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The top of his foot had just a sprig or two of red hairs on the big toe, and then a small forest of twenty-two hairs on the top of his foot. Looking at his ankles and the deep recesses on his tendons I could easily tell he was a runner or into some sports of some kind, but his overall build pointed more towards running than football. At his ankles the pale smooth skin started to be obscured ever so lightly by the torrent of thick curly red hair. In-between the hairs I spotted some freckles, but not many until I followed up the back of his calf where thousands appeared on his thick muscle. The skin went back to pale and hairless on the back of his knee, and then went right back to a red spun curls of thick hair. I must have moved the bed, as he shifted a little and raised his knee onto the body pillow. I got up ever so slowly and scooted up a tad, the inside of his thigh was now exposed, and the hair took on a different texture, it thinned out just a little, and also looked as if it turned fine. Just a small movement of my eyes led me to his perfect little muscular ass. Looking at the way his hair came together to try to camouflage his hole was just turning me on and making my mouth water a little. Poking out of the hair, stretched between his legs, I could see the back of his enormous balls and the perfectly white scrotum at the base of his perineum, which had a cute red ribbon. His scrotum was stretched out but I could still see the slight wrinkles hid under his right thigh. I kept looking and I had to look at his ass again. This time I let my eyes soak in all that was there. His cheeks were covered in a fiery peach fuzz, that extended past the top of his crack and ended near the top of his lumbar spine, where it came to a point. Maybe when his genes were deciding his hair pattern, they had a pyramid of fire in mind, as I turned my head slightly and saw that it started on his lumbar area and then culminated on the underside of his firm ass as a furry solid base. His back was covered in thousands of tiny specs of freckles, I looked and could not find two that touched. Speaking of his back, from his firm and muscular ass his waist shrunk in a small bit, then fanned out as the muscles of his back forced him to have the strong testosterone-filled ‘V’ shape leading up to his thick shoulders. I was just so taken aback at what perfection I see. His shoulders were meaty, but not overly developed like some person who cannot go anywhere without lifting ever weight they see. Even though he was on his side and jack-knifed on my body pillow, I could also see the contracting oblique’s form nice little diamonds with his rhythmic breathing. One thing that made my cock spring to life was looking at his arms, and how thick they seemed, though it was seeing the long tendrils of fire that flayed out from his armpits. I could no longer control myself and I reached out and gently ran my hand from his fuzzy lower back up to his shoulder and I stuck my finger into his armpit. The heat, oh the heat that this boy was producing, no wonder I was thinking about calling him fire god openly. I removed my moistened finger and gently ran it under my nose. The intoxicating scent of youth and the abundance of testosterone was rampant. His scent was strong, but it made my cock stir in a way that it hasn’t in years. When I came back to earth, I looked down and he was still lightly snoring and oblivious to my explorations. “Nick honey, time to wake up.” I said as this time I ran my hand up and down his exposed inner leg. The feeling of his coarse red hair on my hand was making my cock leak. “Something wrong?” he said as he rolled over a little and opened his ‘ocean mist at dawn’ blue eyes. “Not a thing, just wanted to make sure you sleep tonight, so no long naps, it is close to five.” “Oh crap!” he said startled and looked worried “What’s the matter?” I said as I laid a hand on his burning thigh. “I have to run every day to keep up my stamina. If I don’t my track coach will kill me.” He said, and my mind internally said ‘bingo’. “Well, you wear the same size shoe as me, and you can borrow some of Mike’s running shorts and a shirt of mind, because his would be skin tight on you. Although he never did wear the UA’s I bought him. Want to try them on?” I asked as I got up and started to walk out of the room. “Uh, what do I wear as underwear? I mean I love running shorts, but I’ve got to wear something other than just the shorts. At least outside the house.” He said with a small smirk. “I bought Mike some compression shorts for when he tries out for football this fall, and they are a little big on him, come on, let’s get you dressed. Geesh, I have to dress another teeny bopper.” I said leaving the room, crossing the hall into Mike’s room. “What’s that supposed to mean?” he said as he jumped off the bed and followed me. “When I was a teenager, my momma didn’t have to dress me!” I said with a sassy sarcastic voice. “You are not my mother, thank god!” He said looking ahead of me trying to see around me as I dug out a pair of Mike’s running shorts, the compression shorts that still had the tag on them, and the wadded up Under Armor shirt in the floor of the closet, with the tag still attached, again. “Those’ll fit me, their large, Mike isn’t a large, at best a medium.” “I know but I thought as much as he works out he may bulk up a touch.” I said as I turned and handed him the shorts, removed the tags from the compression shorts and shirt. He lifted a leg into the shorts, then the other and I watched him try to wiggle them on. Once his leg hair stopped screaming from the pulling, he got them up under his balls. He crammed his balls and coiled his cock into the shorts without a care. In my mind all I could think about was the can of surprise snakes that pop out when you open the lid. He then slid the running shorts up without a problem and pulled the shirt on. It was tight, but he had one of those bodies that could wear tight clothes. “There we go!” He said proudly as he stood in a superman stance in front of me. I tried to control my drooling. “Now back to my room and I will get you a pair of runners.” He turned and went back to my room where he sat on the bench at the foot of the bed and waited. I opened up a drawer, got him out a pair of thin running socks and tossed them over my shoulder which he caught on the first try. As he was rolling them onto his feet, I selfishly grabbed a pair off the shelf that I knew he would look good in. When I came out he was sitting there eagerly to see when he was wearing. I handed him the shoes and he smiled and put them right on. “Do you know a circuit or how far you want to go around here?” I said, watching all the air deflate out of his balloon and his shoulders slump. “No, I don’t know where anything is around here.” He said, demoted to a dud from a stud. “Let me grab my book and get some clothes escort kocaeli on and I will take to a place that is linked with a ten-mile trail through the woods next to the highway. It snakes through the woods and neighborhoods and even crosses under the highway in four or five places. I like to ride my bike through there, but not in this heat. You do realize it is like 95 degrees outside still?” I asked as his shoulders rose and a smile grew on his face. “I like the heat, the more I sweat the better.” He said as he stood there in front of me with an ear-to-ear smile. Internally I was smiling wide as well. “Alright but by your watch, you can run or jog for two hours only, if you do not know where you are, I don’t want you on that trail when it starts getting dark.” “But it doesn’t get dark until like nine.” He said “Teenagers.” I said as I grabbed a pair of cut-off sweats and flip-flops, and a ratty house shirt. “Let’s go running man.” I said as we headed down to the garage and got into my car. For me it was a quick jaunt to the park, for him it was a whole new learning experience. When we drove into the parking lot, he looked around and didn’t quick seem to understand what he was looking for. “The trail starts behind the parking lot, goes down past the baseball field then heads into the woods. Always take the right fork when you come to one and you will go for about ten miles before you find the end of the trail at a Home Depot parking lot. If you get there, turn around and come back.” “So two hours?” He asked taking off his seat-belt. “Yeah, if you want me to, I will stay here, or if you’re alright I will just come back then. Some laundry and dinner would be nice.” I said looking at my watch. “How about option ‘B'”. He said as he rolled out of the SUV and smiled and waved at me. I watched as he stretched, making it impossible for me to get out of the car now due to the tent I had. He jumped up and down a little on his toes and off he went. He took out at a good jog and by the time he hit the back of the baseball field he started running at a good clip. I turned around and headed back home. I got home and made sure that his clothes were dry from the washer and laid out a towel for when he got home. I may allow him to take a shower, or not just depends. Plus, if and when he does take a shower, I plan on sitting on the bed and watching him. I threw some chicken breasts into the sink and started the hot water to thaw them. Then I realized, Nick has almost no clothes, not that it mattered, but what is he going to wear outside of the house? I got back up and got in the SUV and drove down the street to the Salvation Army Super Store. I grabbed a cart, and started up and down the aisle. Grabbed some shorts, shirts, jeans, all sized that were one more than Mike’s. I was lucky today as I looked on the rack and there were ten or so pairs of marine silkies in his size! I inspected the clothes that I grabbed and they were in great condition, just needed a wash. I paid for them and then drove down the highway a little to a local sporting goods store and grabbed some compression shorts and a couple more Under Armor shirts in his size. By the time I got home and got them all in the wash, it was nearly time to go and pick him up. Dropping by the kitchen on the way out I grabbed a kitchen towel, and two bottles of water from the frig and off I went. Driving up to the park, I didn’t see him, but there was still fifteen or so minutes until I was to pick him up. So I grabbed my phone and texted my friend who was a worker at DFS, and let her know I may have a couch surfer that got tossed out by mom. She replied that she would stop by tomorrow and talk with him. As I looked up I saw Nick, at nearly a full run coming around the side of the baseball field. I got out of the car with the towel and water and as he came to a stomping halt in front of me, the sudden stop caused me to be sprinkled with his sweat. I handed the towel and waters and he downed the first water without a breath, wiped his face, then sipped the second water. He was totally soaked through and through. “How far did you run, you look like you just got out of the pool!” Panting a little, he said, “I got to the Home Depot, turned around half way, then back to the Home Depot and then ran back here.” He sipped the water, as his chest heaved to fill his lungs with air. “You did not just run thirty miles in two hours. That is incredulous!” I said as I looked him up and down and saw that he was truly covered in sweat, even his leg hair seemed matted down with it. “I do a six and a half mile. Maybe I didn’t go all the way to half and back, but I feel great!” He said his heaving breaths slowing. Rather worried I reached out and put my palm on his sweaty neck and could feel his heart beat was rounding upwards of on-fifty. “Alright, well finish that water slowly and then it is home time.” I said as just then a change in the wind put me downwind from him. I was flooded by a scent that showed good hard work, and filled with hormones and I instantly became hard. Unfortunately, I was not aware that my eyes were closed and I was breathing in deeply through my nose. “Uh, is there a problem, do I stink too much?” He said snapping be back to reality fast enough I thought that I may need a neck brace. “No, you smell just fine, you smell like you have really worked out. I like it.” I said before thinking. “I can tell.” He said as he looked down with me and then he grabbed my cock through my sweat-shorts. “I haven’t ever known anyone that didn’t yell at me that I stink. How about this?” He said as he got closer to me, twisted, raised his elbow high and exposed his soaked pit. My heart stopped and I inhaled his deep rich musk, then leaned forward and licked his fiery pit from bottom to top. The twang I felt on my tongue was so erotic. “Wow, no one has ever done that before!” He said blinking and seeming to try to process the sensation. “Okay, enough of this. You. SUV. Now.” I stated pointing. I had taken one of the towels that I throw on the dash when it is scorching outside and threw it on the passenger seat before I stopped. He opened the door and hopped in. As I walked around the back of the car trying to hide my growing wet spot, I got into the car. I started it up, and then realized that I was caught in a car with a young man that was covered in sweat, soaked down to the bone, and I didn’t want to start the A/C because it would disturb my olfactory ecstasy. When it did come on, I was shot in the face with cold fresh air from the blowers and I once again returned to earth. ‘I have to start getting points for all this mileage into orbit’ I thought as I put it into gear and headed home. “You want me right in the shower?” He said as I drove into the garage, “Or, not?” “Nick, I don’t know what to say, I know you want to shower, but I’m a little conflicted.” I said being honest, I wanted him to shower since he needed it, but I also wanted to slowly peel back the layers of the onion and lick some of his salty sweat. “How about we decide when we get upstairs?” he said as he rubbed his crotch and smiled at me. “I am so happy right now, I’m so appreciative at your generosity and your sense of caring for me. I just want to make you happy. I saw your face when you licked my pit, and smelled me. No one has ever been so attracted nor interested in me before. Now I’m jealous of Mike.” He said as we got out and got into the house. Jumping in front of me he slowly walked up the stairs as my mouth dropped open. His calves were so worked they split and watching his thighs contract and loosen with each step made me want to just touch them. I reached out half-way up and did so. He stopped and let my hand feel of his burning muscles, the heat from his burning muscles about burned my hand. I let it linger on his hairy calf and then feel of his hard hamstrings. Feeling them through the compression shorts was not as fun as skin to skin, but I could almost feel the individual muscle fibers. I squeezed my fingers up under his compression shorts and found them soaked and his muscles taunt, I pushed my fingers up until my middle finger came into contact with his fiery hair defending his hole. I pulled my fingers out, trying not to pull out hair, and took my hand and put it on my face to smell. The moist scent was more intense than I thought it would be. I did not notice but he was looking back under his arm at me, and smiling. “I am not going to take a shower in these clothes I will tell you that! Do you want me to use the hallway bathroom or yours?” he said unmoving and smiling at me. “Mine is fine.” Is all I could get out as we resumed our hike up the rest of the stairs. kocaeli anal yapan escort I followed him as if in a trance as he sauntered down the hall and turned to my room. He stopped and smiled, then pointed to my obvious wet spot on my shorts, and then stepped in the room. When I rounded to doorway, he was standing there waiting. He came up to me, lifted my shirt off over my head and then knelt and pulled my shorts off, letting my cock slap him in the face. He opened his mouth and devoured my cock to the hilt in one motion. I could not help but let out a loud deep moan as I felt his tongue massaging the underside of my cock. He backed off from my cock and pushed me down onto the bench and then stood in front of me. I could tell that his cock was trying to get hard, but the tight lycra was barely holding it in. “You dressed me, do you want to undress me?” he said as he stepped closer. “Nick, you are teasing the hell out of me!” I blurted out. “I am not a tease, I want you David, I want your touch, I want your lips, I want your cock.” He said as he rubbed his own hands up from his waist to his shoulders. “I want to please you, I will do as you want, don’t ask, just tell me.” I reached out for him and bent him down to me and we roughly kissed, my tongue burying deep into his mouth and trying to lick his tonsils. He kissed me back and I fell backwards a little and we were on the bed. His tongue and mine were now locked in a life and death battle for each other, then it turned into a romantic dance. I reached out behind him and pulled the back of his shirt up and he broke our kiss to finish pulling it off, he tossed it at my face where I caught it and inhaled deeply at his scent. Tossing it aside I wrapped my arms around his waist and took one of his wide flat nipples in my mouth. The twang of sweat, the forest of four or five red hairs around the areola became my tongues playground as I sucked and nibbled. He was starting to quiver in my arms as I held him tight and he finally let out a moan and his breathing increased. I released his nipple and said “You are acting like you did not know that nipples on men can be very sensitive.” His pleasured face just stared down at me as I shifted and took the other in my mouth. This time there was no delay in his moaning as I worked his other salt covered pink nipple. I alternated between licking in circles to hard suction and ‘pop’ was the sound as I released it. It had gone from pink to bright red. I leaned forward and grazed each one with my chin and the quivering started all over again. I came to the center of his chest where there was a patch of long straight tendrils of fire and rubbed my nose back and forth in the moist hair, his musk filling every olfactory nerve my body possessed. I released my hands from around his waist and he pulled me to a standing position in front of him, then he put his hand behind his neck exposing his pit. He did not have to say a word, nor motion anything, I buried my face right away. Just like before, his scent was very strong, but it acted like gasoline being thrown onto a fire. I sucked and licked his pit hair and skin from the bottom side of his pec all the way to mid bicep. He stood there and I could tell from his breathing and body motions he found it pleasurable, then finally he let out a little whimper as I grabbed some of his clear hair in my lips and pulled gently. I sucked every inch of his pit then moved over and worked on his nipple a little more. By this time, I could tell he was about to burst out of the lycra as I looked down. I moved across his chest and started on his other nipple. He put his hand behind his head and exposed his other pit for me, pulling his pectoral muscle taunt and his nipple flattened out. I dove into that pit and serviced it just like the other one. His breathing was not labored but quick puffs when I was done. I reached over and grabbed his other hand and had him inter-lace his fingers behind his neck. I sat down and pulled him close. I rubbed my face back and forth across his taunt furry tummy, and with ease started to pull down the outer running shorts. When they hit his ankles he lifted one then the other out of them and left them where they landed. With both of my hands I let them wander without interruption behind him and squeezed his rock hard ass, then followed down his thighs and then up the front of his legs. From where I was with my face rubbing into his stomach I could feel the heat and scent coming up his body from the strained lycra. “Have you ever played with your ass?” I asked. “I played one time with one of my mom’s dildo’s. It hurt and I felt burned by the latex. Don’t get me wrong though, when I had it in there, it felt weirdly good.” He said as I rubbed the strained lycra covering his balls and cock. They were so tight I could make out his foreskin, and at least one vein. I took my fingers and slowly started to pull down on his waistband, revealing more and more fire god fur, watching the hair get lighter and lighter in color until the base of his cock appeared. I leaned forward and buried my face into his bush. Oh my god, he was still wet, and the musk was almost too much, but I licked the base of his pale stiffening cock. I leaned back and pulled down a little more, making sure that I reached around behind and pass the fabric over the globes of furry stone. Once I got his shorts down to a certain point his cock flew out and slapped me across the face. Damn those coiled snakes in a can, I should have known. His giggle and my laugh mixed in rhythm with the heartbeat I could see pumping blood into his cock. I leaned forward again, and buried my nose in the little area between his balls and inner thigh and began licking. “Oh my god, what’re…you… doing?” He said with his head falling backwards. “There are places on your body that I know which cause intense pleasure, or do you not like it?” I said cupping his massive balls. He did not reply, just put his leg up on the bench and opened it further. I dug back in and his moaning and writhing was intensifying. I was licking and sucking and his really overwhelming musk was starting to make my cock ache. I turned and licked and sucked on his monster balls and I could feel his hands fall to the back of my head as I cleaned every bit of sweat from the cream makers. “You’re driving me crazy!” he said as he pulled away from me. He stood there with a full flagpole, and his shorts around his knees. He began to try to take his heels out of his shoes, but I stopped him. “Leave them on, just take off the compression shorts. Have you ever been rimmed?” I asked, and by his puzzled look I knew my answer, I got up on the bed, and reversed myself so that his monstrous fire hose was staring at me. “Get on top of me and put your ass on my face.” I said and without a question he climbed up on me and put his knees along my sides. I freed my arms and pulled his knees back into my armpits. He leaned his fiery fur covered crack towards my face and I used my hands to pull apart his marble cheeks. As I did I could see the hair part, and his perfectly pink little hole winked at me. I pulled him down onto my face. There are few words to adequately describe the feel and scent of his hot and still wet crack coming down onto my face. The musk was powerful, the hair tickled my nose, and my tongue shot up and at his hole. As he could feel the sensation, I could feel on my arms goose-bumps form on his hairy thighs, and he let out a deep moan. He began to stroke himself a little as I could feel him scrotum that separated itself on my throat start to bounce a little. I dug my tongue in more and more. Parting the hair with my tongue and starting to work more and more on getting his little hole to relax enough for my tongue to enter. I let his cheeks come back together on my face, he was relaxed enough that he did not pinch too hard. I reached back and felt his hard leg muscles and the fur that covered them. I felt him move away from my face and I leaned forward to keep my tongue working his hole. I felt his hot wet mouth envelope my cock, and start to lick and suck his way to the base. Finally, I let my head fall back and said, “God that feels great, you on top of me and my cock being sucked.” He responded by turning on the suction even more and going so far down on me that his nose was separating my tight balls. He pulled my cock out of his mouth and while I was licking his massive left ball and fingering his pink hole and said, “Would you fuck me? I mean if you will take it easy. I have only ever played with a small dildo. But I want you inside me.” He huffed, and I relaxed my arms and he climbed izmit yabancı escort off and turned around. He spit in his hand and slicked up my cock, and then again his ass. “Are you sure you want to do this with only spit? Do you want some lube?” I asked, and he shook his head no, and spit one more time and put more on his hole. I felt him grab my cock and aim it just right, and he slowly sat down in slow motion. I could feel my cockhead press harder and harder on his tight little pink hole, and as my cock started to bed a little from not being able to enter, he pushed down harder and my cockhead popped into him quickly. His entire body bristled and he yelped a little. He sat still and I could feel him trying to relax, but not getting there. “Press out like you are trying to poop and it will be easier.” He did so and I slid ever so slowly deeper into his gut. The heat, pressure and tightness of him made my cock harder as I entered him more and more. The pain on my cock was intense, being squeezed and crammed into a such a small space. I looked up and saw that he was looking at the ceiling and his chest had flushed a bright red as his heaving breaths made his chest muscles stand out and contract as if he was flexing in a competition. Finally, I felt the fur that encircled his hole and covered his cheeks rest on my pelvis. He sat there for a moment still looking at the ceiling. He let his head drop and made eye contact with me, this time his innocent look turned to one of deep pleasure, the redness on his chest had flowed up to his cheeks, his eyelids drooped. “You okay?” I asked looking at a different person than I have seen before. “It hurts so much, but it also feels so good.” He said as he leaned forward towards my face and began to buck his hips a little. He ground his mouth onto mine and our moans intertwined. He felt so amazing and his body temperature must have gone up another ten degrees. He had started sweating again, and I could feel his firehose pressing itself in-between us. His movements increased and continued to increase, as the headboard started smacking the wall. He sat up and moved one leg and planted his foot next to my side and held up his cock and balls to his flat stomach and said, “Your cock… oh… it feels so good now… it doesn’t hurt anymore. Want to see?” He asked as his voice even deepened. I looked down in the red forest and saw the silhouette of my cock appearing and disappearing in and out of him. “Oh god Nick, you feel so good, I’m gonna cum soon.” I said as he stopped moving and dropped his balls and cock. “Why did you stop?” “Will you make me cum with you?” He asked “Yes” I said without a thought. I spit a little into my hand and pulled back his tight foreskin and got his head nice and wet. He moved his foot back next to my thigh and with one hand I started to jerk his cock and the other I was alternating between his nipples. He started impaling himself on my cock again, this time with vigor. His hands ran under my hand on his nipples and he started slowly rubbing and twisting them. I let my free hand get under his cock and cup the egg sized balls. I could feel the electricity in my toes start and head up my legs, finding its way towards by cock. His cock was getting harder and I started jerking it harder. I felt his balls shrink up away from my palm and he started moaning. His movements became more out of sync and loud moans were released from his heaving lungs. The first shot from his cannon hit me in the forehead as he yelled out. The second, third, fourth and fifth hit me on the face and neck. He continued to spray my chest and stomach as I felt myself release deep inside his gut. He kept riding me like a bronco while we both let out howls of ecstasy. His final spray of cum came out and shot just above my belly button. I released his hard cock, and he fell forward onto my body, making a cum sandwich with our bodies. His tongue found my mouth buried under his cum and he kissed me deeply as he leaned forward and licked the cum from my forehead. By doing so my spent cock slipped out of him and I could feel my own seed leaking from his ass, through the hair and dropping onto my shrinking cock. He and I kissed again, this time we were both savoring his taste of cum in our mouths. He broke our kiss and laid his head next to mine as he collapsed on top of me. I could also feel his gallon of cum start to run down my sides. “That was like nothing I have ever felt before, when I came it almost hurt.” “You shot a gallon of cum on me and it has started to leak down my sides.” I said smiling, he pushed himself off of me and started licking my sides where the cum was trying to escape. I looked down at his taunt chest as he planked on me and saw that his pale skin was covered in the sticky nut butter that he shot all over me. I also looked over at his armpit and could see that there was trickles of sweat leaking down. I took a finger and caught a drop on his skin and then sucked my finger. Salty it was, almost saltier than his cum. I leaned up on my elbows and licked his cum off of his fuzzy chest and sucked on a nipple. “We need to shower and probably change the sheets. I have never shot so much in my life!” He said as he rolled off of me and lay next to me on his back. “Why did you not want me to take the shoes off?” He panted. “Because of dessert.” I said as I got up off the bed and twisted his spent body around so his nikes were hanging off the side of the bed. I untied both, but only took the left one off. I put it up to my face and inhaled my foot scent now mixed with his, my cock twitched. I did the same with the right, and his scent had mixed so well I wanted to fuck him again. I pulled his sock off and then the other and grabbed his furry ankle and put my nose and face on his burning sole. I inhaled and it must have tickled him as he squirmed and giggled a little. I let my tongue out of my mouth and licked the salty sole. He looked down at the matted hair on my chest and stomach and saw that my cock was at full attention again. He scooted down to the edge of the bed and guided my cock back inside of him. This time it was so much easier with my own cum lubing his ass. “Are you sure?” I asked, knowing that his hole must be burning. His response was to lift his other foot to my face, lean forward and pull my hips into him. I buried my cock deep into him and started fucking him. My cock was still so sensitive from cumming not ten minutes earlier than it did not take long for me to build up another orgasm. With my face buried in his scented feet, I came once again deep inside of Nick. I did not pull out but separated his feet and put his ankles on my shoulders, I was relishing the feeling of his ass while the hair on his ankles tickled my ears. He laid there with a smile on his face and held onto my hips, keeping me inside of him. “I could go all day having this feeling!” He said as he finally released my hips and my spent cock fell out of his ass. I looked down and his body was caked with cum, where there was no cum, sweat showed. I put my hands under his knees and knelt down. I looked as saw that his little pink hole was now a rosy red and as it was re-closing, I saw some of my cum leak out of him. I dove into his crack and licked his worked over hole. “OH MY FUCKING GOD!” he screamed in pleasure as I licked his hole and cleaned it out of all my cum. His body started to writhe like a snakes. Once I let his hole relax back to closing I got up, and extended my hand to him, it was shower time, then bed time. We showered together, cleaning the matted hair on each other, and let our soapy hands roam over each other. When we were rinsed, we dried ourselves, and walking back into the room, all I could smell was soap, sex, and his scent. I fell onto the bed naked and he crawled in next to me, pushing an arm out and he snuggled up next to me with his face on my hairy pec. My eyelids were attached to three-ton weights, and finally closed as I heard a slight snore come from my fire god as he fell asleep nuzzled up next to me. I want to thank all the great comments and emails I have received from the first four chapters, as you can tell I have listened to them. The stories are going to be longer, and if you have a request of an idea that you would like to see David, Nick, and Mike do, keep sending them. I know I was hard as a rock writing this, and I do hope you were too. Remember that sprayed semen does not work really well with electronics, so be careful reading my stories that you don’t ruin a keyboard, phone, tablet or another vulnerable device. Email me anytime, as I respond to all emails that are legitimate. The next chapter has already started and should prove to be daunting. Keep tuned. If you want to be notified when I post a new chapter of Nick, email me and let me know. I have currently outlines for around 15-20 chapters now, and it is up to you to determine what is fantasy, reality, and dreams beyond imagination! Slobbers, MWMan

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