Nick, or Dean?


This is a story about a woman’s struggle to remain loyal in a troubled relationship – on two fronts. 2 men in two different cities try and get this woman naked. Who will succeed? Neither? Both? This is part 1 of 3. Charmaine is beautiful – 5’3, 125 pounds with shoulder length brown hair, blonde hilights, a nice tan, and dark eyes. At the time of this story, she was 26.

Charmaine worked with a guy, Nick, 6’1, 195 with light brown short hair, 22 years old. He wanted her badly, had even tried to kiss her a few weeks ago, but she had turned away. He wouldn’t stop trying. Charmaine found him attractive, but he was too young and she had a boyfriend, anyway.

Another occasion, she was fighting with her boyfriend Danny, and was forced to find a ride home from work. Nick was there for her. He weaselled his way into her house for some water and ended up in her bedroom, sitting beside her on her bed, listening to her problems with Danny. This was before she moved in with Danny, she was living with roommates.

During an uncomfortable silence, he kissed her cheek. Charmaine hesitantly turned, pussy tingling. Their lips met, smacking loudly over and over. He slid his tongue into her mouth as he slid his hand around to the front of her body. Her vagina moistened further when she felt his hand on her breast over her shirt, squeezing gently. Her hand fell on his lap hesitantly. She loved feeling new cocks! She could clearly feel his long, hard bulge through his pants and she squeezed it gently, getting more turned on.

Nick’s hand slid down from her breast to her crotch, touching her over her jeans between her legs. Charmaine breathed into his mouth, her fingers undoing his button, and pulling down his zipper. Her small hand reached into his underwear and gripped his bare cock. She felt a strong desire to have the thing in her hand inside her hungry pussy. She stroked his 7 inch member slowly as they kissed loudly, passionately. She broke the kiss and let go of his penis, gripping his jeans and underwear. She pulled them down his legs eagerly, releasing his raging hard on. She dropped them on the floor as he lay back on her bed, watching her kneel between his legs.

Charmaine’s small, tanned hand gripped Nick’s hard, white penis, holding it in the air. Her tongue snaked out and gently lapped at his balls while she slowly stroked his shaft. Nick was in heaven as he watched his dream girl slowly lick up his hard cock. Her brown eyes looked at him as her tongue licked all around the mushroom head of his dick. Charmaine opened her mouth and she took his head inside. He moaned, watching her lips slide down his pole, feeling her warm mouth suck his penis. She began to bob her head up and down, slurping loudly on this new cock.

Sucking noises were loud in the room as Charmaine gave another man a blowjob for 5 minutes. Nick’s orgasm hit hard, and she felt his penis pulsate in her mouth. She knew Danny liked it when she kept it in her mouth, so she kept her lips tightly wrapped around Nick’s cock.

She felt hot cum shoot into her mouth. Charmaine liked the taste this time, so she thought she’d try and swallow a bit. Meanwhile, Nick was filling her mouth with his cum. It went down ok, so she tried to swallow it all, gradually. kaçak iddaa White cum leaked out of her mouth as she swallowed what she could. She loved it! She couldn’t believe it! She actually enjoyed the taste this time! She pulled Nick’s dick out of her mouth with a slurp and looked at him with her brown eyes, his cum on her chin.

Nick stayed for a few minutes, trying desperately to stay so he could fuck this goddess, but Charmaine hustled him out the door, feeling guilty. For the next week, things were awkward at work. The two just didn’t know what to say to each other, knowing that she had a boyfriend, yet his cock was in her mouth.


Exactly 1 week later, they were doing inventory at work. The entire staff, all night long. At about 3 am, everyone was downstairs in the warehouse except Charmaine and Nick. She was wearing light blue canvas pants, tight, with a white T-shirt, sandals and no socks. She was in the office sorting out a shelf. He came in and put a folder on the desk and watched her, turned on. His hard on grew as he watched her ass, her tits, as she moved around. He made small talk as he eased closer. Charmaine pretended not to notice his close proximity as she continued to sort the shelf.

Nick kissed her neck, sending thrills up her pussy. She closed her eyes and stopped what she was doing as he moved her hair to the side and kissed her neck again. he kissed her neck over and over, working his way up to her cheek. She turned and their lips met, smacking loudly. They kissed passionately, arms going around each other. His hands slid down to her sexy ass, gripping her cheeks tightly as they exchanged tongues. He slowly backed her to the desk as they french kissed loudly. Both were breathing heavily.

Charmaine sat back on the desk and Nick began to grind his crotch against hers. Her pussy flooded, suddenly needing to be filled up. She kissed him harder, conscious of the bulge in his pants rubbing against her crotch.

Still kissing her, Nick reached between them and undid her button. She shot her tongue into his mouth, not stopping him when she felt her zipper go down. Nick eagerly slid a hand into Charmaine’s panties. He ran his fingers through a thick lush of her pubic hair. until they reached her sopping wet slit for the first time ever. He slipped a finger into her wetness.

“Ohhhhhh” she sighed, still kissing him. He tickled her clitoris, driving her insane with desire. It was then that they heard someone enter the store from downstairs. They broke apart hurriedly, Charmaine pulling up her fly. Later, Nick drove her home and tried to kiss her in her driveway. She turned away, saying it wasn’t a good idea. Nick beat his meat furiously for the next week, thinking only of her.


That weekend, Charmaine was again at her hometown, at the bar with her friend Cindy. There, she met Cindy’s friend Dean, 6’2, 200 pounds, short brown hair, strong build. She was drunk again, and Dean went back to Cindy’s house with them. After a couple of hours, Cindy went to bed, leaving the two alone.

Charmaine was wearing jeans and a tight, black T-shirt, no socks. She was so drunk she felt like passing out, but the tingling in her pussy kept her kaçak bahis up. They were flirting heavily, and Dean sat down on the couch beside her.

He kissed her drunkenly, and she kissed back, lips smacking. They caressed each other as they made out, hornier and hornier they became. Her panties were soaking wet, her cunt was buzzing uncontrollably. He placed his hand on her thigh as his tongue explored her mouth. He slowly moved it up her thigh between her legs. Dean lightly rubbed her crotch over her jeans, driving her insane with desire.

She breathed into his mouth, her own small hand touching the bulge in his jeans. She felt his tongue enter her mouth as his hand slid over her shirt to her tit. Dean squeezed Charmaine’s breast lightly. She was so wet.

She undid his pants and reached into his underwear. Her small hand wrapped around a large, thick penis. She stroked another penis behind Danny’s back. She jerked him off as she kissed him eagerly for a couple of minutes. She grabbed his pants and underwear and began to slide them down his legs.

A 9 inch, fat, hard cock was unleashed, turning her on even more. She had never seen one so big!! Danny’s average, 6 inch penis seemed like nothing in comparison! She fell to her knees, pulling his pants and underwear off. Kneeling between his legs, she gripped his shaft, stroking it slowly. Dean watched her tongue snake out and lap at his bag, licking all over his balls.

Charmaine loved new cock, and she slowly licked up the shaft of his huge penis. She looked up at him with her pretty brown eyes as she licked around his mushroom head. Charmaine wanted this cock, the biggest one she’s ever seen, in her by now soaking wet pussy, but she would not cheat on Danny again. She would do the next best thing though – suck him off.

She slipped Dean’s fat penis into her mouth, sliding her lips down the shaft. He moaned softly, watching Charmaine’s pretty lips around his cock. She began to slide her mouth up and down his huge rod eagerly. ‘slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp’ her sucking noises were very loud as she gobbled his cock excitedly.

He reached down and cupped her breast over her shirt, squeezing gently as she cupped his balls, tickling them as she sucked his thck member expertly. From behind, one could see the tanned bottoms of her feet, up her jeans to her beautiful ass, up her black shirt to her long, brown hair, bobbing back and forth on his lap. Dean was watching her pretty face, eyes closed as her mouth made his penis disappear repeatedly. He lost it. His penis began to pulsate.

Charmaine drunkenly remembered how much she enjoyed Nick’s sperm, so she continued to suck Dean’s cock. She felt hot thick cum fire into her mouth, she drank his first load, loving the taste. He moaned as another huge load of cum shot into her mouth and down her throat. A third load shot out his cock, then a fourth. Charmaine pulled his dick out of her mouth with a slurp, unable to swallow it all, needing to come up for air. More cum shot out and onto her beautiful face. Another one shot hard out his cock and into the air, landing on her forehead and hair. She quickly jammed his cock back into her mouth.

Two more, smaller shots fired into her mouth, and she swallowed illegal bahis them. Dean loved looking at his white cum on Charmaine’s cheek and forehead as she sucked hard on his penis, sucking him dry. She pulled his penis out of her mouth with a slurp.

“Holy shit!” she exclaimed, cum running down her lower cheek, “I’ve never seen so much!” She went to the washroom to get cleaned up, still horny as hell. Why was she giving into temptation so often lately? Why the sudden increase in sex drive?


By Thursday of that week, things still had not improved with Danny, and Charmaine found herself alone in the warehouse basement at work with Nick during store hours.

Nick was very horny, staring at her ass through her grey work pants the entire shift. He decided to, again, put the moves on her. He stepped up behind her and she turned to face him. Their lips met, smacking loudly. They kissed again and Charmaine opened her mouth, excited about being at work and needing to be loved.

They put their arms around each other, exchanging tongues. His hands slid down to her ass over her pants, squeezing the soft cheeks as they backed up and sat down on some boxes. He slid his hand around between Charmaine’s thighs over her pants. He lightly stroked her crotch, feeling the heat there.

“Mmmmph!” she sighed into his mouth as they made out. Her pussy moistened, and she knew she was very very wet down there. He kissed her lips eagerly, touching her tongue with his. Her small hand fell to his lap, feeling his bulge there, becoming more turned on.

Nick slid his hand up Charmaine’s shirt. Over her smooth belly he went as they kissed loudly, passionately. He slid his hand under her bra. For the first time ever, he felt her bare breast. Her nipple was rock hard as he squeezed gently. Charmaine was so horny that she needed to feel his cock, she didn’t care that she was at work. Nick was surprised to feel his zipper slide down, and her small hand undid his button as well, as he felt her bare tit. She was breathing heavily as her small hand reached into his underwear and grabbed his bare organ. He moaned into her mouth as she slowly caressed his hard penis.

Charmaine pulled out Nick’s cock as they kissed, still stroking the 7 inch pole. She broke the kiss and mischeiviously sunk to her knees, seeking only to tease him a little. He watched her kiss his head lightly. She slipped his penis into her warm mouth. It felt amazing as Charmaine sunk more of his dick into her mouth. Slurping noises were loud as she gave Nick a blowjob.

He was losing it already, caught up in the situation. She had no idea, just planning on giving him head for a minute, and leaving him hanging. But her desire was so strong, her pussy so wet, that she gobbled his cock for 2 minutes, having no clue how close to the edge he was. She pulled his penis out of her mouth with a slurp. Her tongue snaked out and licked down his shaft.

Nick came. White liquid spasmed out of his dink and stuck to Charmaine’s cheek. Caught off guard, she quickly jammed his ejaculating cock back in her mouth, sucking hard. She drank the rest of his warm cum eagerly, loving the tasted of his jizz. She sucked his softening penis dry before pulling it out of her mouth with a slurp.

“I can’t believe I just did that!” Charmaine said with a smile, wiping cum off her cheek…

Who will have this sweet, sexy woman – Nick, or Dean?


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