Not All Moms Are Old

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Before I begin, I just have to say this: not all moms are hairy old women with saggy tits who’ve forgotten how to fuck. My mother had my oldest sister when she was fifteen. Obviously, Rachel got the best of everything. She was the first-born, after all. Mom had Carla when she was seventeen, and I was born when she was just nineteen. Some people say that people don’t grow old, that instead they just grow more refined as they age. My mother is living proof of this. She’s thirty-seven and is hotter than any mom her age that I’ve met — and that’s not just boasting, either.

Mom’s c-cups are a perfect fit for her five-foot-ten, one-hundred-and-thirty-two-pound body. Her fiery red hair hasn’t lost any of its youthful flare, and her slender, curvaceous form boasts two beautiful, deep eyes of a royal blue hue that drive men wild. Her firm ass is nice and tight, too. How do I know all of this? It’s not just a girl noticing things, that’s for sure. My first girlfriend was when I was fourteen. We went out for a while, but she moved away. I had another girlfriend last year for about three months. God, she knew how to fuck me brainless. My first girlfriend and I never got it on, but when I met Sandy…oh, girl! She turned me on in a way I’d never imagined — and I never could find the ‘off’ switch. She dumped me for a supposedly hotter girl, though I thought the girl was pretty ugly myself — maybe it’s because she just had bigger tits. Either way, I was heartbroken for about six months. My mom always thought it was a boyfriend’s work — until last weekend. That’s when all heaven broke loose on my pussy — and hers.

It turned out that my mother had a fantasy. She’d been seeing someone once a week for about four months, someone who pretended to be one of her daughters — someone that she fucked. But none of the three of us knew this. Dad was out of the picture — left after the third child (me). He left when I was two; I never met him. Neither have my sisters, really, even though Rachel was six at the time. She says she doesn’t remember him, anyway. So no one really knew that for a while now, our mother had been nourishing a fantasy about us. However, it turns out she’d been buying video cassettes of the action, too. We (all three ataşehir escort of us) walked in on her last weekend.

It was summer, and so hotter than hell at around noon. Rachel and I waited in the kitchen just down the hall from mom’s room as Carla went to see mom about getting some money to go to a pool party. Rachel’s friend Monique was trying to raise some money for college and so was holding a huge party for people that she was charging a measly five bucks to get into. Still, it was a three-day event and had already brought in a lot of money just in the first day. We had fully planned on attending both weekend days.

When Carla didn’t come back right away, Rachel went to see what was happening. I waited forever before finally following her. That’s when I saw my mom in a liplock with Carla, fingering her pussy as Rachel ate hers out. I just stared at first, totally stunned. My sisters were fucking my mother — and vice versa. It was a wonder I didn’t drop dead just from the absolute shock of it. It felt like hours, but was probably only about five minutes or so, before my mom noticed me and invited me into the fuckfest. I was still extremely shocked, and so my sisters practically dragged my mouth to my mom’s pussy. I licked her and sucked her out of instinct at first, and then — as my sisters went down on mom’s tits — I grew more animated and started using my fingers. God, she was so fucking tight. After just a short time, my mother’s body started shaking and bucking, a clear sign that she was about to cum. Sure enough, not half a second later, her dripping pussy exploded with white, sticky, and very flavorful girl cream that I swallowed only some of. I ended up nearly gagging; she was so full of the stuff. Most of it went down my neck, all over my face, and covered my hair and my shirt. But I didn’t care that I still had my clothes on. I was still fucking her, and she was still cumming.

Finally, though, I pulled away long enough to get undressed. The others had already done so, and now I stood naked and cold in my mother’s air-conditioned bedroom watching as my two sisters fought over which of them should get to eat my mother out next. Pussy juice still covered my hair, avcılar escort face, and neck as I watched. This was like some kind of a dream…it was like a Cinderella porno, and I was the youngest girl caught in the middle of all-out war between the two evil stepsisters. Finally, though, they took their fight to the physical level and started wrestling on the left side of my mother’s bed. I smiled at my mother. I was totally into it now.

I took advantage of it, with my mother grinning wickedly all the while, by diving into her pussy again. Mom threw her head back instantly and started moaning as I pushed my fingers into her, licking and sucking on her clit as my fingers massaged her g-spot. In mere moments, she was screaming as she once again came — this time, it didn’t just cover my hair, face, and neck. It covered my own c-cup breasts, as well, making them all wet and sticky and delicious. I wanted to taste my mom’s nipples, though, and I happened to glance down at my sisters as I moved forward. They had settled into a furious finger-fucking contest to settle the dispute as to who wanted mom’s pussy more. They were trying to see who could get the other off first. I went down on mom’s nipples immediately, loving the feel and taste of that dark-pink goodness. She loved it too. Her nipples were so sensitive…just like mine.

“Jenna, baby…please let me taste you. I want to eat your pussy, dear.”

I obliged her willingly, and eagerly. We reversed positions so that I was now lying down on the bed and my mother was hovering over my pussy. She started in with slow fingers, making me squirm. I started moaning immediately, and soon I was moaning pretty loudly indeed as my mom’s tongue danced a tango on my tender cunt. She pushed the short, curly red hair aside easily. So soft was my hair that at first, Sandy had thought it was fake. But it most certainly was not fake, as she’d quickly found out. My moans didn’t get any louder, but suddenly my hands were on my mother’s hair — hair that matched my own, save for the cum soaking into mine; I hadn’t bothered to get rid of any of my mother’s cream, as I liked the feel of it right where it was — and my teenage body was suddenly and violently avrupa yakası escort bucking against my mother’s eager lips and tongue. God, she was almost as good as Sandy. Girl juice squirted into my mom’s mouth and over her face for a good minute. I, too, had a lot to offer; it seemed that I now knew where I’d gotten it from. Sandy always had said that I had more cum in me than a cow had milk.

My orgasm didn’t die down, either. Just like Sandy, my mother knew exactly where to stick those fingers. Almost before the first orgasm had ended, my mom was giving me another one.

“Oh, god…yes…mom, please…ohh…”

It was all I could do not to scream as a third orgasm took me right after the second, and then a fourth after that. Finally, my orgasms died and my mother came up to kiss me. I tasted my own cum as she French-kissed my lips, her tongue and mine melding into a sticky, wet fight for the delicious cream I’d produced. Her strong hands were on my nipples, squeezing them. Sandy had liked to squeeze my nipples, too, but my mother was pinching them so hard that I was moaning into her mouth and squirming again as electricity shot through my body. It was as though her tongue was back in my pussy as she turned my nipples into electrical nodes.

Suddenly, my ass was being lifted up. I looked — just for a moment — and saw that Carla was putting her face under my ass and Rachel was getting into position to go down on me. Oh, this was wonderful. My sisters and I had gotten along only on a casual agreement that we wouldn’t bother each other enough to piss everybody off. But now…now, I was no longer the youngest child. I was a fucktoy for my family. Or maybe I was the youngest daughter…and it was my birthday before I knew it. Either way, my body was on fire and I wouldn’t have been surprised if I’d collapsed — what with my mother’s creamy tongue playing with mine and her fingers electrocuting me through my nipples; Carla rimming me and tongue-fucking my ass; and Rachel burying her face in my pink pussy lips.

That was the best weekend I’d ever had with my family. We stayed in that position for almost three hours solid and I had more orgasms than I’d ever had in my life. Mom said I tasted better than either of my sisters and all of the women at Maria’s (the place my mother went to on a regular basis for her fantasies). My sisters were a bit jealous of this, but even they had to admit I was the sweetest candy they’d ever tasted. Oh, and by the way: it was all about me on Sunday, too.

To be continued…

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