Nightime Intruder

Big Head

I awoke, instantly seized by panic at the sound of my apartment door opening. Trying not to move I opened my eyes slightly. The eerie light from a powerful flashlight filled my living room and kitchen. I closed my eyes tightly again, hoping the intruder would think I was sleeping and not harm me. My heart thundered in my chest, making it difficult to hear.

The light entered my bedroom and swept over my body. I fought the instinct to move. Suddenly the light was gone, the room plunged into darkness again. Thinking the intruder had left I opened my eyes just barely enough to see. In front of my bed was a pair of legs, mans legs. I clamped my eyes shut again, gripped with terror. Who was he? Why was he here?

My mattress gave slightly under his weight as he sat down beside me. “Miss?” The gentle voice seemed wrong for someone breaking into my apartment in the middle of the night. “Miss,” the voice repeated, this time followed by a soft laugh. “You aren’t asleep, you might as well stop pretending.” His hand touched my shoulder lightly and I jumped as I opened my eyes.

I sat up, clutching my blanket to my chest and reaching for the telephone on the nightstand. “Leave now,” I ordered bravely. “I’m calling 911.” Again the soft laugh.

“Yes, good idea. They’ll send me right over to make sure you’re ok.” He took the phone from my hands and returned it to the nightstand. My eyes adjusted to the darkness now and I could see the glint of metal on his chest, his badge.

“Why are you here?” I asked, trying to calm my nerves.

“I live downstairs, unit 8,” He explained. “I was just getting back from a call and I thought I saw a shadow moving up here. Figured I’d better check on you.” Betturkey He paused for a moment, I could see now some of his facial features. Not too bad looking for a knight-in-shining-armor. “Good thing I did too,” He continued. “You left your key in the lock.”

Even in the dark I’m sure he could see my cheeks instantly flush a deep crimson. He held his hand out, my key lying in his palm. I laughed a nervous laugh and shook my head, “Not again.” Looking at him, I admitted this wasn’t the first time. Taking the key from him I thanked him and placed it on my nightstand.

He waited until I turned to face him again, then gently touched the small chain on my neck. “What will your Master say when you tell him?”

“Master???” I stammered, shocked that he knew my secret. His soft laugh again told me there was nothing to be ashamed of. “He’ll probably punish me” I admitted sheepishly.


“Because I wasn’t taking care of his property the way he expects me to,” Even as I said the words, I could feel the shame of my carelessness. His head bobbed in the moonlight, I could feel his understanding.

“Your Master should be displeased with such an inconsiderate slave.” The gentle voice had turned into a stern lecture. “You never know what may have happened if I hadn’t come home when I did.” I nodded in agreement, tears welling up in my eyes. “However, Miss, you’ve said this is not the first time you’ve been negligent. Perhaps your Master’s methods of punishment are not effective. Perhaps a more direct approach is in order.” The blood drained from my cheeks as I realized what he meant. In one swift move he pulled my naked body free from the covers and over his knee. Squirming Betturkey Giriş against his firm hold was fruitless. He pulled my wrists together and held them securely in the small of my back. I continued to struggle until he tucked one of my legs between his. Now escape was impossible.

*Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack* His hand delivered four quick slaps to my unprotected ass. I whimpered softly, but he continued. My cheeks warmed swiftly under the attention of his unyielding assault, but I could also feel a fire building in my pussy. He continued the stinging slaps until I begged him to stop, assuring him I’d learned my lesson. His hand came to a rest on my angry red skin, rubbing it, taking the sting away, and fueling the fire inside. “Now what are you going to do in the future young lady?”

“Be more careful,” I promised in a small voice as I wiped a tear from my cheek.


“So I don’t get hurt.”

“That’s right,” the gentleness had returned to his voice. “You never know who might be out there,” he lectured. “Some stranger, lurking around your door, waiting for the ideal time to have his way with you.” He played his finger around my moist pussy lips and over my clit. I moaned a little, spreading my legs wider, inviting him. “I’d hate to see you hurt Anna Grace,” as he said my name he slid two fingers into my wet hole. I moaned loudly this time, arching my back to fuck myself on his fingers. His laugh returned. “Yes, baby, fuck my fingers.” He encouraged and I did. The fire in my cunt was raging now and I fucked his fingers madly. He slid a third finger inside and I groaned loudly then came hard against them.

His cock pressed against my ribs, as he Betturkey Güncel Giriş ground it into me. “Fuck me with your cock,” I whispered.

“What’s that?” He asked.

“Fuck me with your cock,” I said, louder this time.

“You want my cock baby?” there was a maddening innocence in his question.

“Yes, please…… fuck me….. please,” I begged desperately, the searing in my cunt needing to be quenched.

“Very well, you have been a good little bitch,” he pushed me off his lap onto the bed. I lay on my belly waiting for him to undress. It seemed an eternity while he removed his belt, unzipped and finally freed himself from his uniform pants.

“Mmmmmmmm,” I moaned loudly as his cock brushed along my slit, gently pushing its’ head into the opening. Frantic for satisfaction I thrust myself onto his hard rod. He groaned, I didn’t wait for him, I wanted to cum and cum hard. I fucked myself on him furiously, crying out when he touched my clit just as my orgasm started.

Minutes passed before the spasms faded, my legs weak and shaking. He held my hips to keep me up and began working his cock in me again. I doubted that I had enough strength to continue fucking like this, but realized he had not cum yet. Allowing him to support my weight I arched my back so that his balls would contact my clit with each plunge. Soon I was raging again, wanting to climax with him this time.

My body shook as I reached the edge again. His balls tightened and I knew it was time. As his hot sperm filled me I went over the edge for the third and final time that night. He collapsed onto my bed now, holding me in his arms, kissing my face and wiping my hair, which was drenched with sweat, away from my eyes.

“Yes Anna, I can see you have learned your lesson. I’m sure your Master will be pleased,” he said smiling at me as he dressed. Then, taking my key off the nightstand he added, “But I think I’d better hold onto this in case I need to check on you again.”

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