off, or were you going to fuck me too?” “You can come over here any time and do whatever you want…that’s why you have a key.” She was jerking me backhand, rubbing and pinching her left nipple with the other, and dirty-talking me. She got off of me, spun around, and took my entire erection down her throat in one smooth move. “Mmmmm……mmmmm…it tastes so good, and it’s SO hot,” she said between sucks. “Do you like masturbating to my photos, Gloria,?” I asked. She looked up and replied, “I masturbate almost every time I see you, in fact, I almost had an orgasm the last time you gave me a ride in your car when I had the flat tire.” Good thing I was a bit early for my appointment…had to go into the powder room and wipe myself,” she said. I told her the outfit she wore that day had me very excited, bilecik escort bayan and she said, “Want me to put it on now?” “Yes,” I simply replied.I laid on her bed as she gathered the dress, underwear, and acessories. Every so often, she would come over to the bed and take my penis into her mouth for a few sucks. “Don’t want you to lose this,” she said. “I’ll make you a deal, Trev,” she said. “I’ll put this on if you will lick me until I cum.” I nodded, and she began to put her plain-but-sexy white support bra and stockings on. “I was wearing a garter belt and panty that day, but not going to put them on now,” she said. “You weren’t wearing a slip, either, ” I replied. “Ha…”, she laughed, “Figured you’d notice that….I should have…every guy I saw on the street downtown was looking through my dress…do you want me to put one on for you now?” “No, I can’t take too much more,” I admitted. She put the dress on, buttoned it, stepped into her dark green high heels, and said, “Okay…get to it.” I was under her dress in a flash, licking her as she stood next to the bed. She reached her climax in a matter of minutes, and as she went over the edge, put her hands on my shoulders to steady herself as she screamed in pleasure. “That felt so fucking incredible,” she panted as I laid her on her back on the bed. I spread her soaked legs, and pushed myself into her as far as I could. She unbuttoned her dress as I did to expose her bra. As I deeply trust into her, she said, “And yes…I love masturbating to you and your photos as much as you like cumming on my lingerie.” I was about ready toe explode when she said, “You can come over here any time you wish, and do anything you want to do…now cum for me.” I shot thick ribbons of semen into her, and as I did, she climaxed another time. “Stay in my bed tonight…I need more of you.”

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