Not Just Grannies – GREAT Grannies IV

Not Just Grannies – GREAT Grannies IVAfter a moment or two of this, I turned the two ladies to face each other. “Lucille, you’re the strong one. Take Beverly in your arms and kiss her on her mouth!” Lucille didn’t hesitate – she was pretty hot and bothered by now. Lucille held Beverly in her arms and gave her the sweetest kiss I’d seen in a long time. Interestingly, Beverly quickly responded and pulled Lucille tightly against her body. The kiss lasted longer than I expected. When they broke apart, they simply smiled at each other.”Ladies, take a small step back and touch each other!” When they stepped back, I guided their hands to get them started. “Be sure to touch whatever you like, and take your time.” They began to caress each other, still smelling of alcohol from the casino. I knew I was taking advantage of them, but was finally O.K. with it.I was getting hot watching them, and decided to join them. Whichever part was not being used by one another, I commandeered. To touch 80+ y/o sex flesh was a total trip. I especially liked touching their sparsely-haired cunts. Massaging them felt different than any other woman I’d touched before. Soon, both women were moaning and breathing hard.”Ladies, çanakkale escort I think you’d better lie down before you fall down!” They did as I asked, and lay next to each other on the bed. “Ladies, I’m going to stand here – with my cock at attention – while you two fuck each other. Beverly, I want you to say ‘Lucille, I want to fuck you!'” When Beverly hesitated, I reached down to touch her tits, and said, “C’mon, Beverly, you can do it!” Beverly then whispered, “Lucille I want to fuck you, and I want you to fuck me!”That did it for me. While they squeezed tits, they also – through my prompting – began to finger each others’ cunts. It was wild – exciting – surreal. This topped any other experience I’d had before, because it was so unbelievable. I started jacking off at the sight of these two women knowing each other in a sexual way. Their sounds were stimulating me, and I kept jacking my cock forward and back. “Ladies, turn your heads toward me, and watch while I jack off!” They turned as I asked, and then Lucille said, “What a waste. It’s nice, but there’s something better! Come onto the bed!” I did so, even though I would have been fine just standing there jacking off to their sex! escort çanakkale As I mounted the bed, Lucille pushed me toward Beverly. “Beverly, I think he should put is cock in your cunt!” God, I loved how they picked up the language. “It’s O.K., Beverly – Don’s been dead for years!” Beverly nodded, and I moved to her. “Lucille, I’m not going to leave you out! Help me get Beverly to the edge of the bed, and you join her!” With both women at bed’s edge, I could stare at both of the aged cunts – imagining what it would feel like to be inside. I knelt down, mostly to lick some saliva into their slits. As I did so, I was impressed by how clean each of them were. I licked one cunt; then the other. I tried to muster up as much saliva as I could, to moisten their lips. I announced, “Beverly, I’m going to stick my cock in your cunt. Lucille, while I’m inside Beverly, I want you to play with your own cunt. Penetrate it with your fingers, and play with your clit. When I pull out of Beverly, your roles will reverse!” I slid my cock into Beverly’s aged, folded cunt – gently, with short strokes, until I was fully inside. “Beverly, while I fuck your cunt, I want you to play with your tits. Let çanakkale escort bayan yourself go!” Beverly played with her tits with great abandon, while I fucked her gash. I looked over at Lucille and watched her finger-fuck herself with one hand while massaging a tit with the other.Soon, I withdrew from Beverly and moved over to Lucille. “Remember, ladies, now you do what the other was doing!” I took my wet cock and slid it easily into Lucilled cunt, and coaxed Beverly into fucking herself. This was an excellent ride.Beverly was really getting into it, and I was sure she was going to orgasm. I told Lucille to play with her clit while I fucked her. She did so, and her tempo became faster. Beverly came first; then Lucille. I intentionally withheld my orgasm, for good reason.After both old ladies were spent, I guided them up on the bed, placing them shoulder to shoulder. I knelt above their heads and asked, “Have you ever had a man cum in your faces?” Lucille, of course, had. Beverly, the seeming recluse, had not. “Ladies, I’m going to spray my cum in your faces. Just lay back and relax! They did so, and I stroked hard and fast. I let them know I was about to cum, and told them to close their eyes. As they did, I unloaded. 1/2 went into Beverly’s face; the other 1/2 into Lucille’s face. Cum drops on their faces was a beautiful thing. I felt like a total perv, but – in this case – it felt good.I was just glad neither of them had a stroke or heart attack!

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