Night School New Semester

All The

Of the dozen middle aged students who showed up for my new painting class, a thirtyish Swedish woman named Alin stood out.Although I was careful not to stare at any of the women to remain innocent of any inappropriate behavior, she caught my eye immediately because of her honey blond hair, slim body, and full breasts.I was able to gauge Alin’s figure as the evening’s instruction went along, noting that she had a tiny waist, rounded firm ass, and fully rounded breasts capped with large erect nipples. She wore a thin, clingy dress that also revealed most of her muscular, tan legs.At one point as I was leaning over her shoulder evaluating her work she looked me up at me, our faces close, and said quietly in my ear, “Do they suit you?”I didn’t know what to say.I could feel her breath on my face as she said, “My boobs. Are they full enough for your liking?”It was obvious that she was offering the view down the front of her dress for my eyes to survey most of her pale white freckled boobs. She gave a little shiver and they moved. I caught the faint scent of something delicate but intoxicating. I fought hard to concentrate.I said, bahçesehir escort “I would never look at anything inappropriate like that without your explicit invitation.”She smiled slightly, not to let on to the other women that she had invited my direct view and said, “Would you be willing to give me private instruction in light of my eagerness to learn?”I said, “We can cover that later.”As I headed to my car in the dark parking lot after class I found her already there, leaning against the fender. I unlocked the car and she got right in. I followed right along. It was pitch black in the lot and quiet. She turned her hips to face me and put her hand on my leg way up high. She unbuttoned the last few buttons down to the waist on her dress and placed my hand inside on her breast. She was as warm as a kitten, soft also. She let out a little gasp. My cock was fully hard in seconds.“Alin, tell me all about yourself.”She said, “I was drawn to your intensity and intellect instantly. Your talent and passion excite me so I naturally want to be with such a man and give you love through my sex. Please accept me.”I said, beylikdüzü bayan escort “I want to see all of you and know what you are like as a woman and a person. Let’s go somewhere.”“Robb, Let’s go to my home,which is close by. We’ll talk and you may see whatever you want.”We sped away into the night.We had gone up the river a mile and made the abrupt turn onto the canal bridge when she pointed to an iron gate and said, “It’s in here.” The gate opened to her remote and we drove right in along the tree lined canal lane. I parked under the porte-cochere and we went in the big wooden door. We were greeted by a tiny middle-aged woman in a robe and sandals who bowed deeply in silence.Alin introduced me to her as Miko, who immediately ushered us across the sumptuous modern stone and glass rooms to an invisible elevator buried in the paneled wall. We entered this little capsule barely big enough for the two of us and were whisked upwards quietly and quickly. We exited into what I assumed was the bedroom, a huge, square, skylit space. One wall had high clerestory windows with a view across the big river escort beylikdüzü of the lights of the town on the other side. The others were covered with small Shunga prints. A waist-high, square bed twice as big as any I’d seen filled the middle of the room and was covered in animal pelts; coyotes, bears, sheepskins, etc.Alin dropped her dress and panties where she stood, exposing her naked body. Miko, who had followed us, picked them up, folded them fastidiously, and placed them precisely on a tapestry covered bench. Alin continued by undressing me while Miko continued picking up and folding. We were now naked, facing each other, eager to touch. Miko disappeared as silently as she had materialized.Alin motioned for me to get on the  bed, pushed me down on my back, and climbed on top. She sat on my chest facing my feet and took my testicles and penis in her skilled fingers, stretching, massaging, and rolling them around. Her large, soft, swinging breasts were brushing my stomach, which I could barely stand.I could see all of her toned back, exquisite long neck, and hair as she worked me to sensuous heights. Her skin was flawlessly smooth as a baby’s, pale white with tiny freckles covering every inch of her from her tiny ears to her ass. Her pear-shaped bottom flared out from her impossibly slim waist. Every muscle in her body was firm and distinct as if she were a Pilates instructor.

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