OHGirl & Velvet’s Seduction


OHGirl & Velvet’s SeductionOHGirl:I was prepping everything for a visit from my ex-husband and our c***dren. I still loved and had feelings for Mikey, but my life was taken over by my sex addiction and he and the c***dren deserved better. I was in the perfect place now, married to a porn director, producer and the biggest porn company owner in the pacific rim. He kept me busy in films and I helped him to smooth over business meetings by fucking and sucking off his associates. I had been the queen of bukkake gangbangs for 7 years in a row before I decided to step away from the group sex films. I was 62 years old now and even though I felt great, I couldn’t take on the 50 to 100 men at a time like I could in the past. I knew of only one person who could and that was Velvet. I knew that she had fallen on hard times, when she and Mikey had divorced, but as a mom, I had to help her. I brought her to Japan and after some time in rehab, a bit of plastic surgery to touch up the roughness of the d**gs, the aging process and the toll of giving birth to 11 c***dren, before she was even 30 years old, she was back into the fray of the Japanese porn industry. She was at her best doing large numbers of men and for three years, she fucked nearly more men doing her gangbang films than she had in her career. She was a cum swallowing specialist and drank quarts of jizz every week during her shoots and I lived vicariously through her, while she became the new Queen of Bukakke.Mikey was going to be in town with our c***dren and his new wife, with whom he had 3 new babies. He had started fresh with another former porn actress and stripper, but she was young and in love with him, just like Velvet and I had been. I knew Velvet wanted him back and I hoped that she would just let it go. Her former father was doing a great job as the father of a small school of c***dren and that kept him busy and in shape after he had retired and sold his company. We had been wealthy when we had divorced and he had kept most of our money and properties. He had proven me to be an unsuitable mother, along with Velvet, and in order to avoid a long drawn out court battle in the public domain, we signed custody of our c***dren over to him. He was truly the best parent and I respected him for that. I held no grudges and was looking forward to seeing our k**s and grandc***dren. I was even fantasizing about having my own free time with Mikey to relive our old love lives. When I returned to my home, Velvet was sucking my husband’s cock, his limp dick filling her mouth as she sucked and stroked. He loved trying to perform more than once, and by the spunk draining from her gaping hole, I knew that he had already cum once. She was giving it her best to get him hard again, so I joined her and after another 20 minutes, we had given up and he had watched us lick each other’s pussies. I licked the cum from Velvet’s gaping snatch, savoring my husband’s semen and her squirting juices when she screamed out and gushed into my mouth. My husband grew hard again while watching and entered my asshole as I licked Velvet and when he was ready to cum, he filled Velvet’s mouth. We shared his jizz and then smoked a cigarette together as my hubby fell asleep and we planned to see our c***dren within the next few days.Velvet:My cunt was a little sore and I was covered in sticky and drying semen as I walked across the set toward the bathroom. There was a shower in the building, in which we filmed my large gangbangs, and it came in handy after having a hundred or more men cumming on and in you. I had just filmed my newest bukakke film, with over 300 men lined up to take a turn in each of my holes before covering my face and body. I had drunk two bowls full of excess semen and had swallowed nearly a half gallon of splooge, so I wasn’t even thinking of eating anything after spending nearly 6 hours of filming in every position known and having more than one cock shoved into each of my openings. I was still the queen in Japan and I still loved the sex and cum. I was wet during the entire shoot and it made it easy for my partners to keep pumping my slit all afternoon. I moisturized my bald cunt after I finished cleaning up and used a special combination of numbing lotion, antifungal and moisturizing agents to keep my lips and pussy healthy and clean. I had endured three hard years as a street hooker over a year ago and fucking a lot of strangers each night, often led to infections and frequent treatments for STD’s at the local health center. I had also gotten pregnant on at least 6 occasions and had them terminated due to my d**g use and poor health situations. It seemed strange that a one time, porn movie, award winner and media sensation had fallen so far due to d**gs. I had fucked and sucked off anyone who was willing to pay me and often just did it for d**gs. I had been used as a street hooker before, for short periods of time with my brother’s father, Shawn, and on a few occasions, when I felt the urge to be a dirty whore, but this was altogether different. I had fallen to a very low point before my mom had reached out to me and now I was back to doing what I enjoyed.I lit up a cigarette as I drove back to my place, returning to rest so that I would be energized to see my c***dren the next day. Mikey had flown in late and I was thinking of him all day as each of the 300 men had slid into my well used holes. I still loved him and couldn’t wait to see my k**s too. It had been nearly 6 months since I’d last seen them and they all ranged from age 14 thru 6. They still remembered me, but they called Mikey’s new wife, Julie, mom also and it hurt a little to hear it. They had married shortly after our divorce and that is what had led to my slide into d**gs and street prostitution. She had retired from being in the adult industry for five years, ever since she had turned 18 out of high school, and had been a fairly well know porn star, winning a few adult movie awards herself. We had been in a few movies together and had shared many of the same lovers in our films. She had fucked Mikey with me in the past and had also enjoyed my brother, James, and my first husband, Nelson. She had completely fallen for Mikey and had marveled at his ability to be married to and involved with women who had fucked so many men in their lives. He understood her and that was a first for any man she had ever been with, so she fell for him immediately. She wasn’t a real sex addict like my mother or I, so it was easy for her to give up the work for him and to become the mother of all of his wards, including develi escort their own c***dren. Their house was a small school of c***dren and she loved it. I admired her, but I still wanted my lover back and felt strange when I was around them. I hadn’t made love to Mikey since we had split and I still fantasized. Maybe one day, I thought.I woke up early and worked out, then showered before I got ready to go and see my k**s. As I drove down the road from my condo, I got a call from one of my new father’s grandsons and was ordered to arrive at his towering office building for a birthday party with one of his best friends and associates. I was going to be providing the adult entertainment and they wanted me now, so I changed direction and went to work. My skirt was hiked up over my hips and I was bent at the waist as the Asian businessman pumped me from behind and I sucked on my boss’s grandson’s cock. They were both fucking me in their large office, at the top of the building, with the surrounding windows opened for all to see. They took turns in my ass and pussy while I sucked their cocks to keep them erect. I was their slut for their afternoon of celebrating and each of them came on my face and in my hair when they finally exploded, leaving me to dress and leave the building covered in the sticky semen that I was unable to swallow. The office staff knew me and it was something they had seen before, so I didn’t try to hide the fact that I had just been fucked and jizzed on. I smoked a cigarette as I returned home to clean up again and then made my way to my original destination, by pussy still wet and moist, as I dreamed of Mikey and I together again.OHGirl: Velvet and I spent two full days, staying at the condo with my ex-husband and his new wife, enjoying our time with our c***dren and my grandc***dren. I loved it and I was happy to be falling back into my motherly ways as I caught up with my k**’s current events. Velvet had to leave twice to take care of two scheduled escort clients and once to film a new video for my husband. She was enjoying her time with the k**s and her siblings too and I could see her staring at Mikey whenever she got the chance. She still loved him and so did I. It would have been wonderful to fall into bed with him again and to make love to him, but it had been a long time since I had enjoyed his cock and that had been after we had divorced and he had married our daughter, Velvet. She had invited me to join them on a few occasions and I had done so with her consent. When they finally split, I had lost my inside connection to Mikey and we had only kept in touch regarding our c***dren. Mikey’s wife was a former porn star too, so I often wondered if she would share him and I had ideas on ways to inquire. A foursome with her and Mikey, Velvet and myself would have been awesome. Mikey was a terrific father and one of my best lovers ever and I still did love him. I decided to try to seduce him one afternoon when Velvet had left to shoot her film and while his wife was taking a nap with their young c***dren. I had showered after playing with the k**s all afternoon and made sure that I came out nude, timing our meeting perfectly as I carried my cigarettes out onto the connected balconies. He was sitting at the table eating a snack as I sat down next to him and lit up a smoke to join him. I was already getting wet as he looked at me, knowing full well what I had in mind. He shook his head and laughed as I leaned over to rub his leg, my hand moving up to his growing manhood. I stroked his hard cock through his pants for about 3 or 4 minutes before he stopped me. “I want your cock in my mouth so badly.” I moaned in his ear as I moved in close to him. I leaned back and took a long, hard drag on my cig and then blew it up into the air, wishing that it had been his long dick instead. “Please?” I begged him as I leaned back into him and kissed on his neck, my hand making its way back to his hard prick. My skilled fingers had his pants unbuttoned and his zipper down before he could even answer me. His cock popped out of his pants, no underwear barring his stiff pole from the fresh air on the balcony. I looked down and nearly gushed as I saw his penis for the first time in nearly 6 years. My mouth was watering and I flicked my cigarette over the edge of the balcony as I slipped down between his legs and gripped his dick with both hands, holding it for my mouth to savor. Mikey grabbed a handful of my hair and held my head back from his tasty looking white member. I looked up with my longing eyes, hoping that he was just teasing, but he told me no once again as I began to stroke his throbbing shaft. I knew that he really did want me again, but he was being faithful. “Brandy, please stop. My wife is in the next room and this is just not going to happen.” He told me as I pinched my nipple hard with my one hand and kept stroking his thick organ. I licked my lips and stared hard at his magic wand and then moved back up from the floor between his legs. I moved to step over the chair and then sat down quickly onto his lap, letting his rigid pole slide easily into my gaping and wet hole. I was skewered on his dick, impaled to his balls and I let out a long moan of ecstasy. I began quickly grinding on his rod as he tried to slide out from under me, stopping him from moving off the chair. I was r****g my ex and he wasn’t fighting me off as much as he could have. His cock felt wonderful and I wanted him to slam my cunt so hard, but I didn’t dare move from his lap or I might not ever get another chance to fuck him and that left me wanting more. Mickey stood up and lifted me with him, still bucking on his stiff penis as he placed me onto the table and then pushed me onto my back. I kept my legs wrapped around his waist and kept pulling him deeper into me as he tried to pull away. This was a fun game and I was loving it as I finally came and my pussy squirted onto his shaft and scrotum. I was soaked and now Mikey began to pump me as I spread my legs wide and let him pound me with his long, hard cock. He had finally given in and my cunt was getting rammed hard as he stroked his dick full length into my slippery twat. I was moaning quietly as I thrust up to meet his downward strokes and his hips were a blur as he fucked me just like I wanted him to. I rubbed my clit and squeezed my breast as he drove his tool into my well used opening and I came again, this time my juices flowing like a waterfall from my stuffed hole and pouring onto the balcony floor. Mikey flipped me over onto my stomach and was deep in my asshole before I knew it and I bit my lip as he ass fucked me just like old times. After alternating between my gaping holes for nearly 30 minutes, Mikey pushed me back to my knees and then fed me a huge load of hot, sticky cum. I swallowed him down and then lit up a cigarette and smoked as he left and went back into the condo. I was actually satiated afterward and finished my smoke before going back inside to shower once again. It was just like old times and I wondered if I could do it again during the next three weeks of their visit.Velvet: I was constantly trying to get Mikey’s attention and actually got to spend some free time talking before our c***dren or my brother and sisters interrupted. If only I could have had some more time, I just knew I could get him to want me again. I wasn’t as aggressive as my mother and I had seen it in her eyes that she was not going to go away without my father fucking her, but I just couldn’t be that way. I was always wet around him and when I was called off to service two of my clients, my pussy was more than ready for their stiff cocks. I had savored their erect, Asian poles with my lips before I rode both of them to creamy finishes, one with my moist cunt and the other inside of my black ass. It felt good and kept me from trying too hard while I was around Mikey. I only had one scheduled film shoot during the first three days of their visit and had spent most of that day on the set, performing in a massive creampie gangbang. I took on 100 men in the small auditorium, on a make shift stage, as they all came forward to pump my ass and pussy. I sucked their cocks as they penetrated me, sometimes two at a time as each man filled either one hole or another, jizzing inside of me when they were ready. I was extremely horny during the filming, thinking of my former lover and husband, so feeling all of their cocks throbbing inside of my holes, ejaculating deep into my cunt or rectum made me shiver in delight. I not only loved the taste of cum but I definitely loved the feel of it as it was blasted inside of me. My gaping holes oozed with spunk at the end of the shoot and my ass, legs and thighs were covered in wet and drying semen from the large amount of splooge that had dripped and been fucked out of me by each alternating male partner. It was a natural lubricant and had aided the men while they slammed their cocks into my waiting openings. The shoot took over 4 hours and I was spent as the final two men double penetrated my pussy and each came inside of me. I licked up some to the sperm from the table on which I had laid, letting the camera see me swallow it for my fetish fans. I also spread my legs and used my muscles to push much of the spunk out of my pussy and ass, then used my fingers to lap it up for the final shot. There was quite a bit of semen for me to eat and my tongue kept licking it up until the camera stopped filming. I walked back to the dressing room and showered, making sure to irrigate both holes, washing away any residue cum that remained inside of me. After I was finished, I lit up a cigarette and drove back to Mikey’s condo to see my k**s.My mom had a huge smile on her face when I arrived and she led me out to the balcony to hear about my video and to share a smoke with me. I knew her well and after a couple of cigarettes, she let me know about her session with Mikey, right where I was sitting. It made me moist to think about it and my slightly sore cunt could have taken another good hard fucking if I wanted it. I had taken on 100 men that day and I still wanted more after hearing my mom’s tale. She was ecstatic and I could see it in her face. Maybe if I tried a different tact, I could reconnect with my old porn friend and have her invite me into their bed to join them. There was no grudge between us and I had heard that she and Mikey occasionally had other women share their bed. She had always enjoyed the company of another woman and I had shared Mikey with her in the past. As the week went by, I worked that angle and hoped for the best as I tried to seduce my ex-husband’s wife. Three days passed and I continued to enjoy the time away from work, while I spent time with our family. My mom was once again trying to seduce my father and gave up to make a trip home to see her husband. She had shared her plans with me and was going to spend the afternoon fucking him and two of his business partners. It sounded like fun, but I fought off my urges and stayed with my c***dren and my ex. I decided to hit the gym with his wife, to blow off some steam and while we were in the sauna afterwards, I made my move. We made out in the hot, steamy room and I went down on her, licking her to a loud orgasm. She fingered my open gash for a while and then began sucking on my clit before I screamed out my need for a huge cock. She looked at me with a smile and soon we were in our robes, making our way back to the condo. We let the nannies take control of the c***dren and she invited me into their bedroom as we stripped for Mikey. We continued to play with one another as he watched, my pussy getting wetter by the minutes as his former, porn actress, wife fingered and licked my hole. She was sucking on my clit when I gushed on her face and shoved my tongue into her asshole. Mikey then joined in, sliding his long, white cock into her tight bum and I licked and sucked on his balls while he ass fucked her. Mikey pulled out after some time and shoved his cock into my mouth to suck. I licked him clean and then guided him into my gaping slit. His stiff rod pumped me and I came three times over the next 15 minutes as he fucked me hard. My cum oozed from my vagina and ran down my sphincter, coating my tight opening with its glistening natural lubricant. Mikey didn’t miss the opportunity and soon he was sliding into my black ass to fuck my backdoor until I screamed for more. I didn’t realize how loud I was until my old friend pressed my moaning mouth to her wet vagina and I began to once again eat her dripping vagina. We spent nearly two hours in their room as Mikey filled us both with his cum and used his cock, fingers and tongue to get us off. We also played with each other and shared our orgasms with one another until we all collapsed. I was in heaven and cuddled up to Mikey on one side as his wife did so on the other. His warm cum filled my cunt and my fingers were sliding in and out as I occasionally tasted his jizz. I wanted him to cum in my mouth, but he was done and I was content to eat his spunk from my own pussy. I hoped that our meeting would continue for the next few weeks and I kissed them both to thank them for sharing, then I went down on my former porn actress, friend and licked the sperm from her sticky slit. If I couldn’t have his fresh cum in my mouth, I would savor his ejaculated seed from her deep crack. Three moms spent time with three nannies, cleaning, cooking and playing as the 18 c***dren who we shared between us all had fun and enjoyed their vacation in Japan. It seemed so natural as everything fell into place and we all became comfortable with one another. Mikey was the big winner as all three of the women who loved him, took turns pleasuring him with their sexual experience. All of us were current or former porn stars, strippers and hookers and we shared that background along with the man that we loved and who could drive us wild with his hard, white prick. He was eating Viagra like candy and his cock stayed erect to keep us busy. I loved the feeling of Mikey making love to me again and the warmth of his seed deep in my pussy brought back feelings and made me shiver as I thought about having another baby with him, since I was no longer using birth control. I was a glutton for punishment and if I had to give birth to my 12th c***d to have him back, I was willing to do so. I loved Mikey and always had and I regretted my mistakes from the past. OHGirl: Our three week vacation was coming to an end and it had been a wonderful time with my c***dren, grandc***dren and my ex-husband. It had been a while since we had fucked and I made love to him at least 7 or 8 times during those three weeks. It was great to all be together again, but reality was setting in and it was time to return to being the wife of an Asian pornography kingpin. I was still performing on occasions and still fucking like I did when I was a young hooker, but now I did it for my new husband, to further his business interests. It didn’t really matter to me why, I just loved sex and used any excuse to have it. My daughter Velvet was going to have a hard time giving up her old lover and the father of four of her 11 c***dren. She had enjoyed a great life as a porn star, but her addiction had taken her down the same road I had followed and in the end it had destroyed her career. She could still be successful as an escort or extreme fetish porn star, but she was controlled by her sexual addiction far worse than I had been and I just knew that she was setting herself up for failure once again. I watched her as she had fucked Mikey during the last few weeks and she was trying to get pregnant again. She was only 34 and had given birth to 11 c***dren and had terminated at least a half dozen other pregnancies. She had been fucking bareback all her life, but she had stopped using birth control when she was in her early twenties and had still not been using it. I had spent a lot of money and time to bring her to Japan to get back into porn and she was now back on top in her genre and it seemed like she was going to blow it once again. I would have to have a talk with her before we bid goodbye to Mikey and our c***dren as they left for home. Velvet: I slid down onto Mikey’s long, stiff cock, guiding it from his wife’s wet pussy and back into mine. I began to grind my hips into him and hoped that I would be rewarded with his semen. We had made love on numerous occasion during the last few weeks and I had let him cum in me at least 10 times. I wanted him back and maybe having another c***d with him would give us another opportunity. The thought turned me on so much and I came as he pumped me and then exploded inside of me once again. I loved the sensation of his throbbing cock as it filled me with his warm, sticky seed and hoped that his spunk would find my egg. I spoke with my mom’s husband and we discussed me taking a vacation and returning back to the states to be with my c***dren for a little while longer. After some thought, he gave his permission, but not until I sucked off him and three of his business partners. Two of them took turns holding me by my legs and arms, spreading me wide and preventing my movement as the other fucked me hard. They alternated back and forth and after nearly two hours, all three of them creamed in my gaping slit. Cum dripped from my vagina and I fingered my cunt and sucked my digits clean for them. They enjoyed using me and I didn’t mind it as long as I got my way. Being fucked and cum in by three different guys had its benefits too, even if I was trying to get pregnant again, but by only Mikey. I prepared my belongings when I returned to my condo and then flew back to the US with my c***dren, their father and his wife. I spent a whole month in LA with my c***dren and also shot three films that my new father had sent me the contracts on. I had expected to be free from my porn obligations, but I did 5 scenes in all and took on over 85 men during those shoot. All of them were young males ranging from 18 to 23 as I played the Cougar Milf that enjoyed eating their spunk and letting them fill my holes with their long pricks and giving me creampies. It didn’t stop me from continuing to be shared with Mikey and to have sex with his wife. She had been getting into it and our friendship had rekindled once again from when we were younger. I skipped my period while I was in LA and a test proved positive as I was once again pregnant. I let Mikey and his wife know and they were mortified. Mikey wasn’t as surprised as her but he was not happy either. I relished in my success and sent the message to my mom and her husband. I began doing more local porn when I decided to stay in the US to have my baby. My company was scheduling my movies from Japan and since I was no longer joining in the sex with Mikey and his wife, the strange cock from my films satiated my increased sex drive. I reached down and spread my pussy wide with my fingers while the camera moved in for a close up and the jizz oozed from my hole. I had just been ejaculated in by over 25 men and I performed for an extreme close up of my well used, gaping and cum filled hole. The warm semen felt great inside of me and I ate some for the camera before they called it a successful take. I continued to shoot gangbang and blowbang movies until I was due with my 12th c***d and when I gave birth, I immediately sent out for the results of my new baby boy’s DNA match. I had asked for tests from 10 different men, whom I had fucked more than others. I was hoping for Mikey to be the match, but I would have to wait at least a week. The baby was light skinned and I worried about the almond shape of his eyes. Had I just given birth to another offspring of one of my hundreds of Asian film partners.

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