Older Men Adventures Ch. 05


I was drunk, yes, but I was twenty one and I knew what I was doing when I got into the taxi with two men old enough to be my father. I also knew what was likely going to happen when I agreed to get out of the taxi with them. Even though it all started by chance.

I was out with a friend on a normal Saturday night, dressed in a black mini drawstring cut out one shoulder dress. I felt great wearing it. It revealed my legs and a lot of thigh, not to mention my big braless boobs.

Throughout the evening I received more than my fair share of male attention, and I kissed a couple of different guys on the dance floor. I think I even took a guys number at some point, but I can’t remember clearly. I didn’t have it the following morning if I did.

When the fun drew to a close, my friend and I went to the taxi rank to get a cab. The city centre was busy and the taxi queue was too long and cold to stand in.

My friend was going back to her boyfriends house in totally the opposite direction. So, to keep the cost sensible we agreed on separate taxis, something we’d done many times before.

The cab office was pretty much empty, all be it for a couple of older guys outside smoking cigarettes. They eyed my friend and I as we hobbled passed on our heels in our revealing dresses.

With my friend having further to travel I said she could take the first cab when it arrived. The two guys outside then entered and asked the dispatcher if their taxi driver friend could collect them, before sitting opposite us. They were easily in their fifties, dressed in very smart trousers, shirts and shoes.

Friendly enough, we engaged in their chit chat, disclosing where we’d been that night and where we were from. Terry and Peter were their names and they had been to the casino.

The first taxi arrived after about twenty minutes and my friend hugged and kissed me before throwing Terry and Peter and friendly wave goodbye.

As a smoker myself, I then popped outside for a cigarette and waited for my taxi to arrive. Terry and Peter followed for another smoke, and that’s when things changed.

Terry was tall and slim with a bald head. He was actually a decent looking guy. Peter was not so decent looking. He was shorter with a beer belly hanging over the front of his trousers, and he had a full head of short, black hair. Not my type of guy, but he was friendly.

During the ten minutes we smoked, the two men flirted in a very fun, friendly manner. I knew they were testing the water to see how much they could get away with saying. I simply smiled and let them spew compliments whilst gawking at me, it was flattering as always.

With my braless boobs almost spilling from their stretchy confines, I giggled along and returned some jokey lines of my own. They seemed to appreciate my cheeky sense of humour.

They informed me that they thought I was gorgeous and all woman. They couldn’t believe I was single or hadn’t pulled that night. They joked how they wished they were twenty years younger, and that women didn’t dress as sexy as me when they were younger.

I replied to their compliments with fits of giggles and big smiles, before reminding them I was young enough to be their daughter. That seemed to trigger something in all three of us.

Peter laughed that he had no kids, so didn’t find it weird. While Terry said he had two grown up sons, so he never felt guilty about finding younger women sexy. He actually said I was sex on legs, which had us laughing together.

Despite my attraction and experiences with older men, I still had no desire to spread my legs for either of them, let alone both of them. Their flirting and wandering eyes did arouse me though, but I had a rampant rabbit vibrator waiting for me back home.

When the next taxi arrived I was gutted to find it was their cab driver friend. Terry then turned the complete gentleman and offered to cab share. I say gentleman because he promised I would be safe and I could sit in the front. Peter then piped up with equal manners and said they’d even pay for the fare.

As we were pretty much going in the same direction I decided what to hell with it and cancelled my taxi.

They both smiled, and Terry even opened the front passenger door for me while Peter climbed into the back. But instead of getting in the front, a wicked smile broke out across my face and I followed Peter into the back, telling him to shift his arse across.

I had no intentions other than carry on the fun we were having. The alcohol and their friendliness had lowered my inhibitions so I felt completely safe. Even the cab driver laughed, calling his friends a pair of lucky bastards. Even then it was just a free cab ride home escort gaziantep bayan ilanları to me.

Terry closed the front passenger door and, with a big grin of his own, climbed in the back to join me and Peter.

“Where do you live, Alice?” Terry asked, mediating between me and the cab driver.

I gave my address and it turned out I lived some fifteen minutes further than the guys. It wasn’t a problem, and then the driver started talking about an up-and-coming golfing trip to Ireland, that the three of them and a bunch of their friends were soon to be going on.

Drifting off in the back seat, sandwiched between two men I had only just met, I soon began to feel something smoothing my right thigh. Then a similar sensation on my left thigh.

My eyes remained closed and my legs parted slightly, as the feeling on both legs soothed my murmuring drunken travel sickness. The volume on the chat amongst the guys then lowered, and I felt I needed to open my eyes.

“Are you ok?” Terry asked.

“I think I’m going to be sick,” I slurred.

“Head for my house, Dave,” Peter said, leaning towards the driver.

“I’ll pull over if she’s going to be sick. Don’t ruin my interior!”

Terry wound down his window to let some air in, and then Peter copied. The cold breeze quickly straightened me out.

“Thanks, I feel better,” I told them.

“Are you sure?” Dave stressed. “I’ll pull over if you need me to.”

“I’m ok, honestly.”

I closed my eyes and concentrated on the cold air that was now filling my lungs and cooling my face. The guys moaned with a chuckle that it was freezing, before Peter took it further.

“Alice doesn’t seem to mind the cold,” he laughed, and then I felt him smooth a finger across my hardened left nipple over my dress.

“Where am I going, Pete?” the driver asked. “Your gaffe or Alice’s?”

“Mine,” I muttered.

“What did she say?” Dave shouted back.

“Do you fancy a coffee back at Pete’s place, Alice? Get you freshened up before you go home,” Terry asked, whilst sliding his hand up my leg.

“Go to mine, Dave,” Peter said, sliding his hand up my other leg.

“Is she up for it?” Dave perked up. I could see the hope in his eyes when we glanced at each other through his rear-view mirror. “All three of us?”

I blinked hard a few times, I hated travelling when I was drunk. “What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Come on, Alice. Let’s get some coffee in you and then Dave can take you home,” Terry persuaded me.

“Coffee sounds good, or water, and food!”

The guys laughed before suddenly Peter was nuzzling on my neck. He was very gentle and my head lobbed to the side, coming to rest on Terry’s chest and shoulder. Their hands were all over my legs and I was quickly becoming aroused. I knew what was happening but I kind of didn’t either.

“Stretch that opening in her dress, fellas,” Dave said. “Get those big tits out.”

“Behave yourselves,” I giggled drunkenly, but then a hand was inside my knickers, softly massaging my mound. I stirred and bit down on my lower lip before a quiet moan slipped from my opening mouth, and then my legs were suddenly spread wider.

I had Peter to my left gently kissing and sucking on my neck, telling me how gorgeous I smelt as he pulled the opening in my dress upwards, and I had Terry on my right telling me how beautiful and sexy I was as he pulled and stretched the other opening downwards.

My breasts were very quickly exposed in the back of the taxi. “Great set of tits!” Dave exclaimed.

Raising my hands to try and fix my dress, Terry lifted my head and slipped his tongue inside my mouth. I decided to go with it, and suddenly my arms dropped with Peter groping my left boob and sucking on the nipple.

Inside my body the feeling was intensely hot, but cold on the outside with the windows open. I was being slowly fingered on the back seat whilst my boobs were being groped, squeezed and sucked on.

I have no idea how long this went on for before we pulled up outside Peter’s house, but I didn’t climax.

Dave turned off the engine whilst Terry and Peter helped my boobs back into my dress. I managed to fix the hem of my dress before Terry held my hand and guided me out of the taxi.

Standing unsteady on my own two feet, the cold air hit me properly and helped me regain some of my bearings.

“Coffee then I’m going,” I laughed”

“Coffee with cream!” Dave laughed at everyone. “Lots of thick cream!”

Terry wrapped his arm around my waist and walked with me. He felt warm so I naturally leaned in closer.

Once we were inside Peter’s eskort gaziantep bayan house, Terry, Dave and I sat down on the sofa. Peter had disappeared, returning with three bottles of beer.

“I put the kettle on for you, Alice,” he smiled.

“Thanks,” I smiled back, as the reality of my situation sunk in for the first time.

Conveniently placed between Terry and Dave, with Peter across the way, my night had drifted into something outrageous. I thought about asking to leave, but the butterflies in my tummy wanted me to push myself to the edge, see how far I was actually prepared to go.

I had three pairs of hungry eyes upon me, wanting to undress me properly. There was of course no doubt what the thoughts behind those eyes were thinking. I giggled at my own thoughts, which appeared to be a random giggle to the guys.

Then, hands were resting on my legs with soft moans and words of appreciation from my admirers. My mind was made up, but I couldn’t release my own shackles.

Instead, I let them believe they were seducing me in my drunken state. They had already done that in the back of the taxi.

Terry moved my head and kissed me for a second time that night. But there was no request to stretch my dress this time. Dave already had his hand inside the cut open front and he was molesting my left breast. He quickly pulled it out and then repeated his actions with my right breast.

I glanced with a shy smile at Peter and he nodded with a grin. He then stood up and walked towards the three of us on the sofa. I felt nervous when he got down on his knees, awkwardly with his large belly and spread my legs.

Terry and Dave remained either side of me, each groping a tit after pulling my dress down to around my waist. Whilst they attended to my soft flesh, kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear lobes as they went, Peter reached up and under my dress and pulled down my knickers.

“Look at that sweet, young pussy!” he groaned, staring between my legs as he spread them. Again I giggled, but then quickly started moaning as my body tingled into life.

My boobs were swollen with excitement, my nipples were hard and sensitive, and I was covered in goosebumps with my pussy moist.

Peter touched my outer lips and rubbed gently over my clitoral hood. I gasped and arched my back and the guys chuckled. Moments later, and Peter had his head buried firmly between my splayed legs, eating my shaven pussy like a hungry wolf.

Terry and Dave then gently pinned me back against the sofa and sucked on my nipples, teasing with their tongues before sucking a little harder each time.

To add a little more spice, Peter slipped a finger into my pussy. I bucked my hips, unable to move much else, as the three older men held me in place and pleasured my young body.

“Oh my god I’m gonna cum!” I panted loudly. “Yes! Don’t stop!”

Terry and Dave moaned with their mouths clamped around my areoles and nipples, sucking harder and harder as each of my groans grew louder and closer to the edge.

Finally, with a couple of Peter’ fat fingers stuffed inside my pussy, frantically fucking me, I spasmed on the sofa and cried out in ecstasy.

The guys all pulled back and let me rest, but it wasn’t really for my benefit. The three of them together quickly had me out of my dress and shoes. I was naked, still gasping for breath while they stood up and stripped themselves naked.

Dave then stood up on the sofa to my left, crouching down as he placed a hand on the side of my head and turned it to face him. Instinctively, I opened my mouth and let him push his short, fat cock inside.

He couldn’t have been bigger than five to six inches, because he was rock hard and I managed to take him to the back of my throat. He held the back of my head, squashing my face into his chubby, hairy belly, and thrust his hips back and forth.

Terry was back groping my tits and Peter was standing between my legs stroking his cock. I decided to make the next move.

Peter groaned and called me a ‘good girl’ when I reached my right arm out and held his cock. He wasn’t huge, but he was bigger than Dave. Unfortunately, he was a lot fatter and hairier than Dave to. Terry was the only guy out of the three of them that I found mildly attractive. God was I drunk!

Terry then took control and pulled me away from both Dave and Peter. They didn’t seem to mind watching as their friend pushed my head a little aggressively down into his lap.

“That’s it, Alice!” Dave grunted. “Suck us all!”

“She fucking loves it!” Peter hissed.

I blocked out their curses and macho talk and concentrated on pleasuring escort gaziantep bayan Terry’s impressive cock. It was more to my liking. Longer and harder, it was nice to suck on and massage with my tongue. Terry’s moans of approval from above also brought me closer to him.

By the time Terry was done having me suck his cock, he joined Peter and Dave in standing up and pulling my arse to the edge of the sofa.

“Give it to her, Tel!” Peter said. “I want to see her screaming on your big cock!”

Terry grinned and knelt between my legs. He was tall enough, and the sofa low enough, that he could kneel up and enter me in that position.

Dave pulled out his phone and took a few pictures, which I now regret. God knows what he did with them. He probably filmed me to.

Peter took up position on the right side of me and offered his cock to my face. I ignored him initially, choosing instead to watch Terry push his length into my body.

“Are you ready, Alice?” he smiled down at me.

“Put it in,” I nodded.

As my back arched once again, and my breath slowly drew away from me, I forced myself to keep watching. I could see my shaven mound, bulging and throbbing, with Terry’s old, veiny cock pushing into me. His pubic hair was grey and his tummy, although flat, had a slight sag of skin, revealing he was not that young.

The taboo excitement I experience when I spread my legs or open my mouth for an older man is so intoxicating. The fact I could never openly admit it to my friends, even though I love it, drives me insane with lust.

My eyes eventually closed when Terry managed to slid every inch of his long cock inside my tight pussy. It felt so good, but as he started to slowly fuck me, Peter was turning my head and insisting he fuck my mouth.

The two men, much older and experienced, used my body. A sexy little fuck toy they called me, as Peter held my head and plunged into my face, and while Terry grabbed and held my tits as he fucked me hard and fast.

“Cum inside her, Tel!” Dave shouted, excitedly, pointing his phone at us. “Cum inside the hot little cunt!”

The fucking from Terry was so fast and intense I needed to breathe. I slapped Peter’s leg a few times and he let go of my head and pulled his cock from my mouth. I was panting as I then grabbed hold of Terry’s arms. He was still squeezing and holding my tits, warning me he was about to cum.

As I moaned ‘yes’ over and over again, Terry fucked me to an almighty orgasm before lunging into me and burying his cock deep into my body. Only my cervix stopped him from going any further, as he roared like a tired animal and emptied his balls inside of me.

When Terry withdrew I felt his cum, thick and gooey, slide out of me and down into the crack of my arse. Dave then threw his phone down on the sofa and took over from Terry.

I’d never experienced anything like it before, a man cumming inside me, to then be replaced by another man.

Dave slipped straight in, and despite the noticeable difference in size, the girth he fucked me with felt nice. Knowing he was fucking my pussy full of Terry’s cum had me climaxing again.

Dave didn’t fuck me for more than five minutes before he started adding his load. He grunted and slapped my tits, calling me dirty names until he pulled out. His load then followed Terry’s down into the crack of my arse.

Last up was obviously Peter. “Do you take it up the arse, Alice?” he sniggered. Funny enough, I thought, remembering my ex-boyfriends dad Kevin. “Of course you do,” he grunted. “A naughty girl like you loves it in all her holes!”

Peter rubbed the tip of his cock up and down, smearing cum between my cheeks before trying to push into my arse. It hurt, so he slowed down before trying again. It hurt again, but I told him to keep pushing until it was inside me.

The guys cheered their friend on and soon enough I had Peter’s cock inside my back passage. It wasn’t as nice as when Kevin did it, but I was too drunk and horny to really care.

Dave and Terry stood around us drinking beer and commenting on me and my boobs, while Peter grunted away. He fucked my arse and squeezed my tits until he couldn’t take any more.

I didn’t climax with Peter, I found him grotesque by the end of it, sweating and near snorting for breath as he fucked me. He pulled out of my arse and quickly entered my pussy. His fat belly covered everything going on down there. It rested between my spread thighs, wobbling against my pubic mound and abdomen as he fucked my pussy with a few hard strokes. He then grunted and added his load into my womb.

It’s by far the filthiest thing I’ve ever done, and likely to ever do. It was unintentional and dangerous. I learnt I had trusted these guys and a lot worse could have happened to me. Although I loved it looking back, a girl should still maintain some kind of standards.

Credit to their word though, Dave took me home safely and I didn’t pay for the taxi. There was a strange, somber mood as I sat in the back behind his seat, fighting hard to stay awake just incase but Dave hardly said a word.

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