Night out at the strip club


Night out at the strip clubI went out clubbing as i do quite often. And as always im hungry for sex. I always want to try something new but i didnt know what this time. My pussy was already dripping wet from being so horny and from wanting to ride on a cock so bad. My girlfriends and go out downtown and we werent sure where to go. I really wanted to check out a strip club as i thought it would be something fun and different. So we chose a strip club and went in. We were drinking and watching the girls strip and dance and it was so interesting to watch. I couldnt believe on how amazing these girls can move and dance on that pole. I was getting turned on and even more wet for some reason and i couldnt figure out why. I was getting really drunk and then i decided to go to one of the poles and i starting dancing. My friends couldnt believe it. They were going crazy. At first i was just dancing around the pole, but i was getting ankara escort really into it and getting horny so i took off my top. I couldnt believe i just did that. Then i took off my bra and thew it on a couple guys sjttinf nearby. I started touching my tits and dancing. Then i decided to slowly remove my skirt while bending over showing my thong as im doing it. One guy sitting slapped my ass and i didnt mind at all, i actually enjoyed it. I start to touch myself because i was too wet and my pussy dripping was making the floor slippery. Then i slowly remove my thong and go close to a guy and ask him to bite my thong and remove it with his mouth, and he did. I was now completely naked and dancing on the pole. I thought i was actually dreaming but i wasnt, this was really happening. After a while i wanted to go grab a drink so i put my thong back on only, nothing else and i go towards thr bar. antalya escort So many guys were talking to me, and trying to grab my ass. One guy asked me if i could give him a lap dance privately. At first i was thinking nah, but for some reason i said yes and i followed him to a private room. He sat down and i climbed on top of him and i start grinding on his crotch. He grabs my ass and slaps it a few times. He tells me “is that you all dripping?” And i say “yes its me” …he says wow and starts rubbing my pussy from under my panties. I was getting sooooo wet. Then i got up and remove my thong and i could see how hard his cock was. I slowly unzip his pants and take them off. His cock was hard af. It was making me really horny. I start eating his cock and his balls. My pussy dripping was making a pool of cum on the floor while i was sucking his dick. After a while i couldnt take it anymore and escort bayan i climb on top of his dick and i start riding. Sliding up and down his cock. He was grabbing my ass while i was fucking him. I was going crazy riding and i couldnt hold it anymkre since i was wet for hours already. I came so much on his bare cock and i was shaking like crazy. He then bent me over and pushed his cock in my asshole. It hurt so much but i still enjoyed it and i was starting to get wet again. So i started rubbing my pussy while he was fucking my ass. Then i started shaking and cuming again. He couldnt believe it. He said im crazy. He then took ouf his cock from my ass and flipped me on my back. He started stroking his cock beside my face and i can tell he is about to cum and it turned me on like crazy. He keeps rubbing his dick and then puts it really close to my mouth. He cums all over my face and in my mouth. Then he grabs some of his cum of my face with his finger and puts it in my mouth. I couldnt believe i just fucked a random guy at a strip joint, it was sooo good even if my ass was still wide open for a while. I came twice and still wanted to fuck more. I went home and masturbated myself to sleep.

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