Older women are freaks


Older women are freaksIt was october when i went to visit my father down in louisiana. I was 18 and fresh from basic and AIT, at 5’10 and about 185 with short black hair and a boyish face. My Father owns a bar and after seeing him and celebrating together i started noticing this women at the end of the bar. She was short maybe 5’5 ling blond hair nice D cup tits and nice tight looking ass. she wore this tight green dress and cowgirl boots. She was much older then me, i would have to say around 50. My father looked at me and said “you dont want to mess around with her, ive heard some stories.” but being young i didnt listen and walked over and started talking to her. she was a flirt and was teasing me by shifting her legs and putting her hands on my thigh, i soon found out that she wasent wearing any panties. she kept buying me drinks intil she asked me if id like to come back to her place for some coffee or tea. i said yes and we made it to the parking lot and drove to her house. when we got there she pulled me right to her bedroom and tossed of her dress. she was standing there talas escort with those nice big tits out and she rubbed her hands all over them and down her body to her nicely shaven pussy. she told me to strip and i obeyed and tossed of my clothing, she smiled as she saw my cock al 6 inchs of it stiff as can be. she smiled and said softly “that wont do, i didnt say you could get hard” she walked over and tied my arms to the bed posts and my legs to the base bored. she lowerd her head down to my cock and started dragging her tounge over the head of my cock. i started to make a noise and she grabbed my cock and pulled on it hard. “dont make noises you slut” she said with a devilish look. she then started touching all over my body her hands pinching my nipples and then she got up and lowerd her pussy on to my face “eat my pussy slut” i started to lick and suck on her pussy and she started to moan and rock her pussy on my face. “what a good boy you are” she then started to suck my cock and grab and play with my balls. she started to rock faster and when she was about to cum she said “eat my cum, you little slut, clean me out good” again i obeyed the order she gave me. she got up and started to straddle me. she smiled as she lowerd her self on to my cock. i slid all the way inside her and she moaned harder. then she started to fuck me as hard as she could, while she was riding me she dug her nails into my chest causing me to cry out in pain,she slapped me in the face and said “shut up, you like it dont you? your my little slut” she road me intil i came hard inside her. she lifted off me and rubbed her pussy in my face and told me “clean up your mess you made boy” after i cleaned up her pussy. she walked over to a a dresser and started getting something out. she came back with lube and wearing a strapon. I looked at her and was about to cry out and say no! but the look on her face, that devilish look she had made me quiet. she put some lube on her fingers and started to press one finger down on my ass. she slipped on finger in as she started sucking my cock hard again. after a minute she slipped another finger in. “your a tight little slut, very tight” she lifted her face from my cock and then took her strapon and moved it up to my ass. i looked worried after seeing that strapon, it must have been 9 or 10 inches long. with a laugh she said “dont worry little slut, you can take it” after saying that she started putting her dick inside me. it hurt at first but it was slowly getting better. she started fucking me harder and harder and grabbing my cock as i moaned in a mixture of plesure and pain. “thats right moan for me, scream for me” she laughed while she said these things to me. she came over and over again as her dick slid in and out of me. she pulled out and moved up to my face and told me to clean her cock. i did what she told me. “good little slut you are, you do as your told” she pulled out of my mouth and untied me and got on her knees and statred to blow me. after a while i told her i was going to cum, she started sucking faster and harder. i came hard in her mouth and she sucked every drop out of my cock. she looked and me and pulled me in for a deep kiss, and as we kissed she pushed all my cum into my mouth pulled away and with a smile said “dont spit, and be a good slut and swallow”

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