Oh Mary!

Oh Mary!Oh, Mary!The title of this story says it all really and I guess it started about 6 months after we had married. I hadn’t known Mary for all that long but we are both in our early 30s and I guess we just clicked and a couple of months after we met we got engaged.Mary isn’t what you would call a stunner but she just oozes sex appeal. Some people just have that I guess and certainly her large breasts probably helped. There are pictures of Mary on the authors profile and you will see she is a pretty and ample blonde with a lovely smile I had heard a few snippets from her friends that led me to believe that she had been very promiscuous during her adult life and I had overheard one of Mary’s friends saying to another “I am very happy for her and Stuart but amazed after all these years that she is going to settle, she never says no”…These words stayed with me but everything seemed fine up until about 2 months ago when to be quite frank it all unraveled. Mary who commutes into London for work had been on a 2 day course which involved an overnight stay. I had unpacked her bag while she was having a shower and was shocked to find a pair of her knickers soaked with cum..Mary came out of the bathroom wearing a towel her wet blonde hair cascading across her shoulders. She could see me sat on the end of the bed with her wet knickers in my hand. She came and sat next to me and said “Let’s talk”We talked for hours. Mary was indeed very promiscuous and it transpired that while she had been pretty much faithful up until about a month after we got married she had been with “several” (her terminology) men over the last few months. I asked her why and wasn’t I good enough? She told me that it was nothing to do with me. While she dressed reasonably conservatively she had always got a lot of attention from men, she didn’t know why but it had been that way ever since her late teens. The problem was that when men come on to her she gets a head rush of excitement that she just can’t contain. In other words she can’t say no..I asked her why she had married me and she said she loves me and had hoped to change but that just hadn’t been possible. Apparently she had even been to sex counselling but ended up being fucked by another member of the group.Mary was a pains to say how much she wanted me and that she hoped we could work it out..After 2 hours of talking we went to bed and all this talk of sex had made me horny. I fucked her and the thought that another man had been up her a few hours before actually made me harder than ever.As the days passed I couldn’t stop thinking about Mary being propositioned by other men and her engaging and flirting back sometimes to the extent that she was actually fucked. Being honest with myself it turned me on hugely.I came back to the topic over dinner that eveningMary was sat opposite me and smiled. We hadn’t really reached a conclusion about her infidelity apart from the fact that we both loved each other and some vague promise from Mary that she would try harder. “How was your day Mary?” I asked”Oh, so , so” she replied”Any propositions today?” I said smiling back at her”Well the train was busy on the way home and I was pushed up against this rather cheeky older guy who made a comment about my boobs taking up space” she laughed” really ?” I replied ” so how far did the flirting go?”” Not too far. I replied that he was lucky my boobs were contained by my bra otherwise he would have even less space. He then laughed and it would be his dream come true to be smothered by such a fine pair of breasts” Mary replied.”And what did you say to that?? “I asked with interest Mary looked at me quizzically “You like this don’t you, Stuart?””Well, I have thought about it since the other night and whilst it surprises me I have to agree that I do. But I guess I want no more secrets, tuzla escort bayan need you to be honest and guess it makes me feel more involved rather than you being unfaithful if that makes any sense?”” It sort of does I guess” Mary replied.”So what did you say to the man on the train?” I asked ” Oh something like, maybe if the train was a bit quieter or we were on the early one then perhaps he could get his wish. Any way that was about it and he got off a few stations later”” Do you see him most days Mary, do other men on the train flirt with you?” I asked pursing the theme of her commute into London.”People tend to sit in the same carriage each day so yes, if I get on at the end of the train he’s usually there as are other people in their regular carriages and seats. To answer your question I would say a couple of times a week I get a cheeky comment” Mary replied “And at work do you get chatted up?” I asked”Yes a bit, mainly by men from other departments and that’s what happened on the course I went on.””So do you always join in with that sort of sexual banter””Pretty much, unless they are weird. Like I said the other night I just get excited and can’t help myself, honey”” I would love to be a fly on the wall to see that” I replied topping up our wine glasses.”Really?” Mary replied quite surprised”Yeah, as I said before it turns me on and it would really make me feel included in what you get up to Mary” I said”You should get the train with me one morning then hon” Mary laughed “No one knows you are my husband after all”Now there was a challenge, I thought and raising my glass, I said “Okay, you are on, I will get the train with you tomorrow” I got up earlier than normal as while I also commute to London I normally take the later train.Mary looked radiant in her business suit and after breakfast we headed down to the platform. As agreed we pretended not to know each other and for anyone looking on it would seem that we were just two commuters. It being so early the platform was pretty empty as was the train. We joined the last carriage and sure enough Mary’s older gentleman was sitting on his own in a group of four seats. Mary sat opposite him and I sat on a seat a row behind so I could see Mary and just get a glimpse of the man.”Good morning D”the man said”D??” Mary replied ” Well we were pushed up against each other last night and I have to say I was reckoning you were a D cup” the man brazenly said laughing.Mary laughed too and said ” Oh yes you were the naughty man! Well you would have to find out for yourself if I am indeed a D cup as a lady would never reveal that”I couldn’t believe how naturally this came to Mary”Well I guess that’s fair enough” said the man laughing “So how do I get to find out?””That’s for you to figure out” said Mary pushing out her chest a little.”Actually I remember you saying on the train the other night that I was lucky that your boobs were contained by your bra…so I think I need to see the bra off” the man said upping the ante Mary giggled and said “And how on earth is that going to happen in public on a train?””Well it’s not busy and won’t be for a few more stops so I suggest we get the bra off sooner rather than later. Would you like me to do it or would you prefer to?” Said the man giving Mary the typical alternative close.Mary blushed and I could tell she was really thinking about it. Our eyes briefly made contact and I winked at her.With a deep breath she said “Okay, I will do it, but it might be easier if I nip to the toilet compartment””Oh, I think you should do it right here” said the man “it will make it more interesting”Time was running out as we were due into the next station in 5 minutes so Mary went for it. She quickly removed her jacket undid her blouse and undid her bra at the front. Her full breasts swung into view tuzla escort bayan with their big rosy nipples erect and hard. She quickly slid the straps off her arms and pulled her black bra free.”There you go” she said throwing the bra across the table as she quickly did up her blouse and put her jacket back on.The man inspected the bra and said laughing “Ah, I wasn’t far off, double D!” Sally laughed too “Goodness knows why I let you talk me into that, you are a bad man!” “Well you are a naughty woman” he replied getting up to sit next to Mary. “Are you coming to give me my bra back? she said”No, I am keeping that for the time being” he replied sitting down.I got my first proper look at him, he was late 50s, very tall and distinguished and had large hands. However he could now also see me so I pretended to be asleep.”Look, you have mis-buttoned up your blouse, let me sort that” he said.Mary looked down as he undid the buttons on her blouse – she had indeed misaligned them.”People will see! “Mary exclaimed as her breasts became visible.”He’s asleep” the man said, nodding at me and groping Mary’s naked heavy breasts.I was peeking at what was going on and could see Mary letting this man have a good old grope at her tits. Her head rolled back with the sensation and he immediately started to kiss her. Mary responded and I could see them tonguing each other. My cock was now semi hard at the sight of all this.Gradually the train started to fill up and the man had to stop the blatant groping. Mary did up her blouse but remained braless which still allowed him to squeeze her breasts. Eventually we arrived in London and I caught up with Mary by the ticket barrier.”Did you enjoy that little show?” She asked kissing me on the cheek.”It was amazing Mary and I loved seeing you make out with him, I wouldn’t have imagined things like that could happen” I replied noticing she was still braless “Where is your bra?””Oh, Robert is keeping it until tonight, we agreed to get the 17.30 train and he said he will give it back to me then” Mary replied”That’s the busy train isn’t it?””Yes, so make sure you are here on time if you want to see more fun!” Mary laughed and with that gave me a kiss and we both went off to work.I found it really hard to concentrate on work and found myself wanting / needing to see more of Mary’s infidelity.I rushed to the station that evening and found Mary on the platform. Just as the train was pulling in Robert appeared next to her and put his arm round her cupping one of her left breast through her jacket and blouse – he gave her a kiss on the cheek.The doors opened and as we were amongst a hoard of people we didn’t get a seat however Robert taking her hand moved purposely down the carriage to the end where there was more space to stand next to racks designed for luggage. I trailed after them.On reaching the end Robert was obviously irritated that I was there too in this relatively small area, however before he could say anything Mary interjected “Robert, this is my husband Stuart, he’s fine with what we are doing and you may remember he watched us this morning”Robert raised an eyebrow and looked at me with disdain “How curious, well you may be able to help but please do and try and stay out of the way. “With that he turned his back and kissed Mary fully on the mouth his hands reaching for her braless breasts. The train was busy but no one ventured down to stand near us and the seated passengers were all wired up to phones, iPads or were reading. I heard Mary ask about her bra and Robert replying that it would be put back on towards the end of the journey. Robert set about touching Mary up, he quickly had her blouse unbuttoned and his hands inside mauling her big breasts.He put his knee between her legs and started to pull her skirt up.Robert looked over his shoulder escort tuzla at me “Stuart, make yourself useful and block the view from the carriage, I am going to get her knickers off”I turned around with my back to the carriage and watched as Stuart eased her panties down until they dropped in a puddle around her feet.”There we go, Mary, that’s another item off, but a few more to go yet!” He said as he scooped them up off the floor and put them in his pocket.Mary was highly charged and started to rub Robert’s crutch. He eased up her skirt higher and then reached his hand in and up onto her mons, I could tell he had found her clitoris as Mary gasped.So here we were on a train, Mary’s tits virtually out of her open blouse, panties off and skirt rucked up and being fingered.My cock was getting hard but it was nothing like the tent Robert was making in his trousers! The journey continued and the train gradually emptied out but we remained in our alcove at the end of the carriage. Mary orgasmed and her legs buckled with the force of it. Stuart steered her to sit on the luggage rack which was about waist height. With her legs apart I could see her glistening slit wet with her cum juice. ” Let’s put your bra back on Mary” Stuart said ” but you will need to take off your jacket and blouse first.”I think Mary was so far gone she would have done anything and she didn’t protest as he stripped her to the waist.Her heavy tits swayed as Stuart tugged her swollen nipples, Mary moaned. I just stared in amazement as my half naked wife sat there virtually naked.”What do you think, Stuart? Shall we go the whole way and have her naked?” Robert asked meI couldn’t speak and he took my silence as consent. Robert removed her skirt so that she was completely naked. She was out of view of the main carriage however it was now empty apart from a solitary man down the far end who was facing the other way.Robert spread her legs and began to lick her cunt, Mary moaned and squeezed her own breasts as she rode on a wave of a second orgasm. She virtually squirted when she climaxed with pussy juice running down the crack of her arse.Robert stood up licking his lips ” My turn” he declared undoing his trousers and pulling out his large cock. It must have been a good 10 inches and had a thick bulbous helmet. He nudged it against her wet pussy and Mary moaned. ” Do you want this Mary? Robert asked Without waiting for a reply he started to feed his thick cock into my wife’s open cunt. He pushed it all the way in until his heavy balls were against her pink anus.Mary had her hands around his back pulling him into her and was saying “god yes, yes, yes!It’s so big give it to me”He then started to fuck her in earnest with long hard strokes his balls slapping against her anus with each inward thrust and her tits swaying in rhythm. My cock was throbbing and dribbling at the sight of my wife being fucked naked in public by this well endowed stranger.Robert started to tense and I guessed he was building to his climax. 30 seconds later he came. He did pull out but shot his load over her open fuck hole and tummy. There were a good 5 strong spurts of hot white spunk so she was soaked.Robert picked up her skirt and wiped his cock on it and then cleaned up her tummy and cunt with it. “there you go, Mary a little momento of our fuck” he said handing her the smeared skirt ” and I think I will keep the underwear and blouses and I look forward to our next ride” he said kissing her and slapping each breast in turn.With that he got off the train leaving me with my fucked wife. I helped her back into her cum covered skirt and tried to cover her naked tits with the jacket although it didn’t do up at the front.”Did you enjoy that Stuart?” Mary asked as we got off the train ” it looks as though you have stained your trousers” she said pointing at the wet patch at my crotch.”Fuck yes” I replied ” I need to take you home and fuck you””Oooh yes please” Mary replied ” thank you for being there on the train, there is no way we could have done that without you shielding us from view”

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