No Longer in a Mini-van Pt. 02



Randi Boehmon drove her silver Mercedes SL convertible up the curved driveway that led to Marcus’ home. She was impressed with its architecture, a modern two story structure with cut stone and glass prominently featured.

Getting out of the car, she had to adjust her tight, pencil skirt with a side slit, pulling it down over her slender legs and tight ass. She stopped to undo a few more buttons on her ruffled blouse, her heavy breasts near bursting above her black demi-bra with lace inserts. She walked slowly up the sidewalk to his front door, the 5 inch heels on her strappy platform sandals clicking on the ornate tiles that led to his large covered front porch.

She ran the doorbell and didn’t have to wait long for Marcus to pull open one side of the french doors, a broad smile already forming on his handsome face. He looked incredible in a light blue long-sleeved shirt, and a pair of pleated linen khakis.

He closed the door behind her, and slowly lowered his head towards hers. Randi started to raise her lips, but then pulled back, clearly teasing him, lowering her eyes modestly.

The petite MILF shook her platinum blonde hair back from her face, biting her lower lips, and then, smiling seductively, hooked her index finger on the top of his shirt, pulling him down. She slowly tilted her head to one side, her mouth open, tongue extending to softly kiss him.

Their lips smacked, and the lovers continued to trade, soft, short kisses before Marcus looped his arm behind Randi’s waist, bending her backward at a sharp angle as his kisses became much more urgent, his hand sliding up the front of her blouse to palm one of her full breasts.

Randi’s tongue slid deliciously over his, her nipples already hard with lust, her pussy wet with desire. She turned her back to him and Marcus grabbed both of her full tits in his hands, sliding his lips along the length of her neck. Randi raised one arm over her head, and craned her face around, her lips hugrily searching for his. As they kissed, Marcus squeezed her bbobs roughly through the thin material of her blouse. When he slid one of his hands down between her legs and started to rub her pussy, a low moan escaped from her lips. She turned around to face him, her hands now cradling his the sides of his face as she drank passionate kisses from his full lips.


Marcus took her by the hand and led her down the long hallway towards his bedroom. Unable to control their desire, the two stopped in a large, expensively decorated dining room and Randi sat down on one of the beautifully crafted chairs positioned at the end of the long wooden table. Marcus bent over to continue to kiss her as Randi quickly worked to unbutton his shirt, pulling it out of his pants.

Randi ran her hands softly over the smooth cinnamon skin of his thickly muscled chest, leaning forward to suck a nipple into her mouth, before kissing and licking her way down his waist. She made quick work of his belt, unbuttoning his pants, allowing them to fall to the floor.

He pulled off his shirt as Randi peeled his boxers down, reaching eagerly for the long,hard, thick shaft that had started her down the incredibly erotic journey she had been on for all these years.

“God . . . I love this cock!” she whispered, her voice thick with passion.

Her tiny hands were unable to completely encircle his girth, as Randi raised his cock to her wetly shining lips. She lovingly kissed the plum-sized dark head,before dropping her jaw and taking him into her mouth, the wonderful taste of his manhood still familiar to her. Randi bobbed her head slowly working more and more of his sweet meat into her mouth, moaning as she blew him, her hands stroking him in unision with her hungry mouth.

“MMmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” the vibrations from her moans and the sensation of her wedding rings sliding along his shaft causing Marcus to inhale sharply, his hands now holding the back of Randi’s head.

Randi pulled her lips from his straining member and pointed it up, leaning lower, her tongue flicking out to lick one of his egg-sized balls, before sucking it into her mouth. She remembered that Marcus loved to have his balls sucked, even more than her other lovers, and Randi soon felt his knees buckle slightly in response to her efforts.

She ran her lips slowly up and down the side of his cock, her tongue tickling the sensitive underside, before sucking him back into her hungry mouth, moaning loudly as her head started bobbing back and forth in a slow, etiler escort steady, rhythm.

After several incredible minutes, Marcus pulled his wetly shining cock from Randi’s lips and reached down to tilt her chin upward as he bent to kiss her, their lips smacking as their tongues danced erotically. Marcus reached down to take the substantial weight of one of her magnificent breasts in his hand, squeezing it firmly as their mouths remained locked together.

When Marcus raised back up, he directed his fat shaft back into Randi’s mouth, her hands now clasped together and lying in her lap, as she sat submissively on the dining room chair, allowing Marcus to start vigorously fuck her face, her jaw open wide as he pistoned his thick pole faster and faster past her glossy lips.

Randi was hoping that she could taste his first load, and was suprised when he stopped his urgent thrusts and helped her to her feet.


Marcus deftly unbuttoned her blouse, allowing her big breasts to spill free. Taking them in his hands, he kneaded the pillowy mounds, marveling that they felt so natural, his thumbs sliding across the tips of her hard nipples that were pushing through her lace bra.

Leaing over the table and bracing herself on her outstretched arms, Randi felt her passion near bursting as Marcus slowly lowered the zipper on her tight skirt, allowing it to slide invitingly down her slender legs to pool at her stiletto-heeled feet. Marcus grabbed the twin globes of her luscious tight ass in his hands and spread them gently apart, moving the tiny strip of her thong aside so he could slide a thick finger up her already soaked pussy.

He licked, kissed and nibbled the firm flesh of her ass, as he fucked her with his finger, the smooth slick walls of her pussy quivering at his touch. Randi inhaled sharply and threw her head back, pulling her bra down and pushing her big boobs together as her pussy sparked, sending delicious waves of plesure coursing through her lithe body.

Marcus moved behind Randi and pulled her panties down, allowing her to spread her legs, her ass proudly presented, her spiked heels causing the muscles in her calves to flex, one foot now raised to the chair she had been sitting in, the other still on the floor.

She had to stifle a scream that rose to her lips, the anticipation of his fucking driving her to a frenzy. She felt him rub the fat crown of his cock up and down her swollen pussy lips before he finally pushed it through, his long, thick shaft easily swallowed by her warm, wet tunnel.

“OOOoooooohhhh . . . my . . . God!!!” Randi managed to sputter as Marcus began a slow steady pounding, his muscular thighs smacking against her taut ass, causing the smooth flesh to ripple. Randi’s head arched back, her eyes lidded with lust, her mouth hanging open as she surrended to the overwhelming lust that washed over her.

Marcus held her trim waist firmly in his big hands as he slammed into her, his own desire for the petite MILF eliminating any thought of giving Randi anything other than a good, hard fucking . . . but Randi wasn’t complaining.

“That’s it,Baby!!!! . . . THAT’S IT!!! Yes, Baby . . . YES . . . GOD YESSSSSSS!!! Give it to me . . . FUCK!!!!!!!!” Randi screamed.

Marcus felt the familiar stirring in his balls and knew that he was close. Randi’s expert oral skills and sweet pussy had quickly pushed him to the brink. He gritted his teeth, his muscular body drawn up tightly, his eyes screwed shut.

“Fuck me ….. FUCK MEEEE!!!!!! BABEEEEE!!!”

Randi felt his fat cock jerk vigorously in her steaming pussy, flooding her womb with his thick, sticky seed.


Marcus handed Randi a glass of Chardonnay as she sat up naked against the headboard. She took a grateful sip before placing the glass on the bedside table as she dug through her purse. She pulled a pack of Virginia Slims Menthol 120s out and cracked the top of the box, removing one of the long, skinny cigarettes, flipping it between her fingers. Using a tiny gold lighter, she cupped her hands and struck a flame, taking a deep, slow drag.

Marcus reached over to take the lighter from her as she released a long, thin stream up towards the ceiling, one arm under her lovely full breasts, supporting the elbow of her other arm which was held upright, her cigarette burning between two outstretched fingers.

“I can’t believe you still have this.” he commented, recognizing the lighter as a gift he had given her shortly eve gelen escort after they started their affair.

“I don’t really smoke that much.” Randi responded. “Sometimes after a workout . . . almost always after sex!” she added with a sly grin spreading across her beautiful face, her striking blue eyes highlighted by her dark, smoky eyeshadow, and framed by her sexy platinum sidebangs.

“Well . . . In that case . . . I’m stunned it still works!” Marcus teased.

Randi smacked his deep, smooth chest playfully, laughing as she did, before taking another slow drag, tapping an ash in a ceramic tray as she exhaled.

As they talked, Randi mentioned that she and her husband had been in couples therapy and that it had really helped them both.

“I can tell.” Marcus responded sarcastically, his eyes running up the sexy naked form of the woman lying next to him.

“No . . . It’s not like that.” Randi insisted, grinning in recognition of how silly her statement must have wounded under the present circmustances. “I really like being married . . . I still love Bill, he’s bright and funny . . . We have a wonderful time when we go out. I’m just not anywhere near ready to give this side of my life up . . . You know what I mean?” she asked him seriously.

Marcus let out a deep sigh, staring thoughtfully into the distance for a few moments before he replied.

“I don’t know . . . Maybe I do . . . In a strange kind of way. It’s funny . . . When I called you, there was actually something I wanted to talk to you about . . . But then when I saw you . . . with your crazy sexy hair . . .” his eyes dropping to her bare chest, ” . . . and those fantastic fucking tits!” Marcus laughed. “I just . . .”

Although he didn’t complete his thought, Randi knew what he meant. As soon as she saw Marcus at the bar, she knew they were going to end up back in bed.

“What was it . . . What did you want to tell me?” Randi asked, turning to give him her full attention.

Marcus hesitated again, before blurting out.”I’m thinking about getting married.”

Randi’s eyes opened wide in suprise, studying his face to determine if he was joking. After a few moments, a warm smile tugged at her lips.

“You’re serious . . . Aren’t you?”

Marcus ducked his head. “Yeah . . . I am.”

To emphasize his point, he reached into the drawer of the table on his side of the bed, pulling out a felt box, handing it to Randi. Opening the box, Randi discovered a beautiful diamond engagement ring. It looked to be about 4 carats in a lovely platinum band.

“Oh . . . Marcus! It’s stunning!!” Randi told him, its beauty truly remarkable. Randi pulled her own wedding bands off and put them absently on the bedside table, not paying attention to where they landed, her eyes locked onto the ring Marcus had given her.

She slid the ring over her finger and raised her hand into the air to allow the light to catch the gemstone, causing it to sparkle brilliantly.

“It’s absolutely beautiful!!” she continued, before looking directly at Marcus. Pulling the ring from her finger, she repaced it in the box and returned it to Marcus.

“You’ve go someone in mind . . . Don’t you? You don’t buy a ring like that without knowing the woman you want to give it to . . . how it would look on her . . . What she likes.”

Marcus smiled. “Yeah . . . I do . I’ve been seeing her for a few years now, but it’s been getting more serious lately. Jesus . . . I’m 30!” saying it like it had just been revealed to him. “So I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.”

Randi took the sides of Marcus’ face gently in her hands and looked deeply into his eyes. Then in a slow steady tone, she told him:

“I think that you would be a wonderful husband . . . and father! You’re smart, . . . warm . . .gorgeous!” she added with a quick laugh. “And your’e pretty good in bed!!”

A deep laugh rumbled from his chest. When Randi leaned forward to kiss him tenderly on the lips, she pulled away before he could slide his tongue into her mouth.

Smiling wistfully, she shook her head. Looking at him lovingly, her voice barely more than a whisper “This woman . . . whoever she is . . . is an extremely lucky lady . . . and I am sure that you will make her very . . . very . . . happy.”


After Randi left, Marcus straightened up the house, making the bed they had wrecked, and opening up the screen doors to his large back yard, airing out the distinct scent of sweaty sex that fatih escort filled his bedroom.

He had been in the shower for about 10 minutes, feeling his body slowly recharge the considerable energy he had expended fucking Randi. As insatiable as he remembered, the beautiful blonde cougar had always prided herself on giving as good as she got, and Marcus had given it to her good.

With his hands on either side of the shower head, Marcus was letting the water flow over his shoulders, the large stall filled with steam. He was briefly startled when he felt two soft hands slide up from his six-pack abs to gently squeeze the thick muscles of his chest. Opening his eyes, the contrast of the ivory limbs wrapped around his brown skin was incredible erotic. A naked body pressed against him from behind and he felt light kisses on his upper back and shoulders as he turned off the shower.

“MMMMMmmmmmmm . . . Hi, Baby! When I heard you in the shower, I just couldn’t resist!” his suprise guest purred in a sexy voice, her hands sliding down to begin to slowly stroke the long, fat hose hanging between his legs.

Marcus turned and held his visitor by her trim waist, her long blonde hair falling well past her shoulders, her beautiful blue eyes flashing behind a dark, smoky eyeshadow, her pouty lips parted and glistening wetly.

Marcus slid his hand up her tight, flat tummy to take one of her pert, perky breasts in has hands, his thumb gliding across a fat nipple. As he lowered his lips to hers, the petite beauty raised up on her toes to kiss him, her tiny hands working his cock in a familiar fashion.

As their lips met, Marcus was again struck by the uncanny resemblance between Katie Boehmon and her mother. Katie looked almost exactly like Randi did when he fucked her in her mini-van all those years ago; from the slender sexy legs, to her smallish but firm breasts, Marcus almost felt like he was going back in time when he slept with Katie.

Blown away the first time he had met the young woman, he had painstakingly planned her seduction, taking her virginity shortly after her 18th birthday. He had molded her into a mirror image of her mother, the perfect little slut, having her assume certain fashion traits, styles and habits of her mother that Marcus had found so intriguing. Now, at 20, Katie was an incredibly beautiful, undeniably sexy young lady who couldn’t seem to get enough of Marcus.

“MMMMMmmmm . . . Baby!” Katie purred between kisses. “I thought about you and your big cock the whole flight home . . . I couldn’t wait to see you!!” her tongue darting into his mouth.

Her mouth slid down his bull neck, as she licked and kissed her way down his rippling torso, getting to her knees in front of him.

Cupping his fat, smooth ball sack in one hand, she stroked him deftly with the other, sliding the bulbous head of his cock eagerly into her mouth. Her head bobbed slowly back and forth, her tongue working the sensitive underside of his shaft. She pulled her lips away with an audible pop, studying his hard, thick member.

“God . . . I love this cock!!!” she moaned before taking him back into the incredible warm wetness of her mouth.

Marcus arched his back, loving her oral skills, thinking to himself “Like mother . . . “


Randi was almost home when she realized that she had left her wedding bands back in Marcus’ bedroom. She tried to reach him on his cell, but when he didn’t answer, she turned her car around and headed back towards his house.


Katie lit a Marlboro Ligt 100 and raised her chin, releasing a thin stream up into the air. Marcus lifted his arm and she eagerly snuggled up against his hard body, a contented smile on her lips.

As they laid quietly together, Marcus slowly reached over to the bedside table and opened the drawer, reaching for the ring he had shown Randi earlier.

Katie took a long, slow drag from her cigarette and sat up aginst the headboard as she exhaled, reaching for an ashtray, noticing for the first time the tiny box Marcus was holding in his hand.

Her bright blue eyes widened in suprise and she felt a lump in her throat.

Marcus, smiling warmly at his sexy young lover, handed her the box and then heard the faint, but distinct sound of high heels clicking across his hallway tiles, approaching the bedroom.

“Marcus . . .?” he heard a familiar voice call his name.


Randi found that Marcus had left the front door open and let herself in, thinking she would quickly recover her rings and head home. Walking down the hall, she called to him “Marcus . . . Baby . . .?”

As she started to turn the corner to his bedroom, she laughed saying:

“You’re not going to belive this . . . But I think I left my wedding rings when I was here earlier . . .!”

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