Nude Day Family Celebration Ch. 04


Surprised guests may turn Nude Day into a bang or a bust.

Will Diana, Briana, Mary, and Agnes honor their Nude Day agreement and strip naked in front of Christopher? Will Briana, Christopher’s sexy sister-in-law, spend Nude Day naked in front of her brother-in-law? Will Mary, Christopher’s MILF of a mother-in-law, spend Nude Day naked in front of her son-in-law? Will Agnes, Christopher’s MILF of a grandmother-in-law, spend Nude Day naked in front of her grandson-in-law? Will the four women not only strip naked in front of Christopher but also will they strip naked in front of three, surprised, and uninvited strangers?

Continued from Chapter 03:

As if watching the house slip through her fingers, she gave her husband a sad smile. Instead of returning her sad smile with his sad smile, he gave his wife a sexy smile with a shit eating grin. Obviously, he already knew who he wanted to invite to his Nude Day family celebration.

“Actually, we do have people to invite,” he said pausing with a sly smile while allowing the naked image of her naked sister, her naked mother, and her naked grandmother to take hold of his horny and twisted mind. He paused in his sexual excitement of imagining seeing his sister-in-law, his mother-in-law, and his grandmother-in-law naked and them seeing him naked too in their family celebration of Nude Day. “We have your family,” he said.

She looked at him as if he was nuts.

“My family? Wait. Hold on. Back up. Are you serious? Are you deranged? You want to invite my family to a Nude Day, naked, family celebration?” She continued to look at him as if he was crazy. She looked at him as if there was something mentally wrong with him. “Have you lost your mind? Who would we invite from my family? Who in my family would voluntarily and willingly strip off their clothes in celebration of Nude Day?”

He gave his wife another sexy smile along with another shit eating grin.

“Well, keeping the celebration small and intimate, we could invite your sister, your mother, and your grandmother,” he said with a sly smile.

Diana made a face of condemnation at her husband.

“My sister? My mother? My grandmother? Are you kidding me? Oh, my God, Christopher, get real. In your dreams. In your wildest sexual fantasies, they’d never celebrate Nude Day naked with you. Just as none of them would want to see you naked, none of them would want you to see them naked,” she said looking at him with anger. “Out of the question, that won’t work. That just won’t work, not even to buy this house, Christopher,” she said looking at the house again as if looking at it for the last time.

Obviously, having thought about and having masturbated over seeing his sexy sister-in-law, his MILF of a mother-in-law, and his GILF of a grandmother-in-law naked, he hoped his sexual fantasy would soon become his reality. He looked at her as if he had been pondering the question for a long while. A longshot but if they all agreed, his sexual fantasy may come true. Hard to believe but he may finally be about to see his sister-in-law, his mother-in-law, and his grandmother-in-law naked.

“It may work if you tell them my plan,” he said with a shrug. “There’s no harm in asking.”

She looked at him as if he was crazy before she looked at him with curious interest.

“Plan? What plan? You have a plan? I didn’t know you had a plan for this house,” said Diana with curiosity.

He gave her a loving smile while ready to expound on his excited explanation to finally see his sister-in-law, his mother-in-law, and his grandmother-in-law all naked. He gave her a sexy look while imagining her sister, her mother, and her grandmother seeing him naked too. He gave her a loving smile with the imagined reality of him celebrating Nude Day naked with her naked, female relatives.

“Since this house is way too big for three people, your mother, your sister, and your grandmother are welcome to live with us for free,” he said pausing before continuing. “They may consider stripping naked if they knew that this is their new home, too,” he said. “To satisfy the requirement of buying this house, all they’d have to do is to strip naked once a year to celebrate Nude Day with us in a Nude Day, family celebration.”

A plausible yet impossible proposition, Diana looked at her husband with happiness before she looked at him with embarrassed anxiety. Obviously, she knew that her family would never strip naked in front of her husband. Yet, perhaps they would strip naked if their reward was to live in this beautiful house rent free.

“Wait, just so that I understand. You’d take in my widowed mother, my divorced sister, and my widowed grandmother in to live with us just to live in this beautiful house?” She looked at the house again before looking at her husband with disbelief and before looking at the house yet again. “Really? Seriously? Oh, my God, Christopher. Oh, my God. Are you kidding me? That may work. That just may work. All I need to do is to convince them to strip naked for Nude Day.”

As if considering his proposition, she looked nilüfer escort at him with excited interest. She looked at the house again as if she was seriously considering his plan. The only downside to his plan is that once a year, her sister, her mother, and her grandmother would have to strip naked to celebrate Nude Day. She knew how her sister, mother, and grandmother would feel about being naked in front of her husband while he was naked in front of them, but it may be worth the awkwardness and the embarrassment to live here for free.

Yet, he wasn’t being the altruistic husband that his wife thought him to be. Instead of being the loving brother-in-law, the supportive son-in-law, and the kind grandson-in-law, he was being the pervert that he was and would always be. With an ulterior motive in mind, pushing forward his personal agenda, he just wanted to see the female members of his wife’s family naked.

Nonetheless, in his favor, his plan would not only allow him to see her sister, her mother, and her grandmother naked and for them to see him naked too but also his plan would take care of number of things. They’d no longer have to struggle to pay rent. Moreover, with his house so big, they all could help with the housework, the shopping, the laundry, and the cooking.

With Christopher willing to financially help support her family 364 days a year, being naked one day a year seemed such a small price to pay in return for his generosity. Yet, his generosity didn’t come without a price. They needed to agree to celebrate Nude Day naked.

Apparently, not much of a decision as far as Diana was concerned, it was a decision that her sister, her mother, and her grandmother needed to make to live in such a beautiful house rent free. In was a decision they all must make for them to fulfill the requirements of buying this house from Gloria, a nudist and swinger. With the ball in their court necessary to satisfy the stipulation of ownership, her living in this beautiful house was up to her sister, her mother, and her grandmother agreeing to her terms.

“As long as they’re willing to put their modesty and morality aside, a win/win for everyone involved, their celebrating Nude Day naked with us may work. Their willingness to strip off their clothes just may work for us, and for your sister, your mother, and your grandmother,” he said. “I don’t see what the big deal is about being naked,” he said with a shrug as if seeing her family naked was no big deal.

Diana looked at her husband with suspicion before looking at him with glee obviously by the thought of living with her mother, her sister, and her grandmother again as a family. Then, she looked at him with uneasy trepidation with the obvious thought of having to tell her sister, her mother, and her grandmother that they’d all must strip naked on Nude Day to live here. She knew what he was up to in wanting to see them all naked but his offer may be too good for them to turn down.

A real dilemma, in the way that she wouldn’t want his friends to see her naked, her sister, her mother, and her grandmother wouldn’t want Christopher to see them naked, nor would they want to see him naked. Yet, perhaps willing to listen to his plan, one step at a time, they may consider it. They may put their morals and modesty aside for one day in the year to live here for free.

“Would you really invite them to live with us,” asked Diana?

Christopher smiled over the imagined images of his wife’s sexy sister naked, her MILF of a mother naked, and her GILF of a grandmother naked. He smiled over the imagined thought of him celebrating Nude Day naked with his sister-in-law, his mother-in-law, and her grandmother-in-law. He was already sexually excited by the imagined thoughts of seeing their naked asses, naked tits, and naked pussies. He was already sexually aroused by the thought of them seeing his flaccid and/or erect, naked prick. He was already sexually aroused by the thought of them swimming naked in the pool and groping them while playing Marco Polo.

‘Marco Polo,’ he thought while imagining groping his sister-in-law’s big tits and fingering her nipples with his eyes closed. ‘Marco Polo,’ he thought while imagining putting his mother-in-law’s hand on his erect, naked prick and humping his hips back and forth to force her to give him a forced hand job. ‘Marco Polo,’ he thought while imagining rubbing and humping her grandmother’s naked ass with his exposed, erect prick and grabbing hold of her naked breasts as they swam around the pool with him on her back.

The next year, he imagined his wife relenting and allowing him to invite his three best friends, Mike, Steve, and Bob to their Nude Day, family celebration. In the way that he groped his naked sister-in-law, his naked mother-in-law, and his naked grandmother-in-law, he imagined his friends groping his naked wife while playing Marco Polo in their pool. He imagined his three, naked friends having their wicked, sexual way with her naked sister, her naked mother, and her naked grandmother in the pool while görükle escort he watched and masturbated himself.

As if he had no sexual agenda and no ulterior, sexual motives but to live happily in this house with her family, albeit her naked family, he gave his wife a loving smile.

“I would. I’d take them all in to live in this house. I love this house. I love the peace, the quiet, and the privacy,” said Christopher. “Besides, this house is plenty big enough for us all to have our own private space.”

Diana hugged her husband with as much happiness as she hugged him with trepidation.

“Oh, Christopher, you’re such an angel. My Mom has been struggling to pay the mortgage since my Dad died and, even with my sister living in a bad neighborhood, she has a hard time coming up with the rent. With my grandmother on Social Security, she has barely enough money for food and healthcare, never mind for rent too. The answer to their prayers, living here would be a blessing for them all,” she said.

Christopher smiled at his wife while nodding his head in agreement.

“Not to mention that we’d always have a babysitter,” said Christopher with a laugh.

Diana smiled.

“That’s true and with a house this big, we can have more kids,” she said looking up at him with hopefulness.

He put his arm around her and gave her a kiss.

“More kids? I don’t know about that,” he said.

She returned his kiss with her kiss.

“Well, not right away but with a house this big, we could have a couple more children, at least one, a boy, hopefully,” she said goading him.

He looked up at the house again as if he already owned it.

“They can live here with us rent free as long as, once a year, they all agree to strip naked to celebrate Nude Day as a family,” said Christopher. “Besides, since we have a family of unattached, single women, I thought it would be harmless, naked fun to be naked in front of your sister, your mother, and you’re your grandmother. I figured, no doubt, they’ve already seen you naked. For me to own this house, I have no compunction about stripping naked in front of my sister-in-law, my mother-in-law, and my grandmother-in-law,” said Christopher with a sly smile.

As if she had swallowed a bug, Diana made a distasteful face as if she was thinking about him being naked in front of her sister, her mother, and her grandmother and them being naked in front of him. A bittersweet thought, once a year, they’d have to agree to strip naked to live here. Once a year, they’d have to celebrate Nude Day naked.

“I bet you’d love to strip naked in front of my female relatives,” said Diana. “I bet you’d love to see them all naked. I bet you’d love for them all to see you naked. I bet you’d love for them to not only see your naked cock but also to stroke your naked cock, suck your naked cock, and fuck your naked cock. Only, my sister, my mother, and my grandmother aren’t like that. They’re not whores. They may reluctantly and begrudgingly strip naked to live here but they’d never have sex with you, if that’s what you’re thinking,” said Diana.

He shrugged. Obviously, his wife knew him better than he thought she did. She knew he was sexually attracted to her sister, her mother, and her grandmother. A natural progression from seeing them all naked and them seeing him naked would be, of course, to have sex, and with them all living in the same house, to have forbidden, incestuous sex.

“I know that and I’m not hoping nor expecting any of them to have sex with me,” he said lying. “Besides, what’s the big deal? If you’ve seen one cock, you’ve seen them all. Moreover, now that I think about it, I wouldn’t mind seeing your sister, your mother, and your grandmother naked while having a Nude Day barbeque in the backyard of our new house,” he said. “Furthermore, with such a sense of freedom, there’s something to be said about being a nudist, especially when we’re out in the middle of nowhere with our family while celebrating Nude Day.”

Diana nodded her head as if she was thinking about honoring the naked, family celebration stipulation.

“Let me think about it,” she said. “Then, let me ask them. I’ll feel them out. I don’t think they’d go along with the idea if you asked them,” she said. “Besides, now that the owner removed the stipulation of us having to be swingers and having swinging sex, they may be more agreeable to stripping naked one day a year for the chance to live here rent free while celebrating Nude Day naked.”

Chapter 04:

Impossible to see through the dense fog while driving, the poorest of visibility conditions on a dark and unfamiliar country road, it was a stormy night with torrential downpouring rains and 60 mph wind gusts. Not a night for man or beast to be out, a car came slowly and cautiously driving up their driveway with headlights on high beam and windshield wipers at full speed. If this was the setting for an Edgar Allen Poe scary story, an Alfred Hitchcock horror movie, or a Stephen King thriller, this would be it.

“Who bursa escort could this be at this hour of the stormy night,” asked Diana rhetorically with excitement as if talking to herself while peering out her front window as soon as the headlights lit up her house?

She looked at her sister as if to ask if she was expecting someone, a midnight visitor perhaps, for a long-distance booty call.

“Who’d be crazy enough to be out driving in weather like this,” asked Briana rhetorically as if talking to herself and in the same way that her sister asked her question while peering out the front windows with her sister?

Riveted in their curiosity to know who was out there while trying to see through the dark, the rain, and the fog, Diana and Briana continued staring out the front window. They couldn’t see out but whoever was outside could clearly see inside. Their headlights lit up Diana and Briana as if they were strippers on stage. As if they were standing there naked in front of the huge floor to ceiling windows, the headlights passed through their sheer and sexy nightgowns to show every curvy silhouette of their nearly naked bodies.

Obviously, by their continued surveillance of curiosity at the front windows, the change from living in the country over living in the city was already wearing thin. Rare to have an uninvited visitor, excited about who it could be, they continued standing in front of the window while watching and waiting. No doubt, between the storm and the impassable road conditions, whoever it was about to knock at their door, would soon become their overnight guest.

Yet, between living in a house once owned by nudists and swingers, somehow the advent of Nude Day removed their modesty and morals. Did they know they were as exposed? Did they know whoever was out there could see through their nightgowns as if they were standing there naked? Did they know that whoever was out there could see them immodestly and immorally standing in front of their front windows? Accustomed to the excitement of youth and endlessly shopping at the mall, they were obviously bored being out in the boonies alone.

Since tomorrow was Nude Day, as if Diana and Briana were practicing in readiness to be naked, they both wore their sexiest and most revealing nightgowns tonight. In the way that they pranced and sashayed around Christopher, perhaps they knew that whomever was out there could see them as if they were standing there naked. In the way that they seemingly took pleasure in sexually teasing Christopher with peek-a-boo peeks of down-nightgown views of their cleavage, big tits, and erect nipples, and up-nightgown peeks of their naked pussies and shapely asses, they took pleasure in being exposed. Just because they were out in the boonies didn’t mean that they couldn’t continue the sexuality they had when living in the city.

Yet, the house and the grounds, when it wasn’t storming outside, was plenty entertaining in itself. Between the private lake, the pool, the tennis court, the putting green, and the walking trails, there was lots to do. Way better than living in the cramped, crowded, noisy, and crime infested city, never had they lived in such an idyllic setting. Yet, the perfect party house, this house wasn’t designed for families in mind. This house was designed for sex, nudity, entertainment, and naked pool parties. With six en-suite bedrooms and outdoor living spaces, this house was designed for nudists who were swingers.

The surprised visitors parked their car out front. Diana and Briana watched three men jumped from the car and run for the front door with their shirts over their heads and their overnight bags in hand. They sprinted as if they were running to their cars in the 24 Hours of Le Mans Grand Prix race instead of running from the car. Clearly, they hoped to seek shelter for the night. Perhaps with this house so big, and with them carrying their carryon luggage, they thought it was an inn or a bed and breakfast.

# # #

As soon as they stepped from their car and ran for the front door, Diana and Briana recognized them. Overcome with the excitement of meeting three celebrities in person, Diana hugged her sister while jumping up and down with excited glee. Clearly, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. They experienced such excited shock that Christopher could have knocked them both over with a feather.

‘Twas Friday night, July 13th, the eve of their Nude Day, naked, family celebration. In readiness of her naked show tomorrow, wearing a sexy nightgown without having the modesty of wearing a robe, Diana opened her front door to the shock of her life. There in person were Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth, and Matt Bomer who were on location shooting a movie. Diana’s and Briana’s dream men and sexual fantasies come true, their favorite movie stars stood on their doorstep hoping for an invitation in their house.

As if she was dreaming this sexy scenario, in the way Diana stared at them with her mouth hanging open, obviously, she couldn’t believe her eyes. With her sister standing behind her in her short, sheer, and low-cut nightgown too, and looking over her shoulder gawking at the three, wet men, Briana seemingly couldn’t believe her eyes either. As if they were hungry lionesses at feeding time at the zoo, both women stared at the men as if they were fresh, raw meat to be devoured.

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