Oak Street Secrets


Oak Street was an all American street in the heart of the Midwest. The yards were perfectly manicured and nothing was ever out of place on this beautiful tree lined neighborhood road. It was the epitome of a conservative middle and upper middle class area. Kids were respectful of their parents and nearly everyone went to church, mosque, or synagogue. It was assumed that all of the couples were happy and no one was cheating on their spouse and sex was surely just routine missionary style and only within the confines of the marital bedroom.

The truth, however, was that most families assumed that their neighbors were good upstanding people even while they were keeping their own secrets. Scandal was not to be tolerated so it was expected that one would keep their skeletons secured tightly in their closets. Whether it was MR. Rashid’s affair with his secretary or Mrs. Fiskin’s one night stand with Mr. Goldman indiscretions were quickly hushed up.

The nelson family was no exception. The family had lived at the corner of Oak and Maple for four years and had a secret bigger than any of their neighbors. If it were found out the hypocrites would try to drive them from the neighborhood. Mr. Nelson was the high school Football coach and his wife, Maggie, was the high school principal. Maggie had fallen for Roger when they had gone to college together and felt lucky to be living in such a perfect neighborhood. They had two children who were about to go off to college in the coming fall.

Maggie had always wanted two children, a boy and a girl. So, she was happy when the twins were born as she wouldn’t have to go through pregnancy a second time. The twins, Janice and Jerry, were each other’s best friends. They talked about everything. They graduated on June 5th and had their 19th birthday on June 15. Roger and Maggie were as proud as could be as both kids had finished in the top 3% of the graduating class and had numerous scholarships awarded to them.

Janice and Jerry had very active social lives and had just lost their virginity in the last few months within weeks of each other and as friends do they talked of the new found wonders of sex openly. While they knew their other twin was good looking sexual thoughts had never crossed their minds. They would horse around even slap each other and wrestle but it was all very platonic.

Jerry’s friends would ask him what it was like to live with such a sexy sister and he told him he never thought of her that way. The friends couldn’t believe it as Janice stood 5’9″ weighing about 145 pounds having large D cup breasts and a large heart shaped ass. Her beautiful green eyes seemed to draw you right into them and her face was framed by her long golden hair. Of course, Janice got the same questions about Jerry who was equally good looking at 5’11” and 185 pounds with a very muscular chest to go along with his own green eyes and golden hair.

That summer something changed and changed rather abruptly. Maybe it was the temporary drought that Jerry was experiencing in his sex life or the sudden realization that he got an erection frequently while looking in his sister’s direction. Or, maybe it was just as much Janice’s doing as she had always been a little flirt and for some reason, she couldn’t even explain, she had begun flirting with her brother at their birthday party.

The large family swimming pool had always been a great place to relax and party especially when their parents were away. Between football practice and faculty and other school meetings this was a frequent occurrence. It was not unusual for the kids to have over 20 friends to skinny dip. There was no worry of a neighbor catching them as all of the homes had tall privacy fences surrounding their backyards.

It was when one of these parties ended on a Saturday afternoon a week after their birthday when things changed. Jerry and Janice were taking a dip alone to recoup after the last of their friends had left finally leaving things calm and peaceful. Jerry looked over at his sister and she had a mischievous glint in her eyes. Then looking up at the back door of the house he saw their parents watching from the deck. Smiling they gave him a wave and he waved back.

Roger and Maggie didn’t exactly approve of the skinny dipping but had concluded a year ago when it started that there was no way to stop it. If they outlawed the twins from doing it in their own pool they would probably go to a neighbor’s home and swim nude with a bunch of their friends. Little did they realize that it was everyone else who was coming over when they were gone to do exactly that. Jerry watched his dad take a big swig of beer as he bobbed in the water.

Just then he felt a hard smack on his butt followed rapidly by his sister’s finger poking briefly into his asshole. Gliding up beside her brother Janice rested an arm on the edge of the pool and the other on his ass. She didn’t think her parents could tell where her hand was as she had done this before with boyfriends and her parents türbanlı escort had never said anything. Jerry just leaned against the side of the pool in shock and panic as he was unable to stop his seven inch cock from becoming rigid.

Gathering his thoughts quickly and turned on by the hand now gently caressing his buttocks he pondered his reply. He decided he had to act before he had a chance to think about it. Dropping the hand closest to his sibling from the pool’s edge he lowered it to her stomach and stuck a finger in her belly button and began rubbing his hand across her tummy. As his hand travels to the top of her pubic hair she abruptly turns sideways and playfully splashes him.

Jerry retaliates by diving for her and tickling her side and accidentally on purpose grazing the side of her boob with his hand. While splashing Jerry on top of the water Janice’s other hand reaches for his cock and gives it a hard squeeze. Whereupon, she immediately swims away, climbs out of the pool putting on her bathrobe, and runs over to her parents to welcome them home.

Not wanting his parents to see how hard he has become Jerry swims two laps of the pool before getting out and wrapping a towel around himself. After trading small talk with their parents both kids ran into their bedrooms. Meeting back in the hallway just outside of their rooms Jerry was blown away by what Janice was wearing. She was wearing hot pants and a skimpy halter top that barely covered her jugs. As his cock sprang to life he told her, “I’ll get even with you for what you did out there!”

“You will, huh, I am looking forward to it.” Janice flung her arms around Jerry’s neck shoving her mouth hard to his she rammed her tongue hard between his lips. Then as she ground her pelvis against his obvious erection she slid her hands down to his rump and cupped both cheeks. Before he knew what he was doing Jerry was passionately kissing his sister back and feeling up her ass.

Finally breaking their tight embrace they just stood there gazing at each other. For some reason, Jerry found himself out of breath. Feelings of terror washed over him as he realized they were not alone. In a panic he said, “Janice, mom and dad are just down the fucking hall.”

“I know that is what makes it fun.” Janice sauntered back toward the living room as her brother’s eyes followed the sexy sway of her ass. Janice hadn’t thought things through past the here and now and didn’t know what they would do next. As for Jerry, he was turned on beyond belief by his sister’s come-ons and decided to let her make the next move because if incestuous encounters were to happen he didn’t want her to be able to accuse him of pushing her into it; besides she was the older one, by seven minutes, and therefore she should be in charge.

The horny lad wouldn’t have to wait long as soon it was dinner time. Maggie and Roger sat on one side of the rectangular table while their offspring sat across from them side by side on the other side of the table. The kids were happy when they saw what their dad had fixed for dinner, one of their favorites, fish and chips. They liked it because it was finger food and that meant they could gobble it down and get on about doing other stuff.

Janice was happy for another reason. She and Jerry only needed one hand to eat with. Jerry was minding his own business when his sister suddenly put her knee on top of his knee spreading her legs apart. Then reaching under the table she grabbed her brother’s hand, resting it on his lap, and squeezed it tight. Their parents often marveled how even as teenagers they would whisper and giggle like little kids at the table. So, it wasn’t unusual when their daughter leaned over to Jerry after pulling his hand into her lap and softly whispered, “Play with me down there.”

Jerry shook his head no but Janice giggled and shook her head yes and placed his hand flush against the crotch of her shorts and moved it up and down a couple of times. Acting like there was nothing out of the ordinary everyone continued the normal dinner time small talk. As he put another piece of fish to his mouth Jerry gently glided his fingers in small circles where he felt the heat rising from his sister’s twat. His circling became faster as he felt Janice clasp her leg harder against his as he leaned back to her asking, “Is this what you wanted?”

“Don’t stop, you are going to make me cum,” she whispered back pretending to giggle at what her brother had said. Their eating speed had noticeably slowed down. Janice was trying hard to keep her impending orgasm a secret but in spite of biting her lip she felt her face turn red.

“Janice, honey, is something wrong? Your face is beet red,” her concerned mother asked.

“No, no, mom I probably just had too much sun,” she answered just as she felt a gush of cunt juice pour out with her first orgasm. Her brother could feel the wet spot he had caused in her shorts as she patted his hand in gratitude. But, she wasn’t ümraniye escort done yet.

As her knee slipped off of his leg her hand reached over and pulled down his zipper. Panicking he asked softly, “What the fuck are you doing?”

“I’m returning the favor, of course, silly boy. Now pull it out for me.” He resisted only briefly but knew the table and tablecloth would hide his prick from mom and dad, so he freed his member for her. Janice found it hard to keep all of her movements under the table top level and not make it obvious that her hand was in her brother’s lap.

Resting her elbow on her thigh she wrapped her fist around his pole and began working it up and down. Periodically she would squeeze and release the pulsating pecker as she stroked it. Her brother stopped eating his food. Roger reminded his son where he was by asking, “What is the matter don’t you like the way I cooked the fish, you’re not eating it.”

“Yes, dad it is wonderful, I guess I am just a little worn out from swimming today.” He wiggled in his chair and forced himself to continue eating. He almost choked as he came closer and closer to cumming. He could tell his sister had given plenty of hand jobs before as she was expert at it. And, before long, Jerry felt his nuts tighten up and he sprayed the underside of the table with his sticky stuff. Janice didn’t stop until he shot a second load, what a mess!

Deftly Janice grabbed a couple of napkins and wiped off her hands and finished eating leaving her brother to fend for himself. He wasn’t sure what to do. The only thing he could think of was to drop a piece of fish into his lap so he would have an excuse to grab a handful of napkins. Maggie wondered aloud why it took so many napkins to wipe up a few crumbs from his lap. Jerry just shrugged his shoulders in answer; the typical teenage answer that many parents are familiar with. Therefore, Maggie knew further questioning would be pointless. Jerry stuffed his cock back in his pants and both kids devoured the remainder of their food.

“Gotcha again,” Janice told Jerry as they walked into the living room. Knowing that was exactly the way he wanted it he just reached over and gave her ass a swat. She just giggled as she ran away and sat down to protect her butt from further assault as their parents followed them into the room.

Happy that everyone was home on a Saturday night Maggie suggested that they have a movie night and she would provide plenty of fattening snacks. While Janice and Jerry were not thrilled at a dateless Saturday night they enjoyed these movie nights with mom and dad. They would usually watch three movies as each kid would pick a movie and the parents would put their heads together and select one.

Maggie and Roger liked these nights better now that the kids were older as their tastes had moved beyond Disney and kiddie flicks. Tonight was a perfect example as Jerry had picked “Pretty Women” and Janice had picked “Risky Business.” For their part the parents had picked “The Graduate.” They all laughed when they saw how similar their picks were. Roger was surely happiest as he knew that after watching three sultry flicks Maggie would be all over him and they might do some creative and kinky sex acts that they hadn’t done for awhile.

It would only be obvious later on that each twin had picked the movie that would stir the other one sexual juice. Jerry picked the sweet romance of “Pretty woman” where love conquers all for his sister. While Janice had picked “Risky Business” for her brother where a 18 year old high school student gets to be in charge of hookers for a week. Maggie popped in “Pretty Women” first as she served up a bonanza of junk food.

To say Janice’s juices were flowing after the lady was swept off of her feet at the end of the movie would be an understatement. She barely kept herself from playing with herself between the movie and her earlier play with Jerry. When the show was over they took a break to refill drinks and use the bathroom. As Jerry came out of the bathroom Janice called him across the hall into her bedroom. As soon as he walked in she pulled out her left breast from the halter top and whispered, “Come on Jerry Kiss it, quickly.”

He started to walk away, still playing hard to get, but she grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him over to her. Wrapping her hand around the back of his head she brought his lips down to her glorious melon.

Her breast was irresistible so he dove in flicking his tongue on her pencil eraser nipple as he sucked it into his mouth. Janice wanted more as her brother’s mouth felt so good sucking on her tit but just then their mother called and she reluctantly covered up her boob and walked back to watch “Risky Business.”

As they walked back into the living room they noticed that their parents were now snuggled together on the couch with their mom’s head on her husband’s shoulder. Jerry thought to himself that he would surely be hearing the creaking of their acıbadem escort bed later. A couple of times during the movie the kids looked over at their parents and saw them kissing. Once Janice caught a glimpse of her father stealing a quick grope of Maggie’s boob. As the two lovers were having sex on the train in the movie Jerry looked lustfully at his sister. She smiled back, licking her lips and holding up the tit that her brother sucked earlier toward his hungry mouth.

Jerry thought if she was just teasing him this was cruel beyond belief. When the flick ended Janice announced that she was going to change for bed. Meanwhile, Roger and Maggie cleared away some of the dishes as Jerry took care of changing out the movies. Roger was getting the last dirty plate when his daughter came back into the room and his jaw dropped to the floor.

Janice was wearing a shear nightie that barely covered her crotch. While it totally covered her breast it clung tightly to them so that the bump of the nipple was very prominent. The silky red gown was sleeveless and had a plunging cleavage. Running back into the kitchen and throwing the plate into the sink Roger exclaimed, “My god did you see what Janice is wearing?”

As he pulled Maggie into his arms she answered, “of course not, I’ve been in here.”

“My god, it is a sexy red nightie that screams out ‘come fuck me’.” Maggie and Roger look like twenty year older versions of their children the only real difference is that Maggie weighs about 10 pounds more than Janice as her boobs and ass are that much larger. Roger, now on fire, frantically kisses his wife. She hasn’t seen him behave this much like an animal in a long time, but likes it. Wanting only to encourage him she grinds her pelvis against him while she kisses him back and feels up his ass.

“I’m the only one you will be fucking around here tonight. Now, let me get my gown on so we can get this movie over with.” They break their embrace and Maggie runs back to her room. While the older generation was busy in the kitchen the kids games were preceding in the living room. As soon as her father left Janice walked over to Jerry.

“Hey brother, what do you think of my pajamas?” She twirled around only a couple of feet from her brother who was kneeling on the floor putting in the third movie.

He couldn’t believe he had a clear view up her nightie to her silky bikini panties as the vision of her knocked his breath away.

“Are you trying to fucking torture me?” Janice just giggled at her brother’s comment. Her giggling quickly gave way to a small squeal as her brother couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed her. Wrapping his arms around her waist he pulled her crotch to his face hugging her tightly. She cooperated by lifting her gown so now he was hugging her only through her panties.

As his sister put her hand on his head Jerry inhaled deeply not believing how sweet her honey smelled. Slowly Janice turned so that Jerry was now hugging her posterior. She was just beginning to get into rubbing her ass against his face when she heard the unmistakable sounds of her parents approach.

Their mom came back wearing practically nothing, not to be outdone by her daughter. It was a lacy nightie which exposed half of her tits and didn’t even cover up her thong panties. For “The Graduate” the kids decided to make themselves comfortable on the floor as their horny parents shared the couch. Whenever they saw that their parents were either to into the movie or each other the kids would steal quick touches of each other.

By the time the older woman stripped for the young man Jerry was going nuts. All four of them would have voted to turn off the movie but no one had a reason other than sex to do so. So, they all struggled through the rest of the movie until the young man and the older woman’s daughter finally had their climatic moment as they ran off together.

The twins couldn’t believe how quickly their parents ushered them off to bed and went there themselves. As they passed in the hall Janice told Jerry to wait at least 15 minutes before he jacked off. About ten minutes after settling into their rooms both kids heard the unmistakable sounds of enthusiastic love making coming from their parent’s room.

This is what Janice was waiting for. Quietly she slithered down the hall to her brother’s room. Neither of them said a word. Janice climbed onto her brother’s bed and pulled his boxers down as she wrapped her tiny fist around his rigid cock. Wasting no time she sucked her twin’s cock deep into her ravenous mouth.

Happy but surprised that Janice went straight for the blow job; Jerry laid back and enjoyed his sister’s expert fellatio. The slurping sounds she made as she sucked were among the most erotic thing he had ever heard. As her head continued to bob up and down he reached up and cupped each of her breasts in turn. It wasn’t long at all before he felt his balls tighten and whispered, “Sis, I’m gonna cum.”

Instead of stopping like most of his high school dates and finish with her hand, Janice just sucked harder. Her head bobbing actually got faster as she clearly wanted to eat his spunk. Holding onto her boob for dear life Jerry exploded load after load into his sister’s gullet. Janice loved the taste and didn’t let any escape.

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