old man in the grocery store part 6


old man in the grocery store part 6I grab the lotion and proceed to rub it all over his cock to get it nice and hard. He’s laying there on his back fully erect and he looked so hot. I climbed on top so now I was straddling him. He had his hands on my chest and was pinching my nipples which I love. I raised my hips and proceeded to lower myself on his gorgeous big cock. It took some time because he was pretty big but I managed to get it all the way in. It hurt at first but he said, ” take your time ” but I couldn’t wait any longer. I started going up and down and a little faster. pinbahis yeni giriş God it felt good! I started to moan a little louder and kept saying, ” oh God you feel so good. ” He was in heaven and kept saying, ” you’re so good baby, don’t stop. ” I leaned forward to kiss him and with our chests pressed together I started to really buck my hips faster and faster and couldn’t believe I had his full 8″ inside of me. I whispered in his ear, ” I hope you don’t have neighbors because youre gonna make me scream ” which I did. I stopped bucking and he grabbed pinbahis giriş me and rolled me over on my back in one quick motion . Damn he was strong! I was on my back now with my legs above his shoulders and he he shoved his cock back in my ass. He took control and was really start to pound my ass . At this point, I was moaning so loud and kept telling him HARDER! His balls were slapping my ass then I felt him tense up and say, ” I’m gonna cum so hard ” then he let out a groan and shot the biggest load of cum deep in my ass. He started jerking me off as he pinbahis güvenilirmi was cumming which instantly made me cum. I thought Id never stop cumming because it felt so good. He plopped down next to me and we were both panting and sweating. I curled up next to him and placed my head on his chest. He said that was wonderful and I said it sure was. He asked me to stay the night which I did and we both instantly fell asleep. I woke up the next morning and noticed that he had a great morning hard on so I woke him up with a long morning blow job before he made me breakfast. I’d continue to see Dave for the remainder of the year until he moved out of country for work. I’d spend many nights with him we both became quite the chefs.Stick around, the next story tells how he introduced me to threesomes with the guy across the hall. The End!

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