Nights Over Egypt Ch. 1


His arms about her waist as he stands behind her, and she lays her head against his chest. Together they watch the sunset over the Pyramids at Giza from the balcony of their hotel. The cool desert breezes stroke them gently as he pulls her closer to him.

He speaks so softly in her ear for a moment she thinks it’s the evening breeze, whispering to her, “I love you Sancia with all my heart.” She snuggles closer to him, he holds her even tighter and she replys sweetly, “Don’t ever stop Julian, for I love you too.” He kisses the top of her head, she giggles lightly and turn to him.

There is no moon tonight. They do not need its light, their passion burns bright enough for them to see only each other. She lays her head against his broad chest and feel his heart beating out its love for her. She lifts her face to look into his eyes letting her deep love for him show through them.

She kisses him softly on his chin and he tickles her nose with his lips. She raises her head to meet his lips as she kisses him tenderly. He slides his hands around her waist and up her back. He deftly and swiftly finds the zipper of her dress and slowly and seductively slides it down her back. He quickly finds the snap of her bra and effortlessly unsnap it. He gently pulls the sleeves of her dress with her bras straps off over her shoulders and arms as it slides to the balcony floor.

He embraces her tightly and they kiss deeply. Their tongues in an intimate dance. She wants to feel the warmth of his body, sliding her hands between them, She unfastens his belt and unzips his fly tugging his pants down until they fall on their own. He steps out of them without losing a beat. Still kissing passionately She slides her hands under his shirt and pulls it over his head.

Their bare bodies had at last touched. So searing was their passion that the cool night desert breezes were barely felt by them. They held each other tight kissing more passionately than before. Sucking bahis şirketleri each others tongues and nibbling the other’s bottom lips. They began to sway to a music no others could hear, the music of their passion.

They pressed their hips together and she can feel his rock hard organ against her stomach letting her know he’s more than ready for the love she has for him. She reaches between them and slides her hand down to her sweltering place of passion, sliding in a couple of fingers as she retrieves the glistening droplets of her love. She offers this delicacy to him, and he accepts her offering by sucking her juices off her fingers. He moans deeply and says “What an exquisite taste.” She licks his beautiful mouth sampling her sweetness that remains on his lips.

The taste of her love only made him want more. He picks her up in his strong loving arms and lays her softly on the patio table. Pulling a chair up he sits down between her legs. He removes her thong quickly losing all semblance of patience as the heat of his passion rise. He spreads her thighs leaving her calves to dangle over his forearms. He kisses and nibbles her inner thighs as a soft groan escapes her lips. Even in such faint light he sees the glistening wetness of her hot pussy. Just above a whisper he says, “Mmmmmm so sweet.” Plunging he takes the whole of his tongue and lick the succulent juices.

He gently parts her lips with his thumbs and flick her clit serval times with his tongue. She throws back her head and arches her back as a sublime tingle fills her spine. He begins to suck her clit, he releases one of her legs using that hand, he slowly inserts one finger then another. He begins to vigorously slide his fingers in and out while stroking her clit with his thumb. He removes his thumb and begin flicking her clit again with his tongue. His fingers and tongue work her pussy at a furious pace. A deep moan comes from the back of her throat. Her tension is rising, her heart is bahis firmaları beating hard and fast. Her passion is so intense she can scarcely catch her breath. He’s still working her hard and fast. She can’t contain her tension any longer. She clamps her legs tight on his head, throw her head back, and let out a scream that all of Egypt can hear.

She collapses on the table shuddering with the powerful orgasm she have just released. When she opens her eyes again he is standing over her smiling tenderly at her. He lifts her in his arms and hold her close. He kisses her deeply and she tastes her love for him on his lips.

He carries her through the doors of the balcony and lay her softly on the bed that is surrounded with beautiful silken netting. He lays beside her, and whisper in her ear, “I love you Sancia. Stay with me always.” She whispers back with tears of joy in her voice, “I love you too Giuliano. I am yours forever.”

They embrace one another tightly, running their fingers through each other’s hair and kissing feverishly. She deftly rolls on top of him straddling his hips. She kneels over him and position her full breast over his face. He cups them in his hands and begin to suckle them. A moan comes from deep inside her as he sucks harder, slightly nibbling them. He swirls his tongue around her nipples getting them as hard as his cock. She comes down and kisses him again, just a sweet little kiss. She kisses his chin. She kisses his throat. She kisses behind his ear. She kisses his shoulders, while she’s caressing his nipples with her thumbs, making light circles around them. She hears him moan and feel his cock throb. She licks his nipples gently and blow on them softly, then going back to them giving each a nip.

She takes her hot tongue, runs it up and down his flat belly, then blows on the stream she just made. She positions herself between his legs, and lick the full length of his cock several times. She places it between her full breasts kaçak bahis siteleri and tucks him in. She kisses the tip of his head, and swirl her tongue around it lightly. She begins massaging his organ between her breast while taking his head into her mouth. Stroking his cock with her breasts she moves his head in and out of her mouth. He is moaning loudly and she loves it. She strokes him faster with her breasts taking him into her mouth as much as her breasts will allow. He start sthrusting his hips against her, and she moans as he begins to fuck her breasts and her face. She removes her breasts from his shaft and begin stroking him with her hand, as well as cupping his balls and caressing them. She has him deep in her mouth now as much of him as she can take in. Using her middle finger she begins stroking that lovely spot between his balls and anus. Her hands and mouth in perfect rhythm with each other, her pace becomes furious. He grinds his hips harder into her face keeping time with her as well. His breathing is fast and hard. She feels his cock begin to throb in her mouth as he begins to gasp. Their pace is feverish as she feels him tense. The throbbing becomes harder as he is about to spill his love into her mouth over her waiting tongue. With a final gasp and a deep growl he spills himself into her, and she swallows deeply, savoring the taste of his love. It’s warm and tingly. She’s moaning as he pumps the last of it into her mouth. She feels him relax beneath her as his breathing becomes more regular and his heart beat slows down. She does not remove him from her mouth until he becomes completely relaxed.

She climbs back up his body and kisses his forehead, then his nose and finally his lips. She places her head upon his chest and listens to his beating heart, thinking she will love this man forever. A chill runs through her and she shivers as the cool night Egyptian breeze passes over their sweaty bodies. He holds her closer and pulls the silky sheet over them both. There is no need to speak words, for their love and passion speaks volumes for itself. They snuggle tight as their breathing becomes softer and is in unison. They let the soft desert breeze rock them to sleep.

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