Obsessed With My Son Ch. 02


Here I was, laying underneath my 18-yr old son. I had just rode him hard, drained his balls in my waiting pussy, and cum so deeply my body vibrated to the core. I could feel him thrust his hips against my flesh, my legs splayed wide. I hooked my ankles over his hips, heels resting on his ass. I pulled him to me, wanting to feel his flesh pressed tightly against me. His flaccid cock pushed against my engorged lips.

“Yes baby, feel momma’s cunt on your cock,” I whispered. I tilted my hips, grinding my pelvis upwards. Even half hard, his cock slipped between my wet lips. I reached underneath my ass, pushing the head of his cock into my hole. As he pushed, his cock bent. With additional grinding, his cock slipped into my hole. Lacking firmness, he mashed it against me. I could feel it growing as he ground his cock against me.

“Yes Honey,” I growled. “Shove that cock deep in my pussy,” I grunted into his ear. I lifted my hips up against him, tilting them so he was against my hole. “Oh God baby, fuck mommy! Mommy needs your cock sweetie,” I continued. “It’s getting so hard,” I breathed softly. “Oh yes baby,” I cooed. With each verbal description, Jake responded with a hard thrust, grinding his hips against my sex. I could feel his cock expand, grow in length and thickness. I continued my running dialogue. “Big fucking cock! Shove it deep! Mommy needs her man!” I grunted, groaned incoherently. “Yes baby,” I growled as his forcefulness increased. His cock was growing quickly, shoving deeply into my wet cunt. Our bodies were slapping together. I heard him growl deep in his body as he slammed his cock deep, grinding each inch hard. I looked into his face, a mass of contortions as he slammed his cock repeated in and out of my yielding cunt. “Yes, pound me sweetie! Pound momma’s pussy!” I commanded.

“Oh fuck Mother,” Jake screamed, slamming his body against mine, driving his cock deep between my legs, buried balls deep in my cunt. I thrust up against him, wanting, needing every inch of his beautiful cock. I could feel him spasm, feel each convulsion as his balls erupted, shooting a rope of cum into my waiting cunt. I wrapped my arms around his head, pulling him tight against my body, our flesh pressed tightly together. I could feel his face on my chest as he tensed, his balls churning, to spit another blast of cum into my body. His involuntary thrusts grew less frequent, less demanding. My pussy was soaked, from my juices and his cum. His cock began deflating.

“I need to cum Baby,” I whispered. “You need to make mommy cum,” I whispered. I moved to roll him to my side. “Use your fingers baby. Flick mommy’s clit back and forth honey,” I whispered. Flat on my back beside him, I opened my legs, bending my legs, raising my knees up. His hand slipped down to my crotch, his fingertips sliding through my wet slit. First one, then two, then three fingers slid over my engorged clit. “Yes baby,” I growled softly. “Make mommy cum,” I whispered again. I closed my eyes to focus on his fingers, his manipulation of my clit. I let his fingers mash my clit hard, feeling his intensity flashing through his fingers. Such inexperience, such exuberance evidenced itself with Jake. He wanted to perform so badly, but lacked knowledge of how to approach such demands.

“Slow down Jake,” I whispered. “Take your time, focus on momma’s clit. Use your middle finger to mash her back and forth slowly. Build up the feelings in my body, play, listen to my breathing, feel my body react. Yes baby, that’s the idea,” I continued as he slowed his movements. My eyes closed, I could focus on the feelings his fingers were delivering into my sex. “Now, lean to me, suck a nipple into your mouth. Use your tongue on me there,” I said softly, pulling him forward, lifting my body to his approaching mouth. He sucked my tit flesh into his mouth. As he did, his finger stopped mashing my clit. “Baby, do both, don’t forget my clit,” I instructed. Within seconds, he mastered the desired techniques. He nipped, tugged, licked around my hard nipple, continuing to flick my engorged clit back and forth. “MMMmmmmmmm yes baby,” I growled. “Momma’s going to cum,” I whispered huskily. My breathing grew shallow, my hips arched to meet his hands.

“When I cum baby, shove your fingers into my cunt,” I instructed. “Mommy needs to feel you in my pussy,” I continued. “A few,” I said, halting. “More,” I gasped. “Seconds,” I trailed off. My hips exploded upwards, my orgasm washing over my body. “Yes!” I screamed. “Fuck me!” I commanded. I felt Jake slam two fingers into my gaping hole, shoving them deep into my pussy. He started thrusting in and out hard. I reached to my clit, mashing her hard. A second orgasm was just seconds away. “Don’t stop honey,” I whispered, almost begging. “Don’t stop,” I repeated. Grunting hard, I erupted into a second orgasm. I clamped my legs tightly together, growling deeply in my body. I rocked back and forth, my legs squeezing hard together, squeezing my clit. Rocking back and forth, I brought myself to a third, softer orgasm. I shuddered softly, groaning deeply. “Yes,” I hissed, drawing the word out loan and loud.

I reached to Jake. He was long and hard. I grinned adalar escort again. Stamina, got to love it I thought to myself. I wanted slammed, to be royally fucked. I wanted ‘Katie bar the door’ fucked. “Jake, do me doggy,” I commanded. I moved quickly to get on my knees, moving to the edge of the bed. I spread my knees slightly, dropped my torso, reached back between my legs, swiping my fingers up and down my wet, dripping slit. “Jake,” I inquired. Jake stepped behind me, saddled up, his rigid cock pointing as he moved forward. “Fist it honey, slide the head up and down momma’s slit. Coat the head,” I whispered instructions. “Yes baby,” I whispered. “Now, find momma’s wet hole,” I offered my ass to him. “Slide it in momma,” I asked. He placed his cock at my hole. He stood, not quite sure what to do next. “Grab my hips baby, bury that cock of yours,” I commanded.

He reached to me, grabbed my hips, and slammed forward. “Ahh,” I grunted as he slid in my cunt. Pulling back, he slammed forward again. A third time, his flesh slapped against mine. “Oh fuck Momma,” he grunted. He became an animal, his lust, his need to fuck taking over his brain. Grunting, screaming, groaning, he slammed me, pounding my cunt hard, repeatedly. I lost all thought. I almost passed out as he slammed his cock deep repeatedly. I flooded our sex, my juices pumping out with each thrust. Our bodies became one sex machine, the noises of our flesh slapping together filling my senses.

I reached between my legs, my fingers quickly flicking back and forth over my clit. A minute passed, my body raced to orgasm, my body starting a series of convulsions deep in my body. Sensing him, I could feel the shear intensity of Jake’s fucking my backside. His fingertips were buried in my flesh, his hips ground against my ass hard, pulling deep, grinding as he yelped deeply. “Fuck,” he shouted. “Jesus Christ, Mom!” he groaned. His body quivered, almost jerked with each thrust into my body. I quickly reached under my crotch, catching his balls as he thrust forward. I pulled his sac, rolling his nuts in my hand. He pulled my hips back hard, jamming his cock deep. I pressed his balls into my wet slit, sliding them back and forth, coating his balls with my juices. He ground against my body harder. He shifted left, right, spreading my globes, pulling his body tighter against me, our flesh sliding back and forth, the juices from my wet hole covering our sexes.

“Put your thumb on my asshole,” I grunted out. Jake responded quickly, his hand flattening on my ass, his thumb rolling circles around my asshole. “Press it against the hole,” I moaned. “Harder,” I commanded. Jake pressed firmly, the muscle gave way, his thumb popped into my ass, the muscle circling his first knuckle. Fireworks exploded in my mind. “Fuck mommy hard baby,” I shouted. Jake went nuts. He thrust his thumb in and out of my ass as he slammed his body back and forth, driving his hard cock repeatedly into my body. I squeezed all my muscles as hard as I could. I wanted to choke his thumb, choke his cock deep in my body. I could feel the lips of my pussy stretch hard to hold his withdrawal, give way when he pounded forward. My body screamed, my cunt sang loudly as he pounded me senseless. I thrust back hard against his body, driving his cock deep, driving his thumb hard into my willing ass. I rolled his balls firmly, squeezing hard, pulling, milking each one. As he slammed forward, my finger snaked back, running over his puckered asshole. I jammed my fingertip into the tight ring just as he pulled back, popping my finger clear. He thrust forward again, pulling me hard, holding tightly against me.

“Momma, fuck my ass!” he grunted. I shoved my finger under his hanging balls, my nail raking along his flesh, reaming his tight hole. Rotating the finger, I circled his tight orifice, pushed firmly, quickly, penetrating him to my first knuckle. I squiggled my finger in circles. Jakes knees buckled, he slammed his hips forward, thrashing my soaked pussy.

Jake thrust hard against me again and again. His breathing changed, his muscles flexed, he ground hard against my backside. Expectedly, he tensed. Grunting deep, Jake started cumming. I could feel his spasms as he thrust himself into me repeatedly. My body shuttered, absorbing each thrust. With my own body quivering, my muscles sucking his flesh, I fell forward. He fell on my body, his quivering cock twitching deep in my cunt as his baby making spasms grew fainter. “Mom, I love you! Oh god mom! Oh shit,” he muttered, repeating several of his compliments over and over. I flexed my ass, my muscles pulling his deflating cock back into my cunt for one more squeeze. He groaned appreciatively.

“Oh honey,” I groaned. “That was so fucking good,” my voice trailed off. Jake growled deep in his body. He thrust forward another time, groaning deep. Even his purely animalistic groan curled my toes. Lifting my hips, I tilted my ass upwards, opening my sex for his penetrations. He mashed his flaccid cock in my slit and crack. I wiggled, feeling him grinding his body against me. “Yes baby, fuck mommy! Oh yes, shove that cock in me!” I encouraged, anadolu yakası escort whispering softly with each thrust of his hips. He leaned to bite the nape of my neck, growling from deep in his body. My clit exploded, sending a warm, soft, unexpected orgasm through my body. I shivered with each small convulsion.

I felt Jake reach between our bodies, grabbing his growing cock again. “Oh my God,” I whispered as he shoved the enlarging head between my soaked lips, pressing against my hole. He pushed forward harder, shoving his semi-erect cock into my body again. I moaned with extreme pleasure. I tilted my hips, lifting my cunt for his penetration. Slowly, deliberately, his thrusts increased in length and intensity as his cock grew in proportion to our needs. Within just minutes, he was stretched rigid, his palms flat on the bed, his only connection to me was his throbbing cock slamming in and out of my wet cunt. I strained to hold my hips, lifting my ass to receive each thrust. I grunted with each slap of our flesh, my breath forced out of my lungs as he pounded his hips down, shoving his cock deep into my body. I lost all cognizant thought. I focused only on his cock, his body slamming into mine, the noises of our sex, our flesh slapping together.

Reaching down, I slid my hand under my crotch, my fingers quickly finding my engorged clit. I quickly slipped between my lips, my finger mashing my clit back and forth. Within a couple of minutes, my clit was at full attention, and ready to explode, sending another wave of pleasure through my body. Now demon possessed, I started thrusting my hips up, demanding Jake to invade my hole, to drive his cock completely into my body. I pulled my hips up, arched my back, and gave Jake a pleasure hole to hammer unmercifully. Jake groaned, and insatiable groan that gave an indication to his demeanor. Like a madman possessed, Jake thrust piston like into my yielding pussy. With both hands grabbing and pulling on a hip bone, Jake drove his rigid cock into my deepest depths, his cock enlarging as his balls filled, readying for another orgasm.

“Mom,” screamed Jake. Grunt after grunt after grunt spilled forth from both of us as we slammed our bodies together with abandon. Our noises, the slapping of our flesh filled our senses, driving us to sexual heights unknown with the unbridled passions of lust. We fucked, and we fucked hard! Jake froze, pulling me tight on his cock, his body racked with orgasmic spasms, shooting his man juices deep into my cunt. We held our position, melded as one, his cock buried completely into my womanhood, my muscles squeezing every drop of cum from his erupting cock.

Several minutes passed, we rocked together, grinding our bodies together by our joined sexes. I flopped forward, down on the bed, pulling off his cock. Jake, on his knees, balanced precariously, his cock dangling, a string of fluid reaching from his cock head to my crotch. Jake growled deep, moved slowly to my side, then lying quickly beside me, his sticky cock flopped across his thigh. He kissed my shoulder as he softly caressed my back.

“Go get a shower honey,” I instructed him. “We need to get some sleep,” I whispered. I knew I wanted him clean, fresh. I wanted to wake him, his soft cock wrapped by my lips, sucking his growing manhood into my mouth and throat. But I wanted him clean.

“Wash my back Mom,” he inquired. I lay still, the thought crossing my mind. Jake jumped up and padded off to the shower. I let him start the water, and heard the door close. I rolled over, lying on my back. I pulled my legs up, feeling the tightness in my overused thighs. I squeezed my legs together, it felt good putting pressure on my clit. Raising my head, I glanced to the door.

“Why not,” I whispered out loud. My hand slid between my legs, my finger snaked its’ way between my crusted lips. I flicked my clit back and forth, allowing the warm feeling to spread quickly. As I moved to yet another orgasm, my legs parted, my cunt opened, my finger danced over the sensitive flesh. Closing my eyes, I pictured Jake, his head between my legs, his tongue raking over my sensitive flesh, pushing me to an orgasm, my juices flooding his mouth. I wiggled my hips, his imaginary face pressing firmly into my cunt, my lips bathing his cheeks. My juices coated him, his mouth sucked my clit deep, pulling on the flesh, thrashing it back and forth. My hips jumped, arched upwards to capture his tongue deep between my legs, driving his tongue deep into my hole. My orgasm was almost here. I tilted my hips, my second hand reaching down, spreading my wet, engorged lips, exposing my hard clit. My middle finger mashed it back and forth hard, fast, pushing my orgasm up from my core. “Yes, yes,” I was commanding Jake. “Suck my cunt baby,” I whispered. “Almost,” I whispered. My body exploded into orgasm, my cunt twitching, muscles cramped by spasms, legs clamping shut hard. My finger remained in my crotch, slowly mashing my sensitive clit back and forth between the closed lips. My breathing was returning to normal. “Yes baby,” I groaned. My cunt ached.

I jumped up from the bed, headed ataköy escort quickly to the shower. Jake was fisting his hard cock as I entered the shower. I reached for his long, engorged cock. Covered in shampoo, it was slick to the touch. I stroked it softly, squeezing firmly as I slid my hand up and down his long hard shaft. I squeezed my fingers tightly around the soft-to-the-touch flesh. “That for me baby,” I asked. I pushed Jake back into the stream of water cascading down. Within seconds, I had cleared all the soap from his body. I ran my thumb over the head of his cock, pushing the skin surrounding the eye back and forth. I could see a droplet of cream coming to the surface. I hesitated just for a second, long enough to run my thumb up the underside of his cock, squeezing the cream up into his eye. I leaned, my tongue swiping through the slit as my lips suctioned the head into my mouth.

I reached around Jake, my hands cupping his ass. I pulled his body forward, shoving his hard cock into my mouth, hesitated only slightly as it neared my throat. Relaxing, I slid down his cock, the head plunging into my throat. My lips wrapped around the base as I ground my head hither and fro to jam even more flesh into my face. I started quick movements up and down his shaft, pulling hard, pulling him tight. Jake shook, his body quivering, slamming his hips forward, pushing his cock meat into my face. “Jesus Mom,” he whispered as he pulled my head down, shoving his cock deep into my face hard. His hand cupped the back of my head, pulling me down. I pulled my right hand under his cock, grabbing his hanging balls, rolling them quickly in my hand as I shoved his cock deep down my throat. He was mine. Once, twice, a third time I jammed my face completely down his engorged cock, rolling his balls in my hand firmly.

Pulling off his cock, I spun him around in the shower stall. “Grab the handles baby,” I grunted. Jake bent over slightly, grabbing the handles. “Good,” I whispered. I leaned to him licking his back, traversing downwards, my tongue dipping into his soft crack. As I licked down, Jake arched his back, tilting his hips, and spreading his legs slightly. As my tongue approached his asshole, I could feel Jake intake a deep breath, and held it as I dipped lower. My tongue crossed his asshole. My hands grabbed his flesh, my thumbs parting the cheeks from the underside, exposing his tight brown asshole. I leaned forward, blew cool air into his crack, across his exposed asshole. I leaned forward, sucking the flesh into my face, my tongue slithering against the tight ring. Jake lifted to his tiptoes, trying to get my tongue lodged against his sensitive asshole. Jake twisted his body back and forth, his asshole begging for my tongue.

Pulling back, I slid my hand between his wet cheeks, my middle finger running over his asshole. Covered with salvia, water cascading down over his body, my hand had plenty of fluids. I placed the tip of my finger on his asshole, and pushed firmly. An instant of panic flashed through Jake, his body reacted by trying to pull away. I reamed his flesh, spreading the feeling of my finger across his asshole. I pushed again, my finger sliding into his ass, meeting a resistance as I pushed my finger deeper into his ass. Reaching around, Jake spread his cheeks wide as he humped back against my finger. Twisting my hand, I pushed forward, withdrew, and pushed forward again, shoving my finger deeper into his ass. With each thrust in, Jake would erupt in a guttural grunt, thrusting his hips back against me. I reached between his legs, grabbing his firm, dangling cock. With each thrust into his ass, I pumped his cock tip to base, and with each withdrawal, I pumped base to tip on his cock. I increased the speed and intensity of my thrusts in his ass. Jake bucked his hips, lifting, jamming his ass up and down to meet my penetrating thrusts.

I got lost in fucking his ass, stoking his hard, young cock. My cunt ached, throbbing, wanting to be pounded again. But I knew Jake would cum quickly with my treatment of his ass. “Jake, step over me,” I commanded as I knelt down. Jake swung his leg up and over me. Now, kneeling in front of him, my finger still buried in his ass, I aimed his cock to my waiting mouth. I pushed my hand up hard, jamming my finger deep as Jake pushed down hard. He grabbed my hair, pulling me roughly, shoving his cock into my mouth.

“Oh fuck Mom!” he screamed. He pulled me clear to his balls on the first thrust, jamming his cock completely down my throat. I thrust my finger up and down, feeling him squirm on my finger. “Suck it! Take my cum!” he commanded. “Oh my god,” he continued. I felt his spasm before he jettisoned cum down my throat. I opened my mouth wide, relaxed my throat, and took his cock, his seed directly into my body. He erupted, shooting spurt after spurt of cum into my throat. I hungrily sucked his cock dry, trying to suck his balls up his shaft and out into my mouth. God he tasted good! As he finished his orgasm, I jammed my finger deep into his ass. A truly deep, guttural groan erupted from him, his knees buckling as he slumped against the shower wall. Reaching down, he pushed my arm down, extracting my finger from his ass. Quickly, his hand grabbed the back of my head, pulling me down on his deflating cock, jamming it deep into my mouth. I chewed on his flaccid meat gently as he fucked my face for the next minute. I drained his balls, sucking every drop of cum I could get from his shrinking cock.

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