Olivia Is Tied Up At The Moment


It’s amazing how you can judge someone instantly; and without knowing their true self, a life time of perceptions are made. Some people are stubborn and won’t see the clearing in the fog, then there are some people who will think hard and give that certain someone a chance.

In this case it was a certain young man who got on the wrong side of Olivia, but she saw past her head and gave her heart a chance to forgive. This young man; James was quite tall and had light fair brown hair. Olivia was fighting temptations, her mind was pre-occupied with the reactions of her peers, she was frightened to open up to them about her forbidden fruit. On the other hand she wanted to give James the benefit of the doubt, I mean what’s the harm in friendly banter?

It all started when work wanted all the employee’s to go on a training weekend, the two them were paired up as team mates on the journey. Reluctant to talk to James, Olivia sat silently looking out onto the road and surroundings. After a while James stood up and walked to the other side of the coach for briefly, when he returned he just sat there fiddling with his mobile phone. A few minutes later, Olivia heard her mobile phone go off in her bag.

She reached down into the bag and noticed that she had a text message, the message said: ‘Hey, how are you? I’m a good person you know. J. xx.’ Olivia looked slightly dazed and turned to look at James. He was turned away from her and she couldn’t see the expression of his face. She decided to text him back: ‘Hey, I’m ok thank you, you? I’m not doubting you are a good person, I have no problem with you Olivia. xx’. He smiled to himself and they both carried on texting each other the entire way there.

They immediately hit it off and conversation came easily to them, it was even sure enough to say that Olivia had a bit of a crush sultangazi escort on James; in fact I think these feelings were mutual in both cases. They all arrived at the holiday inn hotel at about 12.30am and it was time for all the colleagues to settle down for the night. Just as James was unlocking the door to his room, Olivia, courageously tapped him on the shoulder and said hello vocally. James was quite taken back by this and invited her in for a drink.

After hours of talking, Olivia leant into James and started to fool around with James’ tie, he was dressed to thrill, in her mind. His suit was perfectly cut to show off his assets and the traditional white shirt and black suit was an image not to be ridiculed. Better still they had the same interests in that they both have the same job, was there anything else needed? Olivia was a sucker for a stud in a suit.

James boldly leaned in for a kiss, but respectively kissed Olivia on the cheek first as not to offend her, Olivia’s smile could not have been any wider, rather like the Cheshire cat out of Alice in Wonderland; so James wasted no more time and reached in for a passionate kiss. His lips as soft as velvet glided across hers and his tongue had a minty taste, which gave Olivia a tingly sensation that raced down her spine.

Her lungs filled with air as she sighed in passionate relief, James gasped for air too; as he opened his eyes widely, Olivia could see straight into his soul. She kissed the tip of his cute little nose and it twitched unexpectedly. As she leant in to undo his tie, James was able to see right down her cleavage, he looked in astonishment, he’d seen breasts before but nothing of this standard. The beauty was admirably one of a kind and he was in heaven for that moment in time.

She slowly undid his buttons taksim escort on his shirt with one hand, whilst the other hand was underneath the shirt rubbing his upper body with her index finger. He sat at the edge of the king-size bed and let Olivia work her magic. He took off her blazer and hurled it to the floor, as she slid his belt through each individual strap on his trousers. As it passed each strap; both Olivia and James began to feel more aroused than before.

Olivia slithered his trousers down and as they gradually went past his hips, she was surprised to see that James here, had his weapon within reach and he was in fact, going commando. It startled her to say the least, though in fact it had it’s safety switch on, to prevent any unavoidable actions. James couldn’t wait and so he pulled Olivia’s blouse over her head and off with all six buttons intact. This was racy and so called for a faster gear and a better position.

James reached for his tie and seized Olivia by both hands, he then tied them up and fixed her to the steel framework of the king-sized bed. Olivia wriggled on the bed to pull down her own trousers, whilst James had wondered off to look for some idea’s or resources. Olivia was filled with a warm sensation and was having moist thoughts about James, he returned with a tray with a towel over it.

He took out a long piece of what looked to be ripped shower curtain and he blindfolded Olivia with it, the mystery heightened the stimulation and Olivia loved this sudden change in a dominating contrast to his shy, start. He took the towel off the tray and laid out on the tray was; strawberries, cream, a candle, matches, a packet of protection.

He took a strawberry and from Olivia’s forehead he ran it down the centre of her body to her navel and then placed it in her mouth, topkapı escort whispering ‘don’t eat it yet’. Then he retrieved the cream from the tray and poured it on top of the strawberry, cream dribbled down her neck and James climbed on top of Olivia and began to kiss it from her neck and run his tongue up to her mouth. He then bit the top of the strawberry and rolled a piece of the strawberry around on her tongue, it tasted like summer and Olivia’s taste buds thrived on the taste whilst her visual senses were impaired.

James then took the candle from the tray and lit it with a match, then tilting the candle he spilled some of the hot wax across her stomach, whilst pouring the cream across her breasts, this unique combination was equally balanced and the two sensations were more effective. The hot wax did not hurt her as the timing was right. The cream made her skin supple and her chest was surprised and reached out for James. He rubbed in some of the cream and then enthusiastically and quickly licked his tongue across leaving no cream in sight. He peeled away at the wax and then reached for the tray.

He then placed his weapon in a safe case and pulled Olivia’s left leg in the air, so that he was able to place his weapon into a display cabinet, the cabinet was well polished and this meant that his weapon constantly slid in and out at a rapid speed. Olivia’s shoulders went tense as she was pushed back by the force, James was on a mission alright. Then when he finally finished the attempt to put his weapon in the cabinet; he undid the blindfold that was firmly wrapped around Olivia’s head.

They both laid there on the bed in an embrace. Then as James woke up at six o’clock on the dot he noticed that he was there alone. He thought, was it a dream? Then he noticed the evidence on the floor, that morning as he was getting ready for work he noticed on the bathroom window a message written in red lipstick; it said: ‘ur mission = txt me to find out’ Olivia had fled an hour before and was daydreaming in the shower of her own room, about her strapping experience.

Coming Soon: Two is Company, Three is proud

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