Office sex

Office sexThis happened 2 nights ago…..Caitlin and I has been working together for about a year now and only recently we started working in the same office which is a small office off site to the main building. In our small office there were one other person base in there which is an assistant to me. Anyway since we started working in that office Caitlin and I has got to know each other in a more personal level, like she told me that she haven’t dated or seen any guy for over a year now. She also been quite flirty lately by starting play fight after my assistant left for the day and always stay back to finish the day together. Now Caitlin is an blond Irish about 150cm tall and weight about 40kg (which I found out a few days ago because she weight herself in the office). She have a tiny little waist and a perky pair of 32B size tits. Anyway back to 2 nights ago after my assistant left at 5pm we continue working and at some stage I complained that I had a sore back and Caitlin jokingly offer to give me a massage. I told her I would take up the offer but did not expect anything to happen as I though she was only joking around. But to my surprise I felt Caitlin hands on my shoulder giving me a massage, I turned around bahis siteleri canlı and told her that I was only k**ding but she told me that she wanted to as she bit down on her lower lip and giving me a seductive look. At that point I knew where this will lead and I told her that we should lock the office main door and put down the blinds. As I got back from locking the door and putting down the blind, Caitlin literally jump on me and gave me a passionate kiss. As we were kissing my right hand snake it way under her skirt and started rubbing her shave pussy over her g-string and my left hand were busy unbutton her blouse and massaging her tits. By this time Caitlin already had my pant around my ankles and her hands wrap around my rock hard cock stroking it. I broke off our kiss and told her to drop down to her knees to take my cock into her pretty little mouth, she started by licking the full length of my cock from tip to the base and gave my balls a good sucking as she hit the base of my cock. Then she proceeded to gave me one of the best blow job I ever had to a point that I though I was going to cum in her mouth. I had to stopped her and got her to stand up so I can strip her of all her clothing. canlı bahis As she stood in front of me naked I admired her beauty and just couldn’t wait to have my cock in her pussy that has been untouched for over a year. As I started rubbing and fingering her pussy she started moaning and within a minute or so of me finger fucking her Caitlin cum for the first time that night, and my fingers were soak with her pussy juice which I brought it up for her to taste. After she compose herself from her climax I sat down on my chair and told her to sit down on my awaiting cock. As Caitlin position her soaking wet pussy over my cock I told her that I am going to gave her a good fucking tonight, she turn her head around and seductively purr to me “I want you to fuck me hard baby” as she slowly slide her very tight pussy down my rock hard cock. As she slide all the way down I can felt her pussy gripping my cock. Caitlin start by rocking her hip back and forth slowly as she moan “your cock feel so good in me”, she then pick up the pace of the rocking and started riding my cock like a cowgirl. Her moaning was getting louder “ohhhhh baby…. I am going to cum again….” and then she exploded with her second climax bahis siteleri and her pussy muscles tighten the grip on my cock as my hands gave her perky tits a good groping. I knew at that stage I would not last much longer fucking Caitlin tight little pussy, so I asked her to stand up and bend over my desk so I can fuck her from behind. As she stand up she gave me a quick kiss and a quick suck of my cock to wet it with her saliva. As she bend over my desk I positioned myself behind her and admire her perfect tight little pussy and ass, I started rubbing the head of my cock along the lip of her pussy to her little brown hole a few times before sliding it into her pussy again. As I fully entered her Caitlin turn around and told me “fuck me hard and I want to feel your cum inside me”, with that I start fucking her hard and driving my cock deep inside her pussy every time on the in stroke. Caitlin’s moan “Ohhhhhh you gonna make me cuuummmmmmmm again baby, fuck me harder baby”, after a minutes or so she had her third climax and as her pussy tighten the grip I told her that “I am gonna cum baby” and shoot my hot load into her pussy. After I finish cumming I slowly pull out my cock and Caitlin turn around and drop to her knee again and slowly suck my cock clean. She then stood up and gave me a passionate kiss and whisper in my ear “my house mate is working the night shift tonight and I want your cock tonight!” as she had her hand on my cock.More to come…..

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