Object of Her Desire


When Jenni first saw it, she didn’t know what to do with it.

She delicately unwrapped it from its package, and set it on the table. It stood there, phallic-like and upright, on her short wooden coffee table. And she sat primly on the couch, watching it. It didn’t do anything.

Jenni picked it up nonchalantly, and pretended she felt comfortable holding it. But the unfamiliarity of holding an anal toy in her hand made her put it back on the table, in the end. Laying down.

She almost forgot to tuck it back in its box under the couch when Dave came over that night. Almost forgot, but remembered at the end as she dashed past the couch and the table on her way to the door. Quick as a bunny, she threw it under the couch.

John had gotten it for her, and Dave, her steady boyfriend, would take that the wrong way.

That night, laying in her large bed with Dave snoring softly behind her, she thought about it, hidden under her living room couch. She turned and looked at Dave, sleeping Dave, spent and exhausted Dave.

Jenni got up out of bed and padded on light feet to the living room. Silhouetted in the doorway, she put her hands on her hips. This would never do. Such a thing as this did not belong in the living room.

Jenni reached under the couch and pulled the shoe-boxed sized package out from where it seemed to be waiting in the shadows, and gingerly pulled back the white tissue paper.

It was still there, and in one piece. One rubbery blue-clear piece. One small, erect yet flexible piece.

She put the box under her bed and crawled back under the covers, satisfied that all was right.

“Everything okay, girl?”

Dave was awake, and nipping at her neck.


She tilted her head into the pillow, giving him more flesh.


“Jenni?” he answered, chuckling into her skin.

“Would you ever consider using a toy? In bed, I mean.”

“No. That would be too intimidating.”

A good college boy answer, Jenni thought. And she smiled as Dave rolled her onto her stomach, growling playfully.

The next night, Dave was busy with his part time job at the gym. John came over, instead.

“Did you open it?”

“Open what,” Jenni said, pretending she didn’t know.

And John grinned, pulling her head into his lap and stroking her hair as she opened her eager mouth. He knew she had.

After John left, Jenni lay in the tub, staring at the ceiling, baby powder scented bubbles slipping down the one long leg she extended over the edge of the tub. Her short geometrical black bob was still dry. This was a luxury bath, not one where she planned on getting her whole self wet. Just the important parts that needed attention.

As her hand slipped down one thigh, and into the cloudy water, Jenni found herself thinking of the box under her bed.

What would it feel like?

John had gotten her the anal toy as a gift. He said he couldn’t always be there for her, and he knew Dave didn’t come close. And he said the anal toy was better for her, less intimidating than the large and oversized dildos and dongs he had seen at the store he Kadıköy Escort worked at every night.

John was almost ten years older than her. He should know.

Dave was her age, twenty-three. He wouldn’t know.

Jenni’s hand was not enough tonight.

Maybe the toy should come out.

After she dried herself off, Jenni sat naked on her bed. She stared at the toy. It didn’t stare back.

She looked at the bottle of lubricant John had provided, and then read the directions, pretending interest. Unscented, and safe with latex condoms.

She chewed her lip.

Then she opened the bottle up and dropped a single glob on the tip of the toy.

She watched as the glob smeared itself down one side, landing on the butterfly base or handle, and moving through one of the grip holes onto the sheets of the bed.

Jenni stared, frowning.

Tonight was not the night.

The next night, Dave took her out dancing. As she bumped against the male population that paid her adoration, she felt her body tingle. She needed something new. John was watching from across the dance floor, and when she caught his eye, he raised his glass and winked at her. She grinned back.

Tonight was the night, come hell or high water.

Back home, Dave was amorous, but not amorous enough. As soon as he passed out on the bed, Jenni reached under the bed frame and pulled the box from its hiding place. She crept to the living room and poured herself the last glass of wine from the bottle Dave had chilled when they got home.

Sitting naked on the couch, Jenni laid the toy against one of the cushions, giggling quietly to herself.

“Ahem. My name is Jenni. And you belong to me.”

The toy said nothing.

“Dave is my steady boyfriend. He’s asleep right now, so don’t be loud, okay?”

She cackled to herself, then covered her mouth, trying to be quiet. She was sitting on her couch talking to a blue phallus. It wasn’t even a real cock shape. It was smooth, no ridges, and had barely a slight bulge in the middle of its short length.

“John gave you to me because I was bored. I hope you don’t disappoint him. Or me.”

She took a long swig of the red wine, and accidentally dribbled some of it onto her chin and chest. She sputtered and put the glass back on the coffee table.

“Well now look what I’ve done!”

Giggling still, Jenni used one finger and smeared the wine on her chin, squinting her eyes at the toy.

“Pardon? You want to help me clean up? Alright. That sounds safe enough for a first date.”

She picked the toy up, and ran the tip of it over her chin, then let it fall down to her chest. She dragged the rounded edge slowly between her breasts.

For some reason, she found herself panting.

She imagined John’s heavy tongue lapping between her breasts, moving over her skin from nipple to nipple. And as she imagined that, she moved the toy in a circle first around one nipple, then the other.

But that didn’t feel right. It felt good, but not right.

This wasn’t John’s tongue, at all.

So Jenni put fantasy aside, and wallowed Ataşehir Escort in the reality of the feel of the very warm toy slipping through the trail of wine, down over her smooth belly, to tease at her privacy.

She dabbled at her clitoris with the round tip, and gasped at the sensation of something fake stimulating her thus. Slowly she used the toy to part her swollen puss lips.

This felt so good!

Jenni moved the toy downwards, along her slit, over her very wet hole, down towards her ass.

Even there it felt good!

This was perfect!

She finally moved the toy inside her, thrusting it deep within the confines of her privacy.

“Yes,” she breathed aloud. “Ah…yes….”

In and out she moved the toy. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. It was just the right size, just the right texture, just the right hardness. And it moved perfectly, exactly like she needed.

Finally, Jenni began to spasm and orgasm around the phallus. She curled in on herself on the couch, her hand between her tightly squeezed thighs.

She could barely breathe, the orgasm had been so intense.

Finally, head spinning, Jenni went to the kitchen. She was almost appalled as she washed the toy in warm water and dish soap.

She had done it, she had finally done it.

John was very excited when she told him a few days later.

As he moved his tongue over her privacy, he whispered to her.

“Tell me how good it felt…”

“It felt so good…so alien and foreign…”

She writhed, clutching John’s silver-blonde hair as his tongue thrust into her. All she could think of was the toy, how it was like John’s tongue. But longer, it could go deeper, work her harder.

Dave didn’t notice a thing.

When next he fell asleep before she was completely satiated, Jenni didn’t even consider how she would begin an argument with him the next day about her needs and wants.

She didn’t need or want that anymore.

She sat on the couch, cross-legged like a practiced yogi, and sighed as she moved the toy in and out, in and out, in and out.

“Dave?” she asked him once, while he lay curled around her back.


“Do you want to see the toy I have?” That got his attention. He sat upright in the bed as she pulled the box from underneath where he had been pleasantly dreaming of his perfect girlfriend moments before.

Jenni carefully avoided Dave’s eyes as she withdrew the toy, and lay it between them on the sheets.

She almost snarled when he poked at it like it was some sort of lab experiment.

“It’s not very big.”

“I don’t need something big,” Jenni retorted.

Dave took the toy up courageously in hand, smiling wide at his girl as he moved towards her, brandishing it like a sword. That made her frown.

With careful hands, Jenni took Dave’s mouth in her’s and the toy into her hands, and showed him how to move it within her. She gasped as it filled her, releasing Dave’s reluctant mouth.

Moaning, Jenni rolled over onto her side. If she angled it this way, it felt so good. She climaxed, then Maltepe Escort kept it moving, exciting herself again. Moving to her stomach, she pushed it inside her from behind, crying out as it brought her to release once more.

“Ah! Yes!”

Jenni lifted one leg, looking down at her puss, laying on her side and thrusting the toy deftly into herself, harder, faster. It was slick with her juices, it was slippery with her lust.

It was her’s.

She didn’t even notice when Dave slipped dejectedly out of the room, leaving her to a night of personal passion.

She didn’t care that he wasn’t there in the morning to pick her up for work. Jenni took her first sick day.

Laying exhausted on the couch, she barely stirred when John came in using his key to see how she was.

“Do you realize it has been three days? Even your boyfriend is worried. He called me to check on you.”

John kissed her deeply, plucking the toy from where it lay cradled between Jenni’s legs.

“Hmmm?” she finally said, eyes blurry.

“I think I should hold on to this, for now.”

That was how Jenni kept her job and her classes up to par.

That night, John lay her back on the rug on the floor, lifting her legs and placing them high above her head as he thrust himself into her ass, and the toy into her puss.

Jenni was in bliss, and knew oblivion in an instant.

John spent the nights turning Jenni this way and that, showing her the delights of the toy. He put it near his cock and masturbated himself while Jenni sucked and coddled the toy with her full lips and tongue. He let her move it all over his body, into every orifice she wished, giving her free reign to explore. He brought Clarissa over, and let Jenni lay the docile and willing girl down on her stomach on Jenni’s bed, as the toy explored and penetrated and made her scream.

Sometimes, John tried to introduce Jenni to new toys. She would have none of it.

Every night, Jenni lay in her blankets, alone to all eyes but her’s.

First she let the toy sleep beneath her pillow. That way she could dream about it.

Then she kept it in her hands, so it would be warm in the morning.

Then, she just ended all bother and kept it wrapped tightly in the always-wet warmth that was her puss.

One time, when she had not seen Dave for a week and a half, she found him in her apartment after school. John had let him in as a lark, a joke on Jenni.

Horrified, she watched as he took a knife and held it to her toy. With a swift kick to the groin, Dave was down for the count and out of her life for good.

John congratulated her as he moved her head over his cock, and the toy into her behind.

Then, one day after working late at night, Jenni stopped at the wine store. She had great plans for her toy. The most wicked woman had joined her workplace, and the ideas and thoughts that came unbidden to Jenni during the afternoons she slaved over paperwork with this woman’s scent in her nose made her rush home tonight.

As she neared her apartment building, she saw fire trucks and police cars.

John held her hand and tenderly walked her up the burnt and damaged stairs. The elevator was out of order.

Her apartment had been the victim of foul play.

And her toy…

She sobbed in John’s comforting and enveloping arms.

Jenni would never love again.

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