No Mercy!


David Dumbar had plodded through the years without much fanfare. He’d been at UNICORP since forever. It was a large and torpid organization, the sort of place where a dull, straightforward cove like David could fester away unobtrusively in middle management. His last promotion had been a decade ago. His next move would be a decade from now and that would be retirement. David knew this and so did all of his colleagues. DD was part of the furniture. He didn’t mind.

His personal life was uneventful and dispiriting. He had a couple of male friends but neither were close. And with women, well it just hadn’t happened. A brief relationship many years ago with a rather spooky nurse who’d lived in the same block, since then nothing. She hadn’t been especially great looking either. David was not good around attractive members of the opposite sex. He had never had any success with them and a lifetime of deprival and disappointment in that area had seeped through his bones to the point that he tended to shy away from even thinking about it. David avoided wherever possible the close company of sexually desirable women. It was better that way.

It wasn’t always possible however. Occasionally fate decreed that David Dumbar’s path would rub with that of a nubile, easy-on-the-eye female, and never was that more true than on this particular day in June.

David was interviewing for a new secretary because Janis was emigrating to join her grandkids in Australia. She was leaving at the end of the month, which was now the end of the week and it was already Thursday. Tomorrow was Janis’s last day.

Replacing her was not easy. David had seen candidates over several weeks and none were suitable. He’d been starting to panic and then, yes, finally! This afternoon had yielded a result. A fellow DD. Dorothy Duke. She was perfect. She reminded David of dear old Janis. Dorothy had the same unassuming but stolidly competent aura. Her resume had everything he was looking for and their conversation went well. Dorothy left David’s office in virtual possession of the job.

“We’ll get the written offer out to you tomorrow, ok?”

Dorothy smiled. “Great!”

She looked pleased and grateful as she exited. David was pleased and grateful too. He’d gotten tired of the process and felt relieved to see the end of it.

He turned to Jan, who had agreed to sit in on the interviews.

“Thank heavens for that,” he said.

“I know! I was beginning to think we’d never find anyone.”

The two of them chatted a while about Dorothy Duke. How she fitted the bill in every respect.

“Still have one to go, though, don’t we? The Mexican girl.”

David retrieved a one-pager from the papers on his desk and peered at it over his spectacles. He checked his watch. “Merciana Melendez. Five o’clock. So that’s in, what, twenty minutes.”

“Guess it’s too late to cancel,” said Janis.

“More’s the pity.”

“Very young anyway, if I recall,” Janis said, frowning. “We only shortlisted her because we were getting desperate.

“Too true.”

“How old is she again?”

“Nineteen. Looking for her first job.”

“Well it won’t be this one. Vacancy filled. Poor girl. Seems unfair to waste her time.”

“And ours,” said David.

“Yours,” corrected Janis.

David looked quizzically at her.

“I have to get going. Told you earlier, didn’t I?”

David had forgotten but he remembered now. Jan had an appointment at the hairdressers. Wanted to look her best for her leaving do tomorrow.

“Oh yes, of course,” he said.

“So you’ll have to deal with Miss Melendez by yourself. That’s ok, isn’t it?”

“No problem at all.”

“Ok, so see you tomorrow.”

“Yes. Bye.”


David’s phone went a few minutes after Janis had left. It was reception. There was a Merciana Melendez to see him. She was early but David decided to go and get her straightaway. He was keen to get this over with.

He rode the lift down to ground and emerged into the reception area. There was just the one person waiting there.

“Miss Melendez?” David said, approaching her. The girl looked up and smiled.

“I’m David Dumbar.”

The girl jumped to her feet and proffered an elegantly manicured hand. Her nails were painted a striking shade of cerise. She was medium tall and dressed beautifully in dark grey skirt, white silk blouse, smart killer heels.

David shook hands in what he hoped was a firm and businesslike manner. In truth he was feeling nervous about interviewing the girl. He hadn’t been until he’d seen her, but he was now. Reason being that she was terrific looking, as well as nicely turned out. Exceedingly pretty, flawless sultry complexion, voluptuous figure, just all round gorgeous!


“Excuse me?”

“That’s what people call me. Mercy.”

“Ok, er, Mercy.”

David was stammering slightly. Thought he might be blushing too. Pull yourself together, he admonished. He felt a little foolish. If anybody should be nervous it should be the interviewee, Maltepe Escort for christ’s sake.

As they travelled up to David’s floor, the fifth, he found himself chattering inarticulately about nothing in particular. He was behaving like a dork, but he couldn’t help it. He cursed inwardly at Jan for landing him with this. None of the others they’d interviewed had been lookers by any stretch of the imagination and he had not imagined that this final one would be. It would have been considerably easier for David if Janis had been there too. If he’d known he would have insisted on it, hair appointment or not.

But David was aware of something else too. Mixed in with the unease and the anxiety there was excitement. He was trying to quell it but not really succeeding. His blood was pumping wildly at the prospect of being alone in his office with this drop-dead young woman. Did he want to stick to his original plan of a very short conversation where he gently but firmly told Miss Merciana Melendez thanks for coming but the job was gone? David wasn’t sure.

They exited the lift and walked across the open plan to David’s office on the far side. Cue a ripple of appreciation from the guys out there. Some murmuring, wolfish grins, mouths falling open. David had expected this but was annoyed nonetheless. Somebody actually whistled, would you believe. Unprofessional or what.

David pretended to be oblivious. He hoped the lusty attention wasn’t making the girl feel uncomfortable. He glanced at her to check.

She was walking confidently, swinging her hips in her tight skirt, and grinning at the guy who’d just whistled. Not so uncomfortable then. Ok.

David ushered her into his office and closed the door. “Sorry about that,” he said, sheepishly. The girl gave a sly smile. “It’s ok. I’m used to it.”

David’s mind reeled for how best to respond. “Um, guess so,” he managed, after an awkward silence.

“Why thank you!” she pouted prettily.

Oh god. Had he meant to kick off with a clumsy compliment on her looks? No he had not. This was going off the rails already. The peculiar combination of embarrassment and anticipation intensified.

“So, Merciana,” he started up again.

“Mercy. Call me Mercy.”

“Mercy. Please er … please take a seat.”

They’d conducted all the other interviews around his desk but this time he was pointing to the L shaped couch in the corner of the room. Why was that? David didn’t bother lying to himself. He didn’t want his view impaired.

“Cosy,” Mercy murmured, approvingly.

David sensed that the girl had sussed him. She knew the type of thoughts he was having and she apparently didn’t mind. Ok, so where’s the harm then? Not as if he was going to molest her or anything. Just snatch this chance to ogle a delicious young thing who he’d never meet again, nothing too sleazy and obvious either, half an hour of chit-chat and then it’s goodbye and move on and back to normal.

Well, almost normal. Janis gone but replaced by someone very similar. Mousy middle-aged Dorothy Duke to start next week. Maybe on Monday if they could get the paperwork done sharpish.

Except that the prospect of Dorothy Duke suddenly didn’t seem quite so appealing. Even less so as he watched Mercy sashay over to the couch. Jesus, that skirt. It was above the knee and clung like a second skin! David gazed in anguished longing at her gently swaying buttocks and her smooth luscious legs.

Mercy settled herself comfortably down. She slowly and rather sexily crossed one leg over the other, snug skirt riding up her thighs. She made no attempt to pull it down.

David looked, he couldn’t help it.

When he dragged his eyes back to Mercy’s face he found her staring right back at him. She was smirking slightly. David tried to hold her gaze but looked away quickly. He might be the interviewer here but he didn’t feel in charge.

“Would you like a coffee?” he said, fighting for some composure.

In his struggle not to stare at Mercy’s fabulous legs he found himself looking intently at the floor.

“I would, David, yes,” Mercy replied, cool and crisp.

“The machine is just outside. I won’t be a second.”

David made towards the door.

“Oh Mr Dumbar?”

“Yes?” he said, spinning around.

“Haven’t you forgotten something?”

“Um, have I?”

“Don’t you want to know how I like it?”


“My coffee. How I like my coffee.”

“Oh god, yes. Forgive me.”

“It’s no big deal. Of course I forgive you.”

“Great. Thanks.”

“It’s ok. Really.”

David remained rooted. He felt trapped by Mercy’s steady penetrating gaze. Felt as if he needed her permission to continue with this coffee errand.

Mercy was silent for what seemed a long time. Then she giggled. “So go on then. Ask me how I like my coffee.”

David reddened. Was the girl flirting or was she just laughing at him?

“Ok. Right. So how do you like your coffee?” he managed to say, albeit in a tight voice.

“I like Anadolu Yakası Escort it with oodles of cream and sugar.”

“Um, we don’t have cream, I’m afraid.”

“No cream?”

“No, I’m sorry. We only have milk.”


Mercy was not looking best pleased.

“Ok,” she said.

“I am sorry, Mercy.”

“Full of apologies, David, aren’t you? That’s at least three already.”



She was toying with him, David realized, but he was unable to assert himself. He also realized that perhaps he didn’t really want to.

Forgetting his earlier resolution of ‘nothing too obvious’ his eyes lingered hungrily on Mercy. He drank it all in, those lovely bare legs so gloriously crossed and flaunted in the tantalizing skirt, those firm and bountiful breasts jutting out proudly against her gossamer light blouse, the hint of cleavage artfully displayed by a couple of undone buttons, her stunning face framed by cascades of luxuriant black hair, the full generous mouth and perfectly applied lipstick, colour matching her nails, the cute little nose, the dark flashing eyes, at once confident and commanding and mischievous.

Oh and that scent she was wearing. Something sensuous and ultra feminine. David felt his power of will slipping away. It was all simply too much. Mercy Melendez was enough to drive any man half crazy, let alone one who could barely remember the last time he’d gotten laid. For poor David Dumbar, churning with need and sexual frustration, this intimate exposure to such mouth-watering female sexiness was devastating. He was lost.

Mercy sat on the couch basking in the painfully blatant adoration of this joke of a character who was meant to be interviewing her. She was smugly aware of his inner turmoil. Mercy knew when she had a man under her spell. It happened often enough after all! She was young but far from innocent. She knew how gorgeous she was and she revelled in her shattering effect on men. She loved how they became desperate drooling idiots in her presence, their frantic attempts to impress, how ridiculously easy it was to manipulate them. Especially saddos like David Dumbar. In Mercy’s opinion, men like this were simply made to be exploited.

“How about that coffee then?” she said, snapping David out of his reverie.

David nodded mutely and left the room.


During his brief absence Mercy mulled the situation. She had a wicked glint in her eye. The job was hers if she wanted it and Mercy decided that she did. Working for such a hapless jerk would be a scream. With his diminutive height, his chubby unprepossessing frame, his deeply forgettable face, the thick glasses, his halting timid manner, Mercy’s first impression down in reception had been that her prospective boss probably did not see much action in the bedroom arena, and the way he’d just been looking at her had pretty much confirmed that. OMG, the poor thing was like a starving dog salivating at the juicy bone! Mercy’s imagination went into overdrive as she contemplated the devilish way she’d mess with him once she got installed here. Come to think of it, why not start right now? Mercy glanced down at her blouse and, smiling contentedly, she undid a third button.

David returned with her coffee in a paper cup. “Here we are,” he said, placing it on the low table by the couch in front of her. “Thanks, sweetie” said Mercy, like he was some faithful old retainer.

David blushed furiously. He felt demeaned being spoken to like this by a young girl he was supposed to be interviewing for a job. But rather thrilled too. Was it possible that she kind of liked him?

He mumbled something about no proper mugs, which Mercy ignored.

“You not having one?” she said.

“No, not for me.”

“Why not?”

“Um, I’m ok. Had one a few minutes ago.”

This was not the truth. The reason that David was foregoing coffee was that he didn’t trust his hand to remain steady in the presence of the gorgeous Mercy Melendez. The girl maintained her level stare and considered his lie carefully. Then she shook her head.

“Really? You grabbed a coffee just before you knew you were meeting with me? Seems a little strange. Why didn’t you wait?”

“Um, I dunno,” muttered David, wishing the damn girl would drop this. What a remarkably assertive young lady, he thought. Her manner was unnerving him almost as much as her spectacular looks.

“Because that would have been more polite and social, don’t you think?” Mercy persisted.

“Guess it would, yes,” David acknowledged.

“Not that I mind drinking alone, I don’t, but still.”

“Yes, I see.”

He didn’t, not really.

Mercy was staring stonily at him. David feared that he had disappointed and displeased her, hence this impasse. He needed to find a way out of it, find the key that would allow them to continue.

The silence went on for some time. It didn’t seem to bother Mercy one iota. She sat there calm and utterly still on the couch, face implacable, almost expressionless. Ümraniye Escort David by contrast was becoming ever more awkward and tense.

Just as he was wondering if this actually marked the end of the interview, he realized what was required. Yes, of course, silly him.

“Mercy, I’m truly sorry.”

Mercy weighed up this offering. She took her sweet time about it, but then to David’s great relief she came down in his favour. There was the ghost of a smile and the briefest of nods. Permission to proceed. “Thank you,” David said. Then he scurried off to his desk and came back with Mercy’s resume.

David sat down on the section of couch which ran at right angles to where Mercy was positioned. It was a compact sofa, so they were quite close to each other. After Mercy, smiling sweetly once more, had pointedly shuffled herself over towards him they were very close. Almost touching.

David began the interview. It was a charade and they both knew it. He sat there with Mercy’s resume in his hand, referring to it, asking this and that, while Mercy fielded the questions with amused disdain. What was really going on was that David was treating himself to an eyeful of scenery and Mercy, in her element as the prickteasing object of desire, was more than happy to let him. She languorously crossed and re-crossed her legs, showing a little more sumptuous golden thigh. She tossed her hair and pouted and licked her lips. She toyed with the fourth button on her blouse. Poor guy didn’t know where to look!

Egged on by her victim’s agonized reactions, Mercy went to town with the provocation. She loosened a shoe and let it dangle precariously on the tip of her sexily pedicured cerise-painted toes. She casually scratched an ‘itch’ high up under her skirt. She stretched her arms above and behind her shoulders so that her large firm tits pushed hard against the thin material of her blouse. When she bent forward to take a sip of coffee her blouse opened up and poor deprived David was taunted by a glimpse of heaven, a pair of fabulous breasts nestling in a tiny lace bra that didn’t completely obscure the nipples.

Before too long David was a wreck. He was sweating all over, his hands were trembling, his head was twitching about, his face was deeply flushed, and of course he had a stonker on the go inside his pants. The girl was driving him beserk!

For a while Mercy made like she didn’t know what she was doing, but soon decided it would be more fun if she dropped the pretence.

“You ok, sweetie?” she said, interrupting David in the middle of some asshole question.

David looked up from where he’d been staring, Mercy’s thighs, and made eye contact with her. She was smiling at him. The smile was affectionate but there was mockery there too.

“Um, sure,” he said.

He held her gaze. It was difficult, he felt an idiot, but he managed it.

“Just that you seem a little distracted.”



Mercy skewered him with a wicked gloating grin. She began fingering the hem of her skirt. It was dangerously high. Her thighs were very fully exposed now. David squirmed in his seat. This was setting him a herculean challenge. It was just daring him not to look! David wasn’t up to it. Not even close. He succumbed quickly and was again lost in the worshipful contemplation of Mercy’s diabolically sexy legs.

Mercy giggled. “See? Distracted.”

David gave up. He grinned awkwardly. “Well, you know.”

There was no point fighting this. The girl was calling the shots here. If he wanted to continue with her he would have to accept that fact. And David did want to continue. It was against his better judgement but, oh lord, yes he did. His ‘better judgement’ in truth had long since gone. What was ruling him was in his pants, not between his ears. David imagined this honey of a girl leaving his office and him never seeing her again. To his surprise he found the thought distressing in the extreme. The prospect was, literally, unbearable.

Mercy recognized the abject surrender. OMG, she owned the guy!

Gleefully, she set about pressing home her advantage and amusing herself.

“It’s ok, you don’t have to be all shy about it,” she teased him.

“You fancy me, don’t you, been checking me out, I could tell. Especially my legs. You really like my legs, sweetie, don’t you?”


“There you go! This is much better, me asking the questions and you answering. Don’t you think?”

“Perhaps it is,” David mumbled.

“Good. So where will I be sitting when I come work for you?”

David didn’t resist the implication. “Just there,” he said, pointing to Janis’s desk, diagonally across from his own.

“Ah ok. So we share the room. Is that just the two of us? You know, kind of like now?”


“Gee, so that means you can really keep an eye on me. That will be nice, sweetie, won’t it?”

David grinned sheepishly. “Guess so, Mercy, yes.” He knew what the girl was driving at.

“So look, how about some advice, this being my first job and all?”

“On what?”

“Well, like for example, how should I dress for work?” Mercy had moved even closer to him. Her foot was brushing against his leg. This, plus the turn of the conversation, was doing precisely nothing to calm his intense arousal.

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