NIKKI’S JOURNEY – CHAPTER 16CHAPTER 16: TRAINING A CUSTOMERAfter the pig experience, and mess, Nikki was ready to just leave that as an experience worth trying but happy to remain in her past.She got a message from Bob that he had a customer who had previously bought a dog from him and now wanted the dog ‘trained’ and would like to discuss the opportunity with her. When they got together, Bob provided more details. The woman had a male German Shepard and indicated that she was being referred by an active member of their dog-sex group and also wanted assistance in training the dog to “perform”. She indicated that their intention was the dog would be a casual participant in the sexual activities and not necessarily a regular activity. She said the she and her husband had a good sex life but were wanting to add some spice to it and had wanted a dog for a long time, anyway. Bob gave the contact details and Nikki promise to be in touch.The woman, Mary, wanted the training to be performed in her house, which was fine with Nikki. As they discussed the situation, Nikki did feel relieved and truly believed they had the dog for the right reasons and were merely expanding on their relationship with him. After making sure she understood the billing schedule and options, Nikki suggested a plan that would:• Two visits to her home by Nikki.• The first visit would be initial training for the dog and her. The dog needed to have success in mating to know it was an activity he wanted to participate in eagerly. She needed to know how to control the situation to allow success in their mating.o This would be done by watching Nikki and being an active participant with her dog.o Nikki would assist in several matings and in her taking the knot at least once.o They would also establish an appropriate ‘trigger’ for the dog to know it was acceptable to approach for sex.• Between Nikki’s visits the woman would need to practice with dog to develop his skill in entering her.• The second visit would be to determine how well it was going and what might need to be reinforced or amended. If needed, an additional session could be scheduled.With agreement on the plan that would be followed, a date of the next Tuesday was established at 1:00 PM. Nikki asked if her husband was planning to be present. She didn’t think so since he worked but might show up at the end if they were still going. Nikki suggested that they schedule the second one for a time when he could participate so he knew how to assist.The next Tuesday Nikki arrived at the address given to her and was welcomed by a charming middle aged woman, slightly smaller than herself. She was bare foot wearing short shorts and a tee-shirt and looked very good in them. The woman said, “I hope you don’t mind coming to my home. But I think Buster, our German Shepard, will be more comfortable and I know I certainly will be.”Nikki replied, “No problem at all. That is actually a common request. And I totally sympathize. You’re going to start having sex with a dog and you’re in a stranger’s house, don’t know really who she is, and don’t know who might come by? No, it is much easier for people to control their own space.”Nikki followed the woman through the house to the family room in back. She went to the slide glass door and called for Buster who came racing from behind a tree in back. She let him in and closed the door behind him. He came over to Nikki and sniffed, licked her hand that was hanging down. Nikki bent down and scratch behind his ears and down his sides, softly saying his name.“He seems like a very nice dog. I’m always a little nervous around German Shepard dogs for some reason.”“People do react that way. Probably the police training image people have of them.”“Okay, are you ready? Have you tried playing with him at all? Have you ever tried feeling his sheath and getting the cock tip to come out? Or is this the first time for everything?”“Yes, I am definitely ready. I have tried a few times to play with his sheath and my husband has even encouraged me a few times when we were playing in here and Buster came in. I was already sexually stimulated and so tried but it was pretty frustrating for both of us I think. I was just fumbling around.”“Okay, so first, let’s get on the floor and get him to lay down between us and we’ll just pet him, stroke him, ruff his ears and chest. Once he’s comfortable with the attention, I’ll show you how I start off my dogs.”That’s exactly what happened. Buster thoroughly enjoyed the attention and was quickly on his back wanting a belly rub. Nikki told her to watch as she rub and scratched her way down his belly and made brushing touches to his sheath. Going from his chest, belly, brush his sheath, then to one of his legs and back down over the sheath to the other leg. Gradually, he stopped reacting every time his sheath was touched and just lay stretched out. The she moved slower in her movements around his sheath until she was finally holding it. She had Mary try it and she was soon holding Buster’s sheath without him protesting. Nikki told her to gently move the sheath back and forth over his cock but not to touch any of the exposed cock. When she stopped the red tip of his cock was sticking out of his sheath.“Good start. The cock coming out of the sheath is very sensitive so try not to contact it without have some lubrication. Once you are fucking he will have plenty of lubrication. You can also take him your mouth and lick him to get him lubricated. Do you suck your husband’s cock?”“Oh, yes, we lover oral sex.”“Okay, so why don’t you just try and see how he reacts. I’ll continue to stroke him and you just slowly lower your face and gently, at first, lick the tip of his cock. Then a little more. If he is doing fine, put your lips around the tip and see if we can’t get him show more. If he doesn’t on his own, the sheath can be pull back to expose more his cock. Try now.”She did. While rubbing his belly, she shifted so she could bend over to his crotch. She glanced back at his head and stuck out her tongue and touched the tip. He flinched just a twitch but didn’t try to move away. She did it again and then licked the tip and again. She looked up at Nikki who just nodded to her to continue. She licked a couple more times and then opened her lips and took the tip just inside and used her tongue to lick the tip while inside her mouth. She lifted up and noticed more cock was sticking out and quickly returned to take more into her mouth.Nikki said, “Wow, that was great. He did really well with that, too. Okay, time to see if he’s willing to please you orally. Are you stimulated, are you wet, or do you need some help?”“Oh, just from that I am definitely wet and ready.” “Get a towel and put it on the edge of the couch, take off your shorts and panties, and sit down on the edge so your bottom is just hanging over. Then open your legs and call him over.”Nikki was stroking Buster to keep him interested until Mary got settled. She stripped off her shorts and thong and sat at the edge of the couch on the towel. She called Buster who came to her. He caught her scent and sniffed it out. The first lick sent a shock wave through her.“Nice, huh?”“Oh my, god. I think I will love that tongue. Come on boy, do it again.”He licked out again and then knew he found something güvenilir bahis he liked and kept on licking. The more he licked the more there was to lick up.“Scoot down a little more and let him get a little further back.”She looked puzzled by that but then his tongue hit her asshole and she squeaked in joy. “Oh my god, yes! Don’t stop boy, you’re getting there already. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I hardly know you and I am sitting here spread wide as my dog is getting me close to an orgasm.”And that thought with the licking was all she needed and she orgasmed and hard. Her legs shook but stayed open for a few more moments and screaming out here joy, she twisted to the side and closed her legs. Buster just moved slightly and began licking from the back which caused her to squirm into the back of the couch and finally get off the couch, kneeling in front of Buster and hugging him deeply.“I don’t think you like doggy-sex. You might be a little inhibited.”Mary looked up at her and they both laughed. Mary recovered and went into the kitchen, naked from the waist down, and got each of them a beer. Mary sat back down on the towel and asked, “So how am I doing Teach?”“Honey, you’re a natural. Some women think the idea of dog-sex is cool, but when they get right in front it, they can’t.”“Do you do dogs a lot?”“I guess so. We don’t really think about it as ‘doing’, they are just a part of our family sex group. I have two dogs, Butch and Sam, and they are great lovers. We’ll talk about setting up a ‘trigger’ so Buster understands when it is acceptable to look for sex. With me it is when I am naked. If I am running with them in the back, we have a 45 acre place, I’ll wear shoes but that doesn’t bother them. And I spend a lot of time naked.”“So, when you’re naked they can expect sex and you’re naked a lot. So you are having a lot of sex with them?”“Oh boy do I. You see, a dog is capable of having sex a lot more often than a man. I guess I can be open with you, too, so I’ll tell you that I am the dogs’ bitch. Basically, I am theirs when they want me, if I’m naked. Of course, my husband has a pretty strong sex drive, too, so it is pretty interesting around there.”“So, you’re on this big property pretty much naked and getting fucked by something and nobody is around to see you?”“Oh, no. We have a neighbor couple on the ranch that our property butts up to. They are really good friends of ours. In fact we have a trail cut into the wood and field with a gate in the fence so we can go back and forth without using the road. It’s about a half mile between us. She sometimes comes over naked. The boys know she’s coming before I see her. They really like it when they have two of us.”“Wow, so you’re really into this dog-sex.”“Yes, I am. But nobody is threatened. We all co-exist in our sexual little world. Now I also do these side jobs for Bob when a client, such as yourself, has a special request. Are you ready for the next step? Getting fucked?”“Should I take the rest of my clothes off?”“Some women like to have a top on to protect against the claws, but I just like being naked. I really haven’t had a problem with the claws but I get an occasional scratch.”She settled onto the floor on her hands and knees. Nikki brought the dog over to her butt and he started sniffing and licking which once again sent shivers through her. The dog jump up but off right away and walked around her. “What’s wrong? Why doesn’t he want to, his cock is showing?”“It’s not that simple, Mary. If you were a dog, he might just take charge of you and force himself on you. But you’re not. He has learned to defer to you and take your commands. That’s why he needs to learn to take the lead when it is appropriate and for you to allow him to under the same conditions. You will need to offer yourself enough so he learns that and then not to so he learns the difference. Let me see if I can show you.”Nikki stripped down and fussed with the dog to get his attention. Mary sat back against the couch and watched as Nikki assumed the hands and knees position. She saw her talk to the dog, wiggling her butt to the dog and offering her pussy to him. She noticed that Buster had retracted his cock mostly into his sheath so she wiggled underneath him with her head at his sheath. She got up onto her elbow and licked and sucked his cock and started getting results. At the same time Buster sniffed her exposed pussy in front of him and started licking. The stimulation of his cock and licking and taking pussy juice was enough to get him better stimulated and exposed. Nikki resumed her position and let Buster sniff and lick her pussy again, wiggling her butt and then slapped her butt saying, “mount”. He jumped up onto her back and humped a couple of time, spearing her butt cheeks but missing the target. She kept moving her butt to assist him and when he got close, reached between her legs and took hold of his sheath and guided him to her opening. Once he found her opening, he was in and humping. Nikki gasped, “Oh my, you are a good boy. But I want you in Mary. Mary, get into position.” But collapsed to the floor so they would disengage. Nikki rolled out and led Buster to Mary and he licked her several times. Mary slapped her butt and said, “Mount”. He jumped up and humped. Nikki help maneuver him and Mary reach behind her through her legs and guided his cock to her pussy opening. When he hit the opening he thrust in and then thrust further in and was deep within a few thrusts. Mary gasped, “Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh, yessss.” Typically, he started growing and enlarging. “Nikki, he’s getting bigger. I can feel it inside me. And he’s leaking. I can feel him lubricating me.”“You both are doing great. Push back to him and match his thrusts as long as you can. He will start going faster and it will enough to just hold on and not get in his way. Soon you will start feeling a large object bumping into you pussy from the outside. I can see his knot forming and that will be obvious to you soon, too.”“Yes. I feel it. Do I take that, too?”“For me that’s the best part of dog-sex. The knot is large and will have some discomfort going in but once inside you will love it.”“I feel something bumping me. Is that the knot? You want me to take that?”“I want you to try. The knot is an amazing part of fucking a dog.”“Okay. God, it feels so big. OOOOOOHHH, Nikki, I think I’m cumming already! Oh YYYYEEEESSSSSS! Oh god, oh god, oh yesssssssssssss! Wait just a minute. Oh wow.”Nikki laughed, “You okay?”“No, I’m much better than just okay. This is amazing.”“Good. The knot is waiting so let’s do it on the first fucking. No reason to wait if this is good. When he start pushing to get the knot in, wiggle your hips and match his pushing. The knot will feel like trying to push a tennis ball into your pussy. It will be well lubricated by moving along your slit so moving back and forth and side to side will help wiggle it into your lips. Once you feel it stretching you, apply more pressure to get it in. Once in, hang on. It will grow further and lock with you. That’s called the tie. That is truly being mated with your dog. With a real dog bitch, that is what maximizes the potential of impregnating the bitch with his seed. He truly makes the bitch his by locking onto her.”Nikki watched as Mary went güvenilir bahis siteleri through the actions she had just been told. Suddenly, her eyes flashed open and her mouth opened and a moan and groan escaped her. “Oh god, it’s in me, it’s in me. It feels so big. Yes and it is getting bigger. Ooooohhhhhh, and he’s fucking me, again. Ooohhh, he’s getting even bigger.”“I think he’s getting ready to come. You will definitely know it. You’ll feel his come inside you.”“Oh yes. This is … OOOOOOhhhhhhhh Godddddddd! Yes, yes, yes. Nikkkkiiiiiiiii, I am cumming, again. Oh and so is he! I can feel his spurts inside. It is so warm and so much. I’ve never felt anything like this, never dreamed of anything like this.”She collapsed to her chest on the floor with her ass in the air, breathing hard and holding on through her orgasm and the dog’s.“Okay, when he is done, he will want to dismount and turn around. If he is stuck to you, the pulling will provide some discomfort but you can work that to your advantage, too. I will make sure he doesn’t try to rip out of you. He probably hasn’t bred before. It is instinct for them to turn so you are butt-to-butt. It allows them to be defensive while they are tied, otherwise they would be totally at the mercy of a threat.”And Buster did move his leg over Mary and turn. “Oh, Nikki, he’s going to rip me open!”“No, just reach back and pull his hind legs to you and he will settle down. Do you want more? Would you like to see how to now enjoy the knot?”“God, Nikki, there’s more? I’m about wasted, already. But sure, why not. What do I do?”“Good girl. You are a natural, Mary. We don’t normally get through all of this the first time. You have the makings of a real dog slut, dog bitch.”“Like you?”“Yes, like me and some other women I know.”“Okay, girl, what you want to do is rock back and forth on his knot. Push back against him which will drive the knot further into you and then pull away so the knot is tugging on your pussy lips.”“Oh my. Yes, I see what you mean. It is hitting something inside that has an amazing reaction to my body.”“That my dear is your g-spot. Have you heard of that?”“Yes, but I’ve never experienced it.”“Well, it is real and this is the proof. By rocking on his knot, its size moves across you g-spot and is an instant rush each time. Keep going and work it now.”Nikki watched as the woman bore down on the knot and saw her breathing change again and get faster and more labored. Nikki saw the woman’s stomach start to quiver and her legs shake. Then it happened.“Ooooohhhh, my ggoooooodddddd, I … am … cummmminnnnnggggggg … again. Oh, fuck. I can’t … take … annnnyyyyy … don’t ….wannnnntttt … this to … ever … stoppppppppp.”At that moment the dog pulled out and Mary collapse on the floor spread-eagle, flat on her front with dog cum running out of her pussy. Nikki sensed movement to her left and looked up and saw a man in a business suit standing and watch with the biggest smile on his face. Mary was out cold from the intensity of her first experience. Nikki looked directly at him, smiled and stood up. Forgetting that she was naked after just watching Mary and nearly cumming herself from the experience, she said, “I sure hope you’re her husband.”“Yes, yes, I am. That was really something.”Nikki then notice his hands in front of him and only then noticed that he had his cock out of his pants and was stroking himself, even now talking to her. She moved within a step of him and said, “Yes, it really was. She was such a natural. How much did you see?”“From the time she asked about the knot hitting her outside. Is she okay?”“Yes, it was just so intense she passed out. She just needs to rest and sleep it off.” She looked down at his hand around his cock and then up to his eyes, stepped right up to him and took his cock into her hand and asked, “While she is recovering, can I help you with this?”“Oh, yes, that would be wonderful. That was so hot I don’t think I have ever been this hard.”Nikki also knew that the excitement of watching his wife take the dog so intensely would also mean he wouldn’t last long once she got started. She sank to her knees in front of him and licks up the length of his cock. Kissed the tip, sucked it into her mouth, then repeated the sequence over and over and finally just taking his cock deeply in her mouth and pumping her mouth over his cock and sucking and twirling her tongue and taking him to the entrance to her throat and back out. As she expected, he quickly came and shot his cum straight down her throat. She cleaned his cock up and put it away and returned to Mary and sat down and put Mary’s head onto her lap. Her husband got wine for all of them and sat on the couch next to Mary and Nikki. As Mary came to, she looked up at Nikki and smiled and asked what happened. “You passed out, honey. But you did it. All of it. You were amazing. You came several times, especially around his knot. But look who walked in while you were doing that and saw you hit those last orgasms.”She looked over her shoulder at her husband who was smiling at her and holding a glass of wine out to her. She struggle to a sitting position, got up onto the couch and hugged him deeply and smothered him with kisses. She sat back looking at him and taking the wine and took a deep gulp and asked him, “So you saw a lot of it. Any regrets?”“Are you k**ding? Only if you do. That was the hottest thing I have ever seen.”Mary looked over at Nikki who was sitting on the floor by Buster sipping her wine, legs slightly open. “And you’ve met naked Nikki? Clearly a woman who doesn’t have a problem being naked.”“Yes, Nikki and I have met. To be truthful, she also took care of my built up tension from watching you. Hope you don’t mind.”“Mind? You just saw me fucked by a dog and orgasming to the point of passing out. How could I mind, especially from Nikki who made this so pleasant? Thank you, Nikki.”“My pleasure, believe me. I think that’s enough for today. Should we meet again in three days and see how things are going?”“Sounds perfect. Can we do it at night so he can be here? Say 7:00 PM?”“Done. Now, between now and then I am giving you two some homework that we will be reviewing when I come back. Here’s what I want you to do:1. If being naked is the trigger for Buster, spend time being naked and give yourself to him when he approaches you. He needs to feel secure in that learning.2. Spend most of your time dressed which probably normal for you. During the dressed times, you must be firm in rejecting his approaches for sexual contact, sniffing, dry humping, anything like that. You have to be consistent for him to learn.3. During the naked times, experiment and have fun. Include Buster in your lovemaking together. Don’t be afraid of a 3-some with Buster. Mary, you can suck you husband while Buster fucks you or the other way around. A really fun thing is to fuck your husband on the couch, you facing away from him and legs spread so Buster has full access to your joined crotches. Him licking your cock and pussy at the same time is mind blowing. The combination of sensations is great for both of you.4. If you want sex just between the two of you, just close your bedroom door. 5. Finally, but experiment. Just because your naked and making love to each other doesn’t mean he will iddaa siteleri be in the way. But it might mean he will get in some licks and nuzzle you. Then, after you’re done, he may want his time. But what could be better than an occasional multiple partner scenario?Plan on playing with those items over the next couple days and we’ll discuss how it went and see what else we should cover. We may not need to. You’re really coming to this very naturally.”At the next meeting Nikki asked how the past three days went. Mary blushed profusely and her husband responded, “I never knew what a little slut I had here.” He leaned over and kissed her hard on the lips and continued, “We have also thought of our sex life as healthy and good. Little did we know. Each day she would get naked and fuck Buster mid-morning and then again mid-afternoon. Then in the evening we would fuck with Buster and she would be prancing around the house naked. Then, we would go to the bedroom, close the door and fuck, again.”“Not just me, mister. I never knew you to fuck me twice in one night, much less repeated nights.”Nikki laughed with them and said, “Exellent. So, it has actually stimulated your normal sex life as well?”Mary took over, “Nikki, this is awesome. I feel like I am always turned on. And he is getting better at finding my opening without as much blind humping, getting down, and starting over. I definitely now see what you mean about the practice. He gets better with the times he gets with me.”“How is he doing when you are dressed?”“Actually, he picked that distinction up really quickly. It wasn’t so good at first, he kept poking his nose between my legs and following me with his nose in my rear. But by today he has been very good. He is catching on so it really is just keeping consistent like you say.”“So, is there anything we need to go over? Any questions about him, yourselves, or anything at all?”“We don’t think so. It’s going well. We assume that we can ask questions later if something comes up. We know about the group and have signed up to be members.”“Absolutely, that’s what the group is for and I am active on it so feel free to ask anything that comes up. If there isn’t anything, I guess we’re done.”Mary looked timidly at her, her husband and back to Nikki, “Nikki, we were wondering if you would mind staying for a while longer. We talked about it and this might be inappropriate, but we would love to be able to share this new part of ourselves with you. You have been so wonderful to us, all of us. We’d love to return it to you if we could.”“That’s sweet and sexy. Okay, you can guess that I have a liberal relationship about sex with my husband. What did you have in mind?”“I’m not ready for this but maybe you are. Have you taken a dog in the ass?”“Yes, I have and I do enjoy anal but I will need some lubrication. Do you have some KY?”“Great, I’ll get it.”Mary ran off and we got some wine poured while we waited. When she returned, she handed it to Nikki but Nikki said, “No, that’s no fun. Remember to let someone else put it in when you do it. Girl, someone is going to put a cock up your ass. Let them or someone get you ready. But first …” Nikki raised her glass of wine to the others and they clinked glasses, “… to a wonderful evening with new friends who are just starting truly exploring their sexual freedoms.”After that, Nikki walked up to Mary and unbuttoned her blouse while kissing her and slipped it off her shoulders and arms. Then she turned to her husband and did the same, catching him a little by surprise. Back to Mary with kisses and tongue while unhooking her bra and dropping it off her shoulders and arms. Then unzipping her shorts, lowering her kisses to Mary’s breasts and nipples and down her stomach as the shorts and panties were pulled down. As Mary stepped out of them, Nikki was kissing and licking the woman’s pussy. She then moved to the husband and followed the same tact. Kissing and licking his way down his chest and stomach as his pants were unzipped and with his underwear lowered until she was kissing and sucking his cock. It was already hard.They double teamed Nikki and got her stripped quickly and lay her on the floor. He got between her legs and Mary went from Nikki’s mouth to breasts and nipples. Soon they were all worked up and Nikki reached for the KY and handed it to Mary saying it was time and turned over to expose her ass. Mary applied a liberal amount around and inside Nikki’s asshole. Nikki told him to lay down on the floor, she step over his hips and slowly lowered herself and sat down onto his rigid cock, moaning as she sank to the base. Then she lean forward and kissed him on the mouth and told Mary to get Buster. She already was leading the dog over and he sniffed and licked Nikki ass. Mary encouraged him up onto Nikki’s back and guided his cock to her asshole. The dog felt something different but he felt a hole and thrust forward and entered. Nikki gasped and instructed her to sit on her husband’s mouth and they then started kissing and tonguing as the fucking got going. The dog just felt something to fuck and the man was no match for keeping up so he just set up his own pace and let the dog do his own thing. But the dog’s cock rubbing back and forth against his with just a thin membrane between them while his cock was enveloped by a wet, tight pussy was almost too much right off the bat but he concentrated on his wife’s pussy to stave off his climax.Meanwhile, Nikki was in sexual heaven. She had a nice cock in each of her holes and soft lips and tongue at her mouth. She found herself moan but had no intention of holding back, she would cum as often as she could. And she did just like that with something in all her holes. Then she felt the dog really pick up his pace and his knot hitting her ass. She decided she was so sexually charged she would just let it happen and pushed back onto the dog’s knot and slowly felt it pop beyond her sphincter and inside. She let go of Mary’s mouth and gasped and screamed out. Then, looking Mary in the eyes, she smiled and opened her mouth for more. The entry of the knot and it now rubbing along his cock in Nikki’s pussy was just too much and he released into Nikki. He lay gently moving under Nikki and continued to suck and lick his wife’s pussy lips and clit. Mary was the next to cum and creamed her husband’s mouth and face as her messy pussy moved along his face. The dog now slowed his pumping and stopped when he started jetting his cum into Nikki ass. So much was coming out that the knot couldn’t hold it all in and it dripped out her jammed pussy and onto the man underneath her. The dog stopped cumming and turned. Nikki reached back and grabbed his rear legs and asked someone to hold the dog from pulling, he had her knotted.Mary exclaimed, “He’s knotted with you in your asshole? My god, Nikki. Does it hurt?”“Not too bad but it will if he tries to separate us. I just need him to shrink enough to pop out. I never did that before, but this was so hot I let my emotions get away from me. This is going to sound really perverted, but while we’re all waiting maybe we could have some more wine?”And that’s how the evening ended. They all drank wine, Nikki tied to the dog butt-to-butt, Mary holding and stroking the dog to keep him still, and her husband sitting on the couch watching it all. Even after the knot shrank a lot it still came out of Nikki with some pain. But, she insisted the evening was worth it.* * * CHAPTER 17: QUIET WEEKEND WITH HARRY AND JULI will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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