Olivia On His Face


Olivia still kept in touch with him. Initially, she was dating his father and at one point had even considered marriage. Unfortunately, his parents were still work colleagues and were travelling back in an airplane when it crashed. Olivia, not knowing what to do, had somehow taken on the responsibility but put him to a very high fee paying school.

He was more or less ‘brought up’ at school with Olivia only a fleeting figure in his life, but by the age of 18 he was spending his exam leave and every holiday at Olivia’s house, becoming reacquainted with this person he still didn’t know very well. It was also clear that Olivia was, at 37, drop dead gorgeous and as a virile teenager, it was difficult not to sit in open mouthed amazement as she lounged by the pool in her silver bikini, perfectly taut legs extending to a flat stomach and still round breasts.

“So then, how’s school?” Olivia asked him one day while they were in the living room. He was trying not to notice that Olivia’s short denim skirt did little to hide the fact that her bare legs were on display.

“Um, y’know, exams this year then my final year and after that, well, I suppose I should try and work for a living” he offered back.

She didn’t say anything, but got up and brought her laptop through from the study. The house was large, mainly through the fact it was in his name with Olivia as ‘guardian’. She controlled the money, left to him through his father’s trust and more than that, the fact that the family had had money for years. Olivia didn’t feel she wasn’t entitled to the lifestyle. She had selflessly set him up in a great school system, secured the purchase of this mansion in a lovely country village and put money into high yielding bonds which were still maturing. In her own right, she had enough to live comfortably without working but enjoyed her daily hourly workout and catching up with her equally well off friends and acquaintances. Opening the laptop, she passed it to him

“So, is this the sort of thing you are learning at school?” she quizzed.

He visibly paled as it was clearly on the website he had been looking at the previous evening. It showed a young stud between a lady’s thighs, licking her pussy, shots of her sitting on his face, sitting on a sofa with him between her legs and even one of her against the wall, one leg over his shoulder as he knelt in front of her. He had no idea she knew about things like internet history but he also realised he’d forgotten to delete this entry.

“Um, I was erm, just mucking about” he stammered unconvincingly.

“Just mucking about? I’m not stupid you know. You would have had to search for something like this so it must have been deliberate. Do you know the first thing about sex?” she quizzed.

“I’ve not, you know, erm done anything Ma’am” he said.

She looked at him but not with anger.

“Now don’t lie to me. Why cunnilingus? I thought most boys were all for full sex shots and blow jobs” she said very frankly.

He could feel himself getting more embarrassed but was in no position not to answer.

“I just, well I just heard about it and then I saw it. I em, I thought I wanted to do that. It looked more interesting than a woman doing something” he said finally.

She said nothing to him but stood and walked to the window, seemingly pondering something, then she turned suddenly to look at him as he sat sheepishly on the couch.

“So you’re a virgin though?” she appraised in bold language to him.

“Yes” he said quietly.

“Come here” she ordered and he walked forward.

“Take my knickers off” she then said and he hesitated, a little confused but knelt to remove them.

“Now, have a look at my crotch. If you’re going to learn anything, you may as well learn it properly and learn it well. Just look, don’t touch me but you can look up close if you want to. Now that is what a woman’s pussy looks like” she said.

He was open mouthed in pleasurable amazement as his face moved closer to her crotch and he took in the sight of her lips, only slightly puffy. The strip of hair and the smooth, almost perfects orbs of her butt cheeks.

“I’ve not had too many lovers over the years but I’m old enough to know what I like. I’ve always had a little bit of a selfish streak but do you know I’ve not had any sex for a few months now and it may even stay like that. I always expect my lover to cater for my oral needs first and foremost anyway. Ever since my first clumsy lover put his tongue in me I’ve wanted more and truth be told, I don’t think I’ve got as much as I deserved. Now I find myself in a big house, comfortable financially and exercising my limbs daily but what I really crave is a good tonguing. So I’m prepared to do something for you and you can do something for me. I’ll let you learn to perform cunnilingus. In return, you are not to have sex with any girls until I say you can. You will however be indulging in a great deal of a certain type of sex. When you are 19, I may let you fuck me. That’s 6 months away so, are you prepared to accept my ruling in this – or should it be a case of continuing as normal?” she said.

“Accept your ruling Ma’am” he said.

“Good boy. This is going to work out fine. Now follow Anadolu Yakası Escort me and do exactly as I say. I want you to get used to following my instructions” and with that she walked over to the sofa.

“Kneel in front of me” she commanded and he did so.

“Now, take my legs over your shoulders, yes like so, now move your head forward. Good boy. Now, do you see those lips? I want you to start by sucking on them very gently, that’s it, just like that. Continue doing that and run your tongue up and down the space in between them. When I tell you to, I want you to lick inside” she ordered, pleased at his accuracy so far.

His tongue was in raptures, as was his mouth, licking gently along the lips and sucking gently on her lips. A strange thought entered his head that it would be good exercise supporting her legs like this on a regular basis.

“Good, you’re a fast learner; this might work out very well. Now, part those lips very gently and lick inside them. Make your tongue into a pointed shape and push it as deeply as possible inside and then back out. Yes, like that, you’re getting the hang of it. Now suck on the lips again, some more licking then go back to that tongue fucking movement. Excellent. Now try to keep doing those 3 three things over and over” she said and sat back a little to enjoy his mouth.

“Now up a bit, can you find that little bud like thing? Can you see it? Now lick that like there’s no tomorrow and suck on it. Fuck, you’re going to make me cum, try and swallow my juices down too, they shouldn’t be wasted. Oh, fuck, I’m cumming!” she yelled, her thighs spasming against his head. He continued doing as she told him until she calmed down.

“Phew, that wasn’t bad but you’ll get better with practice. A lot of practice and a lot of improvement. Okay, now I want you to do something different but something you are going to be doing just as often as you are doing this. In fact, you will be doing the both of them at the same time mostly. Move your tongue down and let me adjust” she said, rolling her hips forward so her bum was fully exposed.

“This is called rimming. Push your tongue into my arse, but use your fingers to get some of my pussy juices around it to make it easier. That’s it, now this will be harder so try and go in as deeply as possible” she urged and he responded.

Within 5 minutes he was busily rimming her while she settled into a pleasant state, a long way from another orgasm but happy in the knowledge it would arrive exactly when she wanted it. The air smelled of sex and the mewing, licking sounds from between her legs were audible in the silence. The knowledge that she was going to train this young man to get better and better at going down on her almost had her cumming but there was plenty of time for that. This was the type of life she had imagined for herself when she was younger and now she was finally getting it.

“Up a bit now, back to my pussy, just the way I showed you before. No, no, that’s too repetitious. Up and down, suck the lips then lick inside. Then start all over again. Don’t lose concentration or I’ll lose my patience and you really don’t want that. Ah fuck, yes, like that. Okay, back down again and this time flatten your tongue and take rough sweeps so you can really taste me” she said, keeping him obeying her instructions.

After an hour of going back and forth his tongue was becoming tired and she could wait no longer for another orgasm.

“Okay, time for the good part. Suck on my clit the way I showed you earlier, c’mon now. Oh that’s it, you’re gonna make me cum all over your face. Keep that tongue out, lick me you dirty little bugger. Make me cum!!” she yelled and her thighs contracted again tightly, spasming until at last she was spent.

At least, she released him from his position and he sat back, his neck and shoulders feeling the strain and his tongue worn out.

“Phew. Kiss my feet now while we have a chat” and offered one perfect foot up to his mouth immediately.

“Now then, that wasn’t too bad but you’re going to have to get a lot better. And another thing, just because I let you do this, doesn’t mean to say I don’t want to see some enthusiasm. You should be asking me, no, begging me, to do this. Think of it as a reward. For example, the lawn needs cut and if you do a good job, you get to do another good job. Do you understand?” she said, shifting so she could offer the other foot.

“Yes Ma’am, I will beg from now on. Thank you, you taste, em, wonderful” he said reverently, completely stunned that he had actually participated in a sexual act and being aware he would be expected to do it again.

“Good. And this ‘Ma’am’ stuff makes me feel old. From now on you will address me as Mistress unless we are in public. Now if this is going to work we are going to have to work on your bed arrangements. C’mon, follow me” she said rising and walking upstairs suddenly.

When they reached her large bedroom, she approached the closet and brought out a single floor mattress, some bedding, and pillows and put them at the foot of her large bed.

“From now on, you sleep there where I can keep an eye on you. I can sometimes get frisky at the weirdest hours so I will Kadıköy Escort expect to have you close at hand. And another thing, in the mornings I think it might be worth starting the day as we mean to go on, don’t you agree?” she quizzed him.

“Um, yes Mistress, whatever you say” he answered quickly.

“Good. Whatever I say. Remember that. From now on, you will wake me by licking gently. If I am on my front or side, you will approach my bum and kiss me good morning. If I’m on my back which is unlikely, you can start with my pussy. If I’m away for any reason, you can use your old room, but really it was only ever your room during holidays and such forth anyway wasn’t it?” she surmised.

The next morning, he awoke early then remembered which room he was in. Very quietly, he tiptoed to the bed and slipped under the covers from the bottom end. Olivia lay on her stomach, one leg curled up, and one straight. The duvet was half on her, half off and her perfect legs leading to her taut arse was his focus. He planted a kiss on one cheek, and then seeing she didn’t stir, he tried to part her cheeks and lick her arsehole. Over and over he did this until at last his saliva made it moist enough to get his tongue inside.

After 15 minutes of this, Olivia had showed no signs of stirring but she finally rolled delicately onto her back, dislodging his tongue.

“Good morning. Go down stairs and set the table for breakfast. I will be down presently. Some mornings I will have you bring me to orgasm in bed first thing as it’s the best way to start the day but not today. Now be off with you” she said and he hurried to obey.

Once he had 2 places laid out, she came down clad in a baggy t-shirt and nothing else. Looking at the table, she smirked slightly and put some toast on then fetched 2 bananas.

“Could you put this bowl, plate and cutlery away please?” she said, indicating one of the places at the table. Puzzled, he did so and returning to the table, found 1 banana still sitting there, no sign of the other one and Olivia buttering toast at the place still set.

“Um, Mistress am I not having any breakfast?” he said concerned.

“Of course you are silly. I think you’ll find yours is under the table she said pointedly.

He shrugged and moving under the table, he found she had parted her legs. As her approached her bare crotch, it looked different then he began to realise where the other banana was – it was inside her!

“Eat your breakfast” she said quickly from above him and any hesitation vanished.

His tongue dislodged a bit of banana and he swallowed it down hungrily then tried to repeat the manoeuvre. It became harder as she had somehow managed to cram the fruit inside her pussy and it was slowly turning to mush. After some time, he had to put his mouth over her pussy and suck the mixture of banana mush and pussy juice down. 20 minutes of valiant effort had finally resulted in him swallowing the whole mixture down. The whole time, Olivia had sat, eating her cereal with a banana sliced on it, not saying anything.

“Now clean me up, thoroughly” she said and he began to lick her again, trying to make sure every trace of fruit, every spec was removed from her pussy. Again she didn’t show any reaction but after some time she pushed him away and stood up.

“Come with me” she said and he followed, watching her taut arse moving ahead of him.

They reached the bedroom again and she pointed to her bed.

“On your back” she said simply and he hurried to do so.

Olivia mounted the bed and before he could work out what her intention was, she straddled his face, her pussy just inches above his mouth.

“Now you can give me a morning orgasm and I want to see if you’ve remembered what I taught you last night” she said, looking down into his eyes and lowering her pussy at the same time.

He let his tongue slide straight up into her pussy, then withdrew after a minute and sucked on her lips before licking around the outer lips and back inside them again. Closing his eyes, he began to concentrate on responding to the movements of her body, trying to decipher when he was doing well.

“Don’t look away from me!” said Olivia harshly from above him.

His eyes popped open and quickly locked onto hers. She was aroused and becoming more and more turned on with the current situation.

“Mhhm, suck my clitty now. That’s it, pussy eater. You’re my personal pussy eater now aren’t you?” she said full of lust.

“Yes Mistress” he intoned between licks and alternated between tongue fucking her and sucking her clit.

“Yes, that’s it, fuck don’t stop I’m cuming. I’m cuming on your face, you pussy sucking slut! Aah!” she exclaimed, cumming harder than she had the previous night.

When it was over, she turned around, facing his feet.

“Keep your tongue out and hold onto my arse. This time I’ll do the work, you just stay exactly as you are” she ordered and once she had his tongue at she began to rock back and forth so that his tongue swept from between her arse cheeks, all the way along her slit and up to her clit then back again. Over and over she moved back and forth before setting her pussy down harder and began to enjoy his Ataşehir Escort tongue inside it.

Eventually her excitement built up again and a few minutes later she was rubbing and mashing all over his face, riding it hard and fast.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum again, you’d better suck up every drop pussy licker” she hissed as her thighs contracted again.

Dismounting from his face, she stood up and stretched. She glanced at him and smiled to herself.

“May I wash Mistress?” he asked her.

“No, go and fetch the paper first, come back here then you may shower and join me by the pool. Oh and I know you are still a growing boy so if you’re still hungry you have my permission to grab a croissant or something until lunch” she said.

“Yes Mistress” he said and pulled on some loose jogging gear to fetch the paper.

The journey was embarrassing, although it was only 5 minutes to the village shop. Mrs Watson, the proprietor in her 40’s, looked at him strangely as his slightly red and used face came in, smelling strongly of pussy juices.

Once back, he showered and had a croissant. His earlier ‘breakfast’ hadn’t really done much for his appetite but he went out to join Olivia. She was reclining on a lounger in her silver bikini, her provocative curves arousing him immensely.

“You can do some laps of the pool young man, you need to keep your fitness levels up” said Olivia and he hurried to obey, diving in and beginning to power through the water.

15 minutes later, he exited and approached, unsure of what Olivia would require of him next.

“You know, I think you might make a good footboy. Would you like to be my footboy?” she said.

“Um, what’s a footboy?” he enquired as politely as possible.

“Someone who looks after my feet. You know, massage them, kissing them, making them feel special. Footboys can earn rewards too” she said, parting her legs a little.

“Take my feet in your hands” she said and he knelt by her lounger to do so.

“Now, gently massage them. And don’t forget to take my toes in your mouth, footboy” she said brazenly, as his mouth swirled around her big toe while his hands gently kneaded the ball of her foot.

Olivia closed her eyes as he continued pamper her feet, wondering what other delicious ways he could please her. In 18 months he would be 19 and she would look forward to taking him fully as a lover. If she was going to remain celibate for 18 months though, she was determined to make sure she thoroughly enjoyed them, on the end of his tongue. He had already shown potential orally and the more he responded to her desires, the better he would get. She was becoming aroused just thinking of how she was moulding him to concentrate on her pleasure, put her needs first and be ready to pleasure her with a snap of her fingers. She idly wondered if she would have him lick her here on the lounger or head back into the house of if she would hold off, teasing herself until later on. No she decided, it was important he came to view pleasuring her as a reward therefore he had to work hard to earn that reward. Olivia was dying to cum but decided to really build herself up for it.

“If you do a very good job for another 10 minutes and I’ll reward you” she said encouragingly, enjoying the way his mouth and hands immediately responded. His tempo increased, his tongue taking little swirling licks around her toes while his hands descended to her heels. It was only 11am but Olivia was enjoying the pace of the day and thanked her lucky stars again that she had decided to enjoy her sex life more and include this young stud in it. He was perfect to be moulded into an attentive, selfless lover who would never cease to try and please her. Over the last few months she had admired the young man he had grown into and although the circumstances of them knowing each other was strange, Olivia judged it that they were not related, he was simply a young man and she was a highly sexed woman.

“Okay, slowly kiss up my legs. Don’t stop until you reach the top” she said and his lips began their ascent, brushing against her calves before coming to her knees, all the while planting little kisses on her.

Olivia adjusted her thighs to open them more and allow him to kiss his way along the insides of them. As he reached her crotch, she reached one hand down to part her bikini bottoms, looking directly into his eyes.

“Time for your reward” she said and let her head fall back to the lounger as his eager tongue caressed her slit.

She let her thighs slip over his shoulders and brought her hands up, crossing them behind her head as she just enjoyed her oral servicing. His tongue was taking it’s time to get intimate with each part of her pussy, striving to make sure every minute brought pleasure to her. It was going to be a fantastic summer and Olivia was already wondering how long she would keep him as her lover. Probably until she got bored or at least felt that she had found a suitable woman for him to settle down with. He would probably want kids someday and that was something she had no interest in. Lady Tara. She might be a possibility. Her friend lived nearby and Tara was only 23 but already had that wonderful mixture of maturity, sexuality and authority that Olivia had. In some ways Tara looked up to Olivia and she wondered……….her mind was brought back to the sight of the fit young man, muscles developing even better and becoming more obedient, striving between her legs to build her slowly up to orgasm.

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